What is Nikon planning for December 3-4, 2011?

Last weekend I mentioned that there is some kind of a Nikon event in Italy on December 2-4, 2011:

Note that the first 4 hours of the event is a presentation "Nikon depth technical news" by Nital (the official Nikon distributor for Italy).

Not convincing enough, right? Well, there is another Nikon event in the Los Angeles Convention Center scheduled for December 3-4, 2011:

Update: the event in LA is for the Nikon School.

And another event scheduled in a Canadian store for December 2-4, 2011:


There are similar events scheduled for December 2-4 at some stores in the UK as well.

It is not likely for Nikon to announce a new product on a weekend (December 3rd is a Saturday) but this could very well be the product introduction/demo events after the announcement (similar to the many Nikon 1 events).

First week of December is also the last chance for Nikon to announce a new product for 2011. Historically they have never announced a new product past the first week of December.

As of today, I do not have any information about a scheduled Nikon press conference in the next few weeks.

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  • Sky

    It looks like not be the D800….

  • na

    d400, 16-70 f3.5 vr, 800 f5.6, 20mm f2, 28mm f1.8, 70-200 f4 1:1 marco vr
    well, that’s what i want. (hope it will come ture)

    • Mim

      wile where asking for physically impossible things, why not a 12-100 f2.8 VR FX for $500, 100-400 f2.8 VR FX for $700 smaller than current 70-200
      ture that

  • RickJK

    I am waiting for a new camera with more megapixels than the current offerings because I often crop rairly deeply into my raw images. I would like the cameras to come out sooner rather than later because my D200 was stolen in a burglary recently and I have several lenses left with no body. I don’t have the spare funds for an interim camera, particularly one that will not accept the numerous CF cards I have so that is really not an option. Am I an annoying baby for hoping either a 400 or 800 will come out soon? That being said, It doesnt sound like these events will be an announcement I am hoping for, and I don’t blame Nikon for having to delay new product due to circumstances beyond their control. If the new cameras are not made with higher pixel counts as expected though, I will consider selling my lenses and going with either Canon or Sony, though I find Canons control and menu systems less intuitive and harder to use.

    • RickJK

      Fairly deeply, not rairly deeply – Duh!

      • RickJK

        Hey, while i am whining, am I the only one out there who wishes you could shoot an FX camera with a DX lens without the camera forcing a crop on you? I would like the option of an image file with the blurred dark edges of the image included so I could crop where and if I want, and altermnately use the effect of the actual lens darkening in some images. This could be particularly cool with a DX fisheye lens on the camera.

        • This is possible, at least on the D3s and possibly on the D700. I can’t remember for sure on the latter.

          • Hey Ron, it is also possible on the d700, though it took me 10 min of googling to figure out how to do it 🙂

            • Suprchunk

              Care to share that?

              Thank you.

            • @Suprchunk and RickJK

              By default, the Nikon D700 will recognise a DX lens and automatically switch to the DX crop mode, as indicated in Menu -> Image area -> Auto DX crop -> On.

              However, if you want to use the whole image circle deactivate the Auto DX crop mode. Then, activate the FX mode manually, by selecting Menu -> Image area -> Choose image area -> FX format (36×24).

        • Kerry33

          Hi Rick..

          I’m just curious…may I ask what kind of subjects you shoot that
          requires constant deep crop from RAW files?

          Because i think whatever subject it is, it doesnt feels appropriate
          to buy full frame high mp just because of cropping. The only logical
          ‘solution’ to the situation is to buy longer lens, rather than cropping.

          For me, i would rather get the right lens to capture the perfect angle
          rather than buy an expensive dslr body and loose image quality
          because of severe cropping..i said this, based on your comment, sounds
          like you do cropping a lot..

          Just my 2 cents..

          • happysnapper63

            Wild life will often drive heavy cropping, and I attended a lecture recently by a guy who cropped very heavily into his images of buildings to produce his final output. He is an ARPS but does little in terms of framing with the camera.

            Being able to crop tighter due to increased MP is a dam site more cost effective than the ridiculous gradient of the cost / focal length curve.

            But you have a point, for if it is wild life driving the cropping then the most cost effect solution is a DX sensor and better resolution.

            • Allan M

              Try to cover horseshows, and having a working area from 15 feet to 180 feet, it’s really hard finding a lens that covers that 🙂

            • RickJK

              Thanks guys for the info about disabling the crop function! Images where I end up cropping tend to be motorsports shots that have good images in a long trail of cars but also have good images of several cars in a tight pack all contained in the same image data. – other things as well, but the motorsports is the primary area.

          • Jan

            Canon snappers frequently deep crop. That’s why they use 21MP and end up with files that are 10MP

          • Alice

            I am a pet photographer and often take photos of dogs running and sometimes end up with some pretty deep crops to get the “portrait” of the dog.

        • shooting menu>image area>DX/FX crop mode off.

        • Sunny

          Hi Rick,

          Sorry to hear that your gear was stolen.
          In any event, if you want to a replacement for the time being, I have an extra D200:-) in excellent+/Mint condition in original box to part with. Please let me know.

          • RickJK

            Thanks for the offer, but really after replacing those things necessary, after insurance games on electronics and physical damage I just don’t have the readies to do anything interim.

        • Hypercore

          Yes, you are the ONLY one.

          • RickJK

            Evidently not, unless you are being sarcastic, which isn’t clear from the timing after others had expressed their interest in the same question I asked. Nice use of the caps key btw.

  • Craig Anderson

    Nikon have taken some serious blow over the last 12 months. To put it mildly they are struggling …………. big time. One post I read stated that they had considered merging with Canon …….. heavens forbid. However ……. looking at all the figures they are truly on the verge of going under. All those people who have been waiting for the release of the D4, D800 or D400………. including me …………I would seriously reconsider your options. Unfortunately, due to no fault of their own, Nikon is no longer the power house it was in photography. They are literally on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse. 🙁

    • Allan M

      If you are waiting for the D4 – then you have to wait for the summer olympic, when it will be there. Nikon is as trong a brand as ever, and will stay that way for our lifetime.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Oooooh. Sounds juicy and so informed. Do tell!

    • GFry

      Absolute nonsense. Unless you are one of Nikons company accountants, which I seriously doubt, how do you know what their finances are like?

      ‘However ……. looking at all the figures they are truly on the verge of going under.’ – And what figures are these? Any chance of a link to back your ludicrous claim?

      Are you even aware of the other divisions of Nikon (ie not DSLR or consumer cameras) that are doing great business?

      I love it when someone who knows nothing professes to have some ‘insider’ or ‘prophetically deep’ knowledge beyond others.

  • MysterF

    December 4?….D4?…hummmm ¬¬

    • Unfortunatly nikon have not the same branding as Apple

  • BoyMasskara

    Please, Nikon. Give me what i am waiting for on my Birthday.

  • ich bins

    … quite simple: there will be new toys like a new V1 in a yellowish pink with a superduber lens 1-1200 mm, that´s what Nikon are able to bring out. Sad.

  • anton pusemuggel

    … as Nikon refuse to accept the wishes of serious photographers (me included, haha), they bring out a new p&s coolpix in dark black, that’s the future of a former leading brand. Go to hell, Nikon.

  • THE D800? ASAP!!

    The D4 will always be shown, introduced before the D800. That has been always the case for the previous versions of these two cameras.

    • Steve Starr

      Might be right. The D4 may be introduced before the D800. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the 36MP figures belong to it, and something on the order of 24MP goes to the D800.

      I suspect partly due to that tripod company Really Right Stuff mentioning the D4 in their catalog last spring as being intro’d in Summer of 2011 which didn’t happen due to the Japan mess at the Sensai plant. They get the drawings for the machining from the companies so Nikon must have given them the heads up on the D4 body dimensions to fab up some mounting plates for it. No D800 was mentioned in their catalog.

      For some 36MP D800 to appear first would mean something on the order of 48MP for the D4. Don’t see that in the cards..yet..although it could happen as technology moves ahead. The D800 could hurt Canon’s XD MarkX and then the D4 could put it at the top of the FF list (keeping the over-sized sensor and over-priced Leica S2 out of the picture).

      Rumors. Rumors.

      • Andrew

        No one expected a Nikon DX camera with a magnesium alloy frame at a $1,200 price point; then Nikon stunned the world with the D7000. Could the same happen again? Is it possible for Nikon to release a 24MP Full Frame camera with a magnesium alloy frame and awesome video performance at a $2,495 price point? I think so. The body will include built-in flash to distinguish it from a professional model. Nikon is going to be very aggressive because of the increased competition in the camera market. Will this be the next D800?

  • aa

    after years of waiting i could not stand no more. i went to canon, i rather get pentax but many of my friends had already switched to canon.

  • True power

    the people here is dissapointed because are tired about the lies ooops sorry, about the rumors that never come to reality, if you see the timeline NR had about a year talking about a new dslr (d800) but is just a rumor, they said maybe in feb, no not really, you must wait to march, then next month, next and next and now many people is angry, why? just because many people dont believe at all in this site but we have a little hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    NR admin if you don’t believe about my rumor about how the people is angry, please make a poll.

    • Let me give you a simple advice – I don’t go to sites I don’t like. Obviously you have no idea what NR is about. So instead of blaming me, I suggest you go to dpreview and wait the D800 there.

      • True power

        If you don’t like the criticism close the blog, you post here your opinions or “investigations” i must tell you were right in some stuff but about the new dslr it was looking like you were guessing for about a year.

        You are banning my posts but i must say i think you are wrong, you like the good comments and dislike the bad ones and i am not the only one. Do you really want to know why am i here? ok i am here because i goingt to see if you have the reason and if so I’m going to swallow my words. And again if you don’t like the criticism close the blog

        • Yes, I am deleting every post that has offensive language and I will continue to do so. Changing your IP and name will not help you and you will be blocked. I know that you will continue to visit NR and continue to complain until I implement real user authentication, I bet you will disappear then. Until then I will continue to delete any comment that doesn’t fit our discussion. Get it?

          • True power

            See you later NR Admin, I have to work, have a nice day.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Yes, let’s take a poll about what an uninformed whiner you are. Who on earth blames a rumor site for a camera not coming out?!

            • Kurt Low

              Funny dude, try to think this way, NR doesn’t receive pay for the rumour, does it? You don’t like the blog, back off. At least, NR is providing us some sort of entertainment what’s Nikon up to, via FB NR, I got to know Nikon has such many events, activities happening around the world.

              I was pissed while I was having D90 waiting to switch D700 successor for one and the half year, tiring, but at the end I got my D3s instead. Not the fault of Nikon cus everyone knows this year Nikon bases encountered natural disaster. Can I force you to run in front of me now while your knee bones are broken?

              No on force you to be here.

          • Andrew

            Don’t let the trolls get you down. With all the natural disasters this year even Nikon themselves can’t acurately predict when they will be able to release new products.

          • gpa

            Just report him to his ISP……. job done.

          • Dchino

            This guy is just upset that he didn’t get the camera he wanted, and since he can’t voice his opinion directly to Nikon, he has to take it out here. And who best to take it out on but the guy who gets us the information.

            No rational person can blame a RUMORS site for a company failing to release their products.

    • jB

      @ Truepower please please go away! Admin has never said the D800 is coming out at a particular time or with particular specs. The site is very useful for people like me to know whether or not to replace my backup camera with another d700 or if maybe its better to try to hold on for a few months and get the next generation as well and keeping up to date with smaller products and upgrades. Nothing is promised and it is made very clear when information is a shot in the dark that is not likely or if its a strong source and even then its clear that it does not mean it will happen for certain.

      This year more than most Nikon has been hit with some very very hard blows which have made things even more turbulent. You do understand that there is a chance that Admin could of sourced a rumor that was in fact correct at that time and which then changed do you unforeseen circumstances!

      Finally! what you are saying is not criticism, constructive or otherwise. For example in your very first sentence you say

      “the people here is disappointed because are tired about the lies ooops sorry, about the rumors”

      it shows that you dont even understand the word rumor! the site is called “Nikon Rumors” not “Nikon Facts”

      Sorry to rant but Admin provides, at least for me ( I wont speak for “the people, although i suspect i do) with a valuable source of info on possible things nikon related, I would take me hours to scour the net for all this info and id rather be out shooting. All i have to do now is look at a twitter feed or check a site every couple of days, in short get a life, as was said if you dont like it go away! you do not speak for “the people” here so you “criticism” not asked for in the first place and more to the point not needed.

      @Admin, please keep up the good work, i too am frustrated about the wait for the D800 but I can get great pics from my D3s and d7000…. and from my old Praktica for that matter, so please dont think this random speaks for us all.

      • True power

        I will correct what i said, i am not talking for all the people but some people here is angry about the wait or delay.
        When i said : ” lie ” i was making a joke.
        Criticisms can be good or bads but are criticism, i said lie because it look like a lie, it is true this site is nikon rumors not nikon facts. look up in the merriam webster for rumor:

        Definition of RUMOR

        : talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source
        : a statement or report current without known authority for its truth.

        Meanwhile it could be true or a “rumor”. If i hurt your weak feelings, i am sorry . You have an oppinion and i have mine can like it or not,

        I love my nikon equipment too

        By the way I am going to say i am sorry to all of you when i see all the published here about the D800 are true. See you JB

        • allen23

          I don’t know why you guys are angry or yelling about switching to Cannon for? have they released a 5 D mark 3 yet? the so called 1d x is just a very slightly improved version of nikon 3ds but look at the price and release date (next year) and please don’t waste your time trying to tell me how good is the current 5d mark 2 becasue if you have d700 and 5d mark 2 in your hands u will know why one is priced higher than the other and even in 2nd hand market this is always the case.
          I am happy to see nikon has released great FX lens becasue the body will eventually come out.

          • Nikonuser


  • True power

    Relax NR Admin, I didn’t know if a saw a lie and comment about it was offensive. Changing the ip is working to me now and know this i am going to stay here and you will see that. I am not offensive just like you say, i am posting what i see.

    • Ric

      True Power:

      I hear your mom calling you. The meat loaf is ready.

      • True power

        Hey Ric, you are a lier the meat loaf is not ready.

        • Ric

          What is she doing back there?

    • lol
      ill always tribute freedom of speech!

      admin needs to relax at enjoy that somebody cares so deeply about NR.

  • kyoshinikon

    I read an article on petapixel that stated that both Nikon and Canon make alot more off DSLR sales than P&ses…

  • This event is just a teaser, don’t expect new bodies or new lenses, is just more Nikon 1 crap accessories and more Ashton Kutcher campaigns.
    I’m not pessimist just a realistic tough.

    Meanwhile Canon will launch a new DSLR body and will surprise the market, wait and see!


  • yingyang

    having the time i see to make comment.

    i like this, but am sorry to wait.

    the time to come i think will never be soon.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Is that a haiku?

      • Geoff

        haiku is 5 – 7 – 5

        • Mock Kenwell

          Yes, and sarcasm is 1-2-3. Turn on your sense of humor.

  • RickJK

    I just saw another news story on TV that showed even more flooding in Thailand – it didn’t look very good for anything moving forward there anytime soon. I hope they get some good luck with their weather soon because those people sure seem to need a break.

  • JS

    Any chance for some fast wide angle DX prime lenses?

  • Theo

    I don’t really get why certain people have made the switch to canon?! the only reason i can emagine is the 5dII for certain types of photography. For most fields i feel Nikon products still rule the market. Between the D3S and the D3X, there is very little to want…

    • Michael Arch

      Between the D3s and D3x there is very little to want? lol. How about a high resolution FF camera for less than $7,999.95USD???????

      I could get a whole 5D2 setup with all the best L lenses that I’d need and still fall under that price.

  • Really

    I suspect the only thing that Nikon has planned is more disappointment -¡-

  • William

    I did ask Santa for a D800 with a AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED VRII

  • DFive

    More from ECS Australia:

    ECS News
    AS AT 10/11/2011:
    It would seem that the terrible flooding in Thailand has put an end to any likelyhood of new FX camera announcements this year. If continuing steady sales of D700 and D3S is any guide then a lot of photographers clearly recognise this fact as well.
    November/December specials include:
    Nikon D3s $5,895(2 year Nikon Australia warranty)
    D700 $2695 with 2 Year Nikon Australia Warranty Nikon

    • Gordon

      I think ECS are just talking up their books so to speak to try and drum up some sales. Although I do hope Nikon makes an announcement sooner or later, if they wait too long people will just decide to stop waiting and put in a pre-order for the new Canon.

  • Gary

    Genuine question to those who are thinking of switching to Canon…

    What shots are you trying to take with your Nikon that a) you can’t, and b) you could with a Canon?

    • Bob

      You’re trolling efforts have been thwarted. It’s all aboot brand loyalty…… For my Canadian friends….. 🙂

      • Gary

        Not trolling Bob. I’m 100% for Nikon – I’ve invested in too much glass to change, and like others I’m waiting for the D800.

        It’s a genuine question, because I think it’d be daft to change brands unless mine prevented me from doing something I really wanted to.

  • Well I just purchased a second D700 so I’d kind of expect it to an announcement of the D800 just to annoy me. But it probably won’t be, and I probably couldnt have afforded a new D800 anyway. The D700 is a perfect camera for what I need now and over the next few years – I’ll upgrade to the D800 just before the D900 gets announced!

  • none

    They will announce that in 2-3 months there will be *another* announcement.

  • Gary

    Bye John

  • NikonFan

    Posting about Dec 3-4, is the Nikon School:

    Los Angeles
    December 3, 2011 December 4, 2011
    Los Angeles Convention Center
    Theater – Concourse Area – West Tower
    1201 S Figueroa Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90015

    • Thanks Nikon Fan, I guess false alarm.

  • As many said, I believe Nikon was hit stronger than they admit;
    But still for me there is no alternative; I hope they will recover soon.
    an excited D700 user


  • hush hush too late for the holidays

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