Reuters Investment Views on the future announcements from Nikon

Reuters published a video about the potential Nikon announcements ahead of the London 2012 Olympics:

The analyst also mentioned the upcoming Nikon mirrorless announcement in September (good to see Reuters reporting Nikon rumors).

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  • HIs voice is weird.

  • Nathan

    Too funny. In order to take rumors seriously is if it’s reported by a major news source.

    • I wonder where Reuters gets their info. I hope it’s not from this site 🙂

      • Kede

        Hahaha, I laught!

      • Pål Eilertsen


      • Rich

        It completely sounds like their getting information from this site!! lol I guess thats a compliment to you. 🙂 But Nikons response scares me a bit. It sounds like they don’t want us to expect anything because there are no new dslr’s that are close to being ready.

  • Nathan

    I guess it gave out too much information since it appears the video has been pulled.

    • no, the video is still there, at least for me

  • Steve

    Okay so here is my problem. I get $$ through a grant. I have to spend it or lose it. I WANT to spend it on a D3s or D700 successor. But if one doesn’t come in the next few months, I am going to have to spend my $$ on something else related to my field. Maybe a Canon 5D III? But it seems that Canon is frustrating their high end customers just as Nikon is us.

    • Merv

      Just because a camera is announced doesn’t mean it will be widely available for purchase.

      I’d say choose what lenses/filters/flashes you need and then when the time comes, buy what camera is available.

    • amien

      STEVE, if you need to shoot video with a dedicated APS sensor, spend it on a SONY FS100.

      If you need to shoot high resolution stills, go for a SONY 24MP camera, the NEX 7 looks like a killer cam therefore. I love Nikon, own great prime lenses (invested in brand new 1.4G lenses) but they are losing it for now.
      Sony may be over flooding the market, but they offer a high variety range of useful cameras. No crappy COOLPUXE or bulky red amateur DSLR.

      • Bert

        A quick look at any review site will show that Sony can’t produce good images with their sensors like their clients can (Nikon, Pentax, etc)
        You want to shoot with memorystick, the wierd flash shoe, and other sony crap, go ahead.
        And go back to sonyrumors you obvious troll.

        • Plamen

          If he is a troll, you are a zombie! I cannot understand people’s obsession with one brand but to force your opinion on other people goes close to insanity. If a brand is not delivering someone what he needs, and he is not too heavily invested in it, why not switch to another brand that satisfies his needs at the moment? Or is it because you are too jealous that you do not have the guts to make that move

          • plusOne


    • “Okay so here is my problem. I get $$ through a grant. I have to spend it or lose it. I WANT to spend it on a D3s or D700 successor. But if one doesn’t come in the next few months, I am going to have to spend my $$ on something else related to my field. Maybe a Canon 5D III? But it seems that Canon is frustrating their high end customers just as Nikon is us.”

      Forget the SUCCESSOR to the D3S and D700, it’s hard to find a copy of those cameras now.
      Customers who buy the competitors camera are NOT likely to come back and buy your product. Nikon HAS to do better. And it’s not the earthquake/Tsunami (at least in the US). There has always been a problem getting these products.

    • AnoNemo

      Buy a gift card from B&H and wait until the new cameras come out.

      • Tommy


    • You might get a friendly dealer to take the money as a deposit on a unannounced model.

    • What about lenses? They hold their value well. Do you have the possibility to buy now and sell later to get what you really want?

  • Jason

    People that comment that if Nikon don’t release X or Y then they’re jumping ship to Canon clearly don’t own any ‘pro’ lenses. Having spent thousands on the likes of the 24-70mm and 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses, I’m kinda ‘locked in’ to Nikon. Whilst I’m getting very bored waiting for the D700 successor, there’s not a lot I can do about it and I certainly wouldn’t switch brands just to get a new camera body – for me, it’s the *lenses* that count, not the camera.

    • Yagion

      +1. well said

    • DanO

      Yeah, Jason hit the nail right on the head! I’ve been reading the threads for quite some time and just can’t believe what people are saying. It’s totally about the lenses! And Nikon makes killer glass! We would all love to see new FF bodies but why not go out and shoot what you already have and be happy? I have a three year old D700 and love it to death to this day. Wouldn’t trade it for nothing. Sure, I would love to have a D3s or newer but I’m not gonna get all butt hurt about Nikon not coming up with a new FF body by tomorrow. Instead, I’m gonna go out and take some kick ass photos with my D700 and have fun. Some people really need to get a life…

      • yakker

        Because their situation is different from yours. Maybe they don’t own professional lenses. Maybe their existing camera can’t do something they critically need, like video. Maybe they don’t own a capable camera and don’t want to shell out a bunch of money for something that’s going to drop hugely in value when the new model finally comes out.
        Why does that mean they need to get a life?

        • Plamen


          People don’t see there are other people with different needs, situation, expectations, and all judge from their point of view, that is so narrow minded. Noone has told these guys their cameras don’t do the work they need, and yet they feel right to tell other people that the cameras out there do perfect work…

    • Eaksoy

      Hmm. I own only one pro lens. Cause I need only one lens (fixed 50mm). Not everyone is a bird/wedding/flower photographer. Your analogy is odd to me. I’m not saying it’s wrong, it’s just not for everyone. If Canon came out with something incredible tomorrow, I’d actually be likely to sell my single lens and switch.

    • Manolito

      Oh come on. I’m tired of the ‘I’m invested argument’. Why? Because lenses are not stocks or stamps and they don’t lose value as long as you use them! What you pay for a lens turns into photos, into experience, into memories, into learning… lenses pay for themselves! So long you use them. If you keep them in their boxes in a drawer then maybe you can sell them in 30 years as valuable collectibles.

      But maybe you won’t change your car or your fridge in the next 10 years because you are invested in Ford or LG, right? You know everything will lose value but don’t care because you need those things for something (driving, taking you, your family and things to places, or keeping the food cool) and you are find with that… why is it that different with lenses and people think of them like investments that should never lose value? I can only thing of one reason: people that don’t really need them and don’t really get nothing valuable from what they paid. Are you one of those? I thinks pros aren’t, they get back what they paid. So please, stop with that argument, it makes no sense at all.

  • James

    All camera talk no lens talk…..

    • Yagion


  • ericnl

    he keeps talking about a refresh for the D3/D300 line…
    no mention of a D700 successor 🙁

    • Ric

      He did say D800 next year

      • Dennis

        Yeah, he said D800 next year after mentioning the refresh for the “high end” cameras. Bummer.

  • theo martin

    Did I get that right?
    The guy says: D4 and D400 later this year. And D800 then next year?? 🙁

    • Mandrake

      That’s what I heard. I was hoping it was the other way around.

    • D700guy

      This makes perfect sense. So, dont count on it.

  • TheThing

    They could have released something before Eurobasket 2011, not the bloody Olympics 2048

  • R R

    great Video Admin.. thanks!

  • Brian Langdeau

    What the heck was he mumbling about at the end of the video?

    Expert Analyst: “I am going to go out on limb and say that Nikon is going to more than likely, probably in the near future, release some type of new device that people may or may not want to upgrade too”.

  • The invisible man


  • EnPassant

    The longer the waiting game continues I start beleive D700 like its sisterbody D300 always was on 4 year schedule. It just didn’t get an s-update not to compete too much with D3s.

    The reason we haven’t seen a D400 yet is Nikon is waiting for Sony’s 24 MP sensor used in A77 and Nex7 (or the new 16 MP from Nex5n?) and Sony want a headstart with their own cameras first. But expect a D400 being released within 6 months.

    D800 is also waiting for a Sony sensor, propably 24 MP. Although Nikon could develop their own sensor it would be too expensive with a camera having such a small market compared to D3100 and limited profit compared to a D4. As Sony will only come out with their next FX-cameras in 2012 (Rumors say three(!) cameras, entry level FX, Semi-Pro with 24 MP and Pro with 36 MP.) we can not expect the D800 being released until around Photo-Kina next year!

    What sensor D4 will use is a tougher question. Sony have no new FX-bodies yet. But considering the profit marigins of a D4 Nikon could develop their own sensor for the D4. It should anyway be released within 6 months like D400.

    As we soon will see Nikons mirrorless and just seen the red D3100 the D3200 will propably also not see the light until just before Photo-Kina.

    The only hope for everybody waiting for a new affordable FX-camera in near future seem to be Nikon surprise us all with an entry level FX-camera with 16-18 MP FX-sensor in a D7000 type body. But I wouldn’t bet on it, although I would buy it in a heartbeat! Even if it only came in black colour! 😀

    With 50/1.8G and DX 40/2.8 already selling and four other lenses for the mirrorless camera making a total of six lenses, quite a normal yearly lensprogram for Nikon, I don’t expect more than 1-2 new DSLR-lenses this year, if any.

    That is my analysis!

    • MO

      There is a Nikon d7000 body with d700 sensor for $1999.95 and kit will be 28-300 fx lens for $2999.95, we need a FX camera below 3K

  • Manolito

    It’s going to be sad to see Nikon becoming a niche player, but that’s where they are headed. Digital 35mm (FX) will become the new Medium Format, heavy and expensive gear for demanding pros compared to what most of the people will be using: from smartphones -they will even get zooms sooner or later- to mirrorless systems. Sure Nikon can come with their own mirrorless system but how can they compete in a completely new format where they have no legacy or user base at all? They are going to lose all the advantages they have from over 50 years of selling the well established 35mm format. 3 giants like Samsung, Sony and Panasonic already have compelling systems… What can Nikon do against this? A 2.7x crop format with in-lens VR? LOL! When was the last time they released a competent compact? They are done.

    • andy

      Just because in your eyes Nikon doesn’t release things that you want fast enough or at all, doesn’t mean the company is done.

    • Juergen .

      Manolito wrote (Nikon) “They are done.”

      That’s what I heard again and again in the last 35 or so years …

  • broxibear

    Bloomberg had an article yesterday about how Nikon and Canon were falling behind Sony…
    “Canon Inc. (7751) and Nikon Corp. (7731), the world’s two biggest makers of high-end cameras, may be missing out on the industry’s biggest technology shift since film rolls became obsolete.
    The two Tokyo-based companies use mirrors in all cameras with interchangeable lenses, a technique Sony Corp. (6758) is shifting away from. As a result, Canon and Nikon’s combined share of the Japanese market has fallen by 35 percent, while Sony’s share has doubled, according to estimates at research firm BCN Inc.”
    “There is a tug of war going on between traditional camera makers and consumer electronics companies. As camera specialists, Canon and Nikon need to better show what distinguishes their products or they’ll have a difficult time.”

    • Juergen .

      …oh my god – does Bloomberg indeed pay the authors for such an article?
      Just two weeks (or so) before the mirrorless Nikon system will be introduced …
      (and I’d be surprised if Canon wouldn’t introduce a mirrorless system in the not so distant future)

    • Yagion

      So, to all the whiners whining why mirrorless, why no D4/D400 but mirrorless, who needs this mirrorless crap… there is clearly a need for Nikon to enter this mirrorless segment. Nikon FX DSLR line up is still at the top. No other brand has any better FX DSLR.

      • Ian

        Fact of the matter is, it’s the cool pics-mirrorless-consumer grade products that pay for the development and release of the high and merchandise. The profit/development margin on these little cameras is the bread-and-butter that supports the industry… Hell I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nikon throw their hat in the “telephone camera” ring within the next three years. Planned obsolescence and a product development and renewal arc shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone being as how it’s the business model used by almost every corporation on the planet.

        Where I think Nikon actually consistently drops the ball is the phase period between products, simply dropping the announcement and then the product on the market place two or three months later seems sort of foolish when you could be reinvigorating interest in the old format by following the market construct used by most electronics providers… I.e. a drop-in product price to reinvigorate sales and introduce the product to a section of the market who had been holding off. Then introduce new products at Tech Expo time drumming up interest in early adopters.

        What Nikon appears to be doing is creating a false drought by not resupplying the products currently on the market, thus keeping the price at a premium even though the technology is cheaper to produce.

        This can work as a commercial model, but it can also backfire… Especially in a market where they count on product loyalty.

    • Ian

      My gut feeling, the reason Canon and Nikon have fallen behind is because they still hold onto a staunchly Japanese marketing and business model, where Sony has largely entered the world market with a decidedly more “Western” approach. I really do like the Japanese idea of “excellence” as it is a superior approach when it comes to a smaller market (not cheaper just better) but it has to hurt the bottom line in a largely throwaway culture world market place.

      • broxibear

        Hi Ian,
        Someone mentioned Apple earlier in the thread and I think that’s really significant. Apple and Sony both had their eureka moment, which they learnt from and applied to other products…with Apple it was the iPod and for Sony it was Playstation.
        What Sony have done since is use that knowledge, especially in marketing, for products like the NEX range. I don’t think it’s a western approach as such just a different approach from what they did before.
        Neither Nikon or Canon seem able to do this…maybe what you say about a “staunchly Japanese marketing and business model” is correct.
        If Canon and Nikon want to succeed in the mirrorless market with the competition from Sony, Olympus and Panasonic they must make a product that is desirable and then market it properly.
        Nikon have never made a camera that’s been desirable for the mass market, they’ve produced stunning cameras desired by professionals and enthusiasts but not for the mass market.
        If Canon do it before Nikon then Nikon could be in real trouble.

  • It was the D4 and D400 all the way, I never got the idea of the D800 first. So, c’mon N, bring on the ML system and the big guns!

  • Something strikes me odd, if not fishy in this interview.
    This guy actually states camera names being “D4” and “D400”, instead of “successors to D3 and D300 cameras”. Very unprofessional of him.

    Or, did Nikon already indicated names of the next generation and I have missed it? Naming convention, regardless how logical it may be, is still speculation until publicly announced by the maker.

    For all I know, Nikon next top DSLR can be named, just for fun, with a random alphanumeric combination.

    • studio460

      The author of Reuters Investment Views in the interview sounds so much like an avid reader of, it’s not even funny–I would swear this site is his sole source. ‘D4’ and ‘D400’ end of this year, and ‘D800’ in 2012. Hmmm . . . where have I heard that before? RIGHT HERE!

  • The sensor in D3 and D700 is actually better for dynamic range vs the one in D3s; so the sensor alone is not a reason to upgrade. I own both the D3 and D3s (12.2 Ev vs 12.0 Ev dynamic range). Hence new is not always better in all areas 🙂

    • The D3x got a dynamic range of 13.7; so a D4 which doesn’t beat this will for me be a big disappointment. Video couldn’t care less; usable ISO capabilities and dynamic range in addition to increased resolution (happy with the 12 Mpixels in 95% of my work, but it would be nice to have a little more. The great thing with 12 Mpixels is that you learn to frame the pictures close to perfect in camera).

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