Joe McNally used Nikon D3x and D7000 for his latest project

Joe McNally just publish a new video on YouTube about his upcoming exhibition. First kudos to Mr. McNally for doing this project and sorry for all the rumors talk that got generated in the past few weeks (after all I said it was a coincidence :). With no disrespect to the subject matter, the video has a description about the used cameras:

"The update includes both still imagery, as well as video interviews, shot entirely on Nikon's D3x and D7000 cameras."

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  • Ha, the two cameras that I have! and. . . . . and I first??

    • BTW great production; terrific video quality.

      • ken

        what is terrific about the video quality?

    • Ken

      what 2 cameras?
      and what is ” I first ” ?is it another product from Apple?

      • Thom Rockjorn

        that’s what she said 🙂

        (I first)

  • That’s what the exif said.

    • Pierre

      Nice interview but bad video quality….

      check the moire on the doctor blue shirt ….beurkkk

      not sharp for me !

      • Ken

        then dont look at the doctors blue shirt .!!

  • Ric

    and I feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne

    come on, sing along you know the words

    • ShaoLynx

      Sorry, a different song comes to mind:
      At first I was afraid I was petrified
      Kept thinkin’ I could never live without you by my side;
      But then I spent so many nights
      Thinkin’ how you did me wrong
      And I grew strong
      And so you’re back from outer space
      I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face…

      La la la la laaaaaa, la lalalala laaaa….

  • ShaoLynx

    OK, that’s potentially a major disappointment.
    Probability of new FF’s shortly just took a dive because of this update.
    A little sad, here. Is it just me, or are there any others…?

  • Great Video, bad news. Waiting for a FF Nikon with video, guess what?

    Wasted my time!

    • BlackWolf

      Never heard of the Nikon D3s before?

      • Ken

        never heard about the crappy video it delivers?

  • anticipation

  • Samot

    the sendai tsunami; manufacturing moved to malaysia; how could anyone think that new dslr’s would be released in that short time afterwards??!! earliest late Q1 2012 i more likely.

    • AnoNemo

      I thought it can be released and delivered a bit later. But our Nikon wants us to wait. Well, it is embarrasing for Nikon that 3 yrs later it still cannot match the 5DII in the video department and its Pro shooter had to use a consumer grade DX and I said DX to create those images.

      I say that this concludes Nikon is really behind and will not release a new FX until uncle Sony will give them a new FX sensor.

      Stupid Nikon, creates this big hipe and releases 3 CoolCrap cameras.(?) WTF

      • NikonD80Still

        Heard this many times. Go shift to Canon already!

        Sell your Nikon gears to eBay!

        Last time I check Nikon is not stupid.

        • AnoNemo

          I did not talk to you. Enjoy your D80 and new CoolCrap.

      • bert

        The cheap ass D5100 IS better in the video department. And you can buy 4 instead of 1 Canon! We have seen enough crap wedding bokeh with 1.4 lenses on fullframe. If you ditch that wish (not that 1.5 crop is that much worse with a 1.4 lens), the D5100 surpasses the 5DmkII for movies in every other aspect: autofocus, better framerate/resulution options, better in low light.

        • bert

          Even worse for Canon: that nasty cheap ass D5100 delivers BETTER still pictures than the 5DmkII too! 2 stops more DR, finer grain at the most common ISO”s, total removal of most lens faults (try to get aberation out of a Canon 5DmkII photo…. the only nice option for that is saving it as a 16bit TIF and let NX2 do it!!!), and a workable 25600 ISO (The 5D may have a better grain at 3200, and at 6400 the grain of a D3/D700 is much nicer, but above 6400 these 3 oldies totally get weird in the speckle department).

  • Aw, that’s a bit sad now isn’t it. We still got the Slovakia Nikon day in 2 days, otherwise more weeks of hoping.

    • Just A Thought

      “We still got the Slovakia Nikon day in 2 days”

      Yea right. Nikon will announce their hot new cameras at an announcement for the media from Nikon’s hottest market – Slovakia….

      • blabla


      • Tets

        hahahaha! (2x I couldn’t resist)

  • Fotoman

    I think it’s part of Nikon’s strategy to keep the tight lid on every possible new info of new products.

    Tomorrow (or tonight) will be a glorious day for Nikon DSLR users …. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, ………1, 0, WE HAVE SEVERAL NEW DSLR NIKON BODIES TO CHOOSE FROM …YEEESSSS!

  • alvix

    mmh–clipped whites and not so good skin tones…mmhh…

  • two years ago i got a dx body, time for a fx body, cant wait

  • Scurvyhesh

    To all the people who are going to comment about switching brands.. You have a cool story bros.

  • andy

    If Nikon announces D4 tomorrow, it will be one hell of a good kept secret.

  • up $#!t’s creek

    but why not just say it to begin with?

  • Shane

    There goes any hope of new dslrs for 2011

    At least we know now I’m relieved in a way

  • Joe S.

    Hahahaha, slap in the face to NR readers around the world? I think yes. You crafty devil Joe.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Nail. In. Coffin.

  • up $#!t’s creek

    maybe joe’s next project will be “nikon d4 & d800 – 10 years later…”

    • AnoNemo

      Joe’s next project will be to move to either Sony or Canon because the speed Nikon delivers even these CoolCrap cameras is terrible.

      I bet sony will sooner have 1080p high res smal body FX than Nikon does.

      Give me a break, Nikon couldn’t even address the mirrorless trend 2yrs down the road. Now sony will come out a 24MP mirrorless. I wonder how the Nikon version will beat the image quality of that 24MP NEX7?

      In the Video department sony is coming out with the VGN20 again the second generation dedicated interchangable lens video camera. Nikon is sitting on the sideline and watching how others innovate and create new categories. Because this rugged underwater Nikon did not require lots of brain to figure it out…

      • Robert Falconer

        “Joe’s next project will be to move to either Sony or Canon because the speed Nikon delivers even these CoolCrap cameras is terrible.”

        Coolpix debate aside, you won’t see Joe jumping ship anytime soon.

        It’s not all about technical specs, it’s about how everything works together – and ultimate image quality. McNally’s work speaks for itself. and the D3x delivers, under almost any environment and in any situation. Sony is still a newbie/wannabe in this market and they don’t yet offer a holistic solution, especially not for pros.

  • Dom

    D7k really rocks for video

    • Despite the seeming sentiment of being let down, I agree. The D7k is a tough contender on the video front.

      • AnoNemo

        Thank you for Sony because Nikon had nothing to do with that sensor.

  • Michael

    Why would NIKON make such a big announcement only for these “second class” cameras? That`s nothing ground breaking in them.

    That doesn`t make sense. Let`s wait for another few days.

    • ericnl

      Nikon didn’t make the announcement big, our communal hope and effort did. 😉

      • NikonD80Still

        Hahaha did they reallly build the hype? Maybe no. Did they really say they will announce? If you are following most of this comes from people who are hoping but not from Nikon.

        Nikon sayz GOT U!!!

  • D200Forever

    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet

    • ton of fun

      lllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Rahul

      Yes, she rather farted out loud and everyone was taken aback 🙂

  • ericnl

    I always thought that the whole “Joe McNally has an exhibition on the 24th, it must have something to do with new DSLRs” story was a bit far fetched. I don’t see the logic in it, and luckily we can now lay that to rest.

    that is not to say that I don’t have hope for a DSLR release really really soon 😉

    • photonut

      exactly what the press release said: the latest Nikon cameras.

  • NikonTheAvenger

    It’s not even 24th yet and all these haters and wanna be are already feasting. It’s not over yet, it just begun.

    • NikonD80Still

      Exactly! Why do you think Zack Arias shifted to Canon!?! If the new things will be so near why to shift soon?!!!

    • Raff

      Using the words that someone wrote yesterday:

      This is the bronze medal on the podium.

      Let’s wait for the mirrorless silver … and … the FX gold!!!

      To be honest, medals are given to winners of a competition. In the PS field the bronze medal normally goes to Canon…

      For the Silver and Gold we still have hope!

      Although my concern is that if Canon is not playing the game yet, why should Nikon do the same so much time in advance? It might take some time before we see the Silver and the Gold!!!

  • grumps

    Well guys, it really shouldn’t be news, COOLPIX this year and any FF will be 2012.

  • rhlpetrus

    I had already seen it, great stuff! I have done quite a few videos of my family, the D7k’s video is awesome. Even the AWB in artificial lighting works very well, not sudden change as you shoot, same for exposure. And ISO just goes up as needed.

  • Mike

    Why would Nikon use the stage of the 10th anniversary of September 11th to showcase it’s new cameras? It’s about Sept. 11th, not new cameras folks.

    • Anonimouse


      Totally agree with you, though August 24th isn’t exactly the 10th Anniversary.

      Definitely not the appropriate time to bring new products to the market, that would shift the attention away from a very important topic, one still sensitive to many who were affected.

      • Tony

        If they did that, it would be like they try to make a living from the dead….. I guess.

  • konrad

    this video is terribly weak- framing edit focus… its shame that was done on nikons

  • Nikon ASSumers

    This site helps perpetuate the false hope and build up. They should know by now that thier worthless sources are completely clueless. Many of the threads here are posted with a matter of factness when in reality, they don’t have ANY reliable information at all. This site is full of lies, let downs, and know it alls passing thier guesses around as sourced information and so called rumors. Nikon Rumors looks very very bad right now and the user base will take a major hit after tomorrow. They earned it this year that’s for sure.

    • broxibear

      Hi Nikon ASSumers,
      I’m not sure it’s “full of lies”, it’s a rumour site…you’ve got to make a judgement as a reader on what you give credence to and what you dimiss.
      Too many people take rumours as fact, they add 2 from here and 3 from there and come up with 27.
      If Peter/admin only posted 100% confirmed details on new products, announcements etc nikonrumors would be the same as every other site.
      If you have a search around the major electronics, photography, gadget sites you’ll find all of the using nikonrumors as a source. They do that because they know good information is posted here.
      If people are “let down” by articles posted here then maybe they have to ask themselves why a rumour site about camera equipment is having such an effect on their lives.
      It’s just a rumour site, it’s not the end of the world if what they thought might happen doesn’t.

  • Chris

    Aw… Why did you have to ruin my petty misery with something important like 9/11. I want to head off into a dark cave and pout about no new FX cameras and the sorry state of NIKON, not have to worry about all those people who lost their lives in 9/11. Don’t you understand how IMPORTANT a new D800 is to me. You mock us.

  • Sly Larive

    Guess the day (well you know what I mean) belongs to Sony.

    Two new DSLRs, new lenses, lots of goodies… Kinda sad as a Nikon DSLR user but I guess all things in their own time…

    • AnoNemo

      I am afraid that Sony will be the new king of technology and our Nikon just waits for a bone from sony (e.g. a sensor).

      Really sad day for the Nikon FX enthusiasts.

      • broxibear

        “Really sad day for the Nikon FX enthusiasts.” that might be true for Nikon FX enthusiasts AnoNemo, but as a photographer who uses Nikon equipment it has no bearing on me, the way I take images or my next shoot whatsoever.
        I haven’t heard any of the photographers I know panicking, crying or losing their photographic talent because Nikon didn’t announce their new model.

  • JVic

    After watching that video, it put things like wanting for a new camera in perspective.

  • pooklin

    what i feel now Joe McNally gave too much hope to people who are looking for latest FF.
    I think he should said he is using current Nikon product for his latest project. He shouldn’t give the false hope to people. Some people might have negative impression on him now.

  • The video credits specifically mention the use of the Nikon D7000 for HD video. Not the D3X

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