Top 10 posts for November 2011

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for November 2011:

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Nikon D800.
  2. Nikon D800 vs. D700 body and grip comparison plus a poll.
  3. Seven 50mm prime lenses for Nikon F-mount compared by Cary Jordan.
  4. Nikon D700, D300s and other products no longer shipping in Japan.
  5. 4 upcoming Nikon products.
  6. Three possible scenarios for the Nikon D800 and other rumblings.
  7. Breaking: I have pictures of the Nikon D800.
  8. New firmware updates for Nikon D5100 (v1.01) and D7000 (v1.03).
  9. What is Nikon planning for December 3-4, 2011?
  10. Nikon SB-910 and a new lens to be announced on November 30th, 2011.
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  • Jabs

    This has been quite an eventful month capping off an even more unusual year for Nikon. Looking forward to 2012 with eagerness then!

  • Another month and no D700 replacement. Next month we can say another year and no D700 replacement. At the rate we are going there will be another DX body before we see another FX body.

    • T.I.M

      All I want is a D700 with 24MP, is that being picky ?
      No need for video or other gadgets.

      • Kenwell

        it´s being picky, really picky,
        you dont know how the japenese guys at the top of these companies works, i´d say pretty covered in pride and ego they are.
        they leave their top cam alone with a hefty price tag and they made that decision couple of years back ,and nothing will change it,
        get over it guys !!!

      • Rob

        Buy 2 D700 bodies and a roll of duct tape.

        • Jesus_sti


          • +2

            having D700 x2 is the best thing on earth.

            Dont need something more.

            ( maybe a D300s for video and x1,5 DX for animals shooting ^^ )

    • 1+

  • zack

    Nothing really happened this year for Nikon..

    • Earthquake Flood

      Except earthquakes, tsunamis and floods.

      • Toecutter

        Not exactly FOR Nikon

      • BCal

        “… oh my”

  • Moth Flopwell

    Ladies and Gentlemen…I present to you…Huh? now what were you saying there? All we get is a warmed over, rehashed flash….

    • Moth Flopwell

      Prove that is the new Nikon D800….I DARE YOU!!!

  • tom

    Nikon will not bring any new DSLr this year they need to sell off all remaining stock on coming xmas I thing…

  • PeterO

    Does Nikon suddenly care? From their latest press release about the flooding: We deeply apologize (to) you for any inconvenience cause(d) by the disaster such as short supply of our products. Did they finally figure out that some people are pissed?
    Food for thought: Nikon uses some Sony sensors…Sony has a 24 DX and a rumored 36 FX coming… D800 rumored to have 36 FX, D400 rumored to have 24 DX. Maybe Nikon and Sony made a deal…Sony’s 24 DX (A77) comes out first and Nikon’s 36 FX (D800) comes out first. So, the D800 and D400 come next before the Sony 36 FX. No question the special Nikon sauce will improve on the Sony execution. Dxo shows the Nex7 to be better than the A77. Both using the same sensor tells me that tranluscent mirror is having a negative effect. I hope Nikon doesn’t go that way. I like that flappy thingy

    • jodjac

      There has to be a reason for that red button by the shutter button on the picture of D800. what else could it be besides a translucent mirror? I’d like to know.

  • Been there guy

    @ Admin

    Your ten certain calls still has not brought out the D800. What’s next?

    • Been there guy

      I meant curtain calls

    • Do you think the release of the D800 is up to me? If you have missed the news, the D800 was delayed because of the flood in Thailand and so were the other 3 products. One of them was the SB-910. Why do you think the Canadian SB-910 press release said available in November? All four products were supposed to be announced in October.

      • BCal

        Aside from the SB-910 and the D800, what do you think the other two products will most likely be? A mid telephoto prime, or what?

        • 85mm f/1.8 and 18-300mm DX lens, probably to be released in January for PMA

      • Been there guy

        You should give Nikon a faqat! Just joking.

  • Zorro

    The D700 doesn’t need to be replaced – it just needs to be available.

    • BartyL

      +1. And, reflecting the fact that it’s been on the market for a few years and they must have easily recouped their R&D costs on it, about $500 cheaper.

      • Rob

        The exchange rate change probably makes it more than $500 cheaper than when it came out, even at the same price.

        • BartyL

          It may be that the current price is lower than the introductory price. The ‘current’ price has been pretty stable in Oz for the last 18 months – despite the fact that our dollar has moved up over parity against the US$ and up at times against the Yen – and so inflation has effectively reduced the price still further. Which is all good, but it’s still an average of $3000 here if purchased through authorised outlets.

          A $500 dollar drop would see it still $500 more than the D300s and a grand more than the D7000. They could bring in the D800 in the low 3K+ range and have a good spread of cameras & capabilities accross the board.

          I don’t expect this while the company is still recovering (or ever if I’m honest), but I would like to see it continued after the release of the D800 with a bit of a price drop.

    • If you live state-side, B&H has D700 bodies in stock as we speak.

  • kaze kaze

    Has been a rollercoaster year for the big two, well if you counting in the OLY sandal that make it three… just hope tomorrow (the new year) will be a better day (year).

    Keep up the spirit there.

  • BCal

    I am actually more excited for the lenses that will be released with the next FX camera. I hope they bring in a 85mm 1.8G 😀

  • B

    mmmm the new 85mm 1.8G should be bokehlicious … mmm creamy … so soft..

  • Discontinued

    The most useful post, at least to me, was the firmware update for D7000. Thanks for that one, admin.
    Since it was rather news than rumor, I just realize which one I prefer. “I present to you the D800” is clearly something I want to hear from Nikon. All that rumor stuff about D400 and D800 is going on for years and it is tiresome. And it leads to a lot of expectations and disappointments. Remember what the D300s was supposed to be (at least according to the rumors ahead of its announcement)?
    Can’t make my mind up wether this helps Nikon. Well, in my case it did. The hype kept me waiting for Nikons first 1080 VDSLR. Now I am still waiting for higher RES in FF. Without the rumors I was either a Canon shooter by now or would shoot both systems for different purposes.
    Keep up the news, admin.

  • Dweeb

    Like living Ground Hog day every day. Anyone finally figured out Nikon care infinitely more about their shareholder announcements than their customers?

    • Dweeb

      Didn’t mean to imply Nikon actually cares about it’s customers. We’re taken for granted, full stop.

  • Happysnapper63

    “Anyone finally figured out Nikon care infinitely more about their shareholder announcements than their customers?”

    Well that is what the board of any corporation is charged to do, a legal obligation in many countries. Thats why in some circumstances a board must recommend shareholders accept a take over offer. What surprises me as that anyone can be daft enough to think it is any other way.

    One can argue that not keeping ones customers happy is not serving the best interests of the shareholders….. but that is an entirely different point. The best interests of the shareholders may well be served by heavy penetration into the N1 and entry level DSLRs, and (for sure the improvement in the quality and performance of Coolpix) giving up on high end “pro” gear.

    But everyone is going to have to get used to the fact that the R&D costs to support technological advance is getting very much into the diminishing returns zone and in most cases delivers capability no body really needs. (Ref all the OMG I dont want 36mp posts on NR).
    Panasonic does not need Pros at the olympics to sell lots of cameras and some of their bridge cameras are really excellent. The photographic market has changed and you do not need 4K of camera to sell stock images. It will continue to change and more and more the sale of D3S like bodies will become irrelevent to over all corporate performance, and in fact it might have to stop to serve the best interests of the shareholder.

    I suspect the D800 etc have been knocked by the various natural disasters, but looking forward, those of you that think the corporation is going to be wagged by the tail of the few, almost so few it is insignificant, will have a rough ride. 90% of Nikons DSLR volume is DX……..they are the customers who matter and who Nikon must look after, next the N1 and also coolpix who they are failing badly at the moment.

    Merry xmas in case I forget later.

    • AnoNemo

      You said boards? Nikon is no different than Olympus!

  • PeterO

    I concur Happysnapper63. A friend of mine working for the local daily paper normally uses D300’s and occasionally D3’s. The last time I saw him, they looked pretty beat up. For the majority of “cat up a tree” or traffic accident pics, you don’t need more than a D300 and they’re a heck of a lot cheaper to replace than the D3.
    As for a corporation beholding to its shareholders first – yes, that’s the way of the corporate world, but treating all customers well (even the few on NR who desperately need a D800) goes to improving the bottom line and satisfying the shareholders. As someone heavily invested in the Nikon system, I also consider myself a shareholder, not just a customer.
    As I mentioned earlier in this thread, perhaps Nikon is starting to get the message of communicating with its customer/shareholders by issuing statements such as:
    We deeply apologize (to) you for any inconvenience cause(d) by the disaster such as short supply of our products.

    And a Merry Christmas to you too.

    • AnoNemo

      a sentence starting with “we deeply apologize….” means that we 1) do not give a crap and 2) we do not change our direction … so f off

      If Nikon would really care about their most valuable base they could have come out and said something useful.

  • Alwyn

    News just in. Nikon says their next range of cameras will be waterproof and the boxes will have flotation devices built into the seams. Pigs will fly, Harry will meet Sally AGAIN & Canon will start to give a crap about it’s customers…even the ones who jumped ship from Nikon. Ps D800 to be sold from tomorrow so be at your local dealership early. Sleep over night if possible

  • Alwyn

    Nikon appologized profusely for the floods & asked forgiveness from it’s customers for not being able to delay the floods until the D800 had been launched & shipped. They also announced that they would contract the services of a psychic to prevent future delays. Further to this the services of Spongebob was secured to take care of remaining moisture in and around their premise and operations are set to start shortly. Expectations are high as Spongebob’s super absorbancy is said to save the day. Early predictions are that the excess will be taken care of within seconds of the yellow superstar visiting the site. Nikonians are said to be growing impatient and Spongebob is reportedly fearing for his life as he knows failure is not an option. Dr Conrad Murray is said to have been secretly contacted by Johnny Bravo who is a close friend of The Bob and will be on standby with a range of sedatives in case The Bob requires some medical attention. President Obama has given permission for the operation and Dr Murray is believed to be excited about this planned expedition. He is said to have even packed his Coolpix in anticipation. At this moment we cannot confirm anything mentioned above and thus all information remains a rumour at this point in time. Godspeed my fellow Nikonians

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