Nikon Day on April 7th in Bratislava promises to be full of surprises

Update #2: the surprise of the event was the Nikon D5100.

Update: the post is now updated and the surprise is the Nikon D5100.

There will be a Nikon Day on April 7th, 2011 in Bratislava, Slovakia and one of the organizers promises an event "full of surprises":

The Nikon D5100 is expected to be released on or around April 4th, 2011.

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  • Bolla

    Gonna be nice to see the D5100 and what more they have in the sleeve! First!!!

  • The invisible man

    D900 !!!
    I already placed my order !

  • robertogrilloph

    d800, why not?

  • I’m betting they’re going to rename the D300s replacement a D9000… which won’t be mentioned at this event. Probably D5100 announcement eh?

  • Kede

    D800 of course 😀

  • Vladi

    They won’t introduce anything new in Bratislava. Too small city, too unsignificant market.

    • PAG

      Hey, watch it! My paternal ancestors come from that region.

    • wildviper

      Hey hey….Slovakia is great! Bratislava is awesome too….oh..and I married a Slovakian! 😛

    • drobcheck

      im from bratislava and as I see it, nothing new will be introduced. its a marketing talk, maybe they will make a workshop, maybe there will be the 1.4 primes for test, I might attend…

  • Vladi

    I won’t be surprised if there won’t be any new FX announcements this year. Situation in Japan goes from bad to worse every day and D3s and D3x still stand as best cameras in their segment.

  • Mustachu

    D800 is specially expected!!

  • RR

    D800 not yet 😉

  • broxibear

    D5100…the surprise is the price increase.
    Someone over at downloadatoz cleaned up the video image of the “accidental” sighting of the D5100 here:
    P.S. Is that a girl or a guy…and what they hell are they wearing lol ?

    • broxibear

      wait a min…that rear screen is swivelling down ?…must be the D5000 ? Doh !

    • bob

      Nikon’s attempt at cost cutting in their PR budget–why get 2 models when you can get an androgenous one. Next up–Nikon introduces Marilyn Manson as spokesperson…..

  • Edward

    Respect each others cities please even James Bond knows Bratislava so MGM and the whole world to dummie

  • camaman


  • Sergey

    I hope that it will be D800

  • Given it’s Bratislava the only surprise will be a stolen camera..

    Or maybe a hockey flavored version, hehe.

  • chris


  • no new annoucement in slovakia 😀 keep dreaming 😀
    this is private action organized by some slovakian photographers (without job orders, so they have time 🙂 ) and that surprise is created by those photographers. probably it will be some trifle. why “nikon” in the action name? because they asked nikon rep from czech nikon representation to bring some products to show as it is comon everywhere.
    (i am slovakain pro photographer and know slovak photographers background.)

    • They will have Nikon reps on site, this is not just an event organized by local photogs, Nikon is involved as well.

      • yes, i know. but nikon rep Michael Jurak is invited for common products presentation and rest of action is out of nikon organization. every bigger shop in slovakia can ask Michael to come and show nikon products and he will come, it is common procedure here. now that presentation is merged with some workshops organized by unemployed photographers.
        lots of photographers in bratislava opened their own ateliers on credit, now they are without jobs and trying to make some money via organizing actions…

        • Please don’t listen this self-proclaimed guy from Slovakia. He is not proffesional photographer at all. His photography work is just SHAME for all Slovakian photographers !!!

          • hehe, silly guys from bratislava are umbraged. somebody wrote something other than solemn hymn what they alone sing for themselves… 😀
            and now writing (on their forum) about “my missing self-examination”.
            strange, people without self-examination writing about missing self-examination 😀 it makes me laughting almost all of the day 😀

            • If Tomas Rak/Tomatito (please google for tomas rak jumping spiders) is silly guy you are not know what are you talking about. Boy, wake up, have a cold shower, look to a mirror and self examine yourself. Slovak community is laughting about you two days already.

            • Misko retardko

              Look at your webpage, that is full of noobis pictures :-DDD…. I am sorry for all people that paid you is almost like being robbed. Go, go cry me a river :)))))

            • I live in London so I don’t know what are you talking about. I’ve just seen your page and your work and I just don’t understand people like you. If you say you a pro photographer on page like this and people will click on your page they will definitelly think that Slovakians are probably retarded or something. I just want to avoid this! You asking 260 euros for a framed picture like this?


              Man come on..wake up..

  • D700guy

    Weren’t those ‘wild and crazy guys’ played bt Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd from Slovakia?

    • PAG

      Nope. “We are two Czech brothers…”

  • Tom

    Because of situation in Japan, D800 will not be released in 2019, but in 2021. Damn…

  • bob

    Another Blues Traveler concert. And Ashton in his underwear.

    • OMR

      hahaha, nice comment.

  • Kingyo

    There will be no D700 replacement EVER.

  • Tonny

    Today is the Nikon Sales official opening in Thailand after long time in the shadow of their distributor (Niks).

    I hope they will open will brand new product. D5100 can be expected.

  • Martin

    Nobody is saying that the D5100 is going to be announced on that event. The article merely says that a surprise(probably the D5100) will be there!!!
    Logically thinking, if a product is announced worldwide before, why can’t it be shown there afterwards? Duh :-/

  • pooklin

    D5100 is not “full of surprise”
    D800 is

  • hj

    The size of the city is irrelevant.

    think of it this way, if it was in NYC would it be jam packed? We like to think the outside world is just as enthusiastic. lol

    it could be in timbucktoo and we’d all be talking about it.

  • bigfoot

    Does anyone smell an April Fool’s prank with this post?? Bratislava people?? REALLY???

    • Martin

      No, I dont smell one….

      It was the event itself was announced on the 29th March, NR published it on the 31st March.

      +I Know the organizers myself.

      PS: Again, no one is saying it will be announced there, just that it will be there.
      Logically thinking, it will be announced before

  • Alex

    Im from Bratislava 😉 Will be there. Do you need some live coverage? 🙂

  • Mato

    Is officially confirmed that D5100 will be shown to public on that event and day before will be introduced to press

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