Another press event on August 24th

In addition to Nikon and Sony, there will be another press event on August 24th for Joe McNally's exhibition at the Time Warner Center called “Faces of Ground Zero, Portraits of The Heroes of September 11, 2011”:

Joe McNally wrote this on his blog today:

"This has been a bit of a saga, folks, and I’ll be blogging about it through the show dates."

As I mentioned already, this exhibition is sponsored by Nikon:

"Nikon is the exclusive photographic equipment sponsor of the Faces of Ground Zero - 10th Anniversary Exhibition at Time Warner Center"

The exhibition will include more than 50 life-size portraits and an "exclusive video" will be making its debut (possible [NR] interpretation: new high MP pro body from Nikon with video capabilities?).

The press conference will be on August 24th, 9-11am at the Time Warner Center in NYC. Keep me informed if you are visiting the event (it's free).

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  • The invisible man

    4 days left……..

    • And still nothing new. No leaks at all. Except for one picture of the mirroless mount…

  • The invisible man

    When is the next photokina ?

    • Next year. It’s always on every 2 years.

  • The timing is a coincidence. As it is clearly shown, this event is to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

    • Anonymous

      Now I know why. we are all going to feel ‘terri’ble when they don’t announce FX on the 24!

  • It won’t be on the 24th no new pro body on the 24th. In a few months guys we’ll be able to talk all about the new pro body.

    • KT

      so if there is no new high MP pro body to be revealed on the 24th, this whole hoopla is nothing more than a delayed publicity for the D3x/s? Nikon certainly can’t be putting on such a show just to introduce a mirror-less camera with tiny-weeny sensor

  • broxibear

    3 working days from what’s rumoured to be the launch of the company’s flagship model yet even Nikon professional dealers know nothing about it ?…I don’t think it’s happening.
    The only way you’ll be hearing Joe McNally say “four” this week is if you’re playing a round of golf with him, or if you ask him what 2 + 2 equals.

    • Raff

      I tend to agree!

      When are the next major shows around the world which might host the new launch (or at least show the cameras to the public after the announcement)?
      I am aware of the following:

      – IFA – Berlin – Germany – 2/7 September 2011
      – Photokina – Cologne – Germany – 18/23 September 2012 (after the London Olympics!! – seems too late!!!)

      North America:
      – Cliq (once PMA) during CES – Las Vegas – US – 10/13 January 2012

      Am I missing any others?

    • One More Thought

      Broxibear: I like your way of expression regarding Joe saying “four.” 🙂

      While it seems to be more and more unlikely, I still believe we may get an announcement. Correct me if I am wrong, but we really found out about the d7000 specifics only about a day before the actual launch.

      Nikon could just be better at keeping this secret. Even with the mirrorless camera, we still know very little.

    • Jabs


      World Track and Field Championships in Korea – August 27th to maybe early September, 2011


    • Jan B

      Or when you ask Joe how many grand that photograph costs.

  • Wilson

    The 24th has to be the D800 because why else would Sony schedule the same date for their press conference.. Nikon has kept the specs as quiet as possible because neither Sony or Nikon wanted their sensor to be known and since nikon is using a sony sensor in the D800 it only makes sense that they would release the cameras on the same date so as not to spoil ones unveiling .. Unless Sony is also unveiling a mirror less sensor in which case I’ll be soooo pissed! Lol

    • KT

      Sony will release the A77/NEX-7 both sporting an APS-C sensor, the D800, if that’s what it’s called will be an FX model, i.e. there is no relation between what Sony and Nikon are releasing that day

  • Anonymous

    D4 will make such an impact that photography will be divided into two: Before Dee-four & After Dee-four.

    For example, the first surviving photograph was made in 1826. We would rather say it was year 185 BD4, or the D5 will be manufactured on year 3 AD4.

    Manufacturers will surely make better cameras by the time in terms of quantitative measures, but humanity will struggle for 40 years before making anything better than the epic D4 in terms of image quality!

    Because D4 will be manufactured in very limited amount, it will soon become a collector’s item to be exchanged for circa $40.000 each!

    D800 & D900 will be the mainstream cameras for many years…

  • Person

    If the press event is on the 24th in japan, then it should be 23rd for us! yaaaaay 1 day less!!!

  • 3 days left and nothing more…The silence is deafening! 😮

  • Nikon Syndrome

    I will commit suicide if Nikon doesn’t announce any dSLR in 3 days 🙁

    • broxibear

      Cool, get someone to film it and then post it here.
      I suggest jumping from a tall building, a camera at the top to see you jump and another at street level for the impact.
      Maybe you can carry all your Nikon gear with you and there could be a nice slowmo shot as the Nikon cameras and lenses smash the ground…what do you mean you’re a Canon user ?

  • i am still stuffing the piggy bank with dollar bills

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