LockCircle F-Mount body cap

LockCircle released the Nikon version of their aluminum body cap that is available in three different colors and costs $79:




The LockCircle billett aluminum camera body cap is the ultimate eye catching accessory for your professional F-Mount camera! The knurled edge and the exclusive finger-fit design provides extra-grip in every climate shooting session. Designed for total functionality without compromise! Machined from solid billett aluminum features sanded textured surface with clear, titanium or black anodized finish. The highly precision F-Mount bayonet locks the cap in position with a "swiss watch" feeling, providing the necessary seal from dust or moisture. The LockCircle was designed from the ground up to the most seamless and functional camera professional body cap. Available right now for F-mount, delivery scheduled for first days of September. After the huge success of the LockCircle EF-Mount launched last month the new production run was improved and price lowered.

  • Precise F- Mount bayonet built with ultra-precise specifications with a hole cut in the flange where the camera locking pin locks securely inside.
  • Bayonet limit screw for safety locking position, works like the original bayonet of the lens.
  • To remove the LockCircle, the locking pin button on the camera has to be pressed and the cap can be removed, exactly like a lens.
  • The aluminum bayonet has a hardener and porosity occlusion treatment to make it last forever, without any release of particles inside the camera body.
  • The flange sits on the the body bayonet and seals completely the camera from the elements.
  • All the surface of the flange and the camera bayonet ring are locked strongly in contact by the spring-loaded mechanism of the bayonet mount.
  • Important design and testing has be done in the LockCircle section in the camera electrical contact area.
  • It is impossible to touch the camera contacts by mounting the LockCircle.
  • Special knurled surface and finger-fit ergonomic design for secure removal with sweaty hands or wearing heavy gloves. Solid grip in productions on the run.
  • Tested on the field by professional photographers..
  • Laser Marking
  • Can't be called just a cap, is a serious camera body locking door for professional photographers!
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  • mark china

    If you don’t like the post don’t read it, nobody is forceing you to read it.

  • PanchoPantera

    NR ADMIN I thing this post is OK, it’s a product for nikon D/SLRs, we only know more about the item, like it or not, buy it or not. Like all of the people here lusting for the D4 is ever going to buy it. A lot will, most won’t.

    If people is so displeased with the post, well avoid reading it. Seems like ignorance is best to choose according to all of the complaints.

    This makes me think of leather cases for leicas, where is the function of having an aligator red case? Still they sell and for a pretty good buck. And all leica special editions buyers are morons for that ¿?

    Wearing a Zegna suit is more practical than jeans and a t-shirt? Hanging a Picasso in your wall makes your home more useful? obiously not; not everything is guided by practical use.

    I sicenrely don’t get why so many people take too much time to ask not to be informed.

    The TV has an add of a new mcfat burger!! damn it TV now I do n0t have a choice, must buy and eat.

    I won’t be getting this as probably won’t get a 600mm telephoto or a tilt shift lens. Why? I don’t thinki’ll be spending money in something that i don’t need , yet thers may get all those 3.

    …cm’om cut it out guys

    • I like this sentence:

      “I sincerely don’t get why so many people take too much time to ask not to be informed.”

      • none

        I guess one needs an extremely wide definition of what it means to be “informed”.

        The complaints regarding this post are because 1) this in no way shape or form is a “nikon rumor”, and 2) the content of the post is 100% pure press release.

        I saw your other comment about having two sections, one for rumors and another one for news. I think that’s a good idea, however, I hasten to caution you that an item like this isn’t even “news”. It is advertising. Therefore I propose three categories: 1) rumors, 2) news, and 3) advertising.

        I leave it to you to design the website around these 3 categories. Many web design suites today have templates for 3 column sites. Good luck.

        PS No one should become so enamored with themselves as to think their endeavors require “too much time” for a response. I enjoy and appreciate this site as much as anyone, but you aren’t writing the latest thoughts and ideas about rocket science here. This response took about 10 seconds of pure thought, and an additional 30 seconds to write, for a total of 40 seconds.

  • kyoshinikon

    What is that… a D100?! They really needed a better body to advertise with…

    • kyoshinikon

      Strike that I meant F100

      • The invisible man

        The F100 not a good Nikon body ?????

  • Bo

    Why…? did we stop putting lenses on cameras when traveling.?

    • Max Archer

      I generally travel without lenses on my camera bodies, as it allows more efficient use of space in the bag, but this thing would defeat the purpose of doing that because it’s so thick.

  • I seriously like the concept of a locking body cap… I just think this is overkill.

  • this would be sweet if it wasn’t a million dollars!

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