Nikon mirrorless camera price estimation

According to Nikkei (via Reuters) Nikon's mirrorless camera + lens combo will cost between 70,000 - 100,000 yen or between 900 - 1,300 USD. US prices are usually slightly lower than the MSRP in Japan.

For comparison, the Sony NEX-5N, Panasonic G3 and Olympus E-PL3 kits cost $699 each. The Pentax Q costs $799 and Samsung NX200 kit costs $899.

Maybe this is the media report Nikon had in mind with their latest news update.

Here is another article from Bloomberg (similar to the one from yesterday) on the growing mirrorless market and the lost opportunity for Nikon and Canon.

Update: and another article from Reuters on the same topic:

"Shares in Nikon Corp rose for the third straight day on Friday, after market speculation about the company's launch of its first mirrorless camera was boosted by a report in the Nikkei newspaper that the new product would be on the market by the end of the year."

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  • Sony NEX-7 here I come.

  • One More Thought

    One thing to keep in mind: all of this criticism is directed at a camera that doesn’t even exist yet; no one here knows the specs or design or price of the Nikon mirrorless, so no reason to get your blood pressure worked up.

    First let’s look at the camera, and then offer opinions.

    As to Nikon not giving each and every one of us exactly what we want when we want it…well, that’s life. We still have amazing photographic equipment at our disposal and it will only get better with time. I do agree that Nikon will need to be at the top of its game to continue to compete, but let’s see what they really have to offer.

  • Dweeb

    Hard to believe Nikon have let 2 years slip by since I bought my D700.

    • Anonymous

      Slip by means what? You don’t like the images that your D700 makes?

      • flownlead

        yeah because the earthquake and radiation leaks all over the country are nothing to worry about.

        and eveyone knows it. the d300s, d700, d3s, d3x are all shiet cameras. Specially in the hands of people who know how to use them.

  • Sony and Fuji will be the leaders of Mirrorless Race. Come on Nikon, you are a DSLR maker, focus on that and you will be fine!


    • Rahul

      Yes, and if they think that the mirrorless market has great potential then they should start making lenses for Sony NEX mount. Sony knows how to make great sensors but they can’t possibly make lenses as good as Nikon.

    • Gummyrabbit

      FYI, Olympus and Panasonic outsold Sony in Japan last year.

  • Kostas

    599$ and 899$ in the beginning

    After, 499 & 749

  • lali
    • No, those are basically the same articles from Reuters and Bloomberg that we have covered here in the past few days.

  • Rahul

    Nex 5n looks too good at $700. It is small and has the same sensor as that of D7000. Sadly, except for 16mm 2.8 there isn’t any small and nice lens. Even 18-55 looks ridiculously big on that body. 50mm OSS is also too big.
    Lack of lenses is definitely a deal-breaker for me. If sony or zeiss can release a 35mm 1.8 pancake which is as good as that of Nikon then I will definitely buy one.
    Till then I am with Nikon DSLR but if I will ever consider a mirrorless, it will be Sony not Nikon.

    • Chris

      Check out the Voigtlander 35 1.4.

      I am using it with an NEX and its a wonderful match.

  • Winson IP

    Nikon Japan do a press and denied the new product news.

    Here is the Google Translated Press from Nikon Japan.

  • R!

    they must be kidding,more than 399 $ or euros for a sensor that small!!!!!!!It’s a robery!!!!!!

  • Winson IP

    Nikon Japan do a press and denied the new product news.

  • EskimoMacinoid

    I am anxious for the D4 to come out, so I can buy a D3S for ~$4,000.

    • DanO

      +1 That’s my idea too!

  • Roddy

    As a photography, I desire a flexible tool. The Sony NEX has great image quality, because of an APS-C sensor. In many other ways, it does not compete with DSLR’s.

    As for the Nikon mirrorless: tiny sensor, early model, limited lenses; I am simply not interested.

  • MB

    P7100 is 499$ now.
    EVIL bunch (Sony NEX-5N, Panasonic G3 and Olympus E-PL3) goes for 699$ and with better IQ and already established market position.
    We will forget about the Q joke from Pentax of course, everyone else does.
    And now we are to expect this cute little toy from Nikon for how much again?
    599$ is the tops if they are serous about any significant market share…

  • nikon killed it before launching it :facepalm:

  • mokador x

    Just how stupid they think their customer base is?
    For that kind of money it would have to provide for multiple orgasms through VR, at least!

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