Announcement: Nikon D3100 in red

This is the announcement for tonight: Nikon D3100 in red... Well, not really an announcement, there is no official press release for obvious reasons. The red D3100 may only be for the US market since I did not see any updated on the other international Nikon websites. As I mentioned on several occasions, we should all have lowered our expectations for this "new" product.

Update: see my next post for more details on this camera.

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  • zoetmb

    I really wonder whether all the people on this website who bitterly complain about no new Nikon bodies would actually buy them if they were released.

    However, I think so many of the current Nikon bodies almost never being in stock is a legit complaint.

    • piahi

      i’m waiting for the D700 replacement… i want a higher resolution full-frame DSLR for large (24×36) prints. i could have bought a used D700 with low shutter count for a good price in july but after reading this site i decided to wait for a higher resolution camera with newer technology. i’ll be first in line when it comes out.

  • Emanuele

    Where is my D800 in black?

    • Art

      Sorry, the D800 will only come out in red, white, or blue. There are rumors of an additional option of “woodland cammo” which is in digital blocks like the new US Marine corps uniforms. They will also be coming out with add on kits complete with spray paint and rubber bands to allow those who want to to make their Nikkors match.

  • RThomas

    Oy vey! Not buying that one.

  • EnPassant

    What an anticlimax, not a new product, just a new colour! But at least all controls stand out much better on a red versus black body! Now, can we please have the D7000 in turquoise as well? That would be a cool colour!

  • Scott

    Ok, Nikon…I am really close to selling all my Nikon glass and switching to Canon. I need a D800 with HD Video soon. >:|

    • KT

      It’s not like Canon is burning the midnight oil with one smashing new product after another. They are all in the same boat and that boat has capsized during the last tsunami. Now if someone can tell me where does Sony get all its new products from, I’ll be very happy.

    • Moth Flopwell

      Hey dude….what part of Planet Earth do you live?

      Canon? Where are those huge announcements from Canon….Their Cameras except their entry level cameras….are OLD like Nikon’s!!!

      What? Huh? You would be happy with their 3 year old tech?

      Not me…Sony….Sony…And oh yeah…Sony

  • I ended up getting the 5d mark ii and love it for video and for high res timelapse. I also still have my d300s which is epic for HDR. Looks like I will wait to see what nikon and canon do next but if canon can up their HDR capability in the 5d mark iii then I will most likely be switching entirely over to canon. Few more things on the differences: Canons 5dii body is a bit more solid then nikon and seems more waterproofed. Nikon has better button layout and ability to easily change all camera settings is better then canon…tho I do like the big scroll wheel on the canon. I like the feeling of canon lenses better, smoother focus rings, and more solid build feeling to them. One other thing that swaded me to go with canon is the new 8-15mm lens. So epic for timelapse and fun shots.

    Anywhays just thought I would vent for a bit and say that for now I am sticking it out with both nikon and cannon until one of the two can make a camera that does everything I need.


  • Looks silly with the black lens attached. Looks kind of silly anyway. Canon has colors for the Rebelnline so I guess Nikon felt they needed to me-to.

  • HDR

    looks like a ugly toy now

  • Dweeb

    Nikon — always out of step with what customers want. No pink Valentine’s day special edition?

  • They didn’t even give us D3200 :.(

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha… NR got punked by Nikon. What an anticlimax!! However, Nikon never told us what they wanted to release, we were just fantasizing. Now time to go out and use the fine Nikkor glass that we already have and the great Nikon cameras that go with it to make some great images.

  • Moth Flopwell

    Really? NO! REALLY?

    So kiddies..this should tell you…A D3200 is NOT coming out later on this month. Only the new mirrorless camera IN MANY COLORS will be announced on Sept. 21st!!!!

    Relax Nikon Fans….this is going to be a freaking long haul.

    I predict the new improved D700 will be called D700.1

    Nikon will replace the mere 12mp with their new improved 12.2MP!!!! Still no video.

    Good Luck Nikon…..Sony is on top of this game.

  • SE

    Actually Nikon showed the red D3100 in a local media event (mainly for those consumer cameras released on 24th last monthly, such as P7100) here in Taiwan, so suppose it should be a global model instead of US-only.

    A little bid disappointed about Nikon, but I’m quite surprised that NR accurately predicted that there won’t be anything interesting in the early September event.

  • Carlos R B

    LOL after LOL after LOL………….lmao……thanks.

  • Ed

    I’m holding out for a cobalt blue D3s and gold Nikkor 50/1.2 G.

  • Chase

    Oh. Goody.

  • kyoshinikon

    Same stinking color as that Pentax 450D! 😛

    • kyoshinikon

      Its not a joke!!!

    • kyoshinikon


  • andy

    Need a pink version for Kai (digital rev guy)

    • kyoshinikon

      Come on Nikon! He has already painted 2 Nikon Dslrs pink (cough!) I mean magenta…

      • Calibrator

        I believe they call them “pinkenta”.

  • Diego

    S-H-I-T , this is the only thing when I see this horrible news!

  • theo martin

    All in all Nikon seems to be 2011 on schedule:

    Coolpix – late August
    Mirrorless – late September
    DSLR – guess… yes… late October

    So what are you all whining about??

    And to all the ones who now desperately want to switch to Canon or Sony: Feel free to do it and buy some of the good old Canon DSLRs or the new mid-quality SLT Sonys.
    Be happy – and please switch over to the Canon or Sony rumors sites for your upcomming comments about how happy you are with your new cameras. 😉

  • I think it looks kind of cool. Also, it gives us one more way to distinguish the the D3100 as a consumer camera.

  • Just what i wanted!!! Ordering now my Red D3100 !!!! I love it!!! Thanks!!!

    Waiting for the Golden D7000 in September 21 th !!! Go Nikon, go!!!

  • Dandydon

    Well, I could help the pros quickly identify their D4 from their D4x in the bag.

  • D700guy

    It is becoming obvious. Why would Nikon announce anything like a new cutting edge DSLR at a period in time that has no real significance?
    If they did, what in the world would they bring to the table at one of the big shows?
    I think they’re waiting till the Consumer Electronics, or one of the other big bragging rights shows like the one in Feb, or further out to unveil anything like the D4, D800, D400.
    And that means….next year.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    They could have at least used a decent shade of red — that thing is hideous!

  • D4 in camouflage, priceless.

  • so so

    That hurt!

  • broxibear

    This is a funny thread.
    I don’t remember a camera getting this much of a slating based on it’s colour lol.
    Might be time for Nikon to delete the “Meeting needs. Exceeding expectations” slogan from their website lol.

  • Zender

    Ugly as hell!

  • Rahul

    Hey Nikon,

    when we said we wanted cameras with better colors, we meant 16-bit depth, not this !!!

    • Seriously. How’s a true pro supposed to get by on the mere 4,398,046,511,104 colors 14 bit supports?

      • Rahul

        Even 12-bit is adequate for most uses, some researchers point out that 14-bit depth doesn’t quite get any justifiable benefit in RAW processed images for the amount of increased hardware/processing , let aside in 8 bit jpg. But who am I to know, the guys who print big might notice abrupt color gradation. I’m happy with my 12-bit D90 😉 I’m more interested in DR and high signal to noise ratio performance.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Ahmigad!!! I have shoes in that colour!
    now some matching lipstick plz?
    I feel so colour matched now, I don't even need
    ProPhotoRGB for my CMYK conversions anymore…
    I luv u Nikon xoxoxox

    Like, if the D4 is like, Candy pink, it'll totally match
    like so many of my outfits, I'll have to buy one for
    weekends and one for… um… not weekends… :-*

    God I do miss the days of the hammer finish AF-D
    Nikkors, they looked so… rough… Rrrawwwrrr!
    Give me a hammer finish D4 over a pair of Jimmy
    Choos any day. But… Please… Not in Red…

  • I actually think the move was smart. Nothing wrong with customizing a low-end DSLR. It will sell very well, I promise you that. I actually think the color was a good choice too. Let’s be real here, just because it’s not for us professional and enthusiasts, doesn’t mean the millions of soccor moms and younger shooters will be over the moon about it. The D3100 is actually a very good camera and easily out performs the Canon T1i.

  • Jim

    A red one won’t match my (camera) bag and I’ll have to get a whole new outfit to go with it – maybe even dye my hair.

  • Noname

    The zero degree of the announcement…
    Quousque tandem ?

    A French proverb: to be ridiculous kills !!

  • EvanK

    Agreed, I would’ve loved an f/4 zoom myself, but you have to remember that that this product announcement wasn’t scheduled to be large in the first place, but I’d definitely love something like a 16-85 with a more “pro” build and a constant f/4 aperture.

  • David Hasselblad

    I want a red D3s! *snicker*

  • jk

    Yeah.. I want a camera that can make an obvious red reflection in my subject matter in some conditions…what is next bright yellow? this is ridiculous!

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    The comments like button is nice to have. I have to look into some solutions. Engadget probably have a customized rating system. I don’t think I can support this, so I have to look for an available plugin and WP plugins not aways work the way they are suppose to.

    • Fuuuuuuuuuuuu

      Nikon admin

      y u remove my post?

    • Rahul

      >>I do not see any clipped words in Firefox on a Mac.
      That is because you removed the original post 🙂

      >>The newest comments are at the bottom, no need for numbers.
      Not true admin. Suppose there are 300 posts and I reply to a post on the first page. My reply will appear on the first page itself next to the original post. It won’t be displayed at the bottom.

  • scottyL

    This is going to just entice entry level people that think it’s cool. Where’s our D4 and 17mm tilt-shift? 🙂

    • LOL

      Yeh and D800 and 300 VR II and 400 5.6 VR and 80-400 VR II and D400

      • LOL

        I mean 300 f/4 VR II

        • ScottyL

          D400 would be nice as well.

          • SN

            Yeh would like to see what Nikon
            With that.

  • phil

    sony should stick to audio equipment, that was crap as well…. Haaa Haa

  • Tomasz

    I want my D70s in white …and furry 🙂

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