Weekly Nikon news flash #136

“Nikon products worked; they were dependable in wind chill temperatures that dropped to -30°C (-22°F). The intense coldness did not cause any problems. Controlling dials was easy, even though I was wearing gloves.”

"Following the launch on October 20, sales have been strong in all regions and at present, our supply cannot keep up with demand".

"The Capture NX 2 software from Nikon does not support Nik Software's new Color Efex Pro 4 plug-in. Color Efex Pro 4 is built on an entirely new and powerful framework and thus requires certain functions of the plug-in architecture of the host application that are not currently present in Captures NX 2.

If you are a current Color Efex Pro 3.0 customer, you can of course continue to enjoy the benefits of that software with Capture NX 2.

Regarding plans to make the two products work together, the effort to update Color Efex Pro 4 to function within Capture NX 2 relies on Nikon's future plans and development for their photo editing software."

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  • Been there guy

    Nikon must be self-delusional about the sales of Nikon 1.

    Yesterday, I just walked in to one of our local shop to check out the Nikon 1. The sales informed me they have a lot in stock and all lens as well.

    I checked out the J1 with that R2D2 pop-up flash, let me tell you, don’t waste your time on that. That thing is a Wal-Mart grade toy at the best!

    • JY

      Can’t comment on the Wal-mart remark as I never hold the J1.

      The sales of Nikon 1 obviously from all the big purchasers i.e big importers from around the world. I am sure every retailer want to make sure they have them in store for christmas. Now, whether you as an individual hates it or love it…its a different story.

      • Bjrichus

        @JY … Now that is an interesting point you make. I wonder how Nikon categorize what makes a sale?

        A sale to a distributor?
        A sale to a retailer?
        A sale to a member of the public?

        All 3?

        • Robin

          “Following the launch on October 20, sales have been strong in all regions and at present, our supply cannot keep up with demand”.

          If what they are saying above is true, then:

          I say it’s very poor planning on Nikon’s part, once again they are not able to meet the demand with adequate supply. It’s either they do not learn from experience or they are just plain fibbing.

          Or it’s just a white lie, they are not able to meet regular demand due to reduced manufacturing capacity.

          Either ways Nikon stop blabbering, maintain radio silence till you are up and above in April 2012.

          • Boo Hoo

            Hey look, the booing committee is already in session.

          • Paul

            you are obviously a canon troll!

        • Calibrator

          Or a “sale” to the local Nikon dependance (i.e. Nikon UK)?

          Often manufacturers announce the sales to the distributor because that’s what they can get the easiest and quickest – and only a small amount of customers are registering their cameras.
          And obviously it’s a (much) higher number than sales to endusers.

          • iamlucky13

            Based on the way Nikon reports their financial results (which includes breakdowns by region – eg Nikon US, Nikon UK, etc), I believe they report sales as the number ordered by dealers and retailers.

            In such case, it is possible for retailers to order more than it turns out they need, making sales temporarily look good, but followup sales to dealers would then plummet.

            However, Nikon can also keep some track of end-user sales via product registrations and dealer feedback.

            It would be very foolish, and not very in keeping with Japanese business culture, to make glowing PR statements that are later contradicted. Slightly over-hyping, perhaps, but not flat-out lying.

            It is likely that the Nikon 1 actually is selling decently well at the moment. Nikon wanted to create some hype with their launch (which even if their launch campaign was awkwardly run, at a minimum the anticipation tied to knowing Nikon was working on a mirrorless carries some weight). The “it’s shiny and new” crowd could potentially consume several months worth of production before things settle down and they have to start competing on features and quality against the other cameras out there.

            Notice I didn’t bother saying “and they have to start competing on features, quality, and price.” 😉

        • Everlast

          I don’t know who was the marketing “genious” at Nikon who drove the Nikon 1 system (product development at Nikon is driven my marketing), but their strategy in this case is a disaster and should be sacked as a matter of urgency.

          Normally a new product is developed for enthusiasts as they would be happy to take the higher initial cost to cover R&D and also popularise and enable adoption of the the product amongst the masses. Then simplified and cheaper versions can be realeased for the mass market. Here Nikon tried to do the oposite, like trying to drive a nail the oposite way?!? why?

          If it is selling that well, why is it being outsold by months old NEX’es and GF2’s even at the week of its release. The highest it could claw was 6th place on Amazon mirorrles best sellers list.
          This is the real indicator if it is selling to endusers, not a company representative interview!

          • Jabs

            I am glad that you do not work for any Camera Manufacturer as the whole Camera Business would go dead.
            Things are seldom aimed at mere enthusiasts, as that makes a product very specialized – for your information.

            The Nikon 1 is a product for general consumption by consumers and not enthusiasts.

            PLUS, it is selling very well too.

            Told you all that here months ago.

            Nikon cannot keep up with the demand and foolish people here now complain about that too – lol.

            • Everlast

              A company representative will NEVER tell you that any of their products is not selling !!!

              If the 1 system is selling that well, what is the reason for the J1 kit price to drop to 439 GB pounds already in the UK?!?

              Seems to me like some chains are trying to get rid of a lot of system 1 cameras, don’t you think?

            • Everlast

              I am not saying that all products have to be designed for enthusiasts, but all NEW products so that there is a decent number of EARLY ADOPTERS to help bridge to the mass market.

              Who will be the early adpoters of the Nikon 1 system, soccer moms or teenage girls? I don’t see them paying a premium to get any of these cameras, they have their own priorities, bags, shoes, etc and will pay a premium for them products. An they are obviously not paying the premium price as it has already fallen quite a bit.

            • plug

              I’ve had a good long look at pricebuster.co.uk. I see little evidence there of a price drop in Nikon 1 cameras that is not mirrored by similar drops with other manafacturers’ cameras in their first month of sales and there does seem to be a general price drop across the board for many cameras recently anyway.
              Seems to me a lot of chains are trying to get rid of a lot of cameras of all makes, don’t you think?

            • Jabs

              So now you are perhaps telling us that women for example, are so obsessed with their shoes and clothes choices, that they don’t have the wherewithal to either desire a newly released camera system or even the attention span to now decide if this is for them – LOL.

              ‘WOW – this is so cute’ = all that they can possibly think, right???

              Look here at the SALES figures at Amazon Online Store in America:
              The top Ten Compact cameras and lenses –


              Enthusiasts as often specialists with specific needs and wants plus desires and thus NOT necessary to aim towards that market always, as this is a consumer Product and not a specialized product, hence you are way off.

              Consumers = general public, male or female.
              Specialist product = a product aimed at a specialized group and thus narrow focused for the needs and wants of that particular group, hence LIMITED in scope plus sales compared to a general consumer product.

              Learn that, please!


              You sell millions of 50mm F1.8 and perhaps thousands of 200mm F2.0 ED-IF lenses!

              Which one is the specialist item and which one makes the most money for the Manufacturer?

            • Everlast

              Yep, I am looking at the same Amazon best sellers list and it makes it BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that the NEX’es and GF2 and a load of lenses for them continue to OUTSELL the 1 system, and they have been selling for months!
              This list is based on selling rate and not accumulative numbers. This means that each hour at least two of Sony’s older models and one of Panny are OUTSELLING any of the 1 system cameras. And the difference in numbers in these charts usually go up EXPOTENTIALLY in top positions.

              You are refusing to accept the FACT that Nikon announced a product that most people said they DON’T LIKE and WOULD NOT BUY and this is what is HAPPENING.

              As for female purchasing preferences, I have never implied women are inferior. For marketing purposes you have to categorise people, and in general (it’s sad if I have to tell you that) women would not be interested in those little bloody cameras. And I actually believe this majority have got their priorities right (and would not spend hours arguing with Nikon fanboys online on Sunday afternoon) and would spend their cash for something of higher value for them.

            • Everlast

              Yep, I am looking at the same Amazon best sellers list and it makes it BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that the NEX’es and GF2 and a load of lenses for them continue to OUTSELL the 1 system, and they have been selling for months!
              This list is based on selling rate and not accumulative numbers. This means that each hour at least two of Sony’s older models and one of Panny are OUTSELLING any of the 1 system cameras. And the difference in numbers in these charts usually go up EXPOTENTIALLY in top positions.

              You are refusing to accept the FACT that Nikon announced a product that most people said they DON’T LIKE and WOULD NOT BUY and this is what is HAPPENING.

              As for female purchasing preferences, I have never implied women are inferior. For marketing purposes you have to categorise people, and in general (it’s sad if I have to tell you that) women would not be interested in those little b***dy cameras. And I actually believe this majority have got their priorities right (and would not spend hours arguing with Nikon fanboys online on Sunday afternoon) and would spend their cash for something of higher value for them.

            • Rob

              Everlast: Are you suggesting Amazon is the only place you can buy the Nikon 1? Because your ENTIRE argument is based upon that assumption (their sales rankings).

            • Jabs

              Seems like some of us here have selective memory at best – lol.

              The Nikon 1 has been released for about 2 months now with no prior track record, as it is a completely NEW system.

              Sales have been great, as anything on the TOP 20 at Amazon is selling well there.


              Because you hate it, does not make it silly, retarded or an incompetent system – remember???

              It’s a great system that is selling well and PROOF of that is Nikon running short or Products made in China in a dedicated NEW Factory that makes the Nikon 1 System.

              Most of the complainers here are evidently wrong and now too proud or arrogant to admit it – glad that most other camera lovers do not believe as many like to champion here.

              The same person who claimed that every NEW camera is supposed to be aimed at least at enthusiasts too – LOL!

              WOW – deluded and unable to draw clear inferences from facts but stuck in the past, maybe.

              Enjoy yourself while we ‘idiots’ love and use our Nikon 1’s.

              Change always has detractors who get left behind because they want what they alone want.

              BTW – Amazon is not the only place showing the Nikon 1’s as best sellers!

              Plus, Amazon is a web site, so people are buying the cameras without seeing them too – double surprise then!

              Angry over Nikon’s success, then – yeah we got you!

            • Jabs

              BTW – the pink and red Nikon 1’s are selling well too.

              So much for you inferences about female abilities or choices – lol.

              Nice attempt to clean up your obvious disdain for a certain gender whom you implied were not ‘smart enough’ to chose a Nikon 1 nor even had the money to buy one.

              Deluded and trying to tell us about a new camera that females do not get or is merely aimed at them because the big boys need huge DSLR’s and the females need itsy bitsy cheap cameras – Yeah, we hear ya loud and clear Senor Bombastic – lol – or is that Senorita Bombastic?

            • Everlast

              Wow someone was touched quite badly by my comments, this proves I was telling the uncomfortable truth.

              I’ve bought a DSLR and two P&S’s from Nikon, but for a mirorrless camera, as many other nikon clients, will go to Sony or Panasonic!

              I am not saying it is a bad camera, the engineers and designers have clearly done an amazing job and got the maximum result for what they’ve been asked to do.

              What I’ve said is that their marketing made the wrong decision with this one! I am starting to think that you are working for Nikon maketing, the way you are taking my comments personaly.
              Have fun with your nikon, but don’t forget you might have dad double the fun with a NEX or even the GX1.

              And yes the 1 system was announced 2 months ago, but started actualy selling about 4 weeks ago if not less.

            • Everlast

              You obviously have problems reading or understanding or simply like misinterpreting people’s words to to make your undefendable position. I repeat for the third time I have not said any of what you are implying above. I know the truth hurts but try to take my constructive comments with a bit of thought and not the fanboy in you speak all the time.

            • Aaron Shepard

              The comments about Amazon ranks are really off the mark. Amazon is ranking the sale of each COLOR of each model. Since the competing cameras don’t have the same color variety, their Amazon ranks can be better even if they’re not selling as well overall.

            • Jabs


              It is YOU who made these false claims not borne by any facts or related DATA posted by you – not me – forgot already.

              It is highly entertaining in a sad way, the way you make claims and then slide or shy away from them when confronted – lol.

              Then you try the innocent ‘psychological ploy’ that does not even work on a monkey, much less a human being.

              WOW – we ezzz all stoopid here, right!

              Botton line – the Nikon 1 System is doing remarkable well and no one really cares what either you or I buy, as we all have a functioning brain (most of us anyway) – lol.

              You are bashing Nikon without facts or data, hence you are dreaming!

              A TOP 20 position tells us all that we need to know.

              Some of us live in reality here and do not make up our own artificial reality – forgot?

              Anyhow, you see failure while Nikon smiles all the way to the Bank.

              Do you trust yourself or the Bank filled with money from Nikon 1 sales?

              Which one then is reality?

              Reality bites, as they say. Hatred also dulls one’s intellect plus perceptions, so perhaps you learn what is real and to accept things beyond your own control – KEEPS you saner and happier too.

              Success is not measured by your or my approval but by SALES to real people!

            • Jabs

              @Aaron Shepard

              Good point about the color choices in the Nikon 1 System versus the others mainly being one color.

              Makes the Nikon 1 then look even better, as I added up all the models and colors to get an accumulative total, so did take that into play.

              They do list the V1 and J1 separate too though.

            • Everlast

              A am not sure what profit are Nikon making on the 1 system sales, keeping in mind its dual image processor, magnesium alloy bod, two years of R&D, etc at a kit price of 439 GBP, but you can be sure that Sony and Panasonic execs were some of the happiest people alive when they heard Nikon’s 1 system announcement.

              As for Nikon’s bank account I am sure is benefitting from several amazing products that are selling very well indeed D3100, D5100, D7000 and several Coolpix models. Let’s hope it does not go Nokia way. In Japan mirrorless camera market is hitting 30% of camra sales and Nikon needs decent models to compete there.

            • Jabs


              Thank you for at least coming back to reality. I believe that Nikon makes a good profit on the Nikon 1 system as they are not a Charity Organization.

              In my opinion, every Manufacturer is probably ‘scared’ by the Technology of the Nikon 1 System, as it takes digital photography to a new and exciting level. The closest concept on the market to the Nikon 1 System is made by RED. They share the common ability to shoot both movies and stills at the same time by extracting stills from movie files. That makes it a game changer at its’ price point compared to RED’s offerings.

              Expeed 3 is also faster than any other camera sub-system on the market including the ones in both the D3X and D3S, so a real breakthrough for Nikon.

              How we personally feel about a product does not change how great it is technically!

              The speed of the AF system, the metering, the amount of focus points plus the unique accessories point to Nikon really doing their homework over FOUR years of development and the results show.

              Look at files from the 10-100mm aspheric zoom lens for the Nikon 1 system and then point to another zoom like that anywhere in digital photography!

        • Worminator

          When things are not going well, companies are liable to quote sales into the channel. Famous recent example, hp claiming half a million TouchPad tablet sales. It was true, they sold 500,000 to Best Buy and other major retailers, who then found that they couldn’t sell them to customers. They sat in warehouses for months and could only be disposed of with an epic blowout sale at $99-149 each.

          Perhaps they are selling well, perhaps not. It’s certainly true that at every retailer I have visited they had plentiful stock. Supply seems to be keeping up with on-the-ground demand, this much is certain.

    • Bip

      Other than speaking to one person in a local store that said there are plenty of inventory available, do you have any statistic to back what you said up?

      If based on hear-say is your hard evidence, then I have mine, too. My job requires me to travel a lot within the Asia Pac and I often visit the reputable authorised resellers in those jurisdictions (Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai; Singapore; Bangkok, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) whenever I have time, and the consistence message I received is VIJI is selling well and there is a concern on Nikon’s ability to supply.

  • Simon

    Nikon resorting to propaganda is a smack of desperation. Its going bust.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      Their financials are public and on he internet, to which you have evidently access. Go and read them, from your post I gather that you can at least read and write.

      • Not that I don’t agree with you, but Olympus has managed to publish 20 years of false financial information.

        • Anonymus Maximus

          Yes, but to a large extend that is fortunately still rather the exception than the rule.

          To a certain extend there isof course still the windowdressing that is part of every financials, and taht is nowadays called an accounting standard.
          Discussion of which requires is an advanced level reading that would not reflect the intelectual niveau of Simons original post.

          • Worminator

            That’s “intellectual”. Congratulations on coming across like a complete twat.

            Nikon can spin it with the best of them, the wording of that Nikon 1 sales announcement stinks of spin. In a bad way. A really bad way.

            • Anonymus Maximus

              Thanks for getting my drift!

              Of course there is always and everywhere spin!
              Reading rality past the spin is the job of a good analyst.

              Concluding from the spin that the firm is bust, is however complete and utter nonsense.

    • John


  • ButtFreezingNews

    “bla bla…wind chill temperatures that dropped to -30°C (-22°F). The intense coldness did not cause any problems…bla bla…”

    Lol, these people should get out of their home more often. -30c is everyday life in Northern Europe (and most likely Alaska/Canada) during the winter ! Of course they do work ! That’s nothing ! Temeratures in Antrarctis goes down to -80c ! (and -40 to -50c in Northern Europe)

    And wearing gloves when operating the cameras ? Lol… Well, maybe they shouldn’t send people from Hawaii to Antrarctica to work…

    • Calibrator

      You are right. Even in Germany, which is in central Europe we have up to -20c.
      I’ll see this winter how my D7000 performs (rated to “only” zero degrees)… 😉

      I also find the image of the D3s(?) with the frosted 14-24 interesting: How can a camera “function” when the lens is in an unusable state? What precautions did they take to be able to take shots?

    • jm

      Why refer to wind chill factor?
      For the mechanical/electronic functioning of the camera, I would expect just the temperature to matter.
      Wind chill refers to physiological effect: how badly you feel the cold, because of faster/more efficient heat transfer (for instance, humid air, strong wind …) which — in a stable regime — should have nothing to do with the mechanical/electronic operation (where only the actual temperature of the components and in particular of the battery matters)
      The only possible reason I see (but it is not mentioned) is that the operation is NOT in stable regime.
      For instance, with older cameras, it was a good trick to keep spare batteries in an inside pocket, and plug them in as needed — in that case the wind chill could matter: it could determine (but in a way different from a human body) how fast the camera cools again and operation becomes difficult.
      But this article would be more informative if it would just (or also) mention the “plain” temperature.

      • soap

        Came here to say this. Thank you.

      • Worminator

        Well, -30 C sounds better, doesn’t it? And it’s a Nikon PR write up on the Nikon site, “My D3S worked just great at -15C” doesn’t quite have the same zing, right?

        Nikon high-end cameras do have glove-friendly design, though, for which I am wholeheartedly thankful for on many an occasion. Kudos there.

        Still, I would imagine that cold batteries are a problem for the D3 just as much as they are for any camera, no?

  • Ric

    Time for all the 1 haters to sound off.

    • Steve

      I don’t hate turds. 😉

  • Matt_XVI

    Nikon 1 Sales:

    “Following the launch on October 20, sales have been strong in all regions and at present, our supply cannot keep up with demand”.

    So I’m guess you’re supply is like… 20?

  • Nau

    was gone get aw100 but “Newegg.com does not currently ship internationally” bummer

  • Ronan

    Plenty of Nikon 1’s here in Montreal. Sales clerks tell me they sell a couple but NOTHING compared to P&S sales and the X100 sales.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Wow! I’ve never seen so many bitter souls as I have seen on just about any Nikon 1 related post here at Nikonrumors. Maybe it’s time to stop blaming your lack of the “necessary tools” and go out and take some photos and work on your skills. It seems that there are those that make the Nikon 1 cameras work. So obviously it isn’t the cameras that are the “fail” in the equation. 😉

    • sirin

      don’t waste your time, the haters are probably just trolls hired by Canon (see the recent CR post).

        • Amateur Troll

          Here I am doing it for free like a sucker!

        • iamlucky13

          If you want to be concise, that would be an appropriate use of the term “shill.”

          This wouldn’t be the first time this happened in electronics, and of course, it’s old hat in politics and snake oil sales, which are of course, the same thing.

          I’ve had to lecture people I know who run small businesses against doing such things. Normally they don’t sink as low as denigrating their competitors anonymously, but quite a few people don’t seem to see what’s wrong with posting fake positive reviews of their own business.

          Which is part of why I always try to read a mix of reviews from 5 star down to 1 star, and mentally filter out the reviews that sound like copies of the marketing materials.

          Anyways, be very careful promulgating this rumor. Being a whistleblower is not without risks (libel suits, even if frivolous, can shut people up because they’re expensive to fight), although if you have some genuinely bulletproof info, it is appreciated to know such things. Also beware the lowly trolls who conjure up sophisticated stories just to stir up the nest.

      • Calibrator

        Could also be Nikon or Sony if it’s one of the big three, I guess.

        However, at least it’s proven that Sony and its daughter companies used shady marketing tactics in the past to sell more.

        Straight from the Wikipedia entry of Sony (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony):

        “In July 2000, a marketing executive working for Sony Corporation created a fictitious film critic, David Manning, who gave consistently good reviews for releases from Sony subsidiary Columbia Pictures that generally received poor reviews amongst real critics. When the scandal was revealed, Sony apologised to Ridgefield Press, the newspaper Manning was claimed to be from. Sony claimed it was unaware of the marketing ploy, and pulled the ads and suspended Manning’s creator and his supervisor. In 2003, Sony paid the state of Connecticut $325,000 in fines following the Connecticut Attorney General’s investigation into Sony’s alleged fraudulent marketing practices. In August 2005, Sony finalized a settlement to pay $1.5m to fans who saw the reviewed films in the US.”


        “In November 2006, a marketing company employed by Sony created a website entitled “All I want for Xmas is a PSP”, designed to promote the PSP through viral marketing. The site contained a blog, which was purportedly written by “Charlie”, a teenager attempting to get his friend “Jeremy”‘s parents to buy him a PSP, providing links to t-shirt iron-ons, Christmas cards, and a “music video” of either Charlie or Jeremy “rapping”. However, visitors to the website soon discovered that the website was registered to a marketing company, exposing the site on sites such as YouTube and digg, and Sony was forced to admit the site’s true origin in a post on the blog, stating that they would from then on “stick to making cool products” and that they would use the website for “the facts on the PSP”. The site has since been taken down. In an interview with next-gen.biz, Sony admitted that the idea was “poorly executed”.”

    • Mock Kenwell

      Look, most of the bile aimed at the Nikon 1 is happening for one rational and one irrational reason:

      1. The D800 is so goddamn late. Yes, it’s late. A D700s would have stopped this from happening, but there it is. Nikon enthusiasts are feeling ignored while those who don’t care that much about cameras (P/S folks) get two waves of Coolpixes per year. Yes they make them money, we all know that, but enthusiasts are not feeling the love from Nikon. Totally irrational but understandable.

      2. Nikon’s attempts to garner the love of enthusiasts have been miserable, failed attempts. Witness the P300 and P7100. Neither is close to being best in class, nor do they give the impression Nikon is listening. So you can say the enthusiast market is tiny if you must, but you’re lying to yourself. Canon has the G series & the S95, Lumix has the LX3, Oly has the XZ-1, Sigma has the DP, etc. This is a competitive segment, and Nikon is just not very good at listening to it. This segment also provides some street cred and “bragging rights.” So Nikon enthusiast feel let down. Fairly rational and understandable if you ask me.

      So along comes the 1 system, and enthusiasts can’t help but feel left out again. So yes, a lot of this bile is coming from morons, but some of it is justified, IMO.

  • Bill

    I am all these years disappointed with Nikon P&S. Not any more. Hands on with P7100 & V1, I must says, impressive!! Though they are not as fast as DSLR. It does improved much. now I’m only waiting for D800…

    • plug

      My new V1 complements my D700 and I will get a D800 or whatever when it appears. Couldn’t do without a viewfinder though. Raw with the V1 seems impressive to me and A4 prints look really good. Perhaps A3 might be pushing it but I suspect they would be perfectly acceptable. I don’t do much very low light but the the D700 excels.

  • spamdie

    They must mean “Sales in Japan” in which anything in the 10,000 sale range is considered “success”.

  • Anand

    I think they produced like 2 and have sales of 3!

    I checked them out best buy too…for that price, I would rather get a DSLR. I just don’t get the point of a small little thing with lens changing…I mean the whole point of going compact is cuz…you are going compact and small!!! Not want to carry shit around! Jeez.

    I call their bluff! I also asked the best buy folks…they said they have not sold any in the store that I was last week!

  • Been there guy

    The sales channel dictates that Nikon has to sell the products to dealer, not consumers.
    They have a very low expectation of the sales, and planned their production based on their low expectation.

    The dealers are bunch of opportunists, they see a new item and its the holiday season, so they placed large orders based on two reasons:
    1. The dealers are alway optimistic about turning a profit, specially when there is a new product from Nikon.
    2. They already know there will be a shortage on Nikon DSLR and lens, so they need products to fill in the spaces.

    When the holiday season is over, we will know the true story. The big rebate will come in January, and or even price cuts too. We will see how things play out. One thing for sure, even the casual customers will stay away from Nikon 1 because of its price.

    If Canon plays the game right, puts a lot of rebates, Nikon will soon compare their sales volume to Leica and declare victory.

    This will be the divine justice for not giving us the D800! You will see.

    • Jabs

      AND then you wake up from your own nightmare or dream – lol.

      Ever heard of computers and the ability to track sales in real time?

      Success is success while you make your own ‘reality’ – lol.

      • Been there guy

        U R so gullible, to track sales records of every retail outlet requires access to the retailers’ private data. No one would allow that kind of access without being paid for it. Besides, records can be manipulated every which way they like at the store level. All Nikon get was a distorted information at the best.

        You may ask why would they want to manipulate sales records, right? Simple, if Nikon puts a volume bonus, they will do their best to pump up the sales record to get that money! It’s the nature of sales. I guess you never worked in the real world my friend. Ha—- real time tracking, only Wal-Mart does that.

        • Jabs

          Earth to you – this is year 2011.

          Nikon sends them 20 cameras and 20 lenses.
          They order 20 more cameras and 20 lenses.
          Nikon sells them on credit!
          Nikon now knows how many they sold, as Sales Records are not private, as that is why they are Nikon Dealers.

          Wal-Mart alone uses real time product sales records??? – LOL.

          You definitely do not live in this century, as the cheapest POS (Point of Sale) Systems will allow anyone to do that today as many of them are Windows XP based plus Internet connected via Ethernet and VPN.

          Please get up to speed with both Technology and Business practices today.

          Dealers report their SALES figures to Nikon!

    • Rob Ueberfeldt

      Canon, I remember them, that’s the really large camera company without a mirrorless offering.

    • Brian Richards

      I’m amazed at the ignorance of this poster and others who have absolutely no understanding of marketing.

      This poster’s ignorance shows with his complaint on how sales figures are totaled. If dealers think the camera will sell then they order. If they don’t think they’ll sell, then they won’t. Seems like dealers, who are closer to a broad mix of customers on a daily basis think this is a good product. Thom Hogan thinks it’s a great tool in a previously undefined niche. I think it has a market.

      As for the “I wouldn’t buy it, so it must be bad” crowd. Well your ignorance of marketing is even lower than this poster.

      There is a market for a lot of products I wouldn’t purchase for myself. And that doesn’t make them bad products.

  • Shirrif

    “As a consequence, we have made a downward adjustment of unit sales for digital SLR cameras and interchangeable lenses and an upward adjustment of unit sales for compact digital cameras in light of the current environment.”

    Looks to me that sale is somewhere strong. But it must be false info if there is still some left in Wall-Mart in Montana…

  • kazziz

    I work in Nikon Store in Poland and I’ve never heard of a sold Nikon 1 from any of the employees in whole network..

  • Eric Calabros

    It has just one obvious meaning: even Nikon itself, understimated the 1 system

  • Mark

    Confirmation, of sorts. My local camera shop, a largish one in a large mid-western city, told me they’d sold quite a few, and also that they’d received a fairly large shipment from Nikon. They told me that, at least for now, it was their best selling interchangeable lens camera. And they had a lot of Sony NEX, Oly and Pany M4/3 on the shelves, so the competition is there.

    I should point out the store seemed to be heavily promoting it, with lots of signs and posters scattered about the show room. So that certainly makes a difference.

    Of course, selling well in this market may not mean a whole lot.

    • lolly

      If they’re “heavily promoting it” then they surely will NOT say it is not selling well … don’t you think ?

      • Rob

        It’s called profit margin. It’s often higher on newer products.

    • Andre

      Why be so worried about posting the stores name and location?

      It might even give your post credibility if you did.

  • Jabs

    Do you have any idea what Wind Chill Factor refers to?

    It refers to an actual temperature that is present due to the effects of WIND.

    Basically wind blows and lowers the real temperature.

    Residual temperature =the base temperature or nominal temperature.
    Wind chill factor = this base temperature now lowered by cold wind that gives us a lower real temperature due to the real chill of this cold wind. Since the wind is not a constant, then when it blows, it lowers the real temperature, hence the ‘wind chill factor’!!!

    It is REAL and not imaginary!

    • jm

      as a professional physicist, I know very well what temperature and wind chill mean…
      just to be simple,

      imagine I put a DRY thermometer outside, (if you wish, to be extra careful, in a sheltered place); It will read what we usually refer to “temperature” ..
      Imagine now that we put a living organism (or simply a wet surface): it will loose heat
      (energy ) faster
      – if it is not protected (but this does not enter the wind chill)
      – it it is wet
      – if the air around is humid rather than dry (unless we reach saturation)
      – if the wind is blowing fast, so that the air layer around the skin is constantly replaced;

      As a result, the living being will loose heat slower or faster , for a given outside temperature,
      according to the above-stated conditions.
      A frequently used way to state this is to introduce an “effective temperature” (the wind-chill equivalent) so that you take into account the wind/humidity. In a strong wind, you will loose
      heat as if the temperature were (the much lower wind-chill value) in calm weather.

      But , as I think this explains, it does not mean that the actual temperature lowers for that
      (the actual temperature of a wet rag — above freezing — would indeed lower for a while,
      until all the water has evaporated)

      With this understanding, you realize that the temperature INSIDE a camera body (assumed
      to be dry) , AT EQUILIBRIUM (which means in a steady state, not just removed from a heated place or container), is only related to the ACTUAL temperature outside.
      How fast you reach that equilibrium may be related to the wind chill factor (but in a way probably different as that felt by human beings)

      I never said that wind chill was not real — it just refers to speed of heat loss rather
      than actual temperature


      • Jabs

        LOL – at edumacted baloney!

        Dry bulb versus wet bulb temperature – lol.

        Wind chill FACTOR relating to the lowering of the real temperature as a factor is the temperature you NOW feel because of wind.

        NOT tropical wind, but cold arctic wind, so you are clueless and pretentious – LOL.

        Perfessor Do-nothing!!!

        BTW – the static temperature is the measured temperature in that environment.

        The wind chill factor is the reduced temperature due to cold winds lowering it when they BLOW – lol.

        We are talking about OUTSIDE temperature too!

        • Jabs troll?

          Jabs you got owned big time and you’re stammering trying to make yourself look smart.

          Tell us the truth. Do Nikon pay you to troll?

          • Jabs


            Both you and the poster that I was responding to were posting gibberish trying to be facts – idiocy 101.

            Maybe you cannot figure out why their post was nonsense either – LOL.

            Better to be a troll than a moron or pretender and NO, I don’t work for Nikon – I just have sense and an ability to figure out baloney from reality – try that yourself – duhhhhhh!!!

            • Been there guy

              Did you lost your ticket back to Mars?

        • DO

          Jabs, please see this article that explains what wind chill is from a professor at the University of Washington:


          NR Admin, can we please look at doing something about this idiot? His comments continually fill the comment sections full of crap, “jabs” at other people, and he seems to exist only to stir the pot instead of providing or encouraging useful discussions.

          • jm

            I am a bit confused at the amount of reaction…
            I am certainly NOT attacking Nikon … in fact I am very happy with
            my Nikon gear (I shifted from Olympus OM2 used for macro when the N8008/F801came out, and am now quite happy with digital Nikons SLR’s — I won’t detail the exact equipment I am using — it is of little interest, and for hobby purpose )
            I know very little about the System 1, but inquired last week from Nikon technical service about the possibility to use it for student lab work; they were very helpful, and promised to send me a sample video, so I can evaluate if the fast video is adequate for mechanics experiments.

            This just to show that my initial post about wind chill are not in any way “for” or “against” Nikon — it would just be nice to know the temperature — if I really want to know, I will write them … !

            As wind chill is just a simple issue, those genuinely interested in the question can just look up the Wikipedia page, it is well done (I am no part of it) , and shows how this notion differs
            from temperature. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_chill

            This being said, I find it strange to have so much “hate” , just because
            of a simple and basic / honest question

            Maybe indeed the moderator could have a look, because this strange noise can discourage serious discussion

            — thanks to those who are trying to keep an open attitude ..

            • paf

              please don’t let this discourage you. For one I thought your post would solve the debate — but then again, not everyone can appreciate objective information.

              (don’t take Jabs seriously. If you follow this site, you’ll find that this is his standard of having “an casual discussion”)

            • Ren Kockwell

              +1. Honestly, Peter.

      • Ric


      • Jabs

        Definition of – windchill factor

        noun – Meteorology.
        The apparent temperature felt on the exposed human body owing to the combination of temperature and wind speed.

        Here is at least one ERROR in your presentation or mis-explanation.

        PLUS there are several others too.

        You see all of us here are not clueless ignoramus non-English speaking or poor grammar users and/or lousy spellers.

        Trying to explain the obvious makes you an ‘edumacated moron’ like the example of Jethro Bodine of the fictional old U.S. Television Show named The Beverly Hillbillies.

        Look it up too.

    • paf

      You’re a gentleman and a scholar!

      hahah… I Love it – show the world your infinite wisdom. Your explanation of windchill blows just like the wind you talk about….

      Seriously, do you get paid per word you post? Please stop — post short messages that make sense and when you’re not sure, remember this rule:

      “Silence is golden”.

  • Jabs

    NEWS for the Clueless – 2011.

    *** Nikon 1 System *** saves Nikon Corporation in a year of two major disasters.

    • Jabs troll?

      I know you’re just doing your job, but your pro trolling is weak sauce.

      • YourBringingMeDown

        CPT, Canon paid trolls are sophisticated, knowledgable in English and professional. They deftly seep misinformation and fear into the seems of Nikon dream-boys (and girls) fantasies, poisoning hope with disappointment, pleasure with pain and fantasy with the coldness of reality.
        Jabs does not fit the description. Ever the optimist, I believe Jabs is speaking from the misery that he experiences in life.
        FACT: he makes my head hurt when he yells through the forum.
        FACT: he puts people down with emotional jabs and unFACTual information.
        THEORY: he is not a genuine paid troll.
        THEORY: there are sophisticated paid trolls working this site.
        OPINION: they are very successful and take away from the fun of these boards. I wish them gone while welcoming an open discussion of the topics at hand.

        • Rob Ueberfeldt

          First time I’ve heard of a “pro” troll. I thought the definition of a troll was someone who goes onto a site and tries to bait people knowing the site is pro-something and that someone will rise to the challenge of defending their turf. I will bite at times if baited and so will many of the regulars here (Jabs included) that doesn’t make us trolls. P.S. sold all my Nikon gear because I needed the cash and currently shot a five megapixel Canon P&S that takes wonderful pictures. If I had the money I would jump at a Nikon 1.

          • jodjac

            I think the Nikon 1 looks like an interesting camera. Doesn’t it something called a thirty second portrait function? I’d like to try one out. Maybe it would make a nice Christmas present for my wife ( to leave laying around for me to use…).

          • lolly

            It’s good that you’re satisfied with your Canon 5mp P&S. It’s not the camera but the photographer that matters. 😉 Money is tight for everyone. If you accumulated your camera gear over the years then you probably won’t get much for it when it’s time to sell. As a photographer I still shoot film (but more digital) but I won’t sell my Nikon gear because I still have use for it.

            Perhaps, you don’t have use for the Nikon gear and hence, as you say, sold all of it to get cash … which makes sense. But what doesn’t make sense is that you would buy a Nikon 1 (if you had the money, of course). Do you need or want another camera … does it have to be a Nikon 1 ?

            Btw, I’m not a troll and I’m not trolling you … maybe I got trolled. 🙁 I’m just curious as to why people, like yourself, are so blatantly promoting the Nikon 1. Who cares if you get a Nikon 1 or a Nikon D800, if you had the money, of course. If you’re a Nikon 1 fanboy then it makes sense … if you’re a troll then ‘flame’ me but don’t expect me to reply.

            • Rob Ueberfeldt

              All good Lolly. I’m not satisfied with my five megapixel camera (though it takes good enough shots for what it is). I guess to be honest I would like a lot of cameras if I could afford them. I had a D90 with three lenses and sold them for over half of what I paid (not bad considering the “90” was over three years old). I wish I didn’t have to sell however such is life. I wasn’t making any money with the gear and it was worth too much just to leave in the cupboard (at least someone is using it now). I didn’t think mentioning I would like a Nikon mirrorless equated to blatantly promoting it. Anyway my point being (from the previous post) was that people who defend Nikon on this site can not reasonably called trolls, fanboys maybe, trolls no.

  • The invisible man

    5 more days until the 18th !

  • paf

    just a general observation…

    Was Nikon ever able to keep up with the demand on product launch?


    • T.I.M

      sure…….when the F801 (N8008) came out you had to wait 6 months to get one !

  • I like the built in EVF, but the sensor is too small.

  • Stefan

    OT: There is no D300s at amazon Germany. Just wondering…

  • PeterO

    All this kwetching about Nikon 1 sales! I don’t care either way but it most certainly reminds me of Orwell’s 1984 “chocorat” where chocolat rations were “up” to 25 grams from the previous years’ 30 grams 🙂

  • i just looked at the b and h website they have no sales for these models either as of today i am talking customer reviews only

  • Jabber

    I’ve often wondered if Jabs is paid to post too.

    • Tony

      I hope they smart enough……… his comments are way too much on Nikon side which somehow makes Nikon looks really bad.

    • Ren Kockwell

      If so, they should get their money back. Subtle as a sledgehammer.

  • Tony

    Agree!! +1
    I think so too. Many people look over tons of new features 1 system is offering. But the high price tag might be the cause.

    • BartyL

      The price is most definitely off-putting. The V1 sells here with the basic kit lens for only $100 less than the price of a D7000 body. It’s too much functionality to give up for ‘convenience’ given the small price difference.

      I agree that reviews from people who actually own then are fairly positive, and I like what I see in some of the samples posted so far. But the price would have to pretty much halve for me to consider one, and I doubt that will happen soon.

  • Ojojo

    I looked over the Nikon 1 system in Jessops Edinburgh last week. I must admit I was quite impressed with the V1, although it is clearly very much overpriced. It does seem that “cool design” has been elevated above function in a number of areas – one example is the flush shutter release which cannot be located by touch, that must slow down reaction time. I would certainly be tempted if it were £200 cheaper though. It seems there is going to be quite a system coming.

    In one way, I hope it is selling well – Nikon can’t be actually producing very much else at the moment!

  • T.I.M

    where is my icon ?
    I see many people don’t have icons anymore.

    • lolly

      You’re invisible … of course ! 😀

  • PAG

    I was fascinated by all the back and forth on the Nikon 1, so I did a quick look at Amazon. In addition to being in the top seller ranks, about a half dozen combos are listed with short inventory. Now maybe Amazon lies about this type of thing, but I kind of doubt it. They also might have made very small initial orders, but as one off the largest (or perhaps the largest?) seller of consumer cameras I would kind of doubt that too. Here’s what was in short supply when I looked:

    6 Left – Nikon 1 J1 10mm and 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lenses (White)
    3 Left – Nikon 1 J1 with 10-30mm VR and 30-110mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lenses (White)
    1 Left – Nikon 1 J1 with 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lens (Silver)
    5 Left – Nikon 1 J1 with 10-30mm VR and 30-110mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lenses (Silver)
    1 Left – Nikon 1 J1 with 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lens (Red)
    19 Left – Nikon 1 J1 with 10mm and 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lenses (Red)
    1 Left – Nikon 1 V1 with 10mm and 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lenses

    • paf

      I would not use Amazon’s stock numbers to judge the inventory of various dealers.

      When I search for V1 I get this


      There are 27 listed as in stock and if you click on the stock you get a whole bunch of sellers and spot checking all of them show “in stock” so out of the 22 sellers listed I would think they have more than 27 available all together.

      • PAG

        Understood, but I was intentionally thinking of just Amazon’s stock. I wanted to know if Amazon had sold much of what they stocked, and it appears that they have.

        Following your link, I looked at the top 5 non-Amazon providers. All but Shutterbug had inventories of 10 or less of one or both cameras, and all had but Cameta had inventories under 10 for one or more lenses. This tells me that there’s no massive shortage (like the craze over Nikon’s 35mm f/1.8 after the earthquake), but unless every one of these outfits stocked very low to begin, with it looks like they’re all generating sales with them just fine.

        • paf

          Totally agree with your points.

          I actually took few more minutes to compare the stock against other models and it’s not exactly what I would call “shortage”. For example OneCall had 6 G12’s left and only 3 V1’s. Nex5 was marked as 1 left while Nex3 had no real inventory number available leading me pretty much the same conclusion as yours — no massive shortage but definitely geared to sell.

          One thing that crossed my mind (and that’s because I am twisted like that) — if I was a V1 dealer on Amazon, I’d purposely keep my stock numbers low on display so that there would be the added pressure to the buyers — BUY NOW. RIGHT NOW!

  • PAG

    Just checked B&H as well. These combos are all labeled as either “Temporarily Out of Stock” or “Approx. Arrival November”. Since all of these are still available on Amazon, I assume that they are sold out or B&H can’t get them:

    Nikon 1 J1 with 10-30 mm VR Zoom Lens (Black)
    Nikon 1 J1 with 10-30 mm VR Zoom Lens (Red)
    Nikon 1 J1 with 10-30 mm / 30-110 mm Lens (Red)

    Adorama is also missing models that Amazon is already selling. They are labeled “New item not available yet, Delivery scheduled to start October 2011.” Makes me wonder if these two companies a) didn’t jump on ordering like Amazon did (or perhaps have less pull) and b) if the Thai flooding has gummed up delivery of the Nikon 1.

    One other neat thing is that B&H lists a “leather body case” for the J1. Is this the first step to selling a grip for this camera?

    • Chimphappyhour

      They already sell grips for the V1 and J1. They aren’t like the ones you get with DSLRs though. They are literally just a bolt on grip.

  • broxibear

    Thailand flooding increases Nikon prices in Japan…
    “Nikon and Sony camera retailers have reportedly raised prices in Japan as manufacturers face a production shortfall in the aftermath of the floods in Thailand.
    The price of Nikon’s D3100 DSLR double-zoom lens kit has risen 19%, to 55,100 yen (around £450), from its price a month ago”
    “Japanese retailers are reportedly becoming ‘increasingly concerned about falling inventories, and prices could continue to rise'”

    • I am waiting on the latest PEN newsletter to see the whole article before posting this online.

    • PeterO

      Just for fun, I went to nikon.ca to see what the prices were. There was always an asterisk beside each price and I remember that it used to say something like “dealer may sell for less”. Now it says: “*MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) listed only as a suggestion. Actual prices are set by dealers and are subject to change at any time.”
      Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting.

  • Jabs

    The Ignorance of ‘Trolls’ here.

    It is quite apparent that there are many ‘paid trolls’ who frequent this web site and try their best to label Nikon as either a clueless or failing Company.

    Their tactics are mainly lousy innuendos and when any facts or challenges are aimed at them, they try and now attack me. Who cares – big boy here and too observant and intelligent to fall for that mess – LOL.

    The lies and then pseudo explanations lobbed at me show your own desperation.

    Wind chill explanations when everyone who lives in a cold environment already knows what it is = stupidity or trolls trying to get your IP address – lol.

    Yeah, we are all stupid and gullible plus we all don’t use any Nikon gear.

    Keep focusing on me, while I ignore you and then you make quite plain your own stupidity and we laugh at you for being an ignorant troll.

    If you don’t like something, be adult enough to say so and then quit trying to light a fire under a Nikon corpse, as they are quite alive.

    The report of the demise of Nikon is quite preliminary and all in your head.

    There is no need to defend from that, as your silly arguments are too easy to take apart. Perhaps you should have paid attention in Earth Science Class or maybe gone outside your house instead of looking at The Weather Channel – lol.

    Yeah – Nikon creates the world’s best small compact camera system with removable lenses and detractors now blame them for devaluing the Nikon name and making their lens collection worth less, when indeed the Nikon 1 System will be able to use many Nikkor lenses from the past via an upcoming adapter.

    Dreaming with your eyes shut and then accusing me of being clueless – real genius too and can’t spell to save your ignorant butt.

    Frauds can never defend their claims because it usually is horse manure designed to slip past you, so I leave them alone in their own desperate ignorance.

    Have a nice day in thought!

    • AnoNemo

      The N1 and V1 are both crap period.

    • Mock Kenwell

      350 words

      • paf

        lol… and the article by NR was only 300 words.

    • Jabs

      The pinnacle of idiocy displayed here – counting words in posts.

      How meaningless your own life must be to sink to counting words and then now infer something from that.

      More time on your hands than apparent intellect – thought so!

  • One More Thought

    I will say it again: whether you like the N1 series or not…there is no way that Nikon is going to lie about its sales, especially in its quarterly financial report. Wake up people.

    If a publicly traded company like Nikon were to say that it’s 1 series sales were doing so well, and then it turned out to be false, then they could be subject to penalties by the regulating bodies for the investment community in their country and perhaps outside of their country as well, and they would be exposing themselves to the probability of class action investor lawsuits.

    It is purely stupid animosity that would cause anyone to try to doubt Nikon on this. Companies just can’t make this stuff up. There are legal consequences.

  • Jabs

    Here is something spectacular for you:
    NASA captures the earth at night with Nikon D3S.


  • Ren Kockwell

    I have used it and I can’t say I hate it. I could find uses for it with regard to video for sure, but that’s about it. It’s too big to be my everywhere camera, and the IQ is too low to consider it as anything more. But it wasn’t made for me.

    I am just concerned that they won’t be able to differentiate themselves from an already packed field. Early adopters are one thing, but Holiday numbers will tell the tale. I fear it’s not that cute, it’s not that capable, it’s not that small, it’s not that controllable, it’s certainly not that cheap. We’ll see. I’m not rooting against it. I just don’t see a strong value proposition for the intended market. That doesn’t make one a troll, it makes one a rational skeptic.

  • Jabs
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