One reason why Nikon announced the red D3100…

... is because Canon has one:

But seriously, Nikon and Canon always have announcements scheduled just few days apart and it seems that this will also be the case this month: Canon will present new products on September 15th and 27th. In August Canon announced new compact cameras a day before Nikon. This is not a coincidence.

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  • D700guy

    Because they’re out of blue?

    • AnoNemo

      No, this camera is made for colorblind people.

  • Rahul

    Wow! Color was exactly the thing missing with these cameras. Problem solved.
    I wonder what is going to happen with lenses. Next announcement: 35mm 1.8G with pink velvet cover and red glass elements.

    • asdf

      Animal print (cheetah, zebra, tiger) lenses — and fuzzy dice to hang off your camera strap clips.

  • Joe Marek

    If Canon jumped off a cliff, does Nikon necessarily have to follow????? 😉

    • I really think Nikon and Canon work together and share plans about their upcoming cameras.

      • Banned

        Wow that wouldn’t surprise anyone but isn’t that ground for severe sanctions?

        • Well it’s like this with tons of technology products. Apple comes out with iPhone design, we get millions of them. After iPad (not saying it’s the first tablet), many other companies released tablets as well. It’s no coincidence that Canon announced a Full HD model after Nikon announced their first HD camera, I strongly believe these two companies simply make “deals” on when someone will get more exposure. D3s and 1D mark IV had a few days of differences too!

          • Global

            Not likely. Rather, they acquire inside intelligence, through friendships, peers, and casual conversations with the competitor organization’s people. I believe that Canon and Nikon have decades of well-established cross-relationships that leak information continuously. But they won’t just give business to the competitor; if anything they are constantly trying to adjust their position based on new intelligence. So Nikon research shows “Red might be popular this year” but its inconclusive — then they learn Canon is making a red version — so Nikon pumps out red, because “Canon must know something we dont” and those reports about red being hot suddenly look more convincing. Meanwhile, for all we know, the only reason Canon made red is because they heard that Nikon had done a survey on it, so they did their own survey and stuck with it.

            For those who go to Trade Shows — you know how this works. Your company looks at all the competitors, talks to all the competitors (often pretending to be a customer), and then based on the “trend” your company moves slightly more to a certain direction than it would have done if it was left to its own data in isolation. Now imagine that there are only 4 companies at that trade show (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Whoever) — what one company does might constitute a trend or the underlings might report it that way. Same thing with inside information and leaks and cross-talk. Suddenly the other organization starts looking at an issue, just because the competitor was looking at it.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Agreed. Way too conspiracy-theory-ish to ring true for me. The main problem with most conspiracy theories is how to keep all the people who would have to be “in the know” silent. It’s virtually impossible. Not to mention the anti-trust and price-fixing implications. The electronics/camera industries are just very mature and highly competitive. In addition, they all have their stubborn patterns and moles and info leaks.

            • Worminator

              The Canon one has been out for a while. It’s a spiffy new color, more distinctive than silver. Nikon thinks it over, discreetly checks up on how the Canon version is selling, and decides to release a red D3100.

              No mystery or conspiracy needed. Just two Japanese companies keeping very close tabs on each other.

      • I hope you are joking.

      • Combined

        This is why canon should buy nikon

        • please never speak again.

          • The invisible man

            @ Ron Adair
            Did you look at his name ? He can’t help it !

        • sirin

          – This is why canon users should buy nikon cameras


          • Daniel

            what if nikon’s body can use canon’s lens….

            • why, so I can pay more money for the same or lower quality lens? Not a big priority in my life.

              Why do you think so many Canon shooters are doing just the opposite—using their Canon bodies and using Nikon lenses to shoot video?

        • Vandyu

          If it ever happens, it will be your fault. Canikon must never be allowed to exist except in the mind of a corporate takeover agent. Long live the independence of our beloved Nikon.

        • the visible man

          you can use nikon flashes on canon cameras with a pocket wizard tt1 in your canon’s hotshoe, then the nikon flash in the tt1 hotshoe.

      • twoomy

        I was chastised recently for thinking as such, but I agree with you.

      • EnPassant

        Well, I don’t know about that. But it looks as if both Nikon and Canon outsourced the darkred paintjob to the same factory! It could be interesting to research if they use the same sources for some parts in their products.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Hilariously, they both followed the upstart Panasonic GH’s red. Way to be in-touch, boys.

  • Rahul

    OMG. Canon’s red junk was limited edition :).

    • yes, at least Nikon didn’t do a limited edition

      • Rahul

        …and that too at $1199. Are they out of their minds!!
        Are we living in a world where appearance is taking precedence over functionality?

        $1199…seriously…its a joke :). I wonder how Nikon fans would have reacted if this D3100 was similarly priced.

        • Joseph

          Uh just look at Leica…the answer is yes.

  • Yeah, but how long has Canon a red one… Not a day, not a week…
    I am lifelong DSLR Nikon user, but I really don’t like this. Yeah, OK, Nikon aims for women too, understand, but isn’t yellow the true Nikon color? Why didn’t they make yellow AND another shade of red (not the same Canon has for months) as well? With two colors they would “beat” Canon and keep their pride too…

  • It’s look like Hasselblad Ferrari edition more than that infant toy. 🙂

  • Iris Chrome

    Nikon might as well release 5 different cameras in power ranger shades and have the “power cameras” duel it out with the evil Canon forces… Oh hold on, they did that already. They called them coolpix.

  • The invisible man

    I seriously think that Nikon will make annoucements at the Paris event in October 6-10th
    France is a big market for photo-video (Germany also)

    • InfraRed

      Qu’est ce que c’est cet évènement en Octobre à Paris? un salon ou un évènement purement Nikon?
      San Francisco, CA

      [Just asking more information about this Octotber event in Paris]

      • The invisible man

        That’s a salon for photo/video all brands, I’ve been there few times, boring.
        It’s a good way to physicaly meet dealers and makers (not just on the phone or emails as we do in stores or small businesses)

        • InfraRed

          Merci pout l’info!

  • The invisible man

    Any chance to see a 5100 in red ?
    I’m ready to order mine and I’ll like to have a red one, make it easy to find in the bag when I’ll get my D800/900

  • George

    I think it will look cool with my Grey Nikon 70-200 lens…. !!

    • The invisible man

      I found someone on Ebay selling GREY rear caps ($7), look very cool on my 300mm f/4 light grey, if you are interrested I’ll look for it on my files, let me know.

  • Todd

    Because they can’t build an 80-400mm replacement?

  • Art

    So, if we can find out when Cannon is going to update their Pro DSLRs, then we know when the D800 will come out!

    • I think so, maybe just few weeks apart. The question is who will go first.

      • Worminator

        This, at least, we can call at 100% certainty.

  • The invisible man

    C’est pourquoi j’ai choisi d’aller vivre aux USA !
    Même le Champagne est moins cher (environ 6 euros la bouteille) !

    • English please

      • The invisible man

        This is English (at least the one we speak in north Florida !)

        • Banned

          I think admin doesn’t like French because he deleted my other message. Anyway where I am here in PA Champagne is more like $60 a pop, are you sure you’re buying Champagne and not sparkling piss Invisible?

          • Yes, on several occasions I asked for English only – do you think all readers should bother translating your comments? There are plenty of French websites where you can have a discussion in French.

    • ISP ©

      LOL Moi je suis à Montréal… un petit morceau d’europe en Amérique…

      • ISP ©

        Sorry peter…. jsute couldn’t resist ! 🙂

  • Steve Starr

    So Canon follows Nikon Coolpix’s (announced in August) with their new Coolshots this month (Sept.), who’s chasing whom?

    Whenever Nikon gets around to a new FX DSLR then Canon will counter, and maybe with a reduced price on their Mark 5D according to the above Canon Rumor’s link? Canon seems to have a faster to market plan than Nikon and probably could counter-punch Nikon in this one-month difference in products. I would not be at all surprised if they have spies looking out for who getting what sensor from whom either – or a faster image processor.

    If Canon goes along with 32MB FX sensor, and Nikon pulls the same-sized thing out of their hat first, plus if Canon reduces the price too it’s going to be an ugly war of the pro cameras.

    I doubt if their will be a D800 soon if Best Buy has a warehouse full of the D700 bodies and you can get one out of your local BB in 2-3 days now. I doubt if the BB Buyers would be too happy if Nikon dumps the D700 out-of-production right now and puts out a D800 this year after having filled their BB warehouses up with D700 bodies. Maybe a D700x would be more like it. I don’t think they’d want to upset their major buyer.

    I still think a D4 is scheduled for this year…sometime…maybe…maybe not. Might be the plan they had that eliminated about 70% of their dealers in the last few months to get them more primed to be “Upper level pro equipment dealers” selling the D3-D4 instead of the Best Buy level cameras of which the D700 is now (no offense to D700 owners). If Nikon Pro Service sets up shop in the 2012 Olympics then they surely will have some sort of D4 bodies available by then to push.

    • Foolishcfo

      I doubt the reason Nikon is holding back on shipping new models is because of Best Buy. You can’t walk into a Best Buy store and pick one up nor can you have one shipped directly to your home. If Best Buy has a warehouse full of D700’s you’d think they’d make them more accessible to purchase. If I’m wrong and Best Buy does have a warehouse full of D700’s it would serve them right if they were stuck with lots on investory. The fact that B&H and Adorama have been out of them for some time says otherwise. Nikon has been too focused on Coolpix Crap and mirrorless gimmick cameras to focus on the pro-DSLR’s where it made its name in camera quality.

  • Gareth

    I just saw the new limited edition red pentax 645D yesterday (on the net), not junk, but why do they need a red one?

    • CJ

      Because it was selected as “Camera of The Year at the Camera GP Japan 2011 Awards”, and “Best DSLR Professional” award by the TIPA, so Pentax has the tradition of making Special Edition cameras for the awarded ones. Indeed not junk.

  • tdot

    welp, i’m gonna wait until march 2012 and if there’s no d4 / d800 by then, i’m switching to canon. I need full-frame & >=16mp. This mirrorless crap really sucks. This red crap sucks even more.

    • Anonymous

      If you need it then switch right now. If you are losing business due to lack of pixels below 16Mp, it is time to switch. If it is just for hobby, then maybe you can wait longer.

      There is a market for mirror less , as well as the red ones. These companies do market research and usually that works for them. There are bombs sometimes, but mostly these market researches are correct. The NR crowd is bitching about D700 replacement and anything else Nikon does is not what they wanted and so they will jump up and down to criticize. The bottom line for these companies is to create value for their shareholders and not just satisfy a very small (and perhaps insignificant) portion of their users.

      Go Nikon…

      I am just a Nikon user and do not work for them or any related organization.

    • sirin

      *cough* D3x *cough*

    • Ric

      Can I have your glass?

      • Walkthru

        Me too!!!!!

  • TheThing

    Red Nikon looks more aggressive than Red Canon.
    +1 for Nikon:)

    • ISP ©

      Can’t wait to see a red edition D800

  • Merv

    The Canon logo is red, so they could release a red dSLR

    Nikon should do yellow

    • Rob Ellis

      Merv, by that logic they should change the red stripe on the grip to yellow -.-

      • Merv

        You’re right, I think a yellow strip would have been more consistent

        But I guess yellow would be a turn-off color

  • Trevor

    Wow. Talk about collusion. I wonder if the D800 isn’t on hold just waiting for the 5DmkIII (or vice versa).

  • Carlos R B

    Being silly…TOGHETHER…lol

  • henry

    Nikon, can you also make matching red lenses to go with the red camera?

    • ISP ©

      + 1 🙂

  • This is funny.. because it should be Sony that they try to compete with.. not eachother.. Very strange decisions.. But I guess, there will just be room for one more big cameramanufacturer under Sony in a few years.. will it be Nikon or will it be Canon?

  • Nigel Collier

    er… maybe the reason that both Canon and Nikon have a red camera is because Hasselblad set the standard a year ago:

    If you’re going to do a red camera, there’s only one red it could be.

    Well done Hasselblad.

    • Vandyu

      Hmm. Maybe Canon ought to consider a limited edition Red Mustang version of the Rebel and license it through Ford. Then, include one free with every red Mustang sold. Nikon should stay above all of that marketing nonsense and stick to making superb cameras.

      • i thought Mustang is dead

  • paf

    I can’t stop laughing thinking of the comment from Nikon reps — “..customers aren’t really asking for this kind of product….” and how it can be applied to their newest releases.

    And who the F### asked for this one? Santa? To match his jolly fat a** outfit?

    Apparently Nikon has a very interesting “product focus group” — probably bunch of Ashton’s groupies who want to match their camera to their nail polish. Yeey. Me too!

    • InfraRed

      LOL… Really and nervously!

  • theo martin

    If the Canon announcement on Sept, 27th is about new printers (what’s postet on Canon rumours)… with what kinda product will Nikon follow then??

  • I want to shoot myself in the face.

    Seriously considering going Canon and just getting a mkII…

    • Vandyu

      Josh, behave yourself online or we’re taking away your water pistol and your Instamatic.

    • sirin

      – I want to shoot myself in the face.

      DO IT!

    • Ric

      I’ll take your glass

  • pooh

    So gay.

  • Midnight Lost Child

    Hmm….if Nikon made it in orange I bet they would get more engineers to buy it.

    Joking aside, I agree with tdots sentiments that if Nikon doesn’t come out with a new body soon people are going to start jumping onto the Canon bandwagon and they may end up losing more footing in the camera wars that could cost Nikon in the long run more than what they gain in short term by making color coded cameras.

    I understand the these companies want to make their introductory DSLR look friendly so that consumers, new to the DSLR world, are more willing to invest on a more expensive camera but I think that the correct way to attract those consumers is by giving them more product at a low cost than by giving them a color choice.

    Of course I know that companies don’t like to loose profit and that these companies are trying to recover from the natural disasters that messed up their world. I admit to not having much knowledge of economics other that what little I’ve taken in college as a requirement so maybe someone could explain to me why color change seems like such a great move to gain customers than giving customers more in order to get them hooked on the brand name.

    When consumers are looking to buy a product as costly as a DSLR they tend to compare price point first to see if they can even purchase the new toy and then they tend to see if brand Y gives them more bang per buck than brand X and I understand that many times brand Y and X have practically the same product, though some features are better on one than the other, and that’s when you should use silly gimmicks like color choices to win customers over. Yet I believe that those gimmick really only work for the low up to 300 USD range in consumer products. Once you start talking about a product in the 600+ range it makes more sense to give the consumer a cheaper cost to buy the body or more features/ better specs than the competition in order to get them to join your brand. Once doing so they will end up spending more on lenses and official brand Y, or X, accessories.

    We all know people become brand loyal quickly, just look at the lessons that Apple has given us. Once you hook them it’s easy to get them to become repeat customers every 4 ish years when their toy dies or when a new better model comes out or a new accessory that they never knew they needed but makes their life better /easier because they have it now item comes out.

    I thinks this gimmick is a waste of time for Nikon…they should have just 1 up-ed Canon by dropping the cost of their started DSLR body, or essentially lower the cost to give the starter kit for free.

    Perhaps I’m just really naive and fail to see how awesome this strategy really is in marketing.

    • Walkthru

      Unfortunately, the way most new (generally, photographically naive) DSLR buyers go, is onprice, Megapixel count, and the zoom range of the supplied kit lens(es), or a combination of the three. They are not tech savvy enough, or experienced, in things such as IQ, noise handling, ISO performance etc., etc.

      Most of these people will continue to take their happy snaps, same as they did with their P&S cameras. They are unlikely to buy filter sets to balance exposures, nor use tripods, cable or remote releases, or expensive software to help improve their images. This is sadly so, for whilst most people like to take good images, most will rarely get bitten by the bug, like most who post here do.

  • Alex

    These colors are for christmas adds

  • Roddy

    If this was made for Product Red,, I would understand. Otherwise, this is a distraction.

  • FM2Fan

    Why is this a rumor? I mean it is an announced product.

    If we progress to colors already: why not considering the color to be changed
    upon request by Nikon services or dealers.

    Seriously: if it is about lifestyle – well OK, but this is a “me too” only.

    • It is not a rumor, and there will be many other posts in the future that are not going to be rumors, just like in the past 4 years… the same way Reuters is not a rumor site but they still like to report on Nikon rumors.

  • Dandydon

    I can’t believe this rarely comes up in our conversations on here. The delay in the annuoncement of the D4/D800/D400 is completely and totally related to the earthquake and the factories and suppliers and employees it damaged. It may only a handful of parts used in all of those cameras that the supplier was wiped out. Otherwise announcments for some may have come in the Spring. It all about the Earthquake, nothing else!

    Do you all not agree?

    And, BTW, I can not understand how anyone sane could speak of going over to Cannon. That just baffles me. Why did you buy Nikon in the first place. Well, those some reasons still exist.
    Pick up your D700 and start shooting and shut up!

    Shutup and Shoot!

  • Charlie Martin

    I’ll take my D400 in Crimson and Blue with the KU Jayhawk on it.

  • pitol

    Lol at Nikon.

    I’ve just come back from the year 2021. 95% of the market belong to mirrorless cameras. Sony is #1, Olympus made a strong comeback and is #2. Nikon and Canon both sank together like a pair of rocks. Even Leica had more marketshare with their new mirrorless offerings. Pentax always last.

    You can still change the course of the future before it’s too late!

    • Walkthru

      About time you went back there then!

  • One More Thought

    I’m surprised at how many people will knock a product simply because it’s not the one they want. Whatever happened to “different strokes for different folks?”

    I’m also surprised at how many people discount design and style. Those matter to a lot of buyers, too. Colors matter to some people; let them have their colors.

  • Walkthru

    Well, it’s all too late…..made the decision to buy a D700…….couldn’t wait any longer!! I got mine in trademark black (the red doesn’t match my eyes, sweetie)!!!!

    Now to have some fun in FX (finally).

    BRING ON THE D900 (in about 7 years at this rate).

  • Walkthru

    Ooops….forgot to add – I’ll bet that red coated plastic doesn’t take much bumping or scratching to reveal black plastic underneath.

  • bring out the camouflage colors

    • Walkthru


  • Raff

    Entry level DSLRs are going to be ousted by Mirrorless.

    Painting them in red is just the last chance to appeal to people who buy the camera based on look more than enything else…

    Just a refresh before the end.

    Farewell entry level DSLR!!

  • Dandydon

    Hey, the guy from 2021 is probably right… partially. We have seen it happen to other product lines like audio. Everyone can now buy a medeocre audio system for the masses, but the really high end, really good stuff has become almost unattainable price wish. Oh, it’s still there, but not for the masses, not even our size masses. It’s the way of the global world we live in. Middle of the road available for everyone, but if you want high quality it will cost you out the wazoo.
    Let’s face it, those masses we hate because they like substandard items are in control.
    It’s kinda like a quote I saw the other day, but do not know who said it, “What’s wrong with the US is that those that vote now outnumber those who work.

  • Flash

    I wish it was in Brown, the new “hot” color.

    Funny I was playing around with a black d3100 at the store today killing time. I found that I did not like the viewfinder it was very dark and a little small, I wonder at what level they get good (I use a d3 sometimes and thought the viewfinder was pretty good) maybe the kit lens of the d3100 is not bright enough for it. I will have to try some other lens on it. I did like the feel of the camera and the sound, of the shutter etc.; quite a bit. It was the right size for me. Other then the viewfinder I kind of liked it.

  • Demon

    Ugly as hell! Urgh!!!

  • Jabs

    You folks realize that Nikon has been making Red plus Red and Black CoolPixes for a while and that people love them.

    Maybe a Red DSLR is different or maybe a step-up from a P&S to the same colored DSLR.

  • EvanK

    Canon: We have too much red paint left over from the ring on our ‘L’ lenses, why not make a red DSLR?

    Nikon: Quick, Canon has one! Crack open the cans of paint!

  • Pinkon

    Why they didn’t make it pink?

  • Brock Kentwell

    Arghh! Canon pics on the front page! My eyes! It burns us!

  • haha

    Why is Nikon always copying Canon? Think I better switch to Sony. Nikon is going down!

    They used to copy the L lens with their white version of 28-70 and 70-200. Now this red body?!?

  • Rahul

    Bah , Nikon ! I wanted mine in bottle green with large canary yellow polka dots , it’s the in thing they say.

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