Coolpix cameras only tonight

Nobody has seen a Nikon press release for anything else but the new Coolpix cameras (P7100,  P1200pj, new rugged Coolpix and few other smaller compacts).

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  • alex

    dam it !

    • I’m just going to weep quietly in the corner

  • d


  • AnoNemo

    Then for couple of CoolCrap Nikon has to make these presentations? This company is missing the point. People who buy CoolCrap from Nikon do not follow the latest tech. They do not care unless the new model comes in pink.

    • They don’t. That’s why my wife’s P&S is a Samsung.

  • jesse


  • Veuxtres


  • Anon


  • ZinhaEq
  • NikonD80Still

    If only i bet big I should have win tonight something big. Look those faces, really disappointed 😉

  • jg

    f one googles “Coolpix AW100,” the first hit is for a “review” on Steve’s digicams, but when one click on the link, it goes to his homepage. I clicked on the cached link and found the “review.” MSRP is allegedly $379.99.

    From Steve’s digicams:

    Nikon Coolpix AW100 Review
    Waterproof down to 33-feet

    Shockproof up to 5-feet

    Temp proof down to 14 degrees F

    Oversized buttons for gloves

    5X wide angle zoom lens


    GPS for geo tagging, but there will be basic maps as well.

    A new feature called SWING CONTROL – shake the camera in a certain way to change functions (portrait to landscape) w/o going into the menu

    1080p/30 and 720p/60 HD video recording (60fps = slo motion) with a mini HDMI out

    The Nikon Coolpix AW100 will be available September 8, 2011 with an MSRP of $379.99. It will be available in blue, black, and orange

    • artic_bushman

      14 degrees F is not very rugged at all…they could at least go down to -10 F or something. It gets down to -40 F here regularly during the winter so allowing it to function around -20 F would be nice…why not if it has no HD to stop spinning. My D200 works find down to -20 F for awhile (battery goes dead faster but…). Anyway +14 F is poor cold weather performance for sure.

  • I can’t wait anymore! I’m buying my second D700! 🙂

  • Mike

    Well, that’s disappointing.

  • DJ Switch

    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

    • David Bedard


    • JB

      Now that cracks me up!!!!

    • NRC

      Dammit, beat me to the quote!

    • Karapuzzz

      this is f…n hilarious!

  • Coolcrapx on the way!


  • Canontroll

    Well. More time to save up?

  • Johan

    I dont believe this.

    So all these giant announcements world wide, pro nikon users as the announcers just to showcase Coolpix? Come on.

    I think this is not the end yet. Joe McNally said to the latest Nikon equipment, surely cant be a Coolpix right? Lets wait it out.

  • kyoshinikon

    Yay! I hope it is slimmer than my s9100…

    Nikon If you are reading just know that you pissed off many of your customers by not releasing the D800 last year. This year they are livid. Next year they will be shooting sony’s!

    • Jason


  • Rockadell

    Will see the announcement later…

  • A

    Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not coming. A DSLR body will be out tonight.

    • camerageek

      If one does I doubt it will be a Nikon.

  • The Bear Jew

    Patience and fortitude are prominent themes in Judaism. The Talmud extols patience as an important personal trait. The story of Micah, for example, is that he suffers many challenging conditions and yet endures, saying “I will wait for Nikon who saves me.” Patience in Nikon, it is said, will aid believers in finding the strength to be delivered from the evils that are inherent in the physical life.

    • Mark

      Wisdom and humour. Perhaps a few on the site should indeed learn a bit of patience.

      Certainly, Lord only knows. Or should I say, amongst mortals, Nikon only knows.

      Nice wit, TBJ.


  • snowPic74

    Hm, i don’t know what it means, but if you go to the austrian nikon website, there is a picture for the dslr’s, on for professional and one for consumer.
    But if you look at the picture for the pros, there are 3 Pro-boddies, the D3X, D3S and an other one, you can’t clearly red the Number, but it is not a 3 in my eyes.
    take a look:

    • Alex1977

      good point! same on the german nikon site! if you zoom in as far as you can there are only two letters which match in my eyes: D4!!

      • No guys, this is an old image. The cameras are D3, D3x, D3s, D700, D300 and D300s. Nothing new. I expect the D4 to have a different design than the D3/x/s.

        • snowPic74

          ok, asmin.
          but why if you click on the pic, there are only the D3X,D3S,D700 and D300s listed?
          but we will see soon 😉

          • snowPic74


            sorry for the typo 😉

    • Matt

      You’re right. What camera could that be? It looks different than the D3x & D3s. It’s the last pro body on the right.

  • grabbedlight

    As even Canon is expected to launch a new “flagship” soon, seems to me that Canon and Nikon are in the “wait and see” mood… perhaps they are trying to figure out how their camera compare each other.
    The one that feels to be lower in the spec need to launch their camera first in order not to loose press’ coverage, the other need to launch the day after to steal attention.
    Nobody cares compact cameras, but there’s lot more out there

  • Nikon Syndrome

    Admin, you referred to Coolpix announcements prior to new dSLR? Does it give more support for D4, D800 or D400 within a matter of weeks (even if it’s not just tomorrow)?

    • yes, I believe there will be another announcement but it could be for the mirrorless camera

  • piahi

    really? after all of this hype? what a let down 🙁

    i think today nikon will get a good lesson on viral marketing. if they strike out either tomorrow or on sept 21st, there will be a big backlash. just look at all of the comments so far!

    • nobody

      “really? after all of this hype? what a let down”

      Whose hype? Nikon’s? Definitely not! Yours? Seems so!

      • piahi

        little old me? i can’t create hype, i can only add fuel to the fire by refreshing every 30 minutes 😀 but seriously, there has been a lot of hype surrounding aug 24… i hope we’ll still be pleasantly surprised!

  • Mike

    Good thing Nikon has an employee vacation moratorium…. wouldn’t want to be sipping a Corona on a beach when a few Coolpix’s are announced. Oh, the work load! 🙂

  • Aperazzo

    I agree with some others that it could well be that Nikon is releasing the news about these cameras now so they can do a proper and BIG announcement later today that focusses solely on something that WILL make their dedicated crowd happy instead off make them howling mad…

  • D700guy


  • eduardo B.

    Admin, Is it official that will be only coolpix tonight?

  • sflxn

    I guess Nikon is scared of the big Sony announcements tonight. It sure does feel like Nikon and Canon are just milling around. Too much hubris at these two companies.

  • Henry

    ha ha! *nelson voice* all yall should have bought Canons!

  • mshi

    thank you.

  • Paul Fiction

    so my d300s replacement will be the sony a77….

  • maybe they were talking august 24th 2012 after all…

    This is the chance for nikon to seriously release some serious FX and DX cameras with real video capabilities to take over Canon in that area, giving 2k video in a RAW format and release software that can handle it properly, imagine being able to shoot 1080p 30fps and burst a couple of seconds at 120fps to have some cool slow motion.

    Develop the technology to actually resize all the pixels in the frame to the proper video size to get rid of moiré to improve video quality. Speed up the line scan control rolling shutter. And giving clean video even at ISO3200 and some little grain at ISO 6400. That way even those small LED lights will be enough to take a decent video at night.

    Even if no one will use it in a pro shoot, but improve the video AF to make life a bit easier wouldn’t hurt anyone though.

  • Wow. What a disappointment.

  • Gary
  • Thom Rockjorn

    A coolpix with a built-in tripod please! do it Nikon!!

  • Cristian

    It’s incredible! An “only Coolpix” press release.
    I was waiting at least for D700 and especially D300s successors because was planning to buy a new DX prosumer body for nature photos to use together with a D700, and the launch of a new 80-400 or 100-400, but none came out! I’m very disappointed by Nikon.
    Since I need a new body soon I think I will by a D7000 or a D5100 and a Sigma 150-500 OS and I will ignore further announcements by Nikon.

  • Bo

    After having waited for the D800 for years I only have this to say:

    Nikon can now officially suck my balls!

    Canon is already on its way with 5dMKIII but even MKII beat the D700. What the hell are they thinking in the Nikon labs?!

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