Nikon preparing a new monstrous image processing engine

The current Nikon EXPEED image processing engine (credit: Nikon USA)

Nikon has a new image processing engine (maybe called EXPEED 3?) that will be able to deliver some insane frame rates and video capabilities. This new processor (or a light version of it) will be included in the new Nikon mirrorless camera. No word of possible implementation in a new DSLR camera yet, but obviously the D700/D3s replacements will be good potential candidates. It is interesting that Nikon decided to first introduce this new chip with their mirrorless camera (unless there will be a new full frame camera announced between now and September 21st).

You can read more about the current EXPEED 2 processor here and here.

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  • rwg

    So what do you think is this going to be in the upcoming ML

  • Peter

    Sorry NR Admin I could not concentrate long enough to see if any of the comments were on topic. Is there a way to sort the comments so that the jabber is a little less so and the topic is in there? I was interested in some real tech info about the new chip but gave up. It has been a long day and Irene did ruin my Monday.

    • Bondi Beach

      What a great idea – maybe a relevance rating system like Wikipedia has? Or even a mark as spam feature?

  • JD

    So, NR Admin: You only wrote “insane frame rates and video capabilities”. You didn’t mention anything about “several sources” or reliability on this post, like you tend to do from time to time.

    Is there something you could add? I take it that you don’t have any reliable info on fps and such since you are not posting it…

    • This is from a reliable source. Not sure about other DSLRs, but the new mirrorless will have this new processor. Some readers commented that this is expected, but Nikon could have used the current EXPEED 2 in their mirrorless camera and that seems not to be case.

      • JD

        Cool, thanks 🙂

      • Richard

        Samsung’s just released NX200 has a 20 MP APS-C sensor and supposedly can shoot 6 fps (RAW) so Nikon needs the improved processor to keep pace with development in the industry to process larger files at higher frame rates.

      • Richard


        There is an article that names names of clients for a new processor which may or may not be the basis of the rumored one here.

        “Zoran’s COACH processors power digital still and video camera models from Casio, Fujifilm, GE, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Sony, and Vivitar among others. The COACH 14 is currently available to qualified digital camera manufacturers and is being designed into multiple camera models that are planned for production in Q1 2012.”

        The timing seems about right.

        Performance features are also listed, with video performance being a major one.

        What do you think?

        • I think their sensors are used in Nikon’s Coolpix cameras.

          • Richard

            The article says they are actually image processors rather than sensors.

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