Nikon D700 back in stock

Nikon D700 is now back in stock at B&H and Amazon:

The D700 was out of stock for several weeks in all major US online retailers (and many other countries).

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  • I would like to exchange my D3S for a new Nikon DSLR who hold at least 16mp, a good ISO like D3s and good video quality for a decent movie.
    So, bring it on the new toys in town!

    • BH

      Agreed if the announce a d4 and a d4x I’m selling my D3s and D700 and getting both!

  • R!

    I have a complete set for a full frame s lenses since 2 years ?I got me a 5DII last summer sold it after 2 month of slow & heavy photography,Igot me a 60D and a D7000 waiting for the first to come out with a nice full frame body.Nikon and Canon have an arrangement making us pay and wait F….. them both ;I’m taking pictures with evry camera best one first one is the winner for me !!!!!

    • R!

      I m into the Lumix also and If they come out with a pro enough body I sell evrything from Canon and Nikon and keep the leicas!!!!!!!!

      • R!


        • MJr

          Been using a D300 this weekend and i’d say you’re quite wrong.

          • R!


            • R!


            • Canon User

              D O N ‘ T S H O U T !!!

          • another anonymous

            +1 with d300 more that 2 years

  • Coolpix Announcement

    Based on the low level of leaks on possible new DSLR, I am guessing that we will see an announcement for Coolpix tomorrow. If it is the case, I look forward to reading some of the comments on this blog!

    • Dan

      I will have some interesting stuff to say, most people wont comment anything cause they would have just walked out in front of a bus if no new DSLRs are coming tomorrow

  • Axel

    Out of stock again at B&H ….

  • Abo

    First, they take all D700 from market and make a huge rumor about new D800… then, that rumors is suddenly gone… D700 is back on market and it is sold out…
    AH AH! strategy is the key to maximize profit… I bet they are just waiting for the next move… and I know what is coming 🙂

    • Sahaja

      who is they? – Nikon themselves have been silent.

  • Axel

    Adorama BO too : “This item is currently back ordered from the Mfr. We have no estimated time of a…”


    fixed focal length LENSES, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rhlpetrus

    With the weekend passing and still no leaks on anything, it was obvious nothing beyond coolpixes is coming now (btw, which coolpixes, not interestedbut this is Nikon overall or only IL cameras rumor site?).

    • BornOptimist

      Scott Kelby hints about something big tomorrow, and it’s not a new dvd, online course or seminar he says. I hardly believe he would have said so if it’s just ordinary Coolpixes comming.

  • If I drop mine in a lake I can replace it, wow.

  • Discontinued

    No new Coolpix yet?

    This is it. I am switching. Canon has announced new Power Shits. Yeah, I AM EXITED.

    • Rahul

      >>Canon has announced new Power Shits
      Relax buddy. New Nikon crap pix will be announced soon.
      These Crap pix and Power shits sell like hot cakes.

    • Jack

      I just bought Hasselblad. Wait is over for me 😉 And It’s analogue btw.

      • awesome! hats off for that! what do yiu do about the negative scanning? and printing?

        • lolly

          It may not be cheap to scan & print but there are places where this can still be done.

      • Rahul

        You should have waited for the upcoming coolpix :). No hassels [sic] with that small camera.

  • I’d hardly call ‘out of stock’ and ‘5 left – order soon!’, ‘in stock’

  • It’s hilarious reading this site, some of the commenters writes their posts in a way that it sounds like they believe that Nikon actually are doing things to meaningly hurt their customers by not releasing the equipment that people want…
    Face it, Nikon is a small company in these circumstances and can’t afford to put revolutionary products on the market every three months. They simply don’t have the resources to do so.
    It took seven years from the D1 to the D3! and in between they had absolutely nothing worth mentioning in their productline if you didn’t mind shooting with flashes over 400 iso…! Of course there are innovations in the Nikon HQ waiting to be released, they are just not ready yet. And it may take a while more for them to develop things to being ready for the market. I hope I’m wrong because I to want Nikon to surprise us with something fantastic tomorrow!

    • Canon User

      Yes, you are wrong! It is not every three months 🙂

  • Im just looking forward to the Nikon mirrorless with 2.6 CRAP factor..

  • TimS

    Like most im holdign out for a D700 replacement.
    Tom Hogan has some interesting comments:

    “Which brings us to Nikon. They’re obviously talking about some new products on the 24th (same day as Sony). There are three possibilities, I think: (1) Coolpix only; (2) Coolpix plus the new mirrorless system; or (3) FX DSLRs. No one knows which it will be, but I wouldn’t get upset if what they announce this month isn’t what you wanted them to. Nikon is not done with announcements this year. As for me, I’m still betting that we’ll get #3 in this week’s announcements.”

    I tend to agree. Maybe Collpix this week, but hopefully FX bodies later in the year.

  • jondee

    i just bought nikon D40, but i dont really like it. what in the butt, it sports 10mp? but my wife certainly will buy me a D3s end of this month!

    • lolly

      good luck in finding a D3s 😉

      • lolly

        … a new one … that is

  • Hrm..

    Hrm… If I were Nikon I would introduce a strong hybrid product (DSLR + Camcroder) to the masses. I mean since Nikon does not produce any camcorders, implementation of such will not have any effect on their line … Imagine if they could combine 2 XLRs with phantom power or maybe even 1 XLR jack into the Pro line… imagine how that will actually improve their market domination… People who are trying to find alternatives to record using pro mics will definitely have their eyes on such product. And I am sure there are many of them out there… I would guess such implementations would be pretty simple for such a reputable company… someone in the innovation department isn’t doing their job well enough.

  • spiffy walrus

    so, canon just came out with printers and point-n-shoots. nice and disappointing. i can imagine that nikon will do more of the same tomorrow… =/

  • jojo

    139 comments about an old camera being back in sock?
    What’s wrong with us ?

  • Christin

    How can they manage suck growing rate without launching the mentioned products? Only with “old” products?

    More to come.

  • They are not in stock as of 8:00 am 8/23 CST

  • So in the end, are we expecting coolpix and mirrorless tomorrow? Or dslr bodies?
    The info is quite conflicting, and confusing as well. Can we expect one announcement this week, followed by one next week? Or one in August and one in September? Are any one of this ideas be possible at all?

  • jesse


  • Michael

    I don’t care what cameras they will show tomorrow and in future!!!

    I’m waiting for parcel with refurbished Nikon D700 for £1150 :))))

  • Canon User

    Something big is waiting to be announced, it is inevitable!

  • Not having a D700 replacement yet makes sense.
    – The D300s is obsolete, and has been for almost a year (D7000). It needs replacement badly.
    – Gives a chance for the D3 replacement to get it’s feet on the ground, and attain market share/headlines. Any bugs in the camera can be fixed and tweaked before the D700 replacement gets the same sensor.

  • Apparently the above link is a rumor and they have never been back in stock.

  • pasadena

    they’re in stock over at, i just checked. and they WERE in stock at bhphotovideo, they sent me an email when they added them, but they sold out fast.

  • the King

    How about What is the catch on these LOW prices?

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