Nikon rep: customers aren’t really asking us for a mirrorless camera

Just some quotes from Techradar's interview with James Loader, Nikon UK Product Manager for Consumer Products:

"We're watching the market, much the same as everyone else is, we'd be foolish to ignore what's happening. However, I would say that the Coolpix P7100 meets the needs of SLR users that want something more compact, or for those users that want to step up."

"With our DSLRs we are already close to number one in the market, we have been attacking Canon really hard lately. Neither us or Canon are in the CSC market, but we still dominate the industry. I believe we have something for everyone at the moment."

According to Loader, customers are not really asking for a new Nikon mirrorless camera and I think he is not far from the truth:

"When we were at Focus on imaging trade show last year, it didn't get asked for. It's really only the press that constantly want to know."

Nikon is expected to announce their mirrorless solution in September.

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  • David

    I am not a consumer then.

    What am I? A non-consumer Nikon user?

    How many Nikon users attend these trade shows and how many are there in the world?

  • grumps

    Customer Officially asking Nikon here on NR a camera with the following specs:
    24MP Full Frame sensor mirrorless interchangeable lens camera
    Super fast and QAULITY AF system like that of the D700/D3
    Excellent ISO perfomance from 100-6400, with push for higher ISO up to or beyond 12k.
    Manual focus override ability without super long throw of the focus ring on lenses.
    3.2 inch LCD/OLED back with EVF built inside the finder
    Shutter and aperture dials are a must, with ISO, WB, AF and two more Custom buttons.
    Auto bracketing options a must.
    Mini LCD on top for info display only, Aperture, ISO, Shutter, WB.
    Real hot-shoe.
    Release of 4 lenses with launch (3 primes and 1 zoom) together with camera: 24mm f2 pancake, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4 with VR, and a 24mm-70mm f2.8 zoom lens.
    Minimum still framerate 8fps.
    DSLR quality batteries.
    Size and weight: similar to the X100, and no larger or heavier than the M9.
    Simple menus, no fancy toy stuff.
    If such a quality exists, will pay up to @$2600 for camera. Many Thanks!

  • Guenther

    Take a look on the Leica M9: it is amazing and impressive, which quality this little, inconspicuous camera offers. And it is also a mirrorless system. But it has also many disadvantages.
    Nikon should go in this direction. FF Sensor, high quality lens for Pro-Quality combined with small volums. For Photographers and not for p&s people.

  • Stephen Fell

    Nikon, if Leica can shift thousand of M9’s then how about a small SLR chassis (F3/FM3A) with an FX D3 sensor in it. Far more practical than the useless gimmicky P7000/P7100.

  • MB

    Soon enough Nikon will not get asked from customers about anything at all.

  • Peter in northern Ohio

    Nikon is dumb! Nikon should pull an Apple and just address CONSUMER’S NEED: GREAT PICTURES.

    People want GREAT RESULT….mirror/prism is an after thought. I like my medium, d70s, d5100, d700; BUT, I’m IN LUST WITH THE FINAL RESULT.

    Wasn’t it Ken Rockwell who said: “A well design camera’s purpose it to GET OUT OF THE WAY OF PHOTOGRAPHER”?

    Didn’t Apple/Jobs asked: “What’s the lease steps require between a USER and their MUSIC” in reference to the iPod?

    30yrs ago, who would imagine that people will pay 200.00 for Nikes? Seriously! 20yrs ago, who would imagine people are willing to pay +700.00 (built into their monthly bills) for an iPhone6?! My point is: Nikon is too busy being enslaved to gear heads whom are in love with the hardware vs. Trying to give people the best picture possible.

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