Weird news update from Nikon Corp

This, rather unusual news update, was just published by Nikon Corporation:

"Comments on Media Reports about Nikon's imaging product

Nikon understands that some article appeared in the media regarding Nikon's imaging product. Please note that Nikon has made no announcement in this regards."

Are they referring to the Reuters report from earlier today or to the red Nikon D3100 camera (there were press releases in some countries)?

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  • One More Thought

    It must be the Reuters article…but either way, it’s a strange statement.

    Nikon can’t control the speculation and rumors, and quite frankly, if I were Nikon, I would welcome the buzz surrounding new products. It’s great for sales.

    Of course maybe this statement is designed to only stoke the fires of the rumor mill even more…

    • haha

      You are assuming there are new products. For all you know Nikon got no new products. Just same old products in new colors.

  • No excuses Nikon, you are all fired!

    • Not Surprised

      Hahaha… face saving — they issued a balloon float, it got shot down. And now they back-track. Suuuure, you weren’t going to make a red camera, Nikon. Sure.. 😉

      Its okay though — Canon can have that honor.

  • Mandrake

    I guess they like releasing random statements to leave people guessing on what the heck they are evening talking about.

  • Bip

    Nikon is monitoring this rumour site closely. The statement is meant to clarify that no new DSLR is coming out anytime soon. You can have any FX Nikon camera you like as long as they are the D3S, D3X, and D700!

    • but I have not said that any new DSLRs are coming any time soon, even the oposite – I said not new DSLRs in September

      • Vladi

        Seems like Nikon is waiting for Canon to announce 5Dmk3 or 1Ds4 and after they will follow with their announcements for D4 and D800/D400. And seems like Canon is waiting for Nikon to do the same before them 🙂
        If it continues like this we wont see any new DSLR cameras in 2011…
        They just seem to forget that Sony has made the big announcements and now there are 3 big players on the field, not just 2. Especially if you take into consideration mirrorless sales in Japan, Nikon/Canon are losing lots of ground in interchangeable lens cameras there.

        • I’ll be super pissed if Canon releases their next-gen cameras and Nikon still doesn’t have anything. I can’t see it being too far off with Canon offering 120fps at 720p for that matter, I just wouldn’t be able to take that >: (

        • Walkthru

          There WILL be new DX and FX DSLR’s before the London Olympics, I’ll bet my last dollar on that! Canon & Nikon will release very close together.

          Classic Mexican stand-off in the meantime!

          • “How about that? It’s a Mexican standoff. Only we ain’t got no Mexicans.”

            -Marshal Nathan Van Cleef

        • kyoshinikon

          I think that is what they are doing and its a stupid marketing strategy… You will never get ahead of canon If you have to follow their product cycle Nikon!

      • Just A Thought

        One of your followers stated that he was going to send Nikon a FU letter due to the great Aug disappointment. I guess that the letter must have arrived….

      • Tony

        The false alarm in Aug still hunt Nikon till today. You can blame it on everyone in this website including me.

    • John Richardson

      I would take a D3x if I can find one at a reasonable price, but that is not gonna happen. So I will simply continue saving my money and come the london olympics if nothing insanely great comes out I will just pony up for a D7000 as a back up and search for a no longer wanted D3x or D700. After all, video is not any concern, for me and some I guess, it is a non-issue.

  • broxibear

    What a stupid statement…if you’re going to make a statement then be clear what it is you’re talking about, this is just confusing ?

    • broxibear

      P.S. I’m refering to Nikon not you Peter lol.

  • Worminator

    A big report like that is going to start a flood of calls to Nikon: hey the news is saying you are going to release a Pro dSLR, can you confirm, etc etc.

    It must be a pain in the but for them

  • nikonlvr

    Maybe they are talking about the mirrorless?

    In any case, I have given up on NIKON and no matter what they release I wont buy it.

    The NEX-7 is my next camera, let the sports and wildlife guy hump the SLRs, give me small any day.

    • Walkthru

      “nikonlvr” …….”nowsonylvr” …….go troll about in somebody else’s site!!

  • If something should happen Nikon Rumors let as know 🙂 Nothing new for the moment anyway! 🙁 worminator, the pain in the …. for them is 24 August, when nothing happens.

  • Daf

    Agreed – strange.
    Announcement! – We have no announcement.

    I think it’s probably with regards to the Reuters thing also.

    Note – they’re not saying they won’t, just that they haven’t (as yet).
    …. or this is me hoping anyway.

  • Neel

    Perhaps Nikon is referring to the fact that the “D3100 in Red” was not an official announcement?

    • that’s what I thought, but this news flash was published from Nikon Corp which is not for a specific country and the D3100 was officially announced in several countries today (with a press release)

  • the same message just came from Nikon Japan:

    the text is slightly different and talks about video, maybe because of the translation

  • ukj

    This like when you ask a politician if he gonna run for president and they say no, then weeks later they announce it.

    Come on nikon run for presidency, pass the d4, d800 bill.

  • Ben

    I assume they were referring to this:
    (not the analyst report, but the claim that there will be a mirrorless system and its specific price).

    • that’s probably it, thanks for the link

      • Up $#!t’s creek

        does canon currently have or planning to release a mirrorless camera as well?
        might as well check in with the conspiracy theorists and any further thoughts of collusion.

    • gt

      Yes, ben, thank you for posting a link I posted 15 minutes before you. You’ve stolen my thunder! Except mine came with a picture of a bizarre nikon/fuji created franken-camera too

  • Dweeb

    English translation — “Fooled Ya”.

  • joe

    That is odd… Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but this sounds like a CYA maneuver implying that there won’t be a new FF announcement anytime soon. I’d love to be wrong, though.

    I don’t get the people that are so ready to jump ship… Trying to move all my lenses, flashes & bodies on ebay solely out of impatience would be such a hassle…

    • Dino B

      heh yeah I dont get those people either but those who want to jump ship I am also looking for a Nikon 24-70, 70 -200 and SB900 Offering $1000 for everything together so whoever whants to jump ship and has any of those give me a call on 647-XXX-XXXX

  • Iris Chrome

    I think this was a PR move in order for Nikon to distance itself as far away from rumors as possible. It’s one thing when NR posts rumors and completely another when Reuters talks about them (no offense admin). If I had to guess then I’d say there is probably very slim chance of any major update to the Nikon lineup this year.

  • Robin

    I had saved up a bundle of money to migrate to new Nikon FX this christmas, looks like we will be vacationing instead. Seems like Nikon is toast and has lost its innovative edge and consumer confidence. So when I accumulate enough money again in the coming 3 years, I may as well end up with a much more robust and innovative Canon line of products.

    • gt

      or, you know, you could just NOT spend your money

      • Robin

        I wish! I make money taking pictures in a very dimly lit location where strobes are not allowed.

        As much as I would like to remain a Nikon fanboy, I am having my doubts. That’s all.

        • Doubts? Who has better low-light performance? Let’s not even talk about low light performance for the price.

          • Robin

            Doubts about their sincerity towards the pro consumers. I know there is D700 and its fantastic and the devil’s advocate fanboys would say the D700 wont stop taking pictures once the D800 is out and blah! blah! blah!…!. But heck, I am spending MY hard earned money on their technology, I want it to be the best bang for the buck now and for 3 years hence (actually I will keep using it till it dies) my d90 has already breached 100000 count in 16 months. Its their commitment to their customer base that I have been suspecting lately.

            • Neel

              +1 Well said

            • This reminds me of the people that say Clinton was a good leader. Being able to speak articulately and sweet talk the nation is NOT the sign of a good leader—it’s simply the sign of someone who knows how to influence. A pimp can influence a lot of people into following him. Does that make him a good leader?

              People likewise seem to confuse a company’s commitment to their customers with the speediness of their release schedule. Consumer electronic companies pump out gadget after gadget with hopes that we’ll abandon the old one and buy the new one, even though we don’t really need it. This is a pretty bad trend all around.

              Everyone whines about how companies are greedy. Well, who is enriching them? You and I are. I am a capitalist pig. I have no problem with the whole situation. I know that if I buy the latest smartphone, computer, camera, or TV—especially if I already have one that suits my needs—I am taking money out of my pocket and depositing it directly in the pocket of the ‘evil company’. Nobody put a gun to my head. They’re giving me what I’m asking for.

              “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Words long forgotten through the generations as we’ve become filthy rich. Yes, even those that make $25k/year are relatively rich. And that’s ok. But to say that Nikon, Apple, the government, your neighbor, or anyone else owes you something is sheer entitled lunacy.

              That Nikon decides to keep a slow, steady pace is the mark of a company that is more committed to the customer, not less. When a child screams at the top of their lungs that they don’t want to go to bed, any self respecting parent will immediately know the first and only thing that child needs is sleep.

              Too many consumers today are like tired, screaming children. I wish we could put you to sleep.

  • acropolis

    They probably mean the mirrorless speculations.personally i find sony still cant compete. Their imaging engine is inferior. nikon images are richer. For me panasonic is a much more serious contender. If nikon irons out the video thing should be ok. The name nikon is very strong. Only complain i find their skin tones from D40 onwards have too much black and yellow or lack punch i cant tell what has changed. D700 was an exception. If they could make a camera like the x10 i would be more than happy. 12 mp combined to 6mp for extra sensitivity is fantastic. Not many people want more than that. P7100 should be able to do that…

  • paf

    Ha, go Nikon! Attention Nikon shoppers… we just wanted to get your attention……

    what a waste of cyberspace and bandwidth…

    just like my comment here i guess.. . 😛

  • Davix

    Well, once again the only conclusion is..Nikon is now a “Coolpix Company”..sad, so sad. I am sure at least their US/EU sales team read our comments… WAKE UP or send your Resume to SONY HR Dept if you wish to sell some Pro cameras in the future 😀 If you like to sell Coolpix at WalMart/ASDA and co. continue like that…

  • Ki

    You see, Nikon looks like Apple now. I bet my money on Canon now. F**K Nikon! If NO FX DSLR announced this month, I will switch to Canon

    • R!

      I m going to wait both new full frame from Nikon and Canon, that means january then see the comparaison test it in a store with one of my flash card then compare it at home then next summer I make my choice , but I think I ll take the upcoming 6D!!!!!!!!!

    • misterno

      Me too,

      because I have seen the C 5D MK 3, which will be announced on 27.09.11. 34 MPX, 8f/s, 52 AF points with adaption to video function, high iso performance (amazing!!). EF 2.8/24-70 Mk II with IS!

      And with Nikon it is always the same! Can You remember the years from 2004-2007! What kind of dissapointing with Nikon.

  • Cristian

    Ok. Nikon has not made any announcement about a red Nikon D3100 and mirrorless camera and all we can read abount them is probably false.
    But, dear Nikon, in my opinion the worst thing is that you have made no announcement at all regarding the new SLRs or new optics …

  • I think this might refer to the (pulled?) Bloomberg video. Certainly investors won’t care about a red D3100, but *do* care about flagship products, like a D4 or D800.

    • Anon

      All they care is their money.

  • John Richardson
  • arjan

    if there’s no new fx dslr with movie support by end of october i’m going to switch to canon.

    • Davix


      I think that we are all waiting for a Pro DSLR with a decent FullHD (i mean for those thousand of us not able to buy a D3S..) and High ISO.

      Those who call us whiners because the D700/D3S ARE the lethal weapons for the next 2 years are WRONG. SONY and probably CANON will shoot first!!

      • Anonymous

        Go ahead and switch right now. If you need it to make money then why wait and lose out the revenue. If you aren’t using it for money making ventures, but for hobby purposes, then you can decide at your leisure. However, if you are a hobby photographer what is wrong with using D700 and D3S even if Sony and Canon comes up with latest models? Why do a hobby photographer have to always use the latest models? I can understand that for pros who sometime use their latest equipment as marketing props.

        • Davix

          I share that comment on the “need” in terms of photo quality …but if you invest in such a camera unless you have enough money you don’t want to buy a D700 to learn that some months later a D800/D900 or whatever it is called is on the market. The D700 is a Good camera but it is frustrating to buy such “old” technology when the competitors are seriously giving a change.

  • Muchachito Ehehe

    They must refer to the Reuters article. The red D3100 is already on Nikon’s global web page:

  • please come down – black march 11 with all it’s horrible consequences for both japanese people and industries is just six month ago and all you have to do is moaning that there (probably) will be no new DSLR this year !! That’s stupid and contumelious. Of course, life goes on (for those who have survived) and business should recover soon to minimize the economic breakdown. Nonetheless I won’t mind to wait another six month to see Nikon back with some really breathtaking development in D4 (just as D3 was a milestone). Quality rules! Hope they will continue with there high quality standards in their professional line and do not give us something ‘quick and dirty’ just to appease the whiners.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent post. My thoughts exactly.

      Thank you for the eloquent post that reflects my thoughts too.

  • liren
  • kyoshinikon

    It obviously wasn’t the red D3100 as the Camera is officially listed on the site…

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