Weekly Nikon news flash #135

  • Just for fun: Nikon D20000.
  • Some free codes for this FirstPass app that supports NEF files (Apple only, first come, first served):


Update: if you want more codes, please email firstpass@lightoncanvas.com.

"You hereby grant to Nikon a worldwide, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, full right and license to publish, copy, reproduce, modify, exhibit, perform, exploit, display, transmit, distribute, make derivative works of, license, include in compilations, and/or otherwise use User Content contained in any and all Photomovies, in any format and through any means, in any media now known or hereafter created, for any purpose whatsoever."

The weekend Nikon news flash post is getting longer and longer. I may have to do something about.

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  • hi

    it’s long

  • Soft

    I hope the event at Italy is not another letdown

    • chimphappyhour

      If you have to say it, then it’s too late.

  • Chris

    There is a Nikon even in Italy at the beginning of December, not sure if it will be related to any new product announcements.

    You forgot the T for Event**

    • Soft

      don’t get ur hopes up, prolly going to be like August 24

  • Anonymus Maximus

    Finally a cool place to store the cap during a shoot!

    • T.I.M

      I don’t have caps on my lenses, never had dust or scratches issues…..

  • pabs

    1. Do you really mean to say that a book on the D400 is being edited for publication and we have no leaks about what’s in the camera? Well, it’s not coming for some time anyway. By the way, didn’t we have similar rumors over a year ago about a book on the D800?

    2. Who would ever use MyPicturetown after reading that user agreement; it’s absurd. Has Nikon lost their mind?

    • pabs

      3. The company profile is amazing! some of Nikons advanced technology makes the D3x look like a Coolpix!

  • Rob

    I’m pretty sure Nikon is providing AID to the victims, not AIDS. They need a new translator.

    • hehe, this time is not me 🙂

      • Iris Chrome

        …aid to the victims.. 🙂

        • Rob

          Ya, he just copied Nikon’s translation which was a bit off. I just found the whole AIDS part amusing.

  • PeterO

    Woohoo, the D400 book is back. I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it. Italy? Nothing new coming ladies and gentlemen, accept it, be one with it, be happy. Nikon has accepted that there will be significant losses in the camera business and while they try to restart their manufacturing we will just have to wait. Unfortunate but true. Friends who live in Bangkok have told me how bad things are over there.
    On the bright side we can start to speculate again about possible advances that the upgraded models will have. If the 1 system is the new direction Nikon is going in, I’m thinking that the D4, D800 and D400 will all have some variant of the autofocus system. Was it Nikon that filed a patent for a hybrid mirror sytem? I don’t think that Nikon is ready to abandon mirrors just yet.

  • jeremy

    I don’t understand how to use the Firstpass codes. Where do you apply them?

    • Iris Chrome

      If you’re using a Mac with Snow Leopard or Lion open the App Store and under quick links on the right click on “redeem” then enter the code. With iOS, I think the process is similar but not sure.

  • IanZ28

    Thank you,

    I just ordered a new card. Good price and good speed.

    • IanZ28

      hope I clicked the link here to finally provide some support to this website I visit regularly.

      • Smithy

        just ordered a few cards from B&H – thanks and hope you get something from my clicking on the link.

    • chimphappyhour

      Those prices are actually higher than when they first emailed out the dropped prices. When the email first came out those two 16gb CF extreme cards at the beginning of the list were both $6 cheaper when the email first came out. The next day they jumped up.

  • IanZ28

    sounds like a prenuptial .

    “You hereby grant to Nikon a worldwide, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, full right and license to publish, copy, reproduce, modify, exhibit, perform, exploit, display, transmit, distribute, make derivative works of, license, include in compilations, and/or otherwise use User Content contained in any and all Photomovies, in any format and through any means, in any media now known or hereafter created, for any purpose whatsoever.”

    If only my wife was tied to a similar agreement…..

    • Iris Chrome


      • IanZ28

        Hahaha. Didn’t think about that part.

        The swingers clause?

    • FM2Fan

      Sounds like “hereby I donate my IPRs on content to Nikon, who don’t see a need sharing proceeds with the author”…

      marketing people could have at least added something like “the best or most
      clicked content will receive prices or special recognition ($$$)”

  • Nau

    damn just got new 16GB like a week ago 😐

    • I feel ya, I just recently purchased a good amount of SanDisk CF cards from B&H; I’m feeling a little sad right about now. Lol. Great deals, though. I may buy more under the new deal. I could always use more, right?

      • nau

        it will get only cheaper : ) or faster : )

  • Mike

    I love Chris Boettcher – “10m geh’, jo mei is des scheh…” *sings*

    • lolly

      Where’s the black eye on that paparrazo guy … that bandage over his right eye is not authentic enough ! 😀

  • simpleguy

    Nikon WAKEUP and smell the coffee , canon has put anouncement on 1d x , and on another eos lineup called C that can reach 4k in video , even RED has put out a fight as a video camera that can also do stills because it shoots RAW , it is time that you anounce something even if its not ready for ships
    put something out that knocks them of their feet , you invented the all VDSLR with the d90 , you should continue what you started and also give us a good advanced full frame camera allready !! 🙁

  • Ben

    You realize pub date for the D400 book is May 2018? Some Amazon geek in Germany is having a laugh…:) unfortunately its almost realistic….

  • you cant get the software without first paying for it!

    so much for the codes!

    but it does look good! I already have iview

    • Iris Chrome

      The codes were on a first come first serve basis, i.e. only 5 free copies were available. For the record I was too late too.

    • Banksie

      iView (or Media Pro 1 as it’s now called) is a photo management software and NOT an image browser (that can quickly ingest files.) Firstpass is therefore similar to Photo Mechanic and not iView. Yes, you can use iView but it’s way too slow to use as a browser when initially ingesting lots of files to go through and cull. iView is for cataloging.

      My own workflow is Photo Mechanic to ingest and cull, then either Iridient’s Raw Developer, RPP, Aperture, Lightroom, or Capture One as my raw convertor (each one has a different engine for converting and so I use all of them depending on the file.) Next is Photoshop for editing when going to pre-press or direct printing. And then iView where everything is cataloged and managed (iView can catalog off line libraries which is part of its strength.)

      So the big question is: has anyone who also uses Photo Mechanic tried this Firstpass image browser? I’m curious how they compare. There is a major price difference ($150 for Photo Mechanic and $10 for Firstpass.)

  • Arthur

    Thanks, but how do we use the codes? Seems like you have to buy the app first.

  • The invisible man

    I hope we’ll get something on November 18th, because I need to know what type of Sandisk cards the D800 is using before I make my purchasse at B&H !

    • Iris Chrome

      It’s unlikely for D800 not to use CF cards.

    • broxibear

      Hi The invisible man,
      Where did you get the November 18th date from, is there an event you know of happening on this date or has someone mentioned this date to you ?
      The only date in November that I “heard” was the 30th, and even then I wouldn’t put any money on it…it’s all a bit fluid (no pun intended).

      • November 30th is right after Thanksgiving in the US, I doubt Nikon will make an announcement after a holiday.

        • T.I.M

          I got the November 18th tip from the person who told me about the October 26th D800 annoucement, but she is not quite 100% sure about it. (it should be made in Paris, France)
          I would not count on it, but at least it give us some hope….

          • PeterO

            Sorry T.I.M – not happening, not being pessimistic, just realistic.

    • enesunkie

      If the D800 is similar to the D300s, it might not matter whether you buy CF or SD cards!

  • Landscape Photo

    Even most up-to-date computers (and possibly cameras) won’t support 90 MB/s data flow. Therefore it is a waste to buy a card over 60 MB/s.

    Only a couple of years ago card read/write speeds were referred as 60X, 120X, 240x, etc. Anything above 100 was considered fast. Now the min. standard of CF card has become 30 MB/s contributing to 200X, which is quite a lot for most practices.

    By the time SD cards has shown great improvement. I was a fan of CF cards (SD was unreliable, low in storage & slow) , but wouldn’t hesitate switching to SD today.

    • Rob

      Do you live in a cave? SATA SSDs read and write over 500MB/s and the top PCI-E SSD can read at 6,000MB/s. The drive is still the bottleneck, not the interface. If you’re using a USB 2.0 card reader, it’s not the card’s fault it is reading slowly, you’re just using an obsolete connection for high-speed transfer.

      My card reader reads the fastest cards at over 100MB/s. And just because Nikon cameras can’t write at 90MB/s doesn’t mean this card isn’t faster than any other card in camera. It is noticeably faster according to my tests and the tests I’ve seen online than other 600X cards in my D300x. It’s the only card I use at games because of that extra frame. CF cards are still a couple generations ahead of SD cards.

      • Rob


      • Landscape Photo

        Maybe you own a super-computer seen among 1% in the public 🙂

        I use 2 computers, both are decent ones, about 1-2 year’s technology. One is a mac-mini, another is a quad-core PC with 4GB ram.

        Both have similar performance, the PC is slightly faster. Anyway, both have about max. of 25-30 MB/s read or write speeds, interdrive or card-to-drive. So the bottleneck must be mainboard.

        Again to say none of them are old, dated systems ! And my colleagues’ are in about the same. Maybe you are in a computer R&D lab 🙂

        • Rob

          25-30MB/sec is USB 2.0’s real world max speed. It sounds like all of your transfers are going over USB.

          If you’re only getting 30MB/s drive to drive on the same machine (so USB isn’t the bottleneck), then you’ve got an unbelievably slow drive in there. The slowest desktop drive Tom’s Hardware has tested in the past 3 years averages about 50MB/s. There are a couple IDE drives (obsolete technology) that they tested from about 10 years ago below 45MB/s, but those are long out of production. Unless you put an incredibly fragmented, 2.5″, 5400 RPM laptop drive in your desktop, I find it hard to believe you’re getting 30MB/s drive to drive.

          And as for cpu or motherboard, these will not be the bottleneck until you get into thousands of MB/s. No bus is that slow on your motherboard. Only USB and IDE have interface bandwidths near where you are transferring. Even my 8 year old computer I don’t use transfers faster than yours drive to drive. My 2 year old box is hard drive limited around 100MB/s and SSD limited around 250MB/s.

          • Banksie

            If you’re on a Mac laptop with an ExpressCard/34 slot then use this: Sonnet

            We use this for fast ingestion of P2 and CF files direct to drive.

            Either way and you’ll get the rated speed of the cards.

            • Banksie

              Actually you don’t even need an ExpressCard/34 slot to use the Sonnet TB adapter I posted above. But I assume most people are already using ExpressCard/34 CF card readers for faster PCI interface ingestion. Unload to an external SSD and you should get card rated speeds.

        • Spooky

          You should get an SSD. Not hard to built in and your PC clearly has none. There are still many PC’s not delivered with one. Classical mechanical hard drives are slow if not used in a Raid and an absolute bottleneck.

          • ju

            SSD is nice, but they are still not the most reliable. Hopefully they will be there soon.

            • Banksie

              Ju, that’s not really correct. The big issue is cost. That will change eventually. Read here for some enlightenment on that ‘controversy.’ More here, too.

  • The silence is deafening. I guess I just saved $4k with the D800 on infinite delay.

    • T.I.M

      @Ron Plongeur Sousmarin
      If the D800 don’t show up before December 15th I sell my D5100 and buy a D700 (I bet you the D800 will be available 3 days after I buy the D700 !)

      • Then go ahead and do it right now, so we will get a D800 in three days from now :_)

      • D700guy

        …and have you been able to actually locate a D700 of which to purchase?

        • juicebox81

          D700 is still in stock at Amazon (9 left as of this post).

          BHPhoto had the D700 in stock with the rebates over on pro lenses over the weekend but I think BH is out now.

          The way I see it, the D800 is going to be the next one announced… which has a 4k price tag. If this is true, there might not be another FF DSLR announced… much less one in the sub 3k price range for at LEAST another 6 months…

          go ahead.. get the D700. You won’t regret it!

          • T.I.M

            I HAD a D700, great camera but 12MP is just not enought for what I do, I don’t even care about video, all I want is a D700 with 18+MP

            • SoftonDemand

              IMHO no point in buying a D700… too outdated. its been around since 2008. I think D800 is worth waiting for. Even though I just bought another D3S for emergency purposes. I got mine for for an awesome deal of $4,300usd.

  • WTF!!!!!!!!!!


  • The invisible man

    An other article about the D800:


    “It is anticipated that the Nikon D800 will be a perfect full frame digital SLR camera.”

    • Rob

      They just copied and pasted multiple blog posts (not articles) from d800.co. There is no new information there; it’s just a regurgitation of other rumors by someone with a huge personal bias for Nikon.

  • D700guy

    D400 book. That must be some light reading.

  • AnoNemo

    ??? it seems to me that no matter what I post it disappears.

    NR Admin, do you have a problem with your servers again?

    • Nope, servers are just fine, your posts are problem. Asking me every 2 hours for a new post will not really do anything but just spam this thread. We went trough this many times before.

      I have no news to report and I am not in a rush. If you are bored, visit photorumors.com

      • AnoNemo

        Then do a little research on the web and find couple of interesting articles. An alternative option is to ask people to submit some interesting articles. Do not try to tell me that you cannot find anything because I personally submitted via your website couple of interesting articles.

        On the other hand, NR Admin you were plainly rude without any reason. Perhaps you started to learn from Nikon’s communication, if so then congratulations! 😉

        • Hamuga

          If you are so awesome, start your own site?

          I read NR cause it does not have a ton of fluff, stuff that you can find on the net which is 99% not true.

          Peter does an awesome job sorting through everything he gets and posting what he wants to post. Strange, seeing that this is his site and all. I think he does a super great job, and I hope he keeps doing a great job.
          Many thanks.

          You are not forced to read it, though I think it would be fair if you were forced to be civil, not that you look like you are going to be or anything.

          • simpleguy


        • Nikon fangirl


          • Iris Chrome

            Eeeek… all the editing done here makes it look like all these +1’s were for AnoNemo’s post (which they weren’t)

        • Ashley


        • Mav


        • @AnoNemo

          C’mon man, are you serious? Your cynicism is out of control, bro. You seriously need to relax and stop being so rude/abrasive while you’re at it. You’re constantly trolling this site and it’s getting really old. It’s so bad, that you’re cynical attitude has contributed to other’s unrest. Stop basing Nikon, Nikon Rumors, Peter, the Nikon 1, anybody who defends the Nikon 1, anybody who defends Nikon and anybody that’s happy with the current Nikon line-up. If you’re so damn un-happy, go buy an antiquated Canon 5dMII, a soft 24-105 f/4L(you know, the holy grail?) and of course, a 70-200 f/4L and enjoy CanonRumors.com until you’re heart’s content again. Maybe once you’ve seen what it’s like on the other side, you’ll stop bitching and start appreciating what you’ve got with Nikon and NikonRumors.

          Sometimes, you just don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.

          • *Bashing* not basing.

            • AnoNemo

              First, you did not see two of my comments because NR Admin deleted them. You can only see the last one in which I pointed out that basically the site can be made more interesting with new posts. It can be short but leaving up the same boring stuff for days is just not the best way to kill time. I understand and know what is going on BTW.

              BTW, I liked your lens review. Posts like that can add to the site value.

              On the other hand, your personal comments are simply primitive and do not reflect the quality work and thinking you put into your lens review.

            • @AnoNemo

              I appreciate your comments, I want to make one thing clear. While gear reviews and rumors of new Nikon gear enhance this site, the constant abrasive attitude from people in the comments, don’t. I really wish you understood where I was coming from in my post. We need to be copasetic, even when things don’t go our way.

              If you dislike the way Admin runs HIS site, do the professional thing and let him know how you feel, in a private forum (like email), never in a public forum like this. I’m also reffering to your constant cynical posts about how Nikon’s lost it and how you’re fed up with their policies….etc.

              AnoNemo, I’ve followed your posts for a long time now and I miss the AnoNemo that wasn’t so upset about the way things are going. That’s why I chimed in. We’re all anxious and hungry for new rumors and news, that’s why we’re all here every day. But, In-the-meantime, let’s try very hard to have fun and get along.

              I’m looking forward to it.

            • AnoNemo

              Your comment is well taken. 😉

            • Iris Chrome

              Very well said Cary.

        • Zephyr


        • AnoNemo


          This one short post tells everything about you and the way how you think. I cannot add anything to further describe who you are.

          NR Admin,
          I am not sure this level of communication should be here. Make your decision whether this should be deleted or not.

        • BartyL


      • AnoNemo
        • SojIrOu

          Very interesting news. Hope it means something for upcoming products.

          • AnoNemo


            I am not sure this is a news and the translation maybe questionable. I was just browsing through the Nikon sites and found this. We need some help from native speakers to determine what it is. On the surface it does look interesting though.

  • PeterO
  • I’m going to get me one of the CF cards!

  • This is the place where the rumors are supposed to be and there aren’t any left. It’s all under water.

  • broxibear

    Things are pretty slow and some people are getting impatient so I’ll post a couple of small things I heard recently, can’t give any assurances on their validity though, and this afterall is a rumour site…
    I heard again that the D4 and D800 will be made in Malaysia not Japan, whether that means the sticker will say “made in Malaysia” or “assembled in Malaysia” I don’t know ?
    A UK Pro dealer is having a Nikon “event” in the first week in December. This could be a regular event that has nothing to do with new products, or it could be a chance to show a new model.
    As I said I can’t give you any assurances about this, it’s the only thing I’ve heard recently… maybe someone else out there has heard something similar ?

  • The invisible man

    10 more days….I hope it will not be an other disapointment.

    • T.I.M

      The Nikon D700 is out of stock at B&H and Adorama…..maybe November 18th is THE date !

  • Admin,

    Thanks for the pointer on the CF cards. I just ordered another 2 32 GB Extremes from B&H as a result. They were about 1/3 the price of the cheaper Canadian stores. I wonder why? But I’m not complaining.


  • I just checked the Terms and Conditions regarding ownership of items posted on mypicturetown.com and came to the conclusion that it is better to sign up as a European than a US citizen. Read the difference between the two paragraphs regarding ownership.

    This is an extract from the NL Terms and Conditions
    The User retains the copyright to all User Content posted to the Site.

  • John Ireland

    I just checked the specs on the Shuttlepix microscope… those optics suck! It is a 1.8MP image producing 400X on a 17in monitor. Yikes! I can get better resolution with my old P&S doing afocal work through an old-timer scope. I cannot see that making inroads except for the pick up and carry crowd.

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