Nikon is preparing a major announcement at the end of August

Certain Nikon offices have already blocked employees from taking vacation in the last two weeks of August 2011. Expect major announcements during that time frame (my guess: D3s and/or D300s replacement). This is not really surprising, since Nikon likes to make announcements at the end of Summer (the D3, D300, D90, D3100, D7000, many lenses and Coolpix cameras were all announced around that time in the past few years). End of August announcement will also give Nikon the opportunity to show the new products at CliQ 2011 in Las Vegas (September 6-11, 2011).

There should be at least one major product announcement before the summer (my guess: D700 replacement).

Regarding the upcoming Coolpix line refresh - it will probably happen around February 8-15, 2011. It is still unknown if the point and shoot cameras will be the only announcement next month.

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  • Joseph

    Awesome, can’t wait!

    • Banned


      • gncl

        IT WILL BEGIN.

        • lola

          It has ended.

          • Elton

            Let it be born anew.

            • Ronan


            • Rob

              You cannot kill what does not live

            • Discontinued

              Try fire!

    • Sensor

      I’m waiting patiently to give Nikon my credit card information.

      • zzddrr


        No need to wait for Nikon, there lots of people over here who would accept your credit card infortmation 🙂

        • Sensor

          Get me a D4 or D800 and we will work something out 🙂

          • zzddrr

            trust me, they would prmise you anything 🙂


    D800 coming!!!! Yeaaaa!!!!!! ))))

    • twoomy

      I guess it all depends on what the D800 is. If it’s a more modest 18mp upgrade, I’m sure half the people will be happy, the other half will still be waiting for their high-res 5D mkII killer (the phantom D700x that never made it out the door). Me, I’m in the latter category and have a feeling I will be sad in February and skip another round of upgrades.

      • venancio

        the moment the D800 becomes a 5D mkII killer, it will become obsolete because Canon is waiting on the wings with the 5D mkIII. anyway, the D800 is all i’m waiting for…

        • Spacenoodle

          This… when people say “the D800 will be a 5D Mk. II killer” I just roll my eyes. It shows just how far behind Nikon are in the eyes of average consumers.

          2 camera’s released roughly at the same time, but 3 years later Nikon fanboys are waiting for a camera that competes with a 3 year old Canon.

          • Joe

            Canon wins the megapixels for money competition. If megapixels aren’t your top priority, a D700 can be a superior camera for you in every other aspect.

            • To true, I always here Canon Fanboys talk about needing a 5D MkII for Landscapes and Portraits, and the 7D for Birding, Sports, etc. Funnily enough I find I can do it all on my D700 without having the need for any other camera. So until Canon can make a camera that’s as good all-rounder as the D700, they are the ones that are behind in my books.

            • twoomy

              That’s the thing though… can’t Canon or Nikon come up with the perfect landscape camera? It’s really not that hard. Take the 5D mkII and give it a real focusing system. Or take the D700 and give it a high-res big brother. There were prototypes of a D700x floating around 1-2 years ago, but it looks like Nikon scrapped it. This would have been my dream camera.

              I know not everybody needs 20-30+mp, but some us landscape shooters would love it. (And please don’t tell me to just buy a Hassy.)

    • Dweeb

      So is the collapse of the universe.You guess which one comes first.

      • Elton

        The Big Crunch? You must be one of those Canon trolls. Everyone know what’s coming is the Big Chill! 😉

        • astroboy

          Nope. Latest is that the expansion of the universe is * accelerating*. What’s coming is the Big Tear, or Big Rip.

          • Dweeb

            Fair enough. You’re not one of those people that own an astro 20D are you? LOL

  • Chuck

    August sounds real, D700 replacment sorry won’t happen. Unless Nikon is doing a quick drop in of D3s and 720 24FPS from D3s into D700. It won’t satsify many as it is still out of date for vidoe and to low pixels. Also will look dated compared to the D4 and D400 coming. Nikon is better to leave the gap open and focus on D800 that has waterfall down of D4 sensor

    • JorPet

      This would be my hope as well. Not really in need of more pixels or video, but if I were to upgrade the D700 it would have to be a bigger step than to the D3s internals. That would have worked back in Jan ’10, but doing it in spring ’11 is a day late and a dollar short.

      Would make far more sense to announce a D4 in spring and then rollout the D400 and D800 at the end of the summer.

      • Panfruit

        EVIL d3S, oh yes!

      • preston

        I don’t think they’ll want to release a D800 with D4 abilities any less than a year after D4 release. Otherwise you’ll have it cannibalizing sales of the D4 just like the 5DII did with Canon’s flagship.

        If D4 offers significant improvements over the D3s/x then I would LOVE to see a D800s and D800x released at the same time with the respective D3 version innards. This is reasonable because the D3s/x will have to be retired anyway after a new flagship comes out, but this minimizes R&D costs for the D800 so they could possibly be in the realm of amateur affordability!

        I know, I know – just let me keep dreaming for the moment please. . .

        • JorPet

          I think it is pretty well established that those who want the D3 sized body want that body size and those that want the D700/D300 body want that size. While some pros may go for both, it is typically either or, so I doubt there is much cannibalization between the two.

          If they can keep the D4 close to the $5,000 and the D800 is likely to be in the $3,500-$4,000 range, the price points wouldn’t make that large of a difference to a pro. Size and features would.

          • LOU

            Well said & interesting points. However, the D3 vs. D700/300 differentiation mostly about features than body size, same as the F5 vs. F100 linage. Much was said on the F100 – possibly exceeding an F5 in some categories, except size & weight – by pros & novices regarding performance. Each had their own assets & liabilities, mostly independent of body geometry. Size & weight are legacy hold-overs more than desired & meaningfully differentiating characteristics. I guess we’ll see what the D4-generation brings to the discussion.

          • suprchunk

            Thank you. Why is it that people think the smaller body size will inevitably steal sales from the larger pro body? I’m not interested in a pro size body, but I do want the FX in a smaller format. There are two totally different markets for D3 and D700 right now. While some well-to-do enthusiasts will go for the D3 just because they can afford it, but can’t really use it, the majority of enthusiasts, I think, will go for the smaller and cheaper body. I know I will. I don’t think I could justify, to myself, buying a bigger body at almost double the price.

            • Dr SCSI

              Owning both a D3 and D300, I must say that each format has its distinct advantages. The ergonomics of both are very similar, but yet the added buttons of the D3 can be indispensible when needing to make critical changes while shooting under the gun. The smaller D300 is an absolute must for traveling lightweight but with very capable gear. Also the D300 is a great match for the older nikon bellows. I would actually like a D700, but can’t justify the expense with the D800 to be released soon. I really want to see a 16MP D4 with a two stop ISO gain over the D3s; then I will upgrade my D3!

    • Lloyd

      Bah. The D3 and D300 were introduced at the same time, back when NO Nikon DSLRs were full-frame. The D300 was better than the D2xs, so why not a D800 that’s better than the D3?

      I hope the D4 is the same size as the F6 (or ideally, the F3). This monster camera thing has run its course. The D3 is Nikon’s heaviest ever SLR, designed during a time of huge advances in miniaturization.

      Nikon should throw titanium, carbon fiber, denser, faster, lower-power ASICs, higher energy-density batteries, high-voltage mini motors – whatever it takes – at the problem of making the next-gen pro DSLR light and small. There’s no optical reason for it to be bigger than an FG. Make it so.

  • Maybe one of those announcements will include the 720p/60 support for the D7000 and manual aperture control during liveview, with an on-screen UV monitor…. <.<

    But I'll assume an EVIL announcement, don't even fully understand what it is really.

    • padlockd

      I have a D7000 as well. Those upgrades would be the bee’s knees, so to speak. Too bad it probably won’t happen… 🙁

  • LongWait

    August is 8 months from now – that’s a long wait considering everyone’s already been waiting forever. It will also be after the season I take the most photos. That sucks, but it’s more of a want than a need right now.

    • PAG

      Do people really think that 3 years between high-end camera models is way too long?

      Wouldn’t it be a nightmare of models, pricing, and support if they were turned over at twice that rate?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, because the in some ways the D700 became outdated at the moment the 5DII was released due to the low resolution and the lack of 1080 video. So for many people the d700 is outdated since 2008 for others who are with 12MP it is just fine.

        • Anonymous

          who are happy with 12MP it is just fine.

          (sorry missed a word :-))

        • Oh man, not this again 😉
          10 D700/D3 users want 5Dii video, another 10 might want the 21/24mpx resolution (mostly for the ‘wrong’ reasons anyway;) and then there are 80 ‘well informed’ desperate Canon users since August 2007 that want better camera alltogether. If the Canon hasn’t been chasing megapixels, made better (usable) autofocus, etc. the D800something could have been here since last year, but with ‘no competition’ (photographywise) Nikon doesn’t need to risk, just slowly improve already great offer (bodies, lenses, flash system, etc..)
          And now another 7 months of such complaints over and over again..;) there should be some kind of mandatory select/filter when posting a comment (“I honestly feel like this moves the discussion fwd or am I just ranting..” 😉

          • zzddrr

            Petr Klapper
            So what did you try to say? I guess you were whining too 🙂

            • Of course I was – I kindly allow myself to whine about whiners once every few months..that’s different you know.. 😉

            • zzddrr

              ok, let’s whine together 🙂

      • Banned

        Admin, WTF are these new avatars about? This poor guy got an orange Christmas tree with an exposed brain and a reversed condom in the mouth.

        I mean Admin seriously… Come on.

        • Royalan


          I hope my avatar is really disgusting or disturbing.

          • Banned

            Mang, you just got yourself a Khaki Christmas tree with legs spread out and eyes popped ready to take a crap.

        • lol

          Change you avatsr her

        • Banned, if you don’t like your avatar you can change it at Juts make sure you register the same email as you use for the comments.

          • forgot to mention – once you register , your new gravatar will work for all wordpress based blogs

            • R!

              I LIKE MINE!!

      • LongWait

        I’m more commenting on the lack of a 24MP body that doesn’t cost over 7k. I don’t really consider that a replacement, but a new body.

        7 months, 8 months, whatever, still a long wait.

      • renard

        if you upgrade every other generation–it is a really long wait. I don’t see the need to upgrade each generation.

        • +1

          im still on the d200, it IS a long wait… managed to pick up a D2H at a great price tho.. one solid cam.. should occupy me for the while. lol.

          • VJ

            I’m still on the D100…. 🙂 But now it is due for an upgrade: its slowness and the required postprocessing are bothering me now…

    • Eric Duminil

      Mathematics for dummies :
      August is 7 months from now.

      • m35g35

        that is the announcement. still have to wait 2-3 months after before Nikon ships the products. So, 9-10 months away.

  • Zim

    Has this ever happen with a release before? Blocking vacations?

  • broxibear

    I’m taking D800 pre-orders now if anyone’s interested, obviously you won’t actually get it until 7 months after the announcement and there will be a premium on the price but hey, that’s what everyone else does ?.
    Did someone say $3900 ?

  • I’m guessing the release of the 10-1000mm f.0.95G AF-S VRIII @ 1kg 🙂
    or the release of a new firmware that gives my D300 a whopping 48MPix sensor ‘upgrade’ with a DR of 30 stops, and 1080p@120fps.

    So no real clue, and don;t really care 🙂

    • twoomy

      There’s always somebody who cracks the typical wide-aperture superzoom joke and there’s always somebody to reply to it with the typical cliche answer, so let it be me this time:

      “Yeah, but do you know how big it would be and how much that would weigh?”

      [Insert crowd of laughter here.] 🙂

      • Banned

        If you want to make it a dream lens make it 100 grams not 1 kilo…

        • iamlucky13

          The new lens is actually weightless, because it’s an enslaved pan-dimensional hyper-being that reads from your mind what you envision the picture looking like, then temporarily manipulates the curvature of space-time to direct the appropriate photons into the appropriate pixel sites on the camera. Better yet, since curvature of space-time affects all wavelengths equally, the lens is fundamentally immune to chromatic aberration.

          Unfortunately, there’s also a small chance this will cause your camera itself to collapse into a black hole, making you directly responsible for the horrific death of 6 billion people and the destruction of the earth. Also, Nikon bodies are not warranted against such an incident unless you’re a member of Nikon Pro Services, and good luck getting NPS to respond to a service request from the bottom of a black hole.

          • Twoomy

            Ha ha ha! +1. Awesome.

          • MRPhotoau

            That is the best laugh I have had in days!!!

          • astroboy

            hey, that would work. i’m ready to invest in your lens company.

            • iamlucky13

              Esteemed Mr. Astroboy,

              yOur interest in our company is appreciated muchly.. Your sending the money can being to our extremely secure corporate paypal account, NikonInvestrNigeria.

              many Regards,
              Deeseffun Tausand

          • SDiggity

            Well played sir…well played.

          • Discontinued

            GREAT ! ! !

            Once in a while there is a gem to be found here among the comments. This definitely was one. Many thanks lucky13.

      • I’, gonna own up to something possibly embarrasing..

        when i had just started shooting and surfing around rumour sites, some guy made a joke like this about a 2-200mm f/4 or something along those lines. i actually got excited and googled to see if it was a legit rumour!

      • What iamlucky13 says 🙂

        I know of the relation between aperture, zoom, size, and weight, but why can’t have Nikon patented some sort of glassless/lensless contraption that manipulates/bends light in a different way? I can’t keep up with all the patents filed across the world, or the technological advances for that matter.
        Weird things have happened in the last 100 years of technology.

  • Come on Nikon !

  • D700guy

    Hmm, well alrighty then.
    That D4 is what I’m waitin on. The D800 would be nice of course,
    but if I had to chose one it would be the flagship.
    My D700 is still holding itself true to its name and producing
    wonderful images so there’s no reason to just stock up on bodies IMHO
    I’ll wait for the D4. Just in time for fall sports (hopefully)

  • Robert Stoffer photo

    Please give me my D800 in MY hands by July.

    Im guessing august is D4

  • D4 announcement in August
    D800 will probably be announced mid March or early April.
    My guess.

    • zzddrr

      I have a feeling that it will be the other way around. First D4 then D800

      • ZZDDRR: I am game for anything at this point. I need an FX body. I wonder what the D4 price will be? I hope they don’t do what they did with the D3x

        • zzddrr


          No they can’t. I think the astronomical high camera prices are over. Look at the D7000. I think it has a great price. Now, going from 12MP to 24MP does not make so much difference in normal print sizes. So why on earth will Nikon charge that high? Especially when most likely sony will offer the second generation of FX cameras. They will be high res for sure and significantly improved quality.

          Now imagine this; sony comes out with an A860 (or A870) at approx. $2000 with image quality of the 2 yrs old D3x. I would buy that new sony without hesitation. So logically Nikon won’t be able to justify that high price.

          I am expecting the D4 at between 5000 and $6000 and the D800 at $2500.

          • Agree zzddrr

            • Let’s not forget the D700 was $3,000 and sold like hotcakes.

              I think $2,500 would be generous… and not likely.

  • Catastrophile

    what about d5000 replacement? has it been canceled or something, you dont mention it at all here?!

    • I was really thinking that the D5000 replacement will be released in February with the p&s models, but the lack of any reliable leaks makes me believe that it may not happen.

      • broxibear

        Maybe there won’t be a D5000 replacement, maybe the range will go from D3100 to D7000 and the gap in between will be filled by the mirrorless ?
        AF-S 28mm f1.4 G ED was mentioned somewhere.

  • venancio

    this is to test what my avatar looks like… on the technical side, i’m waiting for what the d700 replacement looks like…

    • WoutK89

      let me try too, hopefully something more cheerful 😛

      • Banned


  • MadDog!

    Has anyone taken the time to read the canon rumours site? Before you say it, yes I am a Nikon user and NO I don’t have any reason nor desire to switch because Nikon refuses to say ‘How high’ when I say jump.
    But, my point, posted Jan. 20th was titled ‘1Ds mkIV & 5D3 thoughts…’
    This mentions that according to them, they are expecting a 42MP Nikon flagship (D4 or D4x, I guess) around the end of 2011.
    If this is even close then we could expect D800 to have 24 minimum.
    1080 incl. AF would be a given.
    dual card slots a given (2x CF i hope)
    better iso a given
    100% please or I will be waiting and going the D4
    same or better DR
    improved AF not that I have a problem with the 700’s performance
    I am actually quite happy with the performance of my D700 and would not purchase a D800 unless it had at least all that list. Would also be nice if they upgraded the 135
    and made a 50/1

    • MadDog!

      Admin. these avatars are hilarious dude! Just wish we could pick em. But heck mine definately looks mad.

      • Catastrophile

        change the email you use when posting and you’ll most probably get a different avatar.

      • yes, I like the new avatars better than the old “monsters”

        • +1 😀

        • Catastrophile

          to be honest, i prefer the old monsters, for one thing the “faces” were bigger an clearer!

          • texasjoe

            But I liked my monster…

          • JorPet

            So do I. I had a Lego head with a monocle. How cool is that?

            So I just changed to the first picture I found on my computer since it beat whatever it had changed to.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      a 50/1?

      You are a mad dog!

      • MadDog!

        I thought this site was a mixture of NR and ‘Nikon Dreaming’
        If they can dream of a 10-1000/.95 and only 1kg or even 100gm (obviously plastic crap) then I can have an update of a 50/1

        • Banned

          Well we never said it had to be good quality. It could be a 500mm lens baby. Add a grease spot, make it 1000mm…

      • Canon did make a 50 f/1.0 L many moons ago – and it was useless wide open too 😛

        Would be nice to see a 50 f/1.2 though

        • MRPhotoau

          Yes it would, but considering I have to stop my 1.4 down a stop for it to begin to be very sharp I was dreaming that at f1 I would have it well usable at 1.4 or 2 for very sharp with narrow DOF. But heck seen as though I’m dreaming how bout a 1.2 AF-S that is ULTRA sharp at 1.2 with PERFECT bokeh!
          Wait one cotton pickin minute, I’m dreaming here, may as well make it an 35, 50 and 85 all same specs.
          This is heaps more fun than reality so I’ll throw in a D4xs @ $99.95

          • the present 50 f/1.2 AIS is one of my main lenses and its pretty darn sharp wide open… problem is nailing the focus exactly.

        • HDZ

          50 f/1.0 is too big.

          But nice if I have it. 😛

    • I read your post with great interest. I did not think that a 42MB was possible in our size Nikons.
      We are going to enter some exciting new times in the next several months.

  • Catastrophile

    based on previous years announcements, most probably the exact announcement date will be 23rd or 30th of August (Tuesday), OR the 24th or 31st (Wednesday). the main camera will be a full frame replacement for both D700 & D300S with no DX higher than D7000 (based on my personal crystal ball).

    • Eric Pepin

      doubtful, big gap left in the product line then, i see a 2k – 2,2k dx pro body, and the d4, then 8 months or so later the d800.

  • Bart

    We’ll probably see a D5000 replacement in next few months and most likely candidates for August announcement are D4 and D400. With D3100/D5100/D700/D400/D4 out, next in line are D700 and D3x. We won’t see D4x until next year but there is a chance that D700 replacement will be released this year. EVIL in April? I won’t be suprised.

  • Vince

    Pff, they’re really stupid with their release date ! End of august ? So after the holidays of most people*. The perfect moment is BEFORE the holidays, I would have bought the D700 and the D7000 they missed me 2 times, no it’s going to be a third one.

    *Yes, I mainly shoot on vacation

    • Eric Pepin

      well most of there clients dont… a photojournalist that shoots nikon will just order two d4’s when they come out and be done with it (if they need the upgrade that is, plenty still use d2x’s)

    • JorPet

      My least technical pictures are taken on vacation. There is normally abundant light, or I can wait for the light to appear. I have the time to set up a tripod and meter, test and re-shoot.

      Taking pictures of bands and ballet during school is in dark theaters, one chance shots. That is where upping the camera abilities really helps. So everyone is different. It is a global economy. Cameras sell 12 months out of the year at a pretty constant rate.

  • jk

    rumours are truth…

    where do we sign up to pre-order?

  • to be honest i think this sound possible and since d7000 release with the first over 12mp sensor with high ISO capabilities (d3x has 24mp but ISO performance is worthless under low light) we all knew the new line up was already in the oven so lets get the credit cards ready and fingers crossed

    • Roger

      D3x is not worthless in low light. You obviously havent ever even seen a D3x shot in low light, or use the camera at all.

  • scurvy hesh

    Definitely gonna make it to Cliq this year. Looking forward to the D800 and hopefully the 8-400 vr replacement…..

  • Dweeb

    Nikon usually delay new good product until after people are finished buying for their year. I only buy things Jan to March. Rarely will I go past June. So if Nikon can’t get it out the door first quarter they get nothing from me. Nikon — stuck at 12MP for over 3 years.

    • Catastrophile

      maybe there will be a coolpix with higher than 12 MP before the close of Q1.

      • Eric Pepin

        do you really want a point and shoot with 16 mp ? the current top of the line 10 mp cameras are pretty good, but i think it should stay there for another year and then only move up to 12 or 14 even then.

    • zzddrr


      Nikon is at 12MP since 2005! (Ok that was the D2x but also the flagship model)

      The wait is way too long!

  • hm, if they will not make D700 available in shops by start of may latest, they will miss whole wedding season and therefor moneys.
    Most then will upgrade for another season waiting for price drop anyway.
    I sure wont buy new camera in mid season

    • Exactly. Unless they are still shooting with a D2 series camera. Although I don’t know many pros who haven’t already switched to a D3/700. Plus I don’t think image quality improve to the point where it would be “worth” upgrading yet. You make a very good point, not many people buy cameras mid-season.

  • nuno
  • Has it begun??

  • Testing new avatar.

    • MadDog!

      Testing my own, fingers crossed

  • MRPhotoau

    That was disappointing! Maybe this will work.

    • It will work but mine took about 1 hour to take hold.

  • Exciting times ahead! Announcement of D800 before summer would be perfect 😮

    • Yes yes yes. I would be excellent. Announce it in March and have product available by late April. Time to put names on a wait list.

  • Yay for new avatars, gravatars, and for the D4/D400. Should be interesting to see if they are as ground breaking as the D3/D300 were. I doubt it and only expect marginal Megapixel upgrades and better video.

    We may have to wait another generation for highly improved image quality. It’s ok though, the D3s really rocks right now. Unless there is some huge breakthrough in sensor technology, it just isn’t going to get any better than this. If you notice many APS-C cameras lineup pretty evenly in terms of image quality. You really have to nitpick and zoom-in way too far to notice differences.

    For those who NEED more resolution this could be a big deal I suppose.

    • NZ

      How about three different D4 versions:

      Standard D4 — 18mp, improved AF, high-ISO capabilities, full video (1080)
      PJ’s D4s — 14mp, full video capabilities (1080), great hi-ISO capabilities (like D3s), improved AF
      High-Rez D4x — 28+mp, no video

      • Roger

        Not gonna happen.

        Do you really think D3s owners would buy 14mp D4s? What for – so they can have get 2 extra megapixels? Would you pay 5,000$ just for 2 extra megapixels?

        Why would D3x owners who already have a 24mp camera buy a 28mp camera? Would you pay 8,000$ for extra 4mp?

        What you’re suggesting are would be a disaster for Nikon.

      • MRPhotoau

        I must agree with Roger here mate. (Gotta say mate as I’m an Aussie) New Nikon D800 will have 24MP minimum just because they can (my prediction) but D4 will definately not be released with less than 24 and will be closely followed by an ‘x’ varient with 30+.
        5DMkIII is being quoted all over at 28MP and if the quality is even marginally better than the MkII. Nikon would be shooting both feet off if it had much less than 24 and I will be shocked if they don’t give it 1080@30 Prices will be around $3500 for the D800 and $5K for the D4 and $8K for the D4x. Let us all see though will we.
        Also I would not be surprised either way which is released first, D4 makes better marketing sense but D700 is definately more due for an udgrade. None of us really know though.

  • jdsl

    testing my avatar, too! 😉

  • cirtap

    Since the D7000 has outpaced and surpassed the lightweight D90….I am going to say that the new D900 it will be called….will be full frame and 18 plus MP….1080p 24fps.
    and here is where YOU ALL come unglued. $1999.99

    Because remember when everyone gasped at D7000 at 1199.99!!! and it out paces the D300s by miles.

    • I don’t think it will intro at such a low price, but you do make a solid point. Over the years we’ve seen a pretty rapid decline in price with increase in quality. That’s just how technology works. However I believe flagships will always be stonewalled at around $5,000 unless someone like Sony makes a serious competitive model for less.

  • Joe

    I really hope the D4 isnt above 18 MP, otherwise the ISO and frame rate wouldn’t be nearly as good as the D3S (which I’m contemplating buying as I need better ISO and a built in sensor cleaning, unlike my D3) Other then those two things, the D3 is perfect in almost every way and there is no real need to upgrade.

    • Joe

      Whoa, I’m convinced I have the avatar to rule them all…

    • Roger

      More resolution making noise worse = MYTH. It’s one of the favorite myths of all photographers who havent done their homework, unfortunately, and as such it’s repeated all the time on various sites. I’m surprised how many people believe it, without even questioning it.

      Frame rate would be as good as the D3s, even at much more than 18mp – if Canon can make a 7D 18mp + 8 fps, surely you dont believe Nikon cant do the same?

      Use common sense. There is absolutely no reason to expect anything else other than D4 improving in all aspects compared to the D3s – much more megapixels, better dynamic range, lower noise, improved AF, frame rate will be same or better.

      • MRPhotoau

        Well said! (Never just believe anything without research, with one exception, the earth is definately flat) Although, I have done research and still am of the opinion that reducing the size of the pixel must increase noise, we are all fooling ourselves if we think that the tech-heads can’t figure out a way around that. When I left school I had never used a computer nor had a mobile phone, let alone the fancy touch screen iPhone4 that I have now. I also thought it was a big dream to have even 1MP cameras and heard all the hype from the uninformed that 6MP was more than anyone would ever need. Technology bounds ahead of itself at an awesome rate, and will never stop still for very long, ever!

      • The question isn’t if a new high mp sensor can beat a older lower mp sensor on noise, but if a new high mp sensor can beat a new lower mp sensor on noise. The size of the photosite does matter.

  • zoetmb

    I haven’t read all the posts, but I’m not sure why Nikon would not permit employees to take a vacation simply because of an announcement. It’s not like Nikon has an online store similar to the Apple store or has products in stock when they make annoucnements (we’re lucky if the products are in stock a year after the announcement.)

    So I think it’s something else. Either Nikon is going to have a really big Apple-type announcement event or they’re going to launch some kind of service that requires a lot of customer service on their end or they’re moving their offices and warehouse.

    P.S. Everything is centered again.

    • sasso

      Exactly, I was wondering how nobody really caught that! Whenever Nikon announces something, it takes them months or even years to ship products in decent quantities. So what changed? Does that mean, that the product (whatever it may be) would actually now be ready for announcement, but they want to wait until they have enough stock built up to immediately ship after the announcement?

      I would much prefer that. I hate to wait on stuff that’s been announced but not available :o\

      • WoutK89

        Like the Sigma macro 150 OS? Which does even worse than the D7000 at being available (hint, there is not even a price announced)

  • Funduro

    Anyone hoping to buy those rumored DSLR’s are now going to have a very very long wait till an announcement, never mind release date, then actual products been in their hands. Stock up on anxiety and PB pills, 8 months is along time. I did the D7000 wait dance, then threw in the towel and got an in stock Nikon D300s. The nightmare visions of the UPS truck running over my newly delivered D7K was too much to take. 😉

  • f-stop

    I just have a feeling that Nikon will drop the D4 before the D700 replacement..unless this time around there will be a huge differance between the two. People who bought the D3 were mad when the D700 was dropped b/c is was very close to the D3 and smaller oh and cheaper lol ..

    • Roger

      People who bought the D3 should be happy when the D700 appeared – they could get a backup camera for less money.

      I think there’s another way of dealing with this – this time around Nikon could easily make D4 and D800 very different cameras.

  • Xanadu AW18

    Nice that the money pigs of all of us is by all the waiting getting fuller and and finaly full Nikon basterds good thinking

  • Fubar

    A long wait it is, but the D700 replacement rumors seems pretty sure this time round. Considering the announcement is in March/April, it’ll probably be until next year for the prices to ‘settle down’.

    Okay I admit, I just wanted to test out my avatar.

  • I’ll wait a few months to see what comes out. If nothing amazing, then I’ll get a D3s. It’s all I want or need anyway. I’d like to see what a D4 brings to the table though.

  • Max Archer

    What I really want to know is how I’m actually gonna get the D700 replacement when it comes out…

    I guess I’ll have to put my name on the list ASAP.

    • Max Archer

      Haha wow that avatar…

      What I forgot to say is that I’m wondering if Nikon’s plan is to separate the D4 and D800 more. Right now, we’ve got a D700 that’s basically a D3 without the grip, but maybe the D800 will have a totally unique system. In terms or resolution, maybe we’ll see a high-speed, insane ISO D4s with the traditional 12MP for photojournalists, a 24MP+ D4X for high-end commercial and landscape photography, and then a D800 with 16MP that’s pitched to portrait and wedding photographers, but which also has a focus on video quality, making it a direct 5DII killer. With that concept, it could be a completely unique sensor, and therefore doesn’t interfere with a later D4 launch.

      • NZ

        That was my thought (posted above). Add full 1080 video capabilities to the D4s and it could be the ideal PJ/sports camera. 12mp is plenty for those apps.

        • Roger

          Add 24mp and D4 becomes an ideal camera for everything = more people will buy it = more money for Nikon.

  • Tonny

    D800 in August, what a joke!!!!!!!!!!

    What the fuk are you waiting for???

  • Gerry

    I want to see my avatar…

    Admin, why is everything centered nowadays?

    • Gerry, everything looks fine here. What browser and OS are you using?

      • MRPhotoau

        I love the centred look, please leave it admin.

      • Gerry

        Windows 7, IE 8.

        All the comments are centered in the middle of the boxes. I never had this issue until about 1 month ago.


        • I see it now – I have no clue why is that, let me research it. Every other browser works fine.

  • Bob

    Nikon will announce …. another Blues Traveler concert for CliQ 2011.

  • adam

    hey guys…. wish on the D800 coming out this year in one hand,
    and take a poo in the other and see which one happens first.

  • Thogan

    I hope it’s the 18-200 replacement. Please please make it the 18-250 DX

  • Ronan

    I like my new DSLR’s at the beginning of summer… you know?… -_-

  • Carlos R

    Using D7000 sensor pixel density (0.0048mm) we can surely expect a 36-37 megapixels D4x, with similar ISO capabilities.

    Guessing D4 pixel density is harder, because they are trying to rise the ISO capability too. Using a pixel size of 0.007mm we would see a 18 Mp D4. But I would guess the range of this camera could be between 18 and 24 Mp (0.007-0.0065mm). They cannt go higher because they would get an ISO capability similar to the D7000, and they want this product to stand out.

    So, D4 between 18-24 Mp
    D4x, 36 Mp

    • nobody

      D4: best high ISO quality, 18Mpix
      D4x: best resolution, 36Mpix
      D800: best compromise, 24Mpix

      That would make sense, IMO.

      • Discontinued

        Yes, it would.

  • My_CR

    Any lens rumors ?

    I’m waiting for an AF-S 17-55 f2.8 G IF-ED VRII DX and an 50-135 or 50-150 f2.8 G IF-ED VRII DX. They could had N if they want to, it wouldn’t bother me.
    It would be a nice, not to big, not to heavy and high quality set with the D7000 + MB-D11.

    But if they’re going all FX with the pro bodies (aka D800 or D900 as a replacement for the D700 and D300s), i guess i’ll have to wait for better Sigma or Tamron lens.

  • someone

    well, heard the alpha is announcing thier crop flagship around that time, it could be just D300s replacement, D400v?

  • Abo
    • what exactly are you referring to?

    • Forthepie

      It’s a traveling Flash school that McNally and Strobist are doing this year. Nothing about a Nikon release, both men have it up on their blogs now.

  • Miki

    A big push from Nikon? Based on the info that I read on this site posted Jan.20, this sounds like Nikon’s step into the mirrorless domain. That post contained a link to a Nikon employee saying that using the F-mount for that form factor would be the wrong strategy. Now bodies come and go, but a new lens mount would be a huge move… something worthy of keeping employees around, because Nikon owners would be thrown into turmoil!

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