“Nikon in White” mirrorless camera event in Vienna on September 21st

This is the invitation for a "Nikon in White" event that will take place on September 21st at 7:00 pm in Vienna, Austria. The text says the night will be "full of surprises". This event obviously will be for the announcement of Nikon's mirrorless camera which is expected to come in different colors, including white.

Nikon will announce two different mirrorless bodies, one will be smaller in size with less functionality. Nikon's mirrorless solution will have enhanced video features not seen in any previous models. The new lenses will have power zoom buttons similar to the latest Panasonic Lumix X series. Expect four new lenses announced at launch. There will be a super zoom and a pancake. The super zoom will be very big in size (compared to the camera body). As far as I know, there will be no dedicated macro lens in the first run. In the future Nikon will announce also a dedicated external flash for their EVIL camera line. The first camera kit should be available end of September/early October, the second body + other lenses at the end of October/early November.

Here is a recap of all Nikon mirrorless interchangeable lens camera details known so far (known knowns):

  • Camera code/project name: X810. Not sure about the final marketing name
  • Two different models will be available
  • The camera body will be very small, very compact, with a clean industrial design
  • Built-in high resolution EVF
  • Many video features
  • Compatible with F-mount lenses
  • The sensor will be slightly smaller than Micro Four Thirds (probably 17mm in diameter, 2.6x or 2.7x crop factor)
  • Four lenses to be released, one of them will be a pancake, the second will be a super zoom
  • Phase and contrast-detect AF
  • Similar clean design like the Coolpix P300
  • The camera will not have any dials on the top plate
  • Speaker will be located on top plate
  • There will be a pop-up flash and/or flash hot shoe for external flash
  • The new mirrorless lenses may have electronic zoom buttons (see this patent)
  • There will be some functionality that will be introduced for the first time in a mirrorless camera
  • The camera will be available in different colors

At that point I feel comfortable enough to rate the Nikon mirrorless camera announcement at the end of September at 99% probability. Unfortunately, I still cannot give the same probability rating for the other DSLR announcement in the first week of September.

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  • Derek

    Preparing a nice “f*** you” letter to Nikon if they don’t announce a new full frame dSLR this year.

    • As long as it’s F mount compatible….

    • benS

      Chill bro 🙂

    • Just A Thought

      “Preparing a nice “f*** you” letter to Nikon if they don’t announce a new full frame dSLR this year.”

      Instead of that approach maybe think about changing things from within. NikonUSA has a job posting which may help you more than sending an FU letter.

      Position Name: Asst. Manager Multi-Channel Marketing
      company: Nikon Inc.
      Code: 1593
      Overall Responsibility
      Responsible to initiate, develop, coordinate, and execute Product Marketing Launch materials in support of Nikon Imaging product launches. This includes collaborating across multiple Nikon groups, creative agencies as well as frequent interaction with retailers and e-tailers in order to develop comprehensive go-to-market plans including the creation of product marketing launch materials, launch plans, and retail materials required for launch. Support all products merchandising, awareness, and promotional initiatives to all channels. Develop and implement a phased approach to a cross-channel strategy, integrating one touch point at a time into a marketing platform in order to provide consistent and coordinated information across all channels. Realize value from cross channel synergies and manage the leveraging of assets across channels.


      ***** End of Job Posting *****

      If you are set on sending them that FU letter, then here’s an address for ya:
      Nikon Inc.
      Office Of The President
      Fuji Bldg., 2-3 Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku
      Tokyo, 100-8331, Japan

      • Just A Thought

        Forgot a couple of things. Don’t gorget to send the FU letter registered mail and mark it Private and Confidential. Use the highest quality stationary – not some discount store special as first impressions count.

        2nd thing…If you do end up getting the job, don’t forget the folks on this site. Throw us a bone every once in a while…

        • Canon User

          hahaha 🙂

      • InfraRed

        Dealing with companies in Japan very frequenty (like “everyday”), I know your letter will never reach C-level: nobody would have the guts to let a CEO read what customers (even positive). A CEO in Japan is like a living God, insulated from day-to-day customer issues unless it means “recall” with financial or legal aspects. I like the idea to reach out to the boss but it’s not in Japanese mindset (may be with the exception of Sony since the CEO is not Japanese).
        It’s sad, but it’s reality. Try to talk to a CEO or executive from a Japanese company at CES or Photokina: He’ll pretend he does not speak English (which for many of them is true). That’s assuming you found a way to bypass layers of prodcuts managers, directors, VP and security officers protecting him.

        Now let’s assume you’re ready: you an an interpreter who says “Mr President, please forgive the insanity of my comments, but I’d like to bring to your attention issues I dealt with as lifetime, loyal customer to your amazing brand”.
        You know what the answer will be? “Please talk to Nikon USA; we have customer service”

        Don’t get me wrong: it’s not about Nikon. There’s all the same: screwed up in a model incapable of evolving. Watch out Japanese companies: Chinese are going to “eat your dinner”.
        I love Japan in many ways; I love what Nikon and Canon did in the late 50s, early 60s, taking advantage of Kodak’s deficiencies. They’re taking their model and position fro granted and that’s waht will kill them. Survival of the fittest?

        • Just A Thought


        • Jabs

          I think that applies worldwide, but the Japanese are also NOT accustomed to ‘RUDE’, aggressive or pushy Americans and the brazen ways of people here, as I live here and get asked weird questions at the Trade Shows.

          They are perhaps muttering to themselves – ‘DAMN idiot or crass moron’ and then perhaps too polite to say it to your face = you being discourteous and even clueless!

          CEO’s are there to manage a Company and not to answer YOUR petty complaints, as they have people PAID to accept that form of abuse = reality.

          Imagine shouting at say Steve at an Apple Event and then maybe being tossed out?

          Ever been to one those scripted events by Invitation ONLY?

      • Jabs

        Great job offer to but perhaps you should have pointed them to Nikon’s Headquarters in America on 1300 Walt Whitman in New York City, if I remember right – lol.

        Some people just want what they want and do not take into consideration the BUSINESS of running a Camera Company, but just complain like little babies.

        I am SICK of that too – lol

        • Just A Thought


      • Jabs

        Send it here instead:


        Nikon Inc.
        1300 Walt Whitman Road
        Melville, NY 11747-3064, U.S.A.

        Corporate Inquiries:

  • Will it come in Pink for my wife.

    • MK

      please quit your job blessing the internet with your wisdom and consider a career in stand up comedy, because your post was truly hilarious

    • +1

  • 567

    i hope the surprise is not no more dslr from nikon, if that happern i get a sony

    • Quite agree…I think it might be time to switch…

      • Ric

        Can I have your lenses?

    • Ric

      Can I have your glass?

  • Byron45

    So I’m a pro photographer waiting for the new nikon DSLR announcment for ages. I need the 24 Megapixel in a lightweight body as I travel a lot for city and landscape photography and there is one simple answer I need that rsolution because my client a picture stock library wants it. Point.
    Why they do bring out this little toys and dont give us photographers tools what we need?
    A light minimum 24 MB DSLR or even better Rangefinderstyle camera.
    They had this project with MF Camera some years ago. Where is that? And they had the tradition in the Famous 80 mm 1:2.8 Nikkor lense in the Plaubel Makina 67. I do a lot of blow ups for exhibition in huge sizes …..I still use this camera a lot for the Nikon style lense.IF there is nothing coming in the next half year, I have to think where I could get a big sensor , FF and FIlming would be great in a small camera with >20 Megapixel with good AF. A Leica M9 could work ,but I have no AF. A Sony Nex7 is probably the next contender around. Okay APC sensor but I think it could work.
    Nikon didnt listn to his customers. Point.
    A little bit nervous artist:)

    • Anonymously

      When it comes to Nikon, patience is a virtue. When they come out with new SLRs, they come out swinging hard.

      Most rumors say there will be new SLR announcements in Sept/Oct. I believe them.

  • R!


    • Nobody cares about a new DSLR anymore. Just give us anything and tell this is a new Nikon release 🙂

  • Suraj Kannan

    I’d recently suggested to Nikon in one of their surveys that, instead of bringing a mirrorless interchangable lens camera, why don’t they bring mirrorless fixed focal length camera’s. Mainly 2 mirrorless camera’s, i.e. one with attached 12-24 / f4 lens…and another one with 24-75 / f4. And they should price them in the range of $750-$850 each. This would have made more sense, rather than trying to compete with the other mirrorless camera’s already in the market.

    And this would ensure the DSLR products will not have to compete with the mirrorless cameras, as the mirrorless cameras would then complement them by turning into backup cameras for portraits or landscapes.

    There would be pro’s & con’s either way, but I feel con’s would only be few if this were to be the case.

    • BornOptimist

      You mean they should introduce two P&S cameras?
      They did – last week.

      • Suraj Kannan

        do they have a sensor like d mirrorless system will have?
        do they have dslr quality like lenses?

        try to understand wats written n then ask questions mate….

  • getanalogue

    Suraj, +100!!
    In the meantime I will buy a Nex7 and use my wonderful Voigtlaenders wides with adapter – an extremely compact combo, and the lenses will still outresolve the sensor.

  • broxibear

    Your favourite UK Nikon product manager for Consumer Products, James Loader, has been speaking about the P7100 to techradar.
    “We tried to listen to all the feedback that we received and incorporate that into the new model,” he said at the P7100 launch event. “The main gripe seemed to be that the operation speed was too slow. It’s meant to be a camera for Nikon SLR users, so they need a compact that operates like an SLR, but is smaller and more discreet.”

  • Bart B

    I hope they will use this 17mm sensor in their future Coolpix cameras too 🙂

    • Ke

      They should have just ditched the mirrorless thing & stuck that sensor in the new P7100.

      It’s a tiny sensor for a mirrorless, but massive compared to any compact (aside from the X100 & X1 anyway).

  • Zen

    This invitation could mean anything. But there is no real hint about a new camera or something.

    “An evening full of suprises”, “The Nikon Team wants to inspire and faszinate their guest” and “inside a Lounge atmosphere we let the pictures speak for the itself” sounds like everything and nothing to me.

  • JPBeppu

    The only thing I like is the crop factor because since is F-mount compatible I guess I can use my 80-400mm in this 2.7 crop factor mirrorless camera and get 216-1080mm telephoto images, excellent range for bird lovers. I wonder though about quality.

    And well if you already have 216-1080mm, why the heck lets use as well a nice 1.4x kenko teleconverter for an awesome 302-1512 mm range.

    What do you think? will it be possible?

  • radulaor

    OMG, I sooooooo hope they make a red one.

    That would be totally awesome.

    Red on, red one, red one….

  • Dweeb

    Another Monday, another “you just keep waiting” … maybe by the end of …

    • Dweeb

      Even Hogan lost interest in them and took off LOL.

  • ericnl

    I still think that Nikon should release the D800 at least two months before Canon releases the 5DmkIII to get a head start on sales, and to get floaters to switch. if they are released at the same time, then Canon will take advantage of the market share they have right now.

    those two cameras are really the only ones that are competing for new users,
    the D4/D400 users-to-be (or the Canon equivalent) will more easily stick to their brand.

  • jacob

    They keep promising “surprising innovation” and keep bringing “coolcrapx” and eventually “mirrormess” ….disappointing!

  • Highlight

    Ha Ha, pretty close with the X projectname…2 years ago !
    (https://nikonrumors.com/2009/10/09/nikon-netherlands-informational-evening-on-october-14th.aspx/). Why didn’t Nikon bring out the EVIL then, laying on the shelves? We will never know…

  • D700guy

    Is it 2012 yet? Who won the Olympics? Oh shoot, just a bad dream. I dreamt that the D4 wasnt announced until 12/12/2012, the same day the world is predicted to end. Going back to sleep now…zzzzzzzzz

  • John Cooney

    Just wait and give the new camera a chance, it’s not for you pros, it’s Nikon’s “buy this instead, compact user” camera. The hold-up has been with Sony’s 24mp sensor and what Nikon can do with it as well as the quake…..

  • MB
  • MB
  • BH

    White in Vienna….is anyone else thinking they are just having a rave Nikon style

  • Splinter

    Why do they even bother announcing these crap consumer level cameras, consumers aren’t the people that give a damn about an announcement of a new camera anyway. They go into a shop, and possibly do a bit of research online before they buy.

    Events should be for flagship cameras that represent Nikon in the best way possible. Announcing coolpix and crap like that, makes Nikon look like a commercial sellout that have lost sight of the needs of the enthusiast and professional.

    They should be releasing a full frame camera with interchangeable lenses. Something akin to an digital F3. Instead they look like they’re crapping around with a smaller than four-thirds sensor.

    I actually think Nikon are losing there way.

  • Would be nice if the new compact would allow for full manual 60s long exposure like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ-10 (and some of it’s predecessors were able of, inlcuding the Leica Series or the similar Lumix DMC-LX3) . It helps making great blue hour landscapes and even going for some starry sky shots if the big rig is just not at hand. I also hope that they don’t overdo it on chip size (noise). A included GPS sensor would be cool too. The TZ-10’s GPS is amazingly fast and accurate (on par with a Garmin GPSMap 60CSx, the P6000’s GPS was not, very slow).

    A 20 mm wideangle or a 24 like the TZ 10’s or the Leica LX3’s would be great. I was always wondering why the big Nikon and Canon compacts (G11, G12 etc) were limited to 28 mm as wideangle, when Panasonic had the best compact landscape non-interchangeable lens offerings so far, all 24 mm. Lot of people went for the Lumix Series because of that.

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