New Nikon Coolpix camera details

First, some more details on the new Coolpix P7100 camera:

  • 10MP 1/1.7" sensor
  • 7x zoom (28mm-200 equivalent)
  • ISO 100-3200, extended up to 6400 (Hi1)
  • 3in. 921k dots tiltable display
  • Built-in ND filter
  • 1080i HD video with stereo sound
  • New special effect modes

The new rugged camera from Nikon will be called Coolpix AW100:

  • Backside illuminated 16MP sensor
  • Good low light capability
  • 5x zoom (28-140mm equivalent)
  • Waterproof, shockproof and "coldproof" (down to 14°F temperature)
  • GPS
  • Electronic compass
  • Map display
  • Full HD video recording

The news is that the S1200pj (with the built-in projector) can now be connected to an iPhone or iPad.

The rest of the new cameras: S8200, S6200, S4150, S6150 and S100.

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  • ZinhaEq

    Great, just great…

    • Just A Thought

      Agreed…the P7100 seems like a great replacement for the D700. Offering a very nice zoom range – far better than any kit lens Nikon or the dealer would add to a D700. The specs hints at good hi-ISO. D700 owners will feel right at home with the rear LCD screen. The P7100 also has built in ND filters, a feature sorely missing in the D700 – go price out 72mm and 77mm ND filters. Milky waterfall shots here we come. D700 owners will also love the fact that P7100 has an even lower pixel count – 10MP – many claim that less is more – unless you crop a lot, which clearly you won’t have much need to do with the 200mm tele enf on the P7100. Win Win specs for all D700 to drool over…

      Get your names on the pre-order lists ASAP, as many D700 owners will surely want to upgrade to the P7100…..Can’t wait for the unboxing videos…

      • Bart B

        And it will be in an even smaller body then the D700 🙂

      • preston

        LOL. Nice summary! You must be in marketing. .

      • itsajoop

        Let me know when you write a book!!! I will buy it!!;-)

  • ShaoLynx

    Hope the new DSLR’s also have GPS.
    And hope they get announced soon.

  • Still holding out hope!

  • The invisible man

    BTW, it’s hard to connect to NR today, is something going on about Nikon ?

    • Just A Thought

      He was updating the site with the great new info about the P7100 which I suspect was the reason for the probs seeing the site pages. I experience the same issue and after a few minutes tried again, to be greeted with the updated posts..Checked Canon Rumors and it looks like Canon beat Nikon to the punch with the new camera announcements..

  • WoutK89

    Since when is 28mm the new 24mm? I also saw this on the new Canon’s

    • Carsten

      No, it is the other way round 24mm became the new 28mm so that there is an incentive to out away the perfectly fine 28-70 to get a 24-70 for $500 more

  • JC

    Search for Coolpix AW100 on google and DPReview has a Cached page saying the price will be $379.99 and available on Sept 8th. Also:

    A new feature called SWING CONTROL – shake the camera in a certain way to change functions (portrait to landscape) w/o going into the menu

    1080p/30 and 720p/60 HD video recording (60fps = slo motion) with a mini HDMI out

    • JC

      sorry, that’s Steve’s Digicam

  • Ric

    Sweet. P7100 means a new version of Capture NX!

    well, 2.28 version. Wishing for 3.

  • Coolcrapx on the way!

    =D ²³¹²³

    • Kon_head

      Coolpigs are coming 🙂

      • Zen

        Are we coolpissed now?

        • coco

          make a aps-c p and s or i don’t give a shit

  • m0shim0ro

    i guess, this is the way nikon wants to play it out.. give a lot of people stress and frustration, so by the time they announce the DSLRs, it will be a “no brainer” to grab them.. it’s like they want all the nikon fans out there to want the DSLRs a bit more, so when they release them, they will achieve the “gain / increase” that their marketing department predicted.. let’s just wait and see..

    • grabbedlight

      and don’t forget the marketing war with Canon that is launching cameras on the same shedule.
      And they are expected a new flagship soon.

  • Alfonso

    Hope coolpix P7100 has better performance than P7000. Looking for a P&S to replace my old Canon G9.

  • PoBoy

    How big is the 1/1.7″ sensor? Why do they have to use such cryptic language to describe them like that? I need a visual!

    • Bart B
      • Ke

        It’s a shame they just didn’t stick that new mirrorless sensor in the P7100.

        That would win over so many people who are tempted to buy the Canon G12.

      • PoBoy

        Why so small? I thought this camera (and the P7000 before it) had larger APC sized sensors. And the G12 too. Guess I was misinformed, big time. Glad I didn’t buy one, at least under false impressions. And the Canon S95? I was told that also had the apc sized sensor too. All lies by greedy salesmen? Unbelievable.
        Btw, I just felt my first earthquake- a wave under my feet, rocking the water in the pool too. Pretty scary and unusual for upstate NY.

        • STRB

          You seem to know some very shady salesmen…

        • Ke

          The G12, S95 & this have sensors that are a bit bigger than your average compact, but they’re got nothing on even the M4/3 cameras – let alone APS-C DSLRs.

        • Yea, pretty lame “upgrade” if you ask me. I agree, a “mirrorless” P7100 would be much more interesting to me. Honestly, the new rugged camera looks like something I’d be interested in over the P7100.

          Funny, I felt my first earthquake last night near Denver, CO which is also a very unusual place for “significant” quakes to my understanding. Pretty odd to have one in Colorado, even more odd to have one in Virginia! So… Who’s got money on the New Madrid going “big” next? I do I do!

    • vesilvio
  • Bart B

    I’m sure all of these cameras will have a far more superior image quality then my HTC Wildfire S camera. 🙂

  • What an absolute waste! So how much longer are we to wait for a new Pro DSLR..

  • When is the next press event????! Been looking forward to this date for months and this is what we get??? I NEED A D400!!!!

  • Dormant

    I’m tempted to order the AW100 as soon as I can. I’ve lost one P&S to rain and this camera would be very useful in my line of work.

    But I might hold out for the second model in the AW series, as it might be an improvement. I would like to see a barometric altimeter to complement the compass and GPS.

    • i think they both sound pretty cool! what size is the sensor on aw? is it good quality or just a pile of poo held up with the other spec?

    • Drunkcaballo

      Yeah I am waiting for the AW200.

  • Kenneth

    is it me or Nikon Press website is down?

  • tub33

    Why hold a press event for these (lame) Coolpix cameras? Pros don’t care. Camera website admins don’t care. You’re not going to generate any meaningful buzz. Obviously they will still make money with them but is it just to inform the camera stores of what is coming out?

  • Drunkcaballo

    In all seriousness I am sad this is not new FX bodies, but the AW might be just the camera I “needed”. Small lightweight, waterproof. Perfect for the outdoor stuff I do when I dont have room or dont want to carry a DSLR (yes I have a Micro 4/3). Love the waterproof too. Doing some snorkeling in the Virgin Islands in Feb…and needed a camera. Think I found it.

    That being said I really want an FX. Upgraded my D60 to a D7000. Was collecting FX glass the last year in anticipation of skipping the D7000 for the D800, but couldnt wait any longer so ended up with the D7000. Frustrated I have spent so much on 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and havent been able to put it on an FX body. Hopefully in the next month….maybe.

    • Andrew

      Maybe you should have saved that money for a brain transplant.

  • so this means they can get 1080p into the crappy AW100 but only 1080i into the most expensive point and shoot camera they have??

    This is total BS! lost my hopes for buying the P7100

  • Mr Dougy

    What a load of crap!

  • MarkR

    Based on the specs of both these cameras for focal length range and video features, I think I’ll just stick with my Sony HX9V with 24-384 range and 1080P 60fps video.

    The one thing I will give Nikon’s new Coolpix models though since they are Nikon is the button & dial layout and really the whole ergonomics. I’m sure the GUI will be a lot more user friendly than my HX9V too. And granted the still photos of the Sony aren’t exactly stellar, but I wouldn’t want to give up what the Sony does give me(above)for what these Coolpix don’t, which is honestly a bit disappointing.

    Given the choice between these 2 new Coolpix, I’d go with the AW100 for its ruggedness. But overall, Nikon has not given me enough reason to switch. There’s not enough reason for me to buy either of them. 28mm is lame Nikon, I mean seriously. 24mm equiv is what I need!

  • leeb

    Any RAW capabilities anywhere??

  • thom knockwell

    A couple of things….I am calling Nikon in Japan right now….I will get to the bottom of this Stop the Presses of Coolblimps….

    …and all this long road trip to nowhere!!!! Why to go.

    Next stop…the twilight zone

  • Krazy Krab

    Just what the world needs – a bunch of Coolpricks cameras. Hope it gets so cool that they all shrink !!

  • Furjio

    Im switching to Canon. Tired of waiting for a new fx update. so disappointed!

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