Weekly Nikon news flash #123

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  • like the flower cup, nice toy 🙂

    • cap, sorry…

      • Ditto, that looks like it could be handy for both a lens cap and hood for cramped camera bags. I think I prefer using the stock hoods and caps on my professional lenses but for the less expensive walk-about lenses, this might be a nice substitute.

  • Kristian

    It’s coming…

    • ja

      are you on lav there ha ha

  • Geoff

    ~4600 $ for an inoperable camera .. ;-P

  • broxibear

    The good news is that the Sendai plant is making products again, the bad news is they’re making this http://gallery.nikon-image.com/album/6320/photo/102259/large/?at=Mc66H8aXfiBdKPmR13RL5f02qy0xp0QBUrzmduDj95%2B%2BYLm1ozqrl%2F025LkwT9wo.jpg

    • Shasta_D

      What is it that Nikon Rumors doesn’t know? That another CoolPix is coming?

    • nikonlover


    • Mark H

      That’s the secret “wet electronics drying technology.”

      erm…. really, I didn’t mean to make light of the tsunami.

  • alvix

    …”..Nikonrumors doesn’know?” ah..impossibile… BUT would be very very nice to discover…

    • nikonlover

      They’re such teasers, aren’t they?

    • Martijn

      we didn’t see the lastest micro DX coming, who knows what might surprise us

  • Michael

    Congratulations! You made it! Keep up the good work!!!!!

    • suprchunk

      Except it wasn’t referencing this site in particular.

  • Haha I love that invitation.

  • Fubar

    A movie director’s chair… some hd video camera? (Sony nex vg)

  • How about a D800 with 1080 @ 60fps video

    • R R

      thats exactly it.. with a sensor in between 16 and 24 MP I´d be happy.

  • Joe

    “Something even Nikon Rumors does not know”? For sure they’re not talking about the new Nikon EVIL. 😀

  • Artur Kozłowski

    Well, seems that Nikon Rumors has become a respected and recognized (or quoted) website, congrats!
    Facebook – watch out! 8^)

  • jerl

    Hmmm, I’m not convinced that the invitation is a real one- certainly, I doubt Nikon would want to officially acknowledge Nikon Rumors as even a partially credible site, whereas the premise behind the invitation is that Nikon Rumors knows almost everything.

    • suprchunk


      With the blatant advertising on here as of late, I wouldn’t put it past what you are explicitly alluding to. Minus this place actually knowing anything, of course.

  • broxibear

    Jacobs Digital in the UK (the biggest online retailer) looks as if they’re trying to get rid of D3s stock. They’re giving away a free SB-900 with every D3s body… wonder if there’s a SB-950 or 1000 round the corner ?

  • Sam Rantwell

    The invitation seems film related, considering the ‘directors’ chair. And it is for pro’s…. So maybe new Nikon camera with AWESOME filming capabilities? 24p, 2K resolution, external Mic input, being able to use an HDD or SSD as ‘memory card’ etc.

  • Anonymous

    Pertaining to the Phillipines invitation, it’s says ‘for a recent Nikon event’, has it already happened? Is it past tense? Cause that’s a pretty powerful hint for something good.

  • What a great sign which shows the reach and power of NR. Congrats…

  • Chester B. Tan

    That’s an ad for Nikon Pros in the Philippines. Nothing much just well known Nikon photographers in the Philippines. I watched the ad. Ho-hum.

  • Miguel

    The DxOlab comments on the 85mm macro are completely retarded. I don’t doubt their resolution comments, or the vigneting comments, but comparing a macro lens with FF portrait lenses… and then saying “X lens is twice as good”… No one doubts a full-frame fast telephoto is going to be a better lens for portraits than a slow DX macro, but then again I challenge DxOlabs to take a picture of a bee in a flower with any of these “twice as good” lenses.

  • questionable idea

    that flower lens cap looks like it could potentially scratch the crap out of your front element.

  • Jabs

    A little off-topic but nevertheless, exciting to me.

    People often wonder why a Nikon D3X is so much more expensive than a Sony A900 as they basically use a similar sensor made by Sony.
    Nikon then adds an infrastructure AFTER this similar sensor, that makes a remarkable difference and HERE in the below link, you can clearly see why.

    16bit output is indeed much better, as you can clearly see details in the same photo with the D3X that is clearly missing in the Sony A900 – and not a small or insignificant difference, but a huge one.

    Since I used to play violins years ago, then I spent years fondling and playing with them, so uniquely aware of their look plus had a rare violin myself too almost like this very one.

    Look here, adjust your monitor or view on a Sony CRT and then clearly see the difference between 16bit output and lesser systems. LOOK at the woodgrain BEFORE you zoom in and please install the ‘Color Management 0.5.3’ Add-on plus USE Firefox, as I find it to be the ONLY browser besides maybe Safari, that produces accurate color via this Add-on.

    The ‘color depth’, clarity and dynamic range of the violin’s wood is clearly WHY the D3X is so unusual and this is lost on many, as NOW perhaps you might learn what excellence means and the price that you have to pay for this excellence.

    Here’s looking forward to a new D4X and perhaps even better 16 or 24bit output and not some chase after megapixels with NO increase in output bit structure, as that increase in bit structure increases the color graduations between colors and is like going from 48Khz CD quality audio to 4X sampling at 192Khz (4×48 = 192) in digital terms and now getting a wider color dynamic recording range plus an increased color gamut and light recording dynamic range (the ability to record wide differences between dark and light within the same object, tone or even color on the SAME product or thing being photographed).

    AND this is at ISO 1600 – Imagine what it would be like at say ISO 100?


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