ViewNX 2.2.3

Today Nikon released ViewNX 2.2.3. The modifications in this version are:

  • Resolution was not correctly displayed.
  • When these images were opened or manipulated in another application, the application sometimes quit unexpectedly.
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  • and supports nef from D800?

  • Ric


    NX3 is all that matters. Even more than the D800, D4 and/or D400.

    Stop yer whining

  • Dweeb

    Probably the only revenue “stream” Nikon has left.

  • Nerd mode on:

    Where’s my D800?
    Where’s my D800?
    Where’s my D800?
    Where’s my D800?
    Where’s my D800?

    Nerd mode off.

  • where_is_our_d800…

    This is a much needed fix for ViewNX. For years my ViewNX 1.x and 2.x would crash whenever ViewNX and Photoshop run in parallel for an extended period of time.

    • xophaser

      my view nx crashes regardless, one of the worst coded program I have for window7. I have to break up my raw files into 100s for it not to crash. I sometime do open ViewNX with photoshop simultaneously. Yes it could be faster too, hey I like it and it is free. I heard capture had the same problem or I would have bought that someday. I think I get better color from viewnx then adobe acr. Also my computer have many cores and they need to program to do multi-processing.

  • I think I got a problem related to some mentionned bugs:
    When I was opening pictures in photoshop, it was impossible to add some text, if I was tring to display the rulers, photoshop always quit… I solved the problem by reinstalling a previous version of view NX… Major symptoms were aberrant values in all paragraph and text box fields, and as well in X and Y data… Was pretty scary, especially after reinstalling twice photoshop…
    Hope this can help somebody…

  • D.K.

    hmmm did they fix, that when you use the nikon transfer for mac, that it puts the wrong date of the pictures? (not the one, when the picture was taken, but when it was copied to the harddisk, very clever btw…)

  • Dweeb

    It’s probably impractical to develop good complex software for such a small market. If Nikon gave it away (like Canon) as part of the cost of their 5000 buck cameras maybe there would be more users.

    The fact that there’s only several comments on this NX story here indicates it’s off most Nikon users screens. C’mon, Aperture is only 80 bucks now. Nikon need to come clean on their plans for their own overpriced proprietary fossil-ware.

    • Matt B

      This story is about View which is free, and I recommend it to any Nikon user. In fact, I use Capture much less since they gave View a facelift (and added cropping). I’m one of the few who is resisting the urge to get lightroom in the hope CNX3 will come out soon (and will be AWESOME).

      C’mon Nikon (or Nik)!

      • Ric

        Matt B.

        you and I are on a lonely island.

        I would pay $200 for an CNX upgrade.

  • ber

    this soft don´t run well under Osx Lion

  • Ewlmo

    win 7, runs everything perfectly fine and doesn’t crash unless u purposely do something stupid. ROCK ON MS. RIP STEVE JOBS. RIP JOE.

  • I’ve never really looked at ViewNX – Is it a good product? I’m so used to using bridge/photoshop.

    • View NX2 is a solid product for simple global edits.

      I use View for downloading images (via embedded Nikon Transfer), initial edit review and rating, quick global edits of individual images, and as a browser from which I launch Nikon Capture NX2 or Silver Efex Pro. I also use Photo Mechanic for keywording.

      View renders images based on camera settings and supports changing those settings in post processing. It also has a nice batch converter that resizes and allows you to chose your quality settings for JPEG or TIFF.

      I use Capture NX2 for in depth editing of selects. The key features Capture adds are the ability to selectively edit images and use control points.

      View does not handle selective edits and some of the editing functions are a little coarse – like Sharpening and D-Lighting. But as a browser and for quick edits, it is remarkably good.

  • BartyL

    Thanks for the link to the software. I had a notification pop up in Nikon Message Centre yesterday, but when I clicked on the link it simply took me to a customer support page on the Nikon website, where I was presented with a message saying “The page you are looking for is no longer available”. WTF? I thought. Only I thought it in longhand. Upon returning to Nikon Message Centre I was then informed “No new updates are available”.

    I have an elderly version of PS that isn’t compatible with current versions of Camera Raw, so I use View NX as my main RAW editor / converter. For a freebie it’s pretty good, the last couple of updates have even been stable.

  • Luis Chales

    They also fix on the Mac version a problem to load the last image when you are using CCP to tether your camera. It was really a PITA to click next every time you take a new picture to see it on View NX2 at full screen. My turn around for month was intalling VMWare on my Mac and the use the Windows version. Now i’m happy ’cause i dont have to use friking windows on my Mac for my studio sessions. Thanks Nikon.

  • happysnapper63

    View NX has got better and is ideal for quick adjustments. I use it for all my initial image filtering, and deletion. It is also the software I use to batch up my conversions from my final TIFFs into Jpeg for upload or digital projection. It is from View NX2 that I invoke Capture NX2 for specific images, which I love for doing the more serious work. I do use, but very rarely, PSE9.

  • Capture nxFAIL

    I seemed to have fixed these bugs before the release by installing lightroom.

  • Admin . . you have a typo . . .

    The modifications ion this version are:

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