Another Nikon day in Slovakia on August 26th

There is a another "Day with Nikon" event scheduled on August 26th, 2011 in a photo store in Slovakia. Full translation:

Photo equipment Presentation
Day with Nikon
....News, technical information, tips and advices
26.8.2011 10am-6pm

I just want to remind you that the last time I reported a "Nikon Day" in Slovakia, the Nikon D5100 was announced. The D5100 event was also scheduled few days (April 7th) after the official camera announcement (April 4th).

The poster image shows parts of Nikon DLSR camera, some DX lenses and a lens mount (F-mount?):

Thanks Patrik!

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  • Anonymous

    Is it the twenty fourth yet? I need a chill pill!

    • Yagion


  • Dandydon

    Oh WOW! The 26th. Add 24 and 26 and you get 50. That’s it, another 50mm lens. Oh wait, multiply the 50 by the 8th month and whata ya get…. 400, so it’s a D400, but no, there are two 2s here, so you have to multiply the 400 by 2 and you have arrived… a new D800!
    It’s so clear now. All signs point to the new D800!

    • Vladi

      lol u cracked it! 😀

    • Gem

      Genius :))

    • JPUser

      You are a genius!!! ^_^

    • KT

      Another way to look at it is that they are about to update their D5100 model in time for the London Olympics, it’s about time, don’t you think. I’ve been dying for that D5200 since last summer.

    • Vandyu

      Hmm. Math major I presume 🙂

  • Kon_head

    El-cheapo 18-55 dorminating the AD poster, whatda?? It can’t be D4/D800 then?

    • Kon_head

      sp.. dominating

      • Mock Kenwell

        Dorminating is what I used to do in college!

  • Oh yeah.. D9000 to be released here shortly. At least, I still think its going to be called the D9000 and not D400.

    • The invisible man


    • Dandydon

      “D9000 and not D400″…

      Why would they do that? The consumer line is x000, but the pro-sumer line is x00, Calling it a 9000 would group it with the x000, not the x00. That would leave only one bodyin the middle group (the D800) unless that call it the D10k.

      • PHB

        No, the consumer line is called Coolpix.

        The Dx and Dx00 lines are both professional

        The Dx000 line is consumer to prosumer.

        As soon as the D7000 came out I thought it looked like they were positioning it for an FX D9000 sibling. If they could bring that to market with the D3s sensor for $1400 they would have a sure-fire winner.

        I would not expect a D400 till the D4 is launched and maybe not even then. They might well decide to launch the D400 and the D800 at the same time. The D300 had to launch with the D3 as a way to tell professionals who were invested in the DX format that they were going to continue to be catered for. That is not going to hold for the D4 launch.

        We expect to see at minimum a D4 and an EVIL launch this year. The D700 is in dire need of a refresh and Nikon need a consumer FX body. That is quite a lot of cameras already. And the EVIL launch is likely to overlap with the constituency for professional DX. So I can see a case for holding off on the D400 refresh to 2012. After all, what else are they going to be doing next year?

        Nikon can’t hold off too long though. The price of professional FX is going to drop and the EVIL range is going to improve. At this point in the game there is still a case and a market for a professional DX. That is going to disappear when 24MP FX becomes affordable as the same body is then effectively a 10MP DX and a 24MP FX body all in one. Since my DX zooms are not up to 24MP, I don’t mind not being able to get 24MP in DX mode.

        • If they need a consumer FX body, then there is no point for a DX D300 replacement, is there? 2 Cameras DX (more expensive than D7K) + FX (less expensive than D700) at the same price? The d7k does the job well for DX to cope with Eos 7d, hence the D300 replacement *will be FX*. Which it will!
          I think D700 replacement will be after the above scenario, this is because a modern cheap FX with video, will force Canon to replace the Eos 5dmkii. This will give Nikon the advantage of answering to the Eos replacement, it also means that Nikon will “cease” D700 sales (while keeping it in production) until the replacement time!
          It may well be though, that the *interchangeable sensor* D3 replacement will come before all the above!

  • The invisible man

    11 days……

  • Patrick

    The suspense is killing me, though I won’t be buying any of these- got my D7k back in early October (2 days before release and 11% off, thanks to NR and some careless Best Buy staff). Having been loving it ever since! Along with an old 80-200 f/2.8, taking production photos in theater has been a dream! Keep up the great (if slow) work, Nikon!

  • alvix

    they’ll show the 40 macro dx …yeass…

  • I love that “F” mount…lol

  • AnoNemo

    Thom Hogan;

    Thom, back to my argument about the “global” presentations. I guess now we have some sort of evidence that between Aug 23 and 26 in fact there will be presentation in different countries.

    As you can see on the picture above the language used is not English or Japanese. So, I still say the same that Nikon will not introduce dslr cameras on that week. There is no way they can keep everything so secret.

    What do you think? Are you still 100% about the 2 dslr announcements on that week?

    • JonMcG

      When did Thom ever say he was 100% sure about 2 DSLR announcements? I have never seen it and I’m certain he’s never said it. All we are doing here is speculating here and my money, as well as probably Thom’s is that we’re going to see at least one new body announcement on the 24th, but certainly no guarantees.

    • Let’s see, you’ve asked me what, 16 times so far? Yes, I’m sure that we’ll see two DSLRs introduced soon. Plus a mirrorless camera very soon after. Plus some Coolpix just before.

      And I see nothing different with this announcement than previous ones, despite your belief that Nikon is so incompetent that it can’t manage to train a few worldwide personnel or release supporting documents to subsidiaries in a scramble at the last minute while keeping things relative quiet prior. There are what, 20 or so Nikon subsidiaries that would need a camera immediately at the announcement. You don’t think that Nikon can’t build 40 cameras in Sendai without anyone else knowing about it?

      • AnoNemo

        No Thom, I think Nikon can build 40 cameras.
        1) I said that Nikon will presentations around the world and you disagreed in your first post. It turns out that in fact they will held presentations
        2) I said that every other camera releases we had some leaks. This time we have no clue.
        3) Now you are changing a bit your statement by saying that ”
        Yes, I’m sure that we’ll see two DSLRs introduced soon.”

        I think the order maybe will be different. First the coolpix and mirrorless and between Sep and Nov we’ll see the 2 dslrs.

        You were wrong couple of times with the small FX body in the past, so I wonder why are you so sure if you do not have any leaks. If you do have leaks then just tell us that you know more but don’t try to convince us that you can read Nikon’s mind. Besides, if you have leaked information then others also have and still there is absolutely no information about the new “super cameras”

        • Presentations AFTER the announcement are fairly normal, and often up to the subsidiary. Coincident announcements are not.

          Not all Nikon camera announcements have been leaked. As I’ve noted before, things made by Nikon in Sendai do not tend to leak as do things made in Thailand. Some of that has to do with the fact that Thailand usually has to ramp up production months in advance of an announcement, while Sendai makes lower volume products and rarely ramps prior to announcement.

          As for announcements, I believe we’ll see Coolpix either this coming week or the day before the main announcements. We’ll see two DSLRs announced on Aug 24. We’ll see the mirrorless system announced in September (the 21st is the date I keep hearing). I’ve been pretty clear on that for some time, including publishing that on my Web site.

          As for being wrong with the D700 replacement predictions in the past, yes, I was. But I also think Nikon’s thinking has changed along the way, too. Prototypes other than what we’re about to see exist. However, this time around I’m pretty confident, and you can read into that what you wish. Yes, I have what I believe to be leaked information and which I believe to be the final product. Why I have it and someone else doesn’t, I can’t tell you. Different sources have different agendas.

          • AnoNemo

            That was my point Thom. You have more information period.

            You do not have to disclose it but tell us whether you know the specs of the the two new dslrs.

  • broxibear

    This is interesting. With all the speculation and rumoured announcements about new dslrs, Nikon UK have decided that today would be a good day to publish a list of all dslr system charts. Consumer and Professional in 25 different languages… what ?

    • broxibear

      They’ve posted a load of stuff including “important information on purchasing UV or Skylight filters”, “What is the difference between “VR” and “VR II”?”, “Removing a VR lens from a camera” and a little dig at Sigma with “Using Third Party Lenses with Nikon cameras”.
      They’re all at

  • AnoNemo

    What’s that dot on the grip of the camera on the first picture? Which camera is that?

  • smiffy muffington

    pleez. give us hard specs or go grab yourself an eskimo pie and wait till the 24th.

  • Vladi

    Coolpix Pro is coming!

  • Art

    I have to wonder what we are going to do with ourselves after the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Will Nikon Rumors get nearly the traffic? Right now, I’m checking NR hourly and it appears that most others are as well. Hopefully, Peter is going to cash all those checks for the ads and bank them to spread things out over the next three years until the next feeding frenzy.

    On the other hand, perhaps Nikon has something up their sleeve that will significantly encourage us to upgrade all our lenses such as new line of tack sharp 2.8 DC lenses with VR that has 4+ stops of stabilization……

    • Art, actually the website traffic last August was way higher compared to now. As you can imagine many more people cared about D90 replacement compared to D3s replacement. I also had more traffic March and April this year compared to now – many people are taking vacations in August and in general I get more visitors during the cold months.

      • AnoNemo

        and people are getting fedup with lazy Nikon. 😉

  • Oopps

    Can any one tell me what ALL of these cameras pictured are, is that the D300 and D3 shown with the D300s, D700, D3x, D3s or are they something else?

    • broxibear

      That’s the right ones.

      • Oopps

        Thanks Broxibear, though I am still abit unsure as to the terminal covers, the body on the left appears more as a D2’s arrangement and though pixelated the Third from the right appears to not be a 3 after the D, perhaps just wishfull thinking…..

        • Oopps

          Third from the left not right, sorry again Its late in my part of the world 🙂

          • broxibear

            Hi Oopps,
            I’m pretty sure those are just the 3 different D3 bodies.
            Even if the D4 keeps the generic look I think the red band would change shape, that’s what happened when they went from D2 to D3 series.
            Are you waiting for a D4 ?

            • Oopps

              Thanks Broxibear, I guess I’m reading into anything that may offer some tips. I’m on the fence presently with the next body,awaiting the reviews/specs. of whatever comes next before commiting. though for me a timing of sooner rather than later would definately be preferable.

    • PoBoy

      I feel like a kid that cannot wait for Christmas to arrive. Trying to remember what it was like the day after Christmas! Too bad Santa doesn’t have a website, or better yet, a Santa’s rumors website. How cool would that be. I bet Santa knows what Nikon has up it’s sleeve!

  • Oopps

    Forgot the link sorry; Cameras&sParam1ValueLbl=SLR&ParamValue=Digital+Cameras&Subnav1Param=SLR&Subnav2Param=0&Subnav3Param=0&RunQuery=0&ID=0

  • Bart

    Well something is coming, thats for sure. And if it isn’t the mirrorless, it has to be the new D3 series, D700 or D300 replacement since the rest has all ready been replaced. Or it may just be some lenses. Who knows?!

  • Has it finally begun? 😀

    • broxibear

      Yes gnohz,
      What do you mean you missed it ?…all the D4, D400 and D800 bodies sold out within minutes. They’re no longer taking orders until 2012 now….they sold out so quickly that none of the review sites got any to review or test.
      From what I’ve heard they’re a little bit better than previous models, but have no affect on your photographic ability…I know some people did want that feature but thhere you go, maybe we’ll get it with the D5, D500 and D900 ?

      • Oh no, finished before it has even begun!! I have to wait for the next 4-year cycle then 🙁

  • D800!

  • I’m calling a D700s release. I just don’t think Nikon’s going to let that D3s sensor go quietly into the night without squeezing a little more cash out of it.

    This will be followed by the next generation FX and DX pro bodies, the D4 and D400 with a new pair of sensors.

    A year to two from now and we’ll see the D800 with the D4 sensor, much like we got the D700 after the D3.

    It makes sense to me that Nikon would try to keep the overall number of different sensor designs in production to a minimum at any one time to conserve costs and prevent production difficulties that may prevent the product itself from getting to market.

    I also think seeing a serious D700 successor prior to a D4 just isn’t going to happen.

    Regardless, I can’t wait to see what Nikon has in store at the end of the month!

    • JonMcg

      The more I think of this, the more I agree… D700s with the D3s sensor and probably D7000 level video capabilities. Also released will be the D4, that will have all those bells and whistles to command a premium price. D3 series gets retired, D700 is gone and D700s gets a $400 MSRP premium over the D700.

      Done.. 🙂

      • Mock Kenwell

        They’d get crucified if they made us wait this long for a crappy D700 video refresh. That blown opportunity sailed for them months ago.

        • Here’s a deep dark secret about DSLR video: it almost all is 720P. DSLRs don’t change their sensor sampling when they’re set from 720 to 1080, they change their output stream from the compressor. It’s a little trickier with frame rates, but if the sensor samples 60P/50P, it can do all the standard frame rates from that stream. If it is only doing 60i/50i, it can’t do 60P/50P but can do the rest.

          • Mac Rockwell


        • But, ask yourself, do you really expect a D700 successor to compete with a D4 right out of the gate? I mean, we may see a D700X with the D3X sensor, but I think regardless of the D700S or D700X what we’re going to see in an immediate D700 successor is going to be one of the top two sensors of this generation rebooted in a D700 body now, and a D800 after the D4 has saturated the pro market.

          • D700guy

            Your train of thought does make sense

  • Anand

    Hey my wife is from Slovakia….Admin, you want anything translated???

  • PoBoy

    Whatever it is, after all these days (weeks, years!) of reading these comments and waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting, wait, years of waiting, I think I’m gonna buy whatever it is that they finally decide to announce. No matter, I can’t afford it anyways and if it’s a replacement for the space shuttle, I’m going to buy it, or risk going insane! I hope it’s a D4, cause I love the sound the shutter makes when you hold the button down (at least from the D3). Maybe the D4 will have a silent shutter then there wouldn’t be those old typewriter sounds at press conferences. I think I can take pretty good pictures with an old typewriter, so a D4 should work even better.

  • BenS

    damn ! no leaks of hard specs ! looks like Nikon is better than the US gov at keeping secrets !
    Where is WIKILEAKS when u need them !

    • Maybe we will get only what was leaked so far – a mirrorless camera + new Coolpixes. I am afraid to even say the possibility of Coolpix cameras only on August 24th 🙂

      • BenS

        NR Admin no .. dont say that please ! ( wheres my anti depression pill ) …

        Do you mean to say that with all the big Nikon “events” that are or will be happening , Nikon all plans to announce CoolPix cameras ? Why would Nikon spend so much resources for just that ?

      • BenS

        Plus …the 2012 Olympics is just months away. Would Nikon shoot itself in the head by not announcing at least a D4 ?

        Btw how many months b4 the 2008 Olympics did Nikon announce the D3 ?

      • Perhaps dslr announcement a week later on 31st Aug? 😮

        • Kon_head

          Euthoria buildup to Aug 24, no DSLR, then a stealth announcement a week later? That would be considered INHUMANE treatment to Nikon fans.

          • We have to watch if the Coolpix cameras will be announced next week. If not, the Aug 24 event will be about Coolpix cams, Nikon will not mix p&s and pro equipment announcements on the same day. Maybe there will be another announcement in September. I have no such info so far.

      • Karlosak

        Admin, but we don’t have any hard specs on the mirrorless either! Except for the mount picture, no model names, sensor specifics, lenses or accessories. I wouldn’t call the supposed mirrorless system leaked…

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin, I agree with you. I’ve been saying this for a while now and we are 9-10 days away from the “Big Announcement” and virtually we know nothing except coolpix and mirrorless.

        I think Nikon want’s to milk that 12MP sensor for another year or two in the FX line.

        • Kon_head

          I agree, there will be no new DSLR. It is just too close to the Sony announcement, and we all know that Nikon sensors are Sony knockoffs, it will take a few months to get the hand-me-downs.

          It is good for Kon users, because by then, all the DSLR newbies have already bought a Sony, and the Nikon pre order will move much faster for us.

  • Oh man that a world first left-hand camera~!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nikon D4L 😉

  • What’s the deal with these random eastern European countries hosting big camera/tech events and announcements?

  • RR

    Man the D800 or the D4 are going to be back ordered to oblivion! Apple’s iPad release is going to be a joke compared to the D800 !


  • One More Thought

    I do believe that Nikon has to announce the D4 relatively soon, if only to allow for the pro’s to get it in time for the 2012 Olympics. Production has to be ramped up and professionals need to add it to their budgets.

    Also, we are in the window of time to make announcements for new products in order to have ready for holiday season.

    In short, Nikon cannot keep pushing back these announcements indefinitely. Also, I know the tsunami had impact, but these models were in development long before. They can announce without shipping for a bit…also, we know Nikon is shifting some manufacturing to Malaysia…if anything, the tsunami may have forced Nikon to start making their new models earlier; if you were going to create a new manufacturing facility, would you have it produce old models for a brief time and then retool, or would you have it go straight into making the new models?

    As for the lack of more details on DSLRs at this point…correct me if I am wrong…but I believe the D7000 specs were leaked only a day before the actual announcement.

  • Dandydon

    The big question is not, “What are we going to do after the big announcement?”
    The big question IS, “What are we going to do if there is no D4, D800, or D400 announced?”

    • Kon_head

      Buy Sony.. lol

      • Ke

        That a77 does look pretty sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Only 10 days left !

    No solid rumors yet, no tech data leaked, not a single spy shot 🙁

    We may at least know the sensor resolution of D800. Is it 16,18,20 or 24mp?

    If Nikon comes out with Coolpix or mirrorless announcement only, what a shame. Then next day, I’ll trade all my Nikon equipment for Canon or Sony. Enough waiting…

  • Zorro

    Maybe the long-rumored D40s will be announced in Slovakia.

  • Landscape Photo

    Google Trends stats for Nikon D800 vs D400:

    Has it begun? Is the D800 (or D400) coming?

    • Bart B

      And … Most searchresults come from Malaysia … Where we assume the new camera’s will be made …

  • Landscape Photo

    At least we may safely assume it will be called D800, but not D900 nor D700x (they lost popularity vs D800 long ago)

  • Anonymous

    20mp is the sweet spot for FX. Why? Because that gives noticeable linear increment in resolution, but not too much to cause low light sensitivity & diffraction problems.

    With a 20mp D800, resolution will be improved even on the corners including mediocre zooms if stopped to f/8 or f/11 without hitting diffraction barrier. Having witnessed the sensitivity increase of D7000 over D300s with increase in pixel count, we may expect a 20mp D800 on par with D3s high-iso characteristics. Same happened with Canon 5D I & 5D II too.

    A moderately priced 18-21mp D800 will be welcomed by most D300 & D700 owners.

    • Landscape Photo

      With D700, it is easier to achieve sufficient DoF. D3x people complain about a perceived shallower DoF. They struggle with diffraction & DoF dilemma on 24mp.

      Maybe 24mp good for certain situations with a stellar lens @ f/4 or f/5.6, or with a PCE lens, but not for always. Any failure to show maximum technical performance will cancel most of the benefits gained over low-res camera. We are slowly approaching to the limits of FX format, as 36mp FX e.g. doesn’t sound feasible. Even with the best optics, center may improve, but the corners only a little. That’s why MF is there…

      A 20mp general-purpose D800 would be a wiser decision for Nikon.

      • FM2Fan

        as a D3X user I must say: why worry? sometimes you use the D3x sometimes the D700 – depending on the situaion and needs … all the diffraction problems are measurable, but you simply need to know, how to you your gear – then any camera is just fine

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Well, my D2xs just died, a clear sign a new pro model is out soon.
    Then my D3 can become my new spare camera. History has shown this system to be infallible so far:
    F3 dropped of a bridge into a river 2 weeks before F4 announcement.
    F4s was killed by a polar bear 2 weeks before F5 was launched.
    F5 killed by a car reversing over my camera bag about a month before F6 launch.
    (skipped F6 and D1)
    D2x died of PCB failure (internal corrosion) 3 days before D3 arrived.

    Oh.. Wait… Does this mean that my D3 will…. Oh noes!

  • another anonymous

    yes 😉 i’ll be there, i have to be there 😉 i’m from bratislava, slovakia capitol…. hmm just all my life now 🙂
    …. but what store is that? i hope i get it just in time

    • I am trying to find out the name of the store that will host this event.

      • another anonymous

        Many thanks Admin for the info, I’ll try too. I hope this won’t be only with invitation.

  • broxibear

    I know a lot of people here are gearheads but sometimes it’s good to take a deep breath and take a step back. Mr K.Rockwell posted possibly his most interesting article today called “Should You Upgrade?”.
    I’m always interested in different opinions by different photographers, some I agree with and others I don’t, this article is worth a read.
    I’m sure it’s no coincidence that he’s published this article now.

    • Not from me

      The reason is he wants to play safe, this time instead of making the wrong guess as he usually makes before an official announcement

  • roy

    New cameras are coming for sure. That’s model number are always avoided in those posters! 🙂

  • Brock Kentwell

    In Slovakia camera announces you!

  • I just hope they make it smaller this time.. Im so tired of the size of my D3..

  • Ok, the picture was taken in Zilina, north part of Slovakia. Store is located in shopping mall called “Duben” (also known by Carefour).

  • yay

  • Francis

    It is now about 10 days away from the widely expected lunch day, and we are still in the dark.
    Cross our fingers and see if the D700 successor will be coming into light or will be a total disappointment (for me) if it turns out to be the mirror-less system.

  • Anonymous

    Me Sooooo Nikon!

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