Another Nikon day in Germany on September 23 & 24

There is another "Nikon Day" scheduled for September 23 and 24 in a German store where you can try out some "new Nikon products". This is consistent with previous Nikon events scheduled in different stores a day or two after an official announcement (see this, this and this posts). The new Nikon mirrorless camera is expected to be announced on September 21st, 2011.

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  • Fubar

    QF Foto are douchebags. (from my personal experience)

  • Art

    It would be really nice if we could use a new Nikon mirrorless camera to take pictures of a newly released D800!!!! (Come on Nikon!!!)

  • AnoNemo

    I do not think that the new mirrorless would make it to the stores for testing a day after the announcement. I think this is the usual “i am Ni-Con” stuff with you can try our our coolpix and the “available” dslrs.

    • people also did not believe that the D5100 will be in store events for testing 2 days after the announcement, but it was

      • AnoNemo

        Then in this case we know that new pro dslrs are not going to announced.

        • Andrew

          AnoNemo, your logic does not make any sense. So you are saying that all Nikon cameras that have ever been announced were always available within days of the announcement? No so!

  • dast

    I am not a DSLR!

    • Remedy

      ROFLMAOTROLOLOLOLO hahahhahaha mate best joke evar! XD

  • I want a DSLR…If by the end of Sep, there is no DSLR announced…Then…That’s last straw I am not continuing in using Nikon…And they better have some good design…

    • Why wait? If there’s something better for you out there right now, a delay until October is foolish.

      • FX DX

        Just because you are happy with your Nikon equipment doesn’t mean that everyone else feels the same way. This is a rumor site for people to show enthusiasm and also whine about Nikon products. Don’t be a NR police. We appreciate your comments, but this is starting to become a little annoying.

        It is quite natural for people to compare Nikon D700 with Canon 5D Mark II. 5D looks much better spec wise on paper and the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. D700 is probably a really good camera, but it is 3 years old and it doesn’t quite make sense for many of us to spend money on something that is about the be replaced with its successor. Also if you believe that DSLR is not for videos, I can guarantee you that no new DSLR in the future will be released without video. Nikon is seriously behind Canon in video and it’s a shame as they were the first to introduce video in DSLR. If this stays this way, many will leave Nikon for other more competitive brands (ever heard of free market). If you are so happy with your current Nikon equipment, what are you doing on NR?

        • Why do these folks come here to complain? Who will hear them that:
          A) Cares, and
          B) Has any power to do anything about it?

          Maybe you were looking for this?:

          • Jason


            People come here for the same reason people go to a therapist. Expressing your angst is step 1 in dealing with it. Or grooming it. People enjoy this sort of discussion, clearly.

            That you’re not sharing this emotion is irrelevant. Preaching to people on the other side of the aisle is as pointless as you claim the other aisle’s venting to be. By your own logic, I’d say to you: contribute something meaningful, or put a sock in it.

            Of course, I don’t feel that way. This is the Internet and we’re free to discuss what we like. Hordes of people congregate to share the experience. And even trolls are permitted.

            I have no point in my post, other than to encourage you to wise up a bit. And put the holier-than-thou away.

  • wunderbar ich kann nicht warten

  • Bundasz

    Jeaahhhh, check and clean my D700
    Because we do not build our D800 now – so we need to clean the old stuff..

  • Dormant

    I don’t like to fuel the mad speculation, but doesn’t the phrase “Check & Clean your Nikon Equipment” imply that this event is aimed at people with DSLRs?

  • Odo

    Those events are normal to us in germany. The NPS people just show the more or less complete bunch of Nikon gear. They will no new things there. Only a normal sales activity.

  • Ain’t gonna get excited till after the product has been announced.
    Got burned last time hoping a new full frame DSLR would be announced only to have p-&-s camera pony show.

    • This is why I am very conservative when reporting rumors this time around. I just know that there will be a DSLR related announcement next week.

      • Next week? I thought it was more in mid-September.

        • There should be two announcements in September, one next week and another one on or around September 21st.

          • Muchachito Ehehe

            Any new lenses announced on those days?

          • Jason

            I appreciate the conservative stance, and reading this comment made my day. Thanks for the great work day after day.

      • Andrew

        If the DSLR announcement is not for a new DSLR, then my guess is that Nikon is tweaking the D7000. This would make sense since in their press release they stated that they want to accelerate their release schedule to once a year. You can do that if the changes are not major, as with a new weather sealed body design as was in the case of the D7000 which requires major manufacturing changes and testing. But if it is things like increasing it buffer size or stepping up its performance , vis-a-vis a higher frame rate, or improving its dynamic range, or tweaking its video performance (e.g. better image stabilization during panning or no jaggies), then these are things that Nikon could do easily. In fact, these are things that they should do!

        I have waited for 3 years for a series of simple camera fixes that the manufacturer could have addressed in a yearly update – if only they listened to their customers.

  • d5000

    I hope that there will be a new DSLR by this time. I believe that the d7000 was announced almost a month after the a580/a55 was announced last year. Given that Sony has released something a few days ago, they may follow the same pattern and we’ll see a D300s replacement using the Sony 24mp sensor in a month’s time. Who knows, maybe a d3s/d700 replacement (IMO, probably released next year for the 2012 olympics).

    If not, I hope that the Nikon mirrorless will perform well and attract the consumers, so that they will be able to gather more funds for the R&D of higher end cameras / lenses.

  • Pixelhunter

    The QF-shop is certainly not the platform for any international or important product launch. “New products” can only mean new cameras being introduced in the previous six months – including the recent coolpix.

  • heinrich

    sorry, but why is the invitation in English, while the event is in Germany, especially in Dresden. Come on.

  • ich bins mal wieder

    … as usual, no clear statement. Flowerish garbage, Nikon. We can let clean our new coolpix toys of our children, as they touched the gear with their marmelade fingers, so a D 800 or so still will be lightyears away… I ask me what game Nikon play with their clients. Terrible. I think they are not able to see what the market wants. Japanese marketing.

  • Q

    Nothing new. The will show the fantastic P7100 to all the pros, and the pros will do their best polite behavior, but at the same time start thinking how life will be as a canon user.

  • Shasta_D

    Good thing Nikon had all their employees cancel their August vacations!

    • My question is which employees were asked to clear their schedules? Nikon USA reps? Factory workers? Both?

      Depending on the answer, it would seem that Nikon possibly had an announcement planned, but had some trouble getting it ready in time?

      I can’t imagine they’d ask Nikon USA reps to cancel their summer itinerary for a coolpix announcement.

  • Hey,

    I live in Dresden and I will check out the event. If there is something new, I will report.

  • C_QQ_C

    A bit off topic but…
    It is surprising too see that almost all companies tell which products they will show at the 2011 IFA in Germany ( starting sept 2nd) , but when looking at Nikon ( who seem to have reservesd a major size stand there) , not a single product is mentioned on beforehand….

    COuld it be possible that Nikon will use this opportunity to do some more announcements ? if so we will know by the end of this week …..

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