Nikon Coolpix AW100 new action button explained

This hands-on video from Engadget explains the new action button in the latest Nikon Coolpix AW100:

Nikon Coolpix AW100 promotional video:

Here is another hands-on of the Nikon Coolpix S1200pj:

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  • Banned

    Not too bad for a Coolpix. For once something a little different.

  • Why AW100 & AW100s? 😛

    • I think different names for different markets.

      • yrsued

        NO, Nikon USA has both!!

        The only difference I can see is that the aw100s has he Maps and the aw100 does not.

        Can you please confirm this??

        • Jabs


          At Nikon USA, there is only one AW100 and no ‘s’ models.

          ‘s’ might refer to South East Asia in the GPS mapping

          Look here at the US model while you showed the Japanese model in your link.

        • Jabs


          Perhaps if you use Firefox and then install the Flagfox add-on or extension, then you will know what country Nikon or the referring web site has really pointed you to.

          I don’t know what web site they claimed they pointed you to, but I saw Nikon JAPAN when I visited your links and then I pointed you to NikonUSA’s web site.

          • yrsued

            This is what my Nikon Contact told me this AM

            “AW100s model does NOT have GPS built in (FOR GEOTAGGING)

            • Jabs

              Thanks – maybe in some markets they will have two models, then – why though?

              Maybe for the emerging markets without GPS available, then perhaps?

              Seems about right then.

            • I think GPS doesn’t work in China and probably few other countries.

            • Jabs


              That is what I was thinking – maybe some countries do NOT want nor do not allow GPS devices and some have blocked Google Earth and the intrusive Google Street View vehicles.

              Some countries also do not have GPS or you can’t receive GPS signals there, so that is what I thought of as to why the different models. Some countries do NOT want people geo-tagging their country or even Military secrets, so maybe Nikon is NOT allowed to sell such a camera there due to Import License restrictions.

              OK – you over there – Give me your Nikon, pal – we eez from Da Secret Puh-leece and we eez gonna arrest ya an throw away da keys!

              BUT we izz in Oh-hio and this is Ah-merikah – before they arrest your ignorant WHAT?


              ACLU – help
              EFF – help

          • iamlucky13

            GPS does work in China. It would actually be very complicated to make it not work in China without screwing things up for other nearby areas.

            However, it is illegal for civilians to use it without a permit in the PRC. There have been occasional stories over the years of US travelers being arrested for “illegal surveying.”

            Fantastic country. I’m stunned every time I hear someone express wishes we could be more like them.

      • yrsued

        The only difference I can see is that the aw100s has he Maps and the aw100 does not.

        Can you please confirm this??

        • I just contact Nikon Staff they said

          “The GPS and electronic compass built into the camera acquire and record position information with shooting. This information can then be viewed on a world map displayed in the camera monitor. The world map feature is not available on the AW100s.”

  • Jabs


    This seems to me like the most interesting of the new CoolPix offerings as I need a rugged P&S to add to my L22, as I once dropped it in the toilet (lol) out of my pocket too and then took out the batteries, dried it off and put it by the heat of my laptop and it survived to my surprise. Can’t say the same for my phone!

    Have you changed the web site as in your name and email does not show up in the BOX below after you post?

    • I’ve always heard that if you get electronics wet that you should put them in rice for a day or so and that takes out the moisture. Onetime my iPod Touch was stuck in the sheets and got put in the washer. I took it out before the tub finished filling but it did get wet. I stuck it in some rice and it’s still working today.

      • Jabs


        Thanks – I never heard of that nor even thought of that.

        Next time (lol), I might think of that but I prefer to not have a next time – know what I mean!

  • I like this AW100, will be a best seller for sure!

    Waiting for the Pro Line Nikon.


  • Metal Bird

    Unlike all the childish whining ungrateful Holier-Than-Thou trolls blowing up these boards, I actually have a need and use for AW100 in my business and am pleased to see it. I am in for an Orange one, while I patiently and politely await the D700 replacement. My D700 and D7000 serve me well, it is not the end of the world that I upgrade those already. But this AW100 is welcome by me at this time. Thanks Admin and Nikon.

    • I agree, the AW100 is the most interesting Coolpix camera from the last batch. I have one coming for a quick review. I will compare it with the Panasonic equivalent (also with GPS). Stay tuned.

      • Rob

        When you get your hands on one could you confirm the slo motion capture resolutions and data rates admin?

        Thanks in advance

      • J C

        When will you be getting it? I just bought a Panasonic TS3 and really want to find out if it’s worth it to return and preorder the Nikon. I have about 2 more weeks to decide…

      • Ryan

        Hi Admin,

        Do you have any knowledge of whether Nikon is planning a hard waterproof shell to let this go deeper than 10m? The Panasonic offers one and that’s currently making it look like the better option for divers.

        Thanks, Ryan

      • I would say the AW100 is the only interesting coolpix. Compact digital is going the way of the Dodo as more people shoot with their mobile phones.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Peter, compare it to the Sony TX10 and the Panny TS3 if you can. Those are the two best in the market currently. Full HD is good to hear. Video is as important or sometimes more important with these cams. If it beats these two in low-light stills and video quality, it will crush them in depth capability. I’d buy one in a second. Nikon should have been in this niche for years already instead of effing around with that damn projector camera…

        • Ren Kockwell

          At f/3.9, it’s sure slower than both of them.

  • tralala

    Put*** de m**** Nikon: over 20K euros of lenses, F4, F5, D2, D3 and jobs that relies on pro gear to pay my bills and you serve us this s***t.
    This is bad.

    • amine

      Il faut de tout pour faire un monde !

      translation : It takes all kinds to make a world

    • Char

      Be happy that you are not a canon user. They produce a lot more “shit”, like printers for example.

      I will never understand why one complains about coolpix releases.

    • Nikoniastu

      @tralala so you have over 20K euros on lenses?. You have a Nikon F4, F5, D2 and D3 and you are not able to make a decent job?. That’s worrying or do you think that having new pro gear, you are going to accomplish those jobs?. Also you shoul be grateful to Nikon. Without new pro gear you won’t need to spend money and thereof you’ll have more money to pay your bills.

      No te estrese tanto, hombre!!

      • Tralala

        You have a point Nikoniastu but film is over, my D2 is half dead and D3 is now dated too (mostly noise level). I was hoping to go from D3 to D4 and bypass D3s.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Really? Your D3 is dated? Unless you need video, that camera will last you for years.

  • PixelBrine

    Wow, pretty cool. I still a little bummed there has not been a D700 replacement announced yet but this is actually the first coolpix camera I could consider buying.

  • John

    Just found a replacement for GoPro…

  • Joaquim Prado

    Probably will mess things with GoPro!! Awesome little camera!

  • Jabs
    • tabs

      dude, you did not reply to my post on 40mm micro page. are you embarrased?

      • Jabs


        What is there to be embarrassed about = I have a life

        I stick with what I posted and have moved on = adult and not some little child.

        The mistake that ALL of you made is that you failed to tell us the dimensions of the body and instead gave us the WIDTH instead of the depth and thus idiots, plus you all gave us an OLDER 200mm F4.0 Macro and not the current one (which is different), so I left you all alone in your ignorance as arguments are pointless. The LINK you all gave said older lens and NOT current lens, like in discontinued or ONLY for reference now – like in ARCHIVED lenses.

        Most people are so hung up on themselves that they fail to grasp things and then always want to be right = impossible mission, as in GROW UP, will ya’ …

        It is simply a difference of opinion, expression or you not knowing what I was talking about or believing that I am stupid or clueless and thus I don’t care one way or the other as now looking forward to a new CoolPix camera to help me do MY job, as in making money and not listening to or even thinking about you.

        I actually looked at the Nikon USA web site and it DID not state what they posted there as they wrongly pointed to the OLDER lens and NOT the current model and thus WHO cares anymore as not some ignorant guru wannabe?

        Human being here and since I have actually read most of the various manuals of Nikon’s from years ago, then they explained what occurred when they went from 1:2 to 1:1 ratio and what it meant, hence I left you all alone as not some stalker or obsessed person but a mellow dude.

        I saw and read the mistake, but not being a vindictive person, I just left you all alone!

        The 55mm F2.8 Macro lens gets LONGER as it focuses closer = the PROOF of your and their baloney – satisfied now?

        The 60mm F2.8 Macro, the first model was IF or internal focus – so it did not get longer.

        The 200mm F4.0 ED-IF (Internal focus) also does not get longer as it focuses, hence nonsense you all were talking.

        HOW long physically then are ALL these lenses for you to make your erroneous calculations then?

        Did you calculate sideways or front to BACK = your obvious mistake.

        • tabs

          well that comment is proof of your ignorance.

          i don’t want to reply you here because not its relevant with this page, but if you post on the 40mm page then i’ll reply

        • AnoNemo

          I bet that you cannot post shorter messages. 🙂

          • Jabs

            CAN – chose not to – just did – LOL

  • Innovative button indeed! I’m disappointed that there were no new DSLRs announced, but these new P&S cameras all seem to specialize in something interesting.

    This only brings my hope up that the new DSLRs will go above and beyond the factor “amazing”, I dearly hope.

  • dgm

    Admin, do you also plan a hands of the P7100?

    • No, not for now. I will probably do the mirrorless once it is released.

  • Art

    I like it! I’ll probably pick it up sometime after I pick up my D800 next week. (Just kidding.) But I can see a whole slew of uses for an affordable waterproof camera such as this. I would never want to haul the D800 out into the middle of a tropical storm or in a small open fishing boat in 8 foot swells or perhaps shooting pictures out from underneath a waterfall. I would see this camera as back-up camera and a way to document things that you’d never want to risk your pro camera for.

  • Martijn

    love the idea of the action button and the swiveling the camera for the next menu item.
    this gave me a great idea for my iphone app ^_^

  • pethunia

    I like it too!
    Too bad my wife just impulse-bought an Olympus Tough..

  • Dan

    i want a compass and maps in my d800

    • The invisible man

      let’s get the D800 first…..

  • Ball_Lightning

    I don’t agree that this camera is a GoPro alternative unless we know the speed @720p. Besides that, it all depents on the accessoiries – which GoPro can provide.

  • fiatlux

    Seems to be a competent alernative to the Panasonic FT-3, but I wished someone came with a high IQ rugged camera, with a fixed wide angle if needed.

    All current rugged cameras have periscopic lenses for waterproofness purpose, but this compromises IQ and lens speed, which does not help in the noise department given the tiny sensors.

    Given that I’d mostly use a rugged camera for underwater, sailing or windsurfing pictures, I could really do with a fixed wide angle.

  • Ole

    … imagine that this sort of technology comes with the new D4… try to shake that thing with a SB-900 and a 300/2,8 attached… for a 14 hrs. wedding shoot, you must be Arnold or somebody like that… :-P…

    • Bigus Dickus

      actually not. Big muscles are needed only for great power (not necessarily for long time).
      Marathon runners are tiny. Big muscles add bulk weight adding required energy and lot more inner muscles endurance.

      So as long as you can lift the D3s with 300/f2.8 and SB900 five times without muscles hurt, you will never grown muscles from lifting it. Exercise will help you increase how many times you can raise it.

    • Dave

      Duh, it’s meant for people using the camera while wearing gloves or in challenging situations where it’s not easy to use lots of small buttons, they’re not going to put this into a DSLR *eye roll*

      • Jabs

        @Dave – LOL

        Yeah and then put your expensive camera and 300 F2.8 underwater and then SHAKE it – Da Limbo Dance of death for your gear and you being a moron TOO – looooooooool.

  • EvanK

    Jesus Christ, Nikon updated the same Coolpix cameras every year, and leaves all the DSLR users that take up more of Nikon’s market share in the dust.

    • EvanK


  • peter

    would have bought it if it could have saved NEF. Sorry Nikon.

  • MK

    Well… I really believed they would release the mirrorless by this point. Here we are the day after talking about a new button and some future potential dates for new releases in sept. What a sad state of affairs. While over at the m43 site there are rumors about a collapsible lens that basically changes the entire game up. There arent even any credible rumors from Nikon coming… admin has no control over the leaks as they are made. No one knows why do they want to keep everything so secret? I feel like it is hurting their image

  • The AW100 is so Awesome. I have been waiting for Nikon to come out with a waterproof camera. It will be perfect for my daughter at her swimming class! Can’t wait to get one! : )

  • broxibear

    Nikon USA have got a special microsite on the Joe McNally exhibition for those interested

  • plug

    I’m a sucker for camo stuff and I could see this camera being useful when out and about. I’ll be a buyer when initial prices start to drop.

  • Rock Kenwell

    Boy Scouts around the world and including myself rejoice! Just what I wanted. 🙂

  • The invisible man

    Adorama have refurbished Nikon lenses more expensives than the new USA ones !

  • Another curious thing is the video mode 240, 120, 60 fps. It means that Nikon have the technology to do this thing on a DSLR, the new D800!

    It´s just speculation but, it´s very plausible.


    • rwg

      just my thoughts …or hopes

  • I think this is the only point and shoot release that really made me buy it right away in a long time! I mean this thing is bombproof of some sort, great for camping and going to the beach without worrying about water or dropping the camera.

    Full HD, 16mp and waterproof – shockproof – bombproof makes this camera a winner no matter how many crying babies here claim its all crap just because most of them want Nikon to release a camera they can’t afford 🙂

    Already preordered mine! Sadly the camo version isn’t available at amazon just black, orange and blue.

  • Jabs
  • broxibear
  • Lulz

    Are there any other nikon rumor websites ? I can’t handle this slow site anymore.

  • lox

    As a passionate user of Nikon DSLRs i have to confess that this thing is quite interesting and attractive to me. I could well imagine a few situations where to rather use this one than a full-size DSLR. I’m a bit curious about the low-light image quality.

  • JonMcG

    You know, posting all this info about these Coolpix is really kind of like rubbing salt in the wound. Do we really have to read/see all this junk? 🙂 🙂

    So want the D700 replacement…

  • Martin

    I had the AW100 in my hand tonight….. although I cannon comment on much detail about it as it was for a couple of second … it looked quite nice and handy

  • Will

    Admin: Would you be possible to compare the top 4 weather proof PS? Nikon AW100, Sony TX10, Panny TS3 & Olympus TG-810. Would love to know which has the best image & video quality.

    • I can make a comparison with the Panasonic. Comparing more than 2 cameras is a pain in the neck, especially underwater 🙂

  • warghhh

    me want!

  • 120-300 os

    Nice for my family and better door lock than the d700 come on Nikon bring better door lock to the batterycompartments in the next D800 D400 etc loks even more pro

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