September 21st Nikon press events confirmed also in France, Germany, Romania, South Africa and China

In addition to Austria, Italy and Switzerland I have now confirmations for Nikon press events on September 21st in ChinaFrance (see above screenshot) and Romania where the event will take place at the National Modern Art Museum in Bucharest. Nikon is really putting a lot of effort into the next announcement. I will repeat again: I do not expect any DSLR announcements on September 21, just the new mirrorless system.

Update #1: there will also be an event on September 21st in Nikon's head office in Pretoria, South Africa.

Update #2: and another invitation from Germany: "We invite you to learn about the Nikon Professional Products and perhaps to also find out what you can look forward to":

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  • Did I miss a post? Is there no events in the USA? Is it odd not to include the USA, Even if only mirrorless?

    • The invisible man

      I think The Nikon’s mirrorless camera will soon be called customerless !

      • BornOptimist

        I predict it’s not mirrorless. It will be the first mirrorless with a mirror.

      • AnoNemo

        Agree with your comment. I think no matter what Nikon releases it cannot beat the second generation of NEX products. Besides, the NEX already has more lenses.

        • +1 to that, Nikon not only entered late in the game but their Mirrorless design seems to be a half-a$$ed attempt.

    • I am sure that there are events in the US, but I have no info about them. I am just posting what I have confirmations for.

  • The invisible man

    Ok now it’s clear:
    D800/900 announcement on September 21th and release on October 6th at the French photo/video event.
    Finally !!!!!!!

    • Kon_head

      Another visible event featuring the Invisible man holding an Invisible D800/D900..

      A big announcement for the DSLR-less, mirrorless, and also pointless event. 🙂


  • so, where are the mirrorless specs?

    • Markus

      Who says it will be mirrorless..for so far I only ‘taste’ from most here ‘clueless’

  • The german event seems to be solely targeted at customers for the pro line of cameras – they also say that there’ll be NPS people there. Dunno what that means but it smells a little bit like you-know-what 😉

    • We can only hope.

      • i am more scared from how they were able to keep it under radar…

        so i was today to shop for D700. One of my died, so.

        My retailer don’t have it. Refuse to order it for me. Refuse to answer any question. I was then to pick up D3s. He said: don’t do it.

        I was puzzled. He said no more.

        • tschdaeff

          similar thing happened to me.
          i said i want to upgrade to fx this year, but heared much about a d800. he made me a good offer for a d700 and said ” or wait till november”

          • Davix

            This is why “NR” is made for 😀 Such stories of guys saying that the retailer in the middle of nowhere knows THE secret.

  • Anonymous

    This time it is the D700 in Electric Blue 🙂

    • kyoshinikon


    • StickingZoom

      Wrong, it’s the D800 in invisible …., but massive HIGH ISO performance …

  • broxibear

    Do you think this is the new AFS 135mm f2

    • PTG

      No, it is a 85/1.4

      • PTG

        Actually, the first two figures look like the current AFS 85/1.4

    • BornOptimist

      Nahh, it’s the 85 f1.4. There are 5 examples and all are 85mm f1.4 full frame.

  • venancio

    i’ll expect something more… last time i didn’t expect anything heartstopping my heart throbbed in frustration even if nothing heartstopping actually happened… maybe the red color will bring some luck…

    • Now now, let’s not jinx anything.

  • My piggy bank is full and I just raised my credit card limit — I’m ready for a D800

  • Roy

    Wir laden Sie ein, am 21.09.2011 von 11.00-18.00 Uhr die Nikon Profi-Produkte kennen zu lernen.

    Gemeinsam mit den Nikon NPS- Fachleuten stehen wir Ihnen an diesem Tag für Ihre Fragen zur Verfügung. Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, die neuen Nikon- Produkte in die Hand zu nehmen und ausführlich zu testen.

    Natürlich haben wir die “altbekannten” Kameras und Objektivserien auch da.

    translated: ” ….. the new Nikon products …….” they are speaking of several new products

    • And there is a D4 and a D800 side by side in the small photo.

  • nobody

    “I have the full detailed specs for the Nikon mirrorless camera that I will publish online in few hours once I finish the translation, stay tuned”

    Just curious, which is the original language of your information, so that it takes hours to translate some specs?

  • The invisible man

    Here is the list of all the brands and manufacturers comming at the photo/video French event October 6-10th, “chasseur d’images” is participating (but I don’t see Nikon rumors :o( in the list)


    System Partner Pro , take a close look in the photo!

  • snowPic74

    hm, sounds interesting to me…

    i’m austrian, and they say:

    ‘Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, die neuen Nikon- Produkte in die Hand zu nehmen und ausführlich zu testen.’
    this means: Take the chance, to take the new nikon products in your hands and try them out

    ‘Natürlich haben wir die “altbekannten” Kameras und Objektivserien auch da.’
    this means: of course we also have the “already known” cams and lenses there

    so to me it sounds like they will show new pro products, which are for now unknown….
    and the currently known products…

    and what we know from the mirrorless, it won’t be pro, so it seems something is coming 😉

  • Anonymous

    Smells like smoke! Oh, that’s Texas…

  • james

    @ ADMIN, does the German event info means there might be a pro camera announcement?

    • PTG

      No. They talk about professional products and new products, but not about new professional products. 😉

    • No, no pro level DSLR any time soon.

      • james

        So basically, no new pro level DSLR until next year?

        • I would say no new DSLR this month and in October. Maybe November – December.

          • james

            this sucks…thanks anyway

  • Hans

    Mirrorless? Who needs that crap? What we really need are some new CoolPixes in cyan and purple.
    Nikon will not come out with a new DSLR until 2013. And then it it wil be 12.2 MP. Damn sure.

  • U.L

    The Swiss Nikon press events on 12.09.11 seems to be an Exhibition of Photo’s taken during “Patrouille Suisse” and an Airshow or Aerobatics by a famous Japenese Photographer. it says nothing about about new product introduction.

  • what about the good old u s of a??
    i got the piggy bank on overload.

  • Richard Tugwell

    Mirror? No mirror? Who cares? I need a D800.

  • Maybe will be a new 135mm f/2. I hope so not another AF-S lens with the same slower AF like 24,35,50,85…After 16 years, since 135/2 AF-D release, we hope to much?I am not a newbe on Nikon system and I work with Nikon over 10 years, but can we aford another lenses at this price in this global crisis?! I don’t need f/1.2, but I need a good AF like 135/2 from Canon…15 years, same AF system on this lens and it work just great.

    Anyway, good to know that will be in Romania this press event.

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