Announcement in 14 hours *UPDATED*

The official Nikon announcement should happen tonight around midnight US Eastern time (±1 hour). I expect that some website will leak details earlier. Now is a good time to check your local Nikon website for any visual changes in the design, listings, placement of products, etc.

Another Nikon day in Slovakia on August 25, 2011 with "unique presentation of new products in portfolio“:


An update by a reader from the Czech Republic:

"The poster mentions the name Michael Jurák who is presenting new products for professional audience in Czech Republic and Slovakia. As long at this name is mentioned, it is for sure that DSLR products are coming - this guy - so far - has presented highest class of products.... It is very unlikely that such guy would present a new Coolpix."

Scott Kelby's big announcement tomorrow is not Nikon related.

That's it for now.

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  • nrt

    It’ll be a D4. Wait over

    • The shadowy picture on the right is the F100

    • It may well be (D3 replacement), if its not, it should be the first of the FX line to be replaced whenever it will happen. The flagship affects greatly the marketing image and thus market share! Just imagine what an impact this INTERCHANGEABLE SENSOR flagship will have to the market. I feel that black lenses will outperform white ones by far during next year’s Olympics.

  • Name

    The image on the the left is this: from that site.
    I wonder if Nikon Slovakia has asked Andy E. (from Austria) for permission 😉

    • PTG

      You could ask him yourself! 😉

  • knocker

    That’s funny.
    I thought they looked a bit rectilinear. Camera bodies are becoming curvier with time.

  • Rockadell

    D400 Come on NIKON!

  • rhlpetrus

    How come they put out such a poster w/o a dslr coming tomorrow?

  • The “mystery camera” on the image is a Nikon D1 from 1999.

    “How come they put out such a poster” – Who is “they”? Certainly not Nikon.

  • Kamil


    I am from Czech republic so let me explain one very important fact.

    Michael Jurák is one of the senior photographers, who works as a trainer for Nikon. He specializes in digital cameras especially the D3X, D700, D90 and others.

    It is almost impossible that this person would present a Coolpix cameras so I believe that it will present new DSLRs.

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