More on the red Nikon D3100 camera

It seems that the new red Nikon D3100 will be available for sale only in Europe (GermanySwedenRomania, etc.) and Japan. According to the official German press release, the red D3100 kit will cost 599 EUR and will be available exclusively on The release date is September 22nd (few days earlier for Japan).

Next Nikon announcement is on September 21st. I do not expect anything but the mirrorless system to be introduced on that date. I also do not expect any other announcements in September (no full frame cameras). There will be more new Nikon products introduced later in 2011.

I will be publishing few guests posts in the next few days to kill some time.

Google translation of the German Nikon D3100 red press release:

Düsseldorf, 8 September 2011 - the first time, Nikon digital SLR camera in front of the primary colors.The very successful entry-level model D3100 is from 22 September in Europe * in red will be available.The new addition in the range of models offers just like the original resolution of 14.2 megapixels D3100 one, the guide mode for easy operation with sample images, the ability to record full-HD movies, and live view via a 7,5 - inch monitor. The introduction of a model in bright red will increase the attractiveness of the camera for newcomers to digital SLR photography, as well as for families and young people further.

The camera is for beginners in digital SLR photography very popular, especially with all users who want the important moments in life captured in perfect quality, without worrying about camera settings. Families in particular are attracted to the camera, because with her it's simple, beautiful pictures and record full-HD movies.

The D3100 is only red in the kit with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 G VR is and will be available from 22 September 2011 available in Germany until further exclusively at

* Availability varies by country

Retail price: 599,00 EUR

Red Nikon D3100 gallery (click on image for larger image):





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  • Roeder

    Weak sauce.

  • Paul

    Wow that red strap is something else.
    At least they didn’t make it red and yellow.

    • Just a Thought

      “Wow that red strap is something else.”

      Yes that strap is enthralling, but take a minute to read the announcement. This camera apparently comes with a 7.5 inch screen. It looks like it starts at 3 inches and I guess expands to 7.5 inches – possibly for when shooting video. I wonder how many other folks missed that new bleeding edge feature in the announcement, while gazing at that great red strap???

      • PaintedRays

        This is just a typo. 7.5cm is very close to 3 inces.

        • Just A Thought

          “This is just a typo. 7.5cm is very close to 3 inces.”

          You have no proof of that. The announcement clearly stated that the screen was 7.5 inches at some point. It could start at 3 inches and expand to 7.5 – not enough details given how the 7.5 inches were achieved. That announcement was made in Germany and we all know that Germans don’t make mistakes. Look at Leica, even I thought the S2 was a mistake. It turned out to be a success for Leica.

  • AAron

    i have seen box from D700 with one letter behind it glued with duct tape and white box with “D8//” pencil marker written on it.
    Supposedly D800 will be high resolution so it leaves us D700s.
    It was in one big german store who is auth dealer for Nikon and auth repair center

  • d

    Admin, do you reckon there’ll be a FF release before the year’s up?

    • The invisible man

      Probably at the “salon de la photo” (French photokina) in October 6-10th.

    • Not sure about full frame cameras in 2011, I don’t want to give any false hopes. My personal opinion is that we will see a new full frame camera. It could be in January of 2012.

    • kyoshinikon

      Yes… a D3x red edition!

      • sirin


      • Just A Thought

        “Yes… a D3x red edition!”

        That would be the D3Rx, would it not???

        • Jabs

          -or- R2D3X


  • canonista

    Oh man I’m so torn between this and the red Pentax 645D, can’t decide which one to get 🙁

  • techmine

    Thank God, they don’t call this as the “Limited Edition” 🙂

    • The invisible man

      Of course not, it’s called the limited redition !

  • Kon_head

    Nikon marketing woes again, instead of copying Canon red, the cam should be Nikon Yellow.

  • Ken Elliott

    I was looking at my photos, thinking “my photos suck – If only I had a red camera.”

    My D700 was great 2 years ago, but as everyone knows they stop taking good pictures after a year or two. Surely a newer camera is the answer. If only it was red, so everyone would know I’m a red-hot professional photographer. Then this appears…

    Should I wait for the D800 hoping it will be available in red, or should I get the D3100 red? After all, black cameras are so “last century”.

    Will there be a matching SB-300? Will Lowepro make a matching case? Who makes shoes that match this paint job?

  • Jabs

    Good move by Nikon to equal the Red and Black L22 and the other Red and Black bodies they already make that seem to be popular, but why not a release for America too?

    Move them from P&S to new upcoming Mirrorless and then up this D3100 DSLR.

  • Eric Fung

    hmm… “the ability to record full-HD movies, and live view via a 7,5 – inch monitor”

    • Jabs

      @Eric Fung

      Probably ‘metric’ and lost in the translation.

    • Jabs

      Look here

      D3100 has a 3 inch diagonal LCD screen – meaning, you measure it from bottom left to top right diagonally to get the approximately 3 inches.

      The Administer just needs to correct it, perhaps.

      • Just A Thought

        Perhaps they will only sell in limited countries because of the rumors of a shortage of expanding 7.5 inch screens. The expanding 7..5 inch screen would clearly be a differentiating feature. Beat Canon to the one.

        First you see a 3 inch screen. Push a combination of buttons and the firmware starts nano-motors to expand the screen to 7.5 inches. They could use the Transformers movie to help promo this innovative and bleeding edge feature. Since it is bleeding edge technology, Nikon used the appropriate red color for the body. Smart marketing don’t you think???

        • Jabs

          – and you are a NUT, maybe a happy nut, but still a nut.

          Yeah, it should have been then, BumbleBee as in yellow, but that’s now a Camaro instead of the VW bug of the past.

          Maybe a Decepticon – lol

          Just NO thought, then.

  • Jabs

    It is not targeted at most of you here.
    I already have a Red and Black CoolPix and people ask me a lot about it. My second one too, as my daughter ‘captured’ (looked at it so lovingly, that I gave her it – lol) the first one and this second one probably will also go to another daughter after I buy the new AW100, hence learn something for a change.

  • This is so unexciting. It’s a good thing the D700 is so solid, otherwise waiting would be impossible.

    • R R


    • Just A Thought

      “This is so unexciting. ”

      Read the announcement again. This body comes with 7.5 inch LCD screen Perfect for shooting video. It looks like it starts at 3 inch and when need larger view it expands to the announced 7.5 inches. How big is the screen on your d700 in comparison??? You find that to be “unexciting” ???

  • paf

    oooh… so now you will know now who’s using “gray market” products based on color…. Smart move Nikon…. smart move…..

  • Tony

    It could have been a bit better if it has a Ferrari red..

  • Jake

    Honestly, I think the dark red is super attractive. If the D400 came out like this, I’d probably buy one. I’d probably be the only one buying it, but I totally would.

    Also, Re: Everyone talking about switching to Canon:
    I got bored and went to, and lo and behold, plenty of people there are threatening to switch to Nikon! Canon is no closer to announcing new DSLRs than Nikon is, and Canon fanboys are just as pissed off over it as we are. I’m serious. If you are threatening to switch, go to canonrumors, and be prepared to be disappointed.
    It seems like the only people happy are the Sony fanboys, who have been circlejerking over the NEX-7 and the A77 for the past few months (yes, I read SAR too…), but Sony is an electronics company, not a camera company, so their cameras rather suck.

    My point is that no one who is waiting for new cameras is very happy right now. Me? I don’t currently own a camera, so I’m waiting to see if the D400 will be worth the money over the D7000. And the longer I wait, the more money I’ll be able to put away for it, so I’m not too upset. Full-frame cameras will probably still be prohibitively expensive for me, and I’m just fine with APS-C.

    • Jake

      Well, I’ve tried both the D5100 and the D7000, and between the two, I would get the D7000. Even though the sensor is the same, the D7000 has more preferable features to me. (higher frame rate, 100% VF, dual card slots, U1/U2, etc), and as much as I love photography, I have time to wait to see what’s coming.

  • Ric

    for Euro Commies

  • John M

    When can we expect to see red lenses to match? 😛

  • Mo

    So innovative !

    • Just A Thought

      “So innovative !”

      Finally someone who read the announcement. I agree that having a 7.5 inch LCD screen is innovative. Especially since it starts at 3 inches and then expands to 7.5 inches when a larger view is required. Could the rumors be true that there is a short supply of 7.5 expanding screens and so the sale will be limited to only certain markets. Bet the Canon fanboys will be envious when they see that 7.5 inch screen…..

  • Nikon must have been inspired by the new University of Maryland football uniforms. Now if they could just come up with 32 different color schemes, these would sell like hotcakes!

  • R R

    oh man.. why pay an Italian designer to design their cameras, if this D3100 in color is a monument to bad taste

  • Sly Larive

    Damn, I’m also eagerly awaiting a new FF model from Nikon but what’s wrong with this red D3100?!? It is news, even rumours at this point so it’s totally appropriate for this website.

    Some people like colorful electronics gear. I don’t ’cause I’m in fear I might regret it later on. Do you guys HONESTLY think that the folks working on a red paint and delivering such cameras are the SAME working on the D4??!?!

    They just had to announce it, they did it low key since it is limited release and not a big deal.

    The D4/D800 will eventually come. i’ll continue to enjoy rumors on this site, regardless they come to fruitition or not until they are released and will look forward to other news afterwards. Please stop trying to downplay any announcement until the D4/D800 arrive. Different stuff for different people.

    • Bob


  • Adamz

    I thought it’s a joke… but not.

  • Why not red 18-55 or 18-105. 😛

  • Bjrichus

    “I will be publishing few guests posts in the next few days to kill some time.”

    Sums it all up…

    “Nothing to see here people, move along now….”

  • Erick Calderòn

    What do you mean a 7 inch monitor?

    • Just A Thought

      “What do you mean a 7 inch monitor?”

      You are mistaken. The Monitor (on the back of the camera?) is 7.5 inches not 7 inches. Does not say it is an LCD so may be a OLED. Looks like it starts around 3 inches and somehow expands to 7.5 inches, maybe when shooting video. I guess we’ll hear more details from Germany.

      • Jake

        I’m usually 3 inches, sometimes i expand to 7.5, i guess we’ll have to wait for more news from germany

      • Jabs

        From Nikon’s web site:

        7.5-cm/3-in., approx. 230 k-dot TFT LCD with brightness adjustment.

        That is what was lost in the translation, perhaps!

        Nothing new, but a new color for some markets and so far,not America.

        Transformers, RoBeast in Disguise – lol

        OK – StarScream – tell Megatron to regroup – happy now?

  • PaintedRays

    Nikon themselves have released info on the Red d3100 on their global site.
    They cannot be too concerned of others talking about it. Interesting that it does not appear on the US website.

  • Anynonamous

    Ah. . . .
    So this is the long awaited “dslr related anouncement”. . .

  • Ronny MF Ho

    Red D3100 also availabe in HK Nikon site.

  • Juan_Delacruz7

    So many haters here. The cell phone cameras are killing off the camera market, both point and shoot and higher end cameras. What exactly is wrong with offering the camera in a different color?

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