More Nikon media events on September 21st, 2011

After Nikon Austria and Nital (Nikon Italy), there will be also a Nikon press event in Switzerland (available also here. Google translation):

I received reliable information about events in several other countries. Nikon is putting a lot of effort and preparation for those events. Nikon is expected to release their new mirrorless camera + lenses on September 21st.

I seriously doubt that there will be another product announced on the same date.

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  • Ke

    I look forward to all the complaints about how it’s not FX / DSLR news.

    Admin – any idea yet on what that 4th lens will be for the mirrorless?

    • it will either be another zoom (30-100mm maybe) or a micro, not sure yet.

      • Chris

        You said lenses so more than one? Any clue when they will release a 85mm F1.8G update version to the 1990s 85mmF1.8D?

        • Yagion

          Admin was talking about mirrorless lenses, not FX/DX lenses

          • Yes, mirrorless lenses only this month:
            I doubt there will be something else from Nikon in September. The mirrorless camera system itself is important enough for Nikon to have a separate event for it.

            • grantourismo

              Let me see if i got this right, so the mirrorless camera it self will not be announced this month? Only the lenses for it?

            • no, mirrorless camera and lenses on September 21st. 4 new lenses, 3 will be available right away, the 4th will come later in the year. There will also be a new flash for the mirrorless announced later.

        • What is wrong with the 85mm f1.8d? I know it’s older but optically, it’s a great lens for the money.

          • Lovely wedding

            I’s outdated. No SWM, so no instant manual override. And poligonal diaphragm makes bokeh worse.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Okay, so we have:
        1) a pancake
        2) a super zoom
        3) a standard zoom
        4) what else?

        Any idea what focal length on these?

        • MJr

          click the damn link above ya to earlier post.

        • The 4th lens could be another zoom (30-100mm) or a micro. I believe Nikon will also release a new flash for the mirrorless system in the future.

    • Pabs

      I want my f’n D800. Happy? Lol

    • Who the hell needs those idiotic Crappixes?

      • Yagion

        I guess you didn’t read that post about Sony doubled market share with these “crappixes”.

        • I guess you missed the point. Sony is good at compacts.

          • Yagion

            “Who the hell needs those idiotic Crappixes?”

            The point is there is great demand for those “crappixes”. Yes, Sony is good at compacts, and Nikon wants to step in for a piece of the pie.

          • I think Canon is better at compacts.

            (But of course Nikon is better at DSLRs)

            • Ke

              Personally I’d say:

              Nikon for DSLRs

              Canon for compacts

              Olympus for m4/3

            • You forgot:

              Sony for cassette players

            • Victor Hassleblood

              No man,
              this is mutterfickend 2011.

              Sony for Discman

            • Jeremy

              I have a pretty good Sony VHS player that I use for, um, art films. Auto tracking!!

  • I could just take the train to Zurich, except it wouldn’t be worth the ticket price because all they will announce is a Mirrorless camera. If they were going to announce a D4/D800, then I wouldn’t mind spending that money.

  • Marc

    I am glad that I updated recently from my old Nikon D700 to a new D3s. Great camera.
    Seems to be that Nikon will not update the D3 series this year.

  • The invisible man

    Do they speak French in Switzerland ?

    • Ren Kockwell

      They speak money in Switzerland.

    • kyoshinikon

      I don’t know but i know they speak Swiss in Frencherland… 😛

      • I have been to Switzerland a few times and they actually speak Italian.

        • InfraRed

          They actually have 4 official languages: French, German, Italian and Rosmansh (by alphabetical order).
          Zurich is located in the German speaking part of Switerland (itself the size of the greater San Francisco Bay Area)

          • InfraRed

            I meant “Switzerland”… sorry!

            • Victor Hassleblood

              Actually it is “Schwitzerland”, if we are talking about the German speaking part of this country. Or was it “Schweißerland”?


            • The official german name for it is “Schweiz” … but in the local dialect it’s pronounced more like “Schwyz” (sounds like “Schwitz” but definitely without the “land”).

              InfraRed is correct about the 4 national languages. German is the most common language (~65%), followed by French and then far away on third place is Italian. Romansh (an old latin based dialect spoken in the mountains) is dying out, only a handful of people are left speaking it and all of them can speak swiss-german too.

  • broxibear

    September 21, 2011… isn’t that the International Day of Peace ?
    I was going to post Nikon will no doubt announce their own piece of shit, but that wouldn’t be very nice lol.

    • Ren Kockwell

      LOL. Good one Broxi.

    • Maddog

      Autumnal Equinox or close to it? Does that mean something weird is going to happen?

  • Hans

    Maybe there will be some new CoolCraps! Cool! We want and need more of them!
    Nikon will not come out with a new DSLR before 2013. And then it will be 12 MP.

    • broxibear

      I think you might be onto something Hans…reverse psychology.
      So many people here have been whinning and complaing about dslrs yet Nikon have only announced Coolpixes…maybe if you all start moaning about the lack of new coolpixes they’ll announce some dslrs ?

      • The invisible man

        Sure….. that’s what I’m telling to myself everytime I ask my kids to brush their teeth, if I stop asking them…maybe they will do it.

  • Gustavo Mitando

    I need wide DX 20mm 2.8 g or 24mm 2 g……..HELP

    • cogmike

      There’s always the Sigma 20mm f/1.8 and 24mm f/1.8?

  • Here’s hoping this is the D800, but I am afraid it will be a mirrorless POS.

  • Bundgee

    Buy the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8. Pretty sweet.

    • Sly Larive

      No no no! That would not do it! This lens actually EXISTS! We have to want stuff that don’t for us to come over to this board…

      Actually it is true though and some people seem to forget this isn’t DPReview or SLRGear, the idea of this site is to discuss upcoming products. I totally get it, the D800/D4 joke and the folks tired of it all, but if you’re looking for a site to, rightfully, praise the D700, 85mm 1.8 or what-not, then perhaps one is on the wrong site?!?

      Still, tempers can flare a bit too much and I guess sometimes we get out of bounds wishing for new products…

      • The D800 may be long in coming, but at least the D700 is a damn good camera.

  • This is excruciating. This will probably be mirrorless cameras. Now we will most probably have to wait for October for the next round of announcements. I won’t buy one, but I want to see them and am waiting for the replacement for the D3S to knock down the pirces on used D3S bodies.

  • Poll(uted)


    What is extrordinary in Nikon 2011 extraordinary events?

    a- the quality of drinks

    b- the quality of caviar

    c- the talent of nikonpeople to make buzz with aost nothing

    d- the quality of new fullframe cameras presented

    More than one response accepted.

    • The invisible man

      The cute girls, I like Sonia (the blonde from Nikon Germany).

      • Raff

        What happened to your image?? Are you getting visible??

  • The invisible man

    I returned the D7000 today and I’m almost to get a D5100 (I bought a Panasonic HDC-SD90 for video, Nikon’s DSLR suck for video).

    The D5100 will make an excellent x1.5 extender with no light lost !
    I’m 100% sure that the D800/900 will be release before 2012.

    • broxibear

      Hi The invisible man,
      Can I ask you some questions since you returned your D7000, I’m curious as to why…hope you don’t mind ?
      What was it about the D7000 that made you want to buy it ?
      And what was it about the D7000 that you decided wasn’t good enough for you that you gave it back ?

      • MJr

        It’s not the D7000’s fault, a smaller aps-c to compliment his future FX just makes more sense i guess. D5100 has the same sensor anyway.

      • The invisible man

        Well, the D5100 and D7000 have the same 16MP sensor.
        D5100 is half price of the D7000.

        – I don’t need 2 SD cards slots
        – I now have a HD camcorder (Nikon video sucks)
        – I don’t need 6fps (I don’t do sport)
        – I use only 1 AF central point (focus on the subject and then re-frame)
        – the D5100 have a LCD that move (usefull for my studio work)

        I will buy the D800/900 because I NEED a FX body.
        So why pay for the D7000 extra features that I won’t use ?

        My DX body will stay in the bag as a “rescue” camera when I do weddings.

        And finaly, I will use the D5100 as a x1.5 extender for my (futur) af-s 200mm f/2 with NO LIGHT LOST

        • I understand you not needing the video feature since you’ve picked up a dedicated HD camera. But would you care to quantify “Nikon video sucks”?

          • The invisible man

            I am not a “pro” in video but I did some tests last weekend with the D7000.

            I tried in full manual (aperture, focus, WB) and full auto.
            The results were terrible (even using a tripod or VR lens).

            As I said I’m not a “pro” in video but I had much better results using a regular DV camcorder.

            I always edit my videos with adobe premiere and make CD/DVD so I needed a decent video quality.

            I think it will take few more years for Nikon to get the video right in DSLR.

            • As I said before, can you quantify? What about the DV camcorder results were better?

              Was the color bad? The resolution? The sharpness? The compression? Can you elaborate?

              I ask because we have shot with a number of DSLRs and camcorders and I’ve been blown away by the quality of Nikon’s video. There have been improvements through their lineup for sure, but the D7k has so far been a solid performer for us.

              The only major problem we’ve seen with the D7k is increased moire on clothing with fine thread patterns. It has actually been a problem on a few shoots now when we’re close to the subject (interviews, etc). Otherwise, I’m curious to know what you’re seeing that’s inferior.


          • The invisible man

            @Ron Adair
            Well it’s almost impossible to keep the focus right (in real life video, not a studio video made with manual focus).
            And the videos are not smooth, I think the 60fps from a HD camcorder will look much better.

            • Autofocus in video is for consumers and amateurs. This does not mean Nikon’s video “sucks”, and certainly their technology is on par or exceeding the (current) competition.

              I use manual focus 100% of the time in video, and track subjects just fine. The fact that this is possible is really a small miracle, and wouldn’t have been possible with previous generations of cameras due to their lower-res screens.

              You and I could argue all day about the nature of cinematic film speed (24fps) VS. digital speed (60fps) used in sports and news broadcasts. Time will tell whether 60fps really does root out 24fps, but I hope and pray it does not—at least not for narrative work. If you want my take on why 60fps is bad for this aspect of filmmaking, click the link.

              You are correct, Nikon doesn’t currently offer 60fps in their DSLRs. I will back you 100% in hoping for this feature (albeit for different reasons, as I use it for slomo). But again, Nikon is on par with the competition when it comes to the modes their cameras do offer, and they produce very high quality cinematic output for those who know how to handle the medium.

              For point and shoot work, none of these cameras are really for you. But I think labeling them as you have is unfair, if not a bit misleading. These are not HD camcorders, they are hybrid machines that offer a different (some might say improved) set of capabilities.

        • broxibear

          Hi The invisible man,
          I understand about the D5100 instead of the D7000 but you said you returned the D7000 ?
          I’m not having a go at you or anything I just don’t understand something. Why didn’t you just buy the D5100 in the first place, you couldn’t have owned the D7000 for very long if the retailer was prepared to take it back ?
          Again I’m not criticising you, I’m curious and it’ll help others think more carefully about whether they really need a particular model for what they do.

          • The invisible man

            @ broxiours
            I choosed the D7000 because I did not know that D5100 have the same 16MP sensor (I sold my D90).
            If Nikon have made a D90x (16mp) it would have be just fine.
            Again, I would not have use many of the D7000 features.

      • Errr…. isn’t the D7000, D5100 all visible and palpable ?

        The Invisible Man needs the D800 …. that’s the real invisible cam! 😀

  • Mark Twain

    I posted this in the previous thread, but it appears you are all looking here now, so I’ll repeat it:

    What a small world! I’m a writer who happened upon this discussion and let me tell you, I’m in the same situation.

    For eons I’ve been using Cross writing utensils and as you can imagine, I go through a lot of ink. Thankfully the cartridges aren’t too much money so I just pop a new one on and off I go with a new story!

    So Cross as a company has served me quite well, but lately my inspirition has been drying up. A little case of writer’s block, you know. Anyhow I strongly suspect my Cross pen as the cause of this problem. I’ve been using the same pen for a few years now but I’ve heard Cross is going to introduce a new line of pens very soon. It’s supposed to happen any day now; I don’t know what’s taking them so long. If I have to continue to use the same pen much longer I’m afraid my work will suffer.

    So I feel for all you folks out there waiting for a new DSLR! I know what it’s like for one’s inspiration to weaken as one’s tools age.

    Frankly if Cross can’t deliver me a new writing utensil soon, and I mean THIS MONTH, I just may find myself switching to Parker or God forbid, Bic.

    I hear there’s a pen coming that automatically extends the cartridge when you pick it up! Imagine that…no need to click the back button anymore! I’ll be able to save my editors so much time with that feature….


    • nobody

      I thought Olympus just announced some new Pens, haven’t they 🙂

    • Up $#!t’s creek

      if only you had the newest pens the other companies were selling that automatically uploaded a txt version of what you wrote to your computer, imagine how much easier and efficient your workflow would be. You still may end up with the same story in the end, but at least you could save a few steps along the way…

      • Up $#!t’s creek

        forgot to mention: according to rumors, this years pens will be inkless

    • ericnl

      isn’t that the point of this whole discussion? the miscommunication?
      that people who own pens are talking down at people who use pencils, but now ask for a pen?

      “just use what you have” works alright if you already own a pen,
      but if you are a pencil writer and you are getting serious about your writing, you need something that won’t smudge as much as pencil, so you are going to buy a pen.

      the problem is that most pens seem to be sold out, and the ones that are left on the shelf have 4 year old ink in them. this ink is kind of dry.
      sure the pen will write on paper, and it won’t smudge like the pencil does, but then new pen about to hit the shelfs is supposed to have new ink in it, and those pens will last longer than the dried up ones left in the shops.

      unfortunately, pencil writers are not that rich, so they can only afford one pen.
      so should you by the dried up ink pen, or wait a bit more to buy the new flowing pen.
      the problem is that these people have been told to wait and buy the new pen (see the Pen Buying Guide on the top of this page) over and over again, but the date keeps on being pushed forward.

      if the pencil writers, soon to be pen buyers would have known this, they would have bought the pen last year, when the ink wasn’t old and dried up yet

      • PoBoy

        I like this analogy, it works well for me, except for the part where we’ve been told to wait to buy, I take full responsibility for that and to tell the truth, I have been waiting a long god-damned time! But I can’t afford to buy every new camera that comes out. I am waiting and waiting because it’s the camera of my dreams, probably the last one I’ll buy for a very long time. Once I thought my Hasselblad C was the sh#t, then along came digital and screwed everything up! I scanned a lot of 120, on a crappy scanner too, because I love that camera. Now it’s over, time to leave the film behind ( I was good in the darkroom too!). I bought the D7000 and have no regrets, it’s a very capable little camera. But I really want the FX glory and I’m not going to plunk my money down till they sort out the video and offer a camera that won’t be obsolete the moment I buy it. Let’s face it, the D700 is a great image maker, but it’s past it’s expiry date!

        Has anyone thought to give that guy’s number a call that’s listed at the top of the page? Ask him where the hell the new FX cameras are? Or a timeline, that would suffice.
        One camera to rule them all!!!!

      • @ericnl

        He’s talking to you, pencil and all. Do you think Bloomsbury Publishing would give one iota if J. K. Rowling had presented her final draft of Harry Potter in pencil instead of Pen? Would the works of Longfellow be any less precious scribed with graphite instead of ink?

        I currently have a ‘pencil’—I sold a D700 for the D3s, and later sold the D3s for a profit so I wouldn’t take a beating when the D4 was released this year. In the interim, I’ve gone to the D7k. I shoot pro work with it. I’ll bet a dollar I can shoot circles around most of the whiners on here with a D3100. Scratch that, I bet I could do it with the P7100. This isn’t so much a testament to the brilliance of my talent as to the ludicrous nature of these whiners’ demands.

        If I fail to nail a shot, it’s almost certainly due to one of three things:

        1) The shortcomings of my ability as a photographer
        2) My lack of willingness to invest the necessary level of effort into planning and pre-production, or
        3) My failure to execute (or commence with) my noteworthy vision, a crucial element in any truly creative work.

        This rule doesn’t just hold true for me. Like it or not, it’s universal.

        Rarely can I truly blame the camera. These cameras are so advanced, anyone whining about how creatively limited that person is by their gear is likely just that: creatively limited. Fortunately, this is not a condition which one must go to the grave with—it is a hurdle which anyone can jump, given they are willing. Yes, even with a D700. Even at todays prices. EVEN with 4 year old technology.

        If you can’t get award-winning images with the current crop of cameras (and you think that is your impediment), then chances are you’ll never get that award-winning shot, not with any camera or any technology.

  • Suggestion to Admin, it would be great if there were a newsletter feature where we could receive email notification only when certain product categories are released (in my case, DSLR, like many are interested in hearing about). Thanks for all that you do.

  • Bryan

    What kind of official announcement states 09.15 a clock?

    first, it’s O’clock, but it’s still not grammatically correct.

  • D800 is coming, listen to my voice!

    • jk

      I am trying to listen to your voice but I don’t hear anything….

  • Prajyot

    There will be only Mirrorless camera and its lens. Simple markating logic.Think about it, If Nikon will launch DSLR along with Mirrorless camera then only few will go for mirrorless camera and rest of all will go for DSLR.
    May be in next announcement (or next year), Nikon will introduce DSLR but not now.To stay updated with latest technology Mirrorless is the best option for Nikon.

  • amien

    While I admire the brand since 25 years, Nikon is getting extremely boring since 2 years. Coming out with half-half concession cameras, full of issues & unfinished ad-ons, just to let us wait for a better tool. I don’t buy crap & other brands manage to come out with a high diversity of cameras, full of the latest technology & extremely nice still + video capacities (did I mention Sony ?).
    If Nikon doesn’t wake up next 2 years, the company will be engulfed by Sony for sure.

    • Yagion

      Don’t only pay attention to DSLR bodies. Look at the lenses line up. How does Sony compare to Nikon? Nikon has released a lot of good lenses these past couple years.

  • D700guy

    6 more hours till another big fat nothing from nikon

  • ich warte

    • Rahul

      für immer 🙂

  • broxibear

    If you’re going to do a youtube review of a coolpix at least learn someting about the camera before you start filming lol

    • Dino B

      heh lol watching that review makes me wanna go and get one (Not) … that was actually depressing guess we will need to wait a bit longer for any slr’s

  • One More Thought

    You have to analyze Nikon’s action from a business perspective. Nikon’s first and foremost in business to make money, not just to please a relatively small percentage of their customer base.

    Nikon makes the most money selling to consumers, not to pro’s or high end consumers.

    The mirrorless market is large and growing, and Nikon doesn’t want to be left behind. We’ll see if their product is viable, but nevertheless it makes sense for Nikon to focus a lot on this market.

    At this point, I don’t see Nikon releasing a new FF this year.

    • R R

      I sadly… Agree.

  • Artur


    What`s up with AF-s 17-35mm f/2.8D ? In Nikon Buying Guide there is written `already updated`.. Am I missing something?

    • The 16-35mm f/4 VR lens I believe was the replacement, I don’t think Nikon will announce another f/2.8 version.

      • Artur

        I see, thanks.

  • JonMcG

    This isn’t such bad news really, we get the Not-Coolpix & the Mirrorless out of the way and that frankly paves the road clear for Nikon to work on D4/D800/D400 before they circle back around to these toy cameras again..

    I think we’re still heading for something good before year’s end..


  • R R

    even if Nikon announced the D800 today.. it would be available to us the regular consumers.. like mmmm… July 2012 cause of so much demand it will be backordered to oblivion!

  • JonGar

    I don’t know if this means anything or not but the “New” banner over the D5100 is gone. It has been on there forever. This was on the nikonusa site.

  • pabs

    maybe later with month, we can expect the D700 upgrade – in green!

    • R R

      green, pink, I´ll buy the D700 upgrade!

      (I´ll painted black back anyways lol)

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