Nikon V1 and J1: the new mirrorless cameras from Nikon

The two models of the Nikon mirrorless camera will be called Nikon V1 and Nikon J1*. The mockups I posted online I believe are of the V1 model. Both bodies will be identical, except that one will have a self timer LED on the top right and different colors for the lens release button (one will be black, the other will be silver). Nikon V1 will have a built-in high resolution EVF and will come in black and white. The Nikon J1 will not have an EVF and will come in 5 colors: red, pink, grey, white and black. The rest of the specs:

  • Update: I missed that one - the camera will have both phase and contrast AF detection
  • 10.1MP
  • ISO range: 100-3200 (with H1-6400)
  • CCD sensor (not sure about that) - the whole mirrorless line will be called CX, similar to DX and FX
  • Both cameras will have 2.7x crop factor
  • 3 in. LCD screen
  • The J1 model will have a built-in flash
  • The V1 will not have a built-in flash but it will have a multi-accessory port which will support external flash and a GPS device
  • There will be no traditional flash hot shoe on both models
  • There will be a F-mount adapter
  • Both cameras will probably be made of plastic
  • Full HD movie with many additional features
  • EXPEED 3 processor with 600 megapixels per second processing power
  • The four mirrorless lenses are (most with choice of colors, except the 10-100mm):
    • 10mm f/2.8 pancake lens
    • 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens (very short and portable)
    • 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 VR
    • 30-110mm VR

Some of the above specs could be wrong or lost in the translation.

I was told again that Nikon's mirrorless camera will have some innovations not yet seen in any other cameras. I don't know what those innovations are but let's don't judge it before it comes out.

* -A note on the camera names - I got some conflicting info here, the model names could also be 1V and 1J. Those could also be just the temporary codes and not the final model names. I believe the internal Nikon code for the new camera is Q630, but I could be wrong. The initial mount leak mentioned X810 as a camera code/project name which makes me think that V1 and J1 are the final marketing names.

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  • BornOptimist


  • Phil

    GPS as an option? Sheesh! You can buy a phone for $50 with GPS.

    • And that would be what? GPS using cell tower triangulation? If so, then it’s a moot point since cameras don’t have cell phone tech in ’em.

      Anyone that knows the inner workings of these things that can comment?

      • Jabs

        @Fried Toast.

        GPS = Global Positioning Satellite

        Hence they don’t use Cell towers but a system of orbiting satellites for positioning, as in triangulating the information from multiple satellites to precisely determine your current location is.

        Smartphones with GPS, then use two systems – Cell Towers for calls and satellites for GPS. GPS in cameras also use satellites and then there are Satellite phones that don’t use Cell Towers but Satellite Communications, so LOL.

        Got it!

        • BornOptimist

          GPS is not “Global Positioning Satellite”.
          It stands for “Global Positioning System”, so technically cell tower triangulation can actually be called GPS. Although most ppl think of GPS as positioning thru a satellite service

          • El Aura

            Right now GPS does not stand for A global positioning system but for THE Global Positioning System as implemented by the American Government using satellites.

            • Jabs

              @El Aura


          • Jabs

            Cell Tower triangulation = location aware services or what people complained about when Apple and others allegedly violated their privacy via targeted ads when they approach a certain location like a Restaurant, Coffee Shop Movie Theater for example and location specific ads were seen on their devices.

            It is not then GPS which is satellite based location.

            Look at a modern or the latest portable GPS receivers for your car or vehicle in America and they now have some Cell Tower integration for location aware services.

            In other countries with their own systems and methods, I don’t know as I live in America.

            GPS first started in America, as far as I know.

            • Actually, Fried Toast is more or less correct. It’s called Assisted GPS, or aGPS. The iPhone, for example, uses cell tower triangulation to speed up the initial “fix” on location while it waits for the more accurate fix from satellite.

              “Assisted GPS, generally abbreviated as A-GPS or aGPS, is a system which can, under certain conditions, improve the startup performance, or time-to-first-fix (TTFF) of a GPS satellite-based positioning system. It is used extensively with GPS-capable cellular phones as its development was accelerated by the U.S. FCC’s 911 mandate making the location of a cell phone available to emergency call dispatchers.”


            • Jabs

              I agreed with Fried Toast, but was explaining or expounding in more detail to both Phil and others here, perhaps.

              GPS is a system of using Satellite Technology for Global Positioning while Cell Tower triangulation is incorrectly labeled as GPS to rise on its’ ‘coat tails’ and fool consumers or Wiki-nuts and their foolish explanations by amateurs guessing.

              Cell phones and multiple Towers do give you a pseudo GPS like protocol or function BUT are not really GPS and yes, I do understand about the 911 Location Aware Service as I live in America, but it is NOT true GPS, as GPS = Global Positioning Satellite and the associated services that come from THAT, not pseudo services that make false claims to fool YOU!

              Many of the Cell Tower triangulations are often based upon Google’s Mapping or Software services from others like Microsoft MapPoint or even Google Earth PRO and thus the triangulation is based upon THAT and the Cell Towers are identified that way.

              Engineer here bub!

    • Jabs


      But the phone does not integrate with the camera to provide EXIF data that tells us exactly where the photograph was taken in latitude and longitude?

      That is the item called geo-tagging of your photographs.

      • Phil

        >>But the phone does not integrate with the camera to provide EXIF data that tells us exactly where the photograph was taken in latitude and longitude?<<

        Some do, actually. I must say I find the above argument about GPS amusing. Completely lost the point. I was indeed referring to the satellite-based system, and yes a $50 phone today will give you both satellite AND cell-based positioning (which is pretty bad from my experience, but I digress).

        So yes, an external GPS for the Nikon? Sheesh! You can get a $50 phone with GPS.

        • Jabs


          LOL – ok, I better understand your point.

          – never mind!

        • Ian

          Nikon could you please make it easier for everyone and anyone to know when I am not home… Better yet, how far away from home I actually am, latitude and longitude would do, thanks!

          Other than a crude form of LoJack, I really don’t see a reason why my photos can’t adequately articulate where I am.

          Is this the journalism industries equivalent of putting tattlers on trucks? Hey! you’re not reporting from Egypt, that’s the Luxor!

          • Jabs

            … and yes, the original Luxor is indeed in Egypt, while there is a Luxor resort in America in Las Vegas, I think = bad statement or bad attempt at humor that has backfired bub.

            Anyone dumb enough to not know the difference needs to be fired for being an idiot, as this is not SNL (you figure it out Sherlock).

            Time to leave dimwits alone!


            • Ian

              Sigh, you’re right the qualifier “THE” definitely was inadequate, I keep forgetting that there are so many Aiii + =IDIOTS!?!?!?-pant pant~* as I was saying, who can’t make simple inferences when it comes to stream of consciousness… I definitely should have said “resort”, like you said too many idiots!!! I should hang my head in shame and stop writing for the highly intellectual Saturday Night Live, would you mind if I continue to submit drafts to kids in the hall?

              Aadmin, please tell me that you are paying this guy… As this is just to precious, seriously he needs his own angry blog corner ” Nikon explain to IDIOTS” maybe?

            • Guys, can you please turn this into an intelligent discussion or I will have to close down this thread.

      • Jabs

        Actually ‘geo-tagging’ is an asset to you the photographer to be able to return to EXACTLY the same place and retake the photograph in possibly better light and not to watch you – duuh.

        Conspiracy theorists = dumb schmucks!

        Plus it helps in cataloging a huge shoot where you forgot precisely where you shot something as in what country or place and thus this ‘geotag’ precisely tells you where when viewed on a map of the world.

        Lo-Jack is for theft prevention as in knowing where the crooks are with your stuff!

        NOT geotagging!

        • Ian

          People who can’t read playful facetious sarcasm = well, you I guess. I understand what it’s for, I also know there are 10 other backup devices most photographers carry for this precise reason, it is however finding its way into more and more entry-level consumer products.

          Oh and it is possible to catch crooks by searching their embedded data, why there’s an article on it on this very site.

          If you don’t chill out hypertension is probably going to give you glaucoma.

    • Adeydub

      Next they’ll be building cameras with phones in them!!!

  • just a thougt

    IMHO this is a new field and there is some experimentation. Since It is a new field, specifications may not tell all the story about IQ and convenicence. Let´s see.

  • Stageshadow

    I want fast lenses! F2.8 for a prime isn’t that fast and the super zoom is f4.5-5.6! I hope it has awesome high iso! And about the the f mount adapter – 2,7 crop is not for ultra wide lovers! And now ultrawide in the first 5 Lenses!

  • pabs

    sorry about a post that likel has been answered in bits and pieces but can someone please explain what the hype about a mirroless camera is and why one would choose one over a Coolpix. Is it just quiter without the mirror? is it a greater crop factor. i’m a bit lost in what to think of this. Thanks.

    • broxibear

      Hi pabs,
      Mirrorless cameras have a bigger sensor than a compact, in general terms bigger sensors mean higher quality images…and you can change lenses.
      Think of them as having the size and convenience of a compact, but with the ability to change lenses and picture quality of a dslr.
      Not having a mirror in the body makes it smaller…it’s not about sound.

    • Stageshadow

      Ok, here is an answer!
      1. Better IQ
      2. More creativity with lenses
      3. Smaller (as a dslr)

    • Jabs


      Good question!

      Mirrorless is actually a bad name for it, but they call the newer cameras like the Micro 4/3rds bodies mirrorless. Mirrorless is a type of camera that does not have the traditional mirror in the body that sends light to the top mounted pentaprism for you to now view the image of what you are shooting through the lens.

      Nikon’s generally are cameras with mirrors and these send the image from the lens, then turn it right side up again and now you can view it through the pentaprism or viewfinder.

      The pellicle mirror is a stationary mirror that is semi-transparent and thus light ‘leaks’ through there and goes to either a pentaprism or now an Electronic Viewfinder for you to see through the lens, the image that you are about to take when you press the shutter, hence not mirrorless.

      Everyone now is calling all types of small cameras mirrorless in error and hence the confusion. Sony’s newest bodies are not mirrorless, as they have a pellicle or stationary mirror that does not move when you press the shutter to take a picture versus other bodies with a fixed mirror that moves out of the way – as in flips up, when you take a picture.

      Pellicle mirror cameras are usually quieter due to no mirror slap but since you are looking through a semi-transparent mirror, the view is usually darker due to light loss through this fixed stationary mirror. Also by not having a moving mirror, they offer faster framing rates. They also are more prone to scratches and dust, as they just sit there rather than the traditional mirror parking way of flipped up or down and out of the way.

      People now call everything mirrorless as some cameras send their output to Electronic Viewfinders and avoid the mirror system all together, hence the confusion in terms.

      Me, personally – I have never seen a non-traditional camera that is not an SLR, that I have liked or seen much if any benefits to it as the concepts are as old as the old Leica rangefinders and even before that. Nikon was one of those who introduced or made the SLR a product that replaced the old mirrorless way and now, they are attempting to bring that garbage back but now calling it an advantage. Maybe it is, maybe it is not, but so far not one of these cameras have thrilled me, as realist and not dreamer here. Yeah I owned a rare Leica too and when I went to load the camera the bottom fell out and surprised me. I sold it the next week after first putting a few rolls through it and then comparing it to a few of my F3’s as I was looking for something more compact than an F3 for street shooting then. I bought three small Nikon’s instead – N2000, N2020, N4040 or was that N4000. The 2020 and 4000 was AF and very compact plus I shot with two small zooms then – 28-50 F3.5 and 35-70 F2.8 and loved the experience over the Leica madness, as they were better bodies than that old rare camera which was so severely outclassed by the F3’s that I gave up after maybe three rolls through it.

      Hence all this mess is the past being revisited by mainly Leica’s new partners trying to take the crown or market from Nikon and Canon = new reality in 2011.
      I’ll stick with my Nikon’s until something better comes along.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Ugh. Your posts are so long. Please let others contribute.

        • Jabs

          You make it long for ‘idiots’.

          Satisfied or display some intellect here yourself and then they get shorter and shorter until I disappear – happy now???

      • kongqueror

        Correction – some of Sony’s new bodies are mirrorless and they belong to the NEX line (NEX-3, NEX-3C, NEX-5, the just released NEX-5N and soon to be released NEX-7). You were probably thinking of just their Alpha cameras (A33, A35, A55 and the upcoming A65 and A77) which do have “translucent” mirrors.

        • Jabs

          Thanks as was referring to A77, and thus sorry to not make that clear.

          I only look at the latest gear and the important ones to me, so people lose that because I often do not make the references clear or they start talking about one camera and then we end up debating about the whole line or something irrelevant.

          I’ll try and be clearer, but I am a busy person with little time to post here often and then sometimes I come back and reread and go – duuuh @myself.

          To me the talk started about the EVF or the replacement for the optical viewfinder by Sony in their new A77 and how it is great, but I later countered with a fact that it does not have enough resolution to equal any good Pentaprism and then I gave examples – F3, F4 and F5 Action Heads (even the old F and F2 ones too) as being the best in the field. F6 does not have removable heads and neither does Nikon’s digital bodies.

          For you to display 32 bit data or above, then you would need over a billion color display versus them stating otherwise about the A77’s EVF. The argument lost its’ focus, as they do NOT know what an EVF is!

          Hence, I left them alone.

          HINT: It is not the rear LCD or LED screen even when it acts like a Display device in some cameras as we were talking about Sony’s latest over-hyped PRODUCT, as in the main one – the A77.

          I also don’t care what you personally buy, but don’t come here telling lies to people and thus I personally call you out because of your mistakes or idiocy.

        • Jabs

          A77 is already released, not sure about A65 as too busy to look it up.

      • Yeah I owned a rare Leica too and when I went to load the camera the bottom fell out and surprised me. I sold it the next week after first putting a few rolls through it and then comparing it to a few of my F3′s as I was looking for something more compact than an F3 for street shooting then.

        That’s a fantastic reason to dismiss mirrorless digital cameras. Well done… if you can at least understand sarcasm.

    • Jabs


      If you are asking about the new upcoming Nikon camera versus the already existing Nikon Coolpix cameras, then an easy answer perhaps.

      1. Bigger sensor than currently released Coolpix bodies.

      2. Removable lenses with a new smaller mount and even an F-mount adapter/converter as this new system will have another size mount. So now, you can then mount your regular large Nikon mount lenses on this little camera.

      3. Better image quality supposedly, as we have not seen or tested one yet, so we don’t know.

      4. Sort of a mini-Digital camera system with removable lenses plus accessories and thus a small body plus also small lenses to counter the Sony NEX line and the Micro 4/3rds line of cameras which often have small bodies and huge awkward sized lenses.

      I hope that you speak English natively and that this helps or just ask others here.

      • eb

        can someone ban this guy?

  • Trevor

    Awesome specs. The only shame is you have to choose EVF or built-in flash. For what I would want this camera for, I would go with the J1.

    This will give m43 a run for its money IF the price is right. It’s gotta be below a 5100 and should be below a 3100.

    • MJr

      EVF means you can hold the camera to your eye, and funnily enough that also means you can hold it steady easier. Anything not to have to use flash.

      • Jabs

        Wrong – nothing to do with steadiness or bringing it closer to you eye. If you being an EVF to your eye and keep it there, you will go blind or at least get glaucoma.

        Traditional pentaprisms are superior to EVF’s, as one interprets what is seen while the other is AS it is or as it exactly unfolds. I have used both extensively and EVF’s are great for Videography and lousy for photography so far.

        EVF’s have lag, while a pentaprism has none whatsoever. Real Time versus small delays as you shoot video at slower speeds than photo. Pentaprisms also have better clarity and contrast, plus better gamma response and the human eye is better able to differentiate details and color from a mirror based system than any EVF released so far. You probably would need a multi-billion resolution 32bit response EVF to come even close to a simple silver mirrored pentaprism = reality.

        Go look through an F3, F4 or an F5 with their Action Heads for a clue, as these are the best Pentaprisms on the Market. Better than the D3, D3s and D3X too which have no such options.

        • El Aura

          There is an overwhelming consensus that pressing a camera against your head (a comparatively large mass that is fairly well connected with an even larger mass, your torso) by two hands is noticeably more stable than holding it with extended or semi-extended arms.

          And funnily enough, the EVF in existing cameras have not let to mass blindness among its users. And if you want to suggest to looking an electronic screen causes glaucoma, I am wondering how you typed your comment without doing the very same thing.

          • Jabs

            Perhaps you do NOT know what an EVF is and for how long it has been used in the Video field.

            EVF as now used in digital cameras forces you to look at a video screen and even when it is a LED lit one, you are probably stuck at 60hz or 60 cycle and thus eye strain in imminent.

            By being so close to your eye, it forces your retina or your eye mechanism to be constantly opening and closing leading to possible eye strain, glaucoma and such ills.

            Like looking at a video game system up really close with external light absent. Ever heard what people complained about 3D movies, viewers or devices when ambient light was absent and they had to look at these screens for extended periods of time?

            Then apply that.

            • Ian

              Hahaha, seriously? you really do sort of say whatever comes to your mind without any need for a qualifier.

              No, eye-strain does not lead to glaucoma…hypertension does, so does a genetic predisposition, but there is no (founded and reputable) case study currently linking electronic viewfinders to anything other than headaches. As a matter fact a Harvard double-blind medical study found that sitting at your computer or in front of your television (or with your eye fixated on a viewfinder) causes the same amount of ocular stress that reading by candlelight used to cause (i.e. headaches and sometimes nausea), sitting too close to the television or reading in the dark being a cause of blindness is a medical myth. There is a case study that suggests the possibility of repeated eyestrain causing nearsightedness but that one is far from being vetted. The most recent Harvard study even suggested that the rapid dilation caused by low light stress probably strengthens the nerves, rather than permanently causing them any harm. Funny thing is, electronic viewfinders actually shield your eyes from harmful direct UV damage.

              And quite a few different medical studies would suggest that you are at greater risk of damage from pressing the camera up against your face then once thought. The New England Journal of Medicine published case studies linking radiation from high output devices to possible brain tumor’s, but even this study can’t be completely taken as fact, because there simply isn’t enough data yet.

              I think the word you’re looking for is “cataracts”, which though still wrong isn’t quite as comically wrong. Cataracts can be caused by overexposure to UV light, and infrared radiation…making them an occupational hazard of photographers… regardless of electronic viewfinders.

              However if you can provide any reputable case studies linking electronic viewfinders to permanent eye damage I would love to read them.

            • Mock Kenwell

              You’re a pro photographer, an engineer, and now apparently a board-certified optometrist! Is there no end to your scary talents? We’re finding out so much about you!

            • Jabs

              Earth to you all here:

              I posted eons ago what EVF I was referring to – the TOP mounted EVF in the Sony A77 that replaces the Pentaprism and NOT the back mounted LCD screen, so perhaps clueless on your part or this place has a Response linking System that needs some work on it, perhaps.

              LOOK at the time of my responses for a clue and quit arguing so much over nothing!

              The majority of video cameras have used EVF’s for maybe 25+ years = you being clueless!

              Had them with my Sony Hi-8, 8mm Camcorders plus even the older Pre-Beta stuff as in video cameras with Black and White EVF or Electronic Viewfinders, so stop trying to confuse the issues by reading WEB SITES and not knowing the definitions yourself.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Super. So now you’re lecturing every “clueless” one of us here. We should all be up to date on all YOUR posts. We should have them memorized, despite the fact that every post is 4 pages long. What a towering ego! And my favorite tactic of yours, not backing up the facts of your wack-job glaucoma hypothesis, and instead deflecting back to a tertiary topic rant. I reckon we should add professional blogger/troll to your voluminous career list as well. So bloody boring.

              Those who talk the most have the least to back it up.

          • Jabs

            @El Aura

            I am also talking specifically about the Sony A77 EVF in their camera TOP, not the back mounted screen.

          • Jabs

            Here is what the US Government says:


            • Ian

              Yep, I’ve actually read that… And I get the feeling I may be alone in that task.

            • Jabs

              Perhaps you are NOT from America and thus the crux of this nonsense.

              In America this:

              … ‘By being so close to your eye, it forces your retina or your eye mechanism to be constantly opening and closing leading to possible eye strain, glaucoma and such ills.’

              Means – POSSIBILITY or either eye strain, glaucoma or such ills.

              It does not mean that it causes ANY of them, but could be a source of such ills among those mentioned as in CHOICES.

              Possibility of such and such = gave you some possible choices = you might be from Blighty.

            • Ian

              Look as intellect seems to be important to you, you of all people should know that intellectuals don’t use weasel words…by that rationale it could also make monkeys fly out of my butt, I am however not going to give that as a “possibility”.

              Just say what you mean, and if you’re wrong you learn something.

              Everyone’s here because of a common bond-Nikon, not Mensa.

            • Jabs

              LOL @ intellect being important to me – perhaps you have forgotten that we are on a RUMORS web site.

              Yeah Mensa in a rumor site – precious or …. not!

              I am not the center of this place as that is the Administrator’s job and he has enough sense to stay in the background and let idiots ramble on here about nothing = get real.

              Ha, ha haaaa – competing Rube Goldberg style, OK – I’m stooopid and what are you?

              A stooge or an intellectual ‘perfessor’ with a PHD (Post Hole Digger or is that Pig Headed Dummy) – yeah intellect in the cesspool of life.

              Curly Q, da Missing Link – ok pal, we hear ya.

  • fake, the Nikon mirrorless will not have dials on top

  • jg

    Has the physical size of the sensor (crop factor) been confirmed? Because almost all of the other senosor specs seem just like the one in my old D200: sensor type, MPs, iso range…

    • BornOptimist

      Everything are just rumors so far, but the 5th bullet point in the list says 2.7x crop factor.

  • Koch Kenwell

    Epic fail! My peewee has shrunk!
    I need some manly cameras to turn me on!
    Nikon sort your tools out!
    Mirrorless for boy scouts & girls!
    Big camera for big man!

    • Big

      Better to know how to photograph first…

  • i was hoping for something full frame or at least 1.5 crop. really disappointing for me.

    • The D3X/D3S/D700 is full frame and D3100 is 1.5 crop. Why don’t you buy those instead?

      • Nathan

        Because they’re very large.

        On a more serious note, this camera would be a lot more successful with some f1.4 primes. With the reduced image circle available to a camera with a 2.7x crop, this should be possible and inexpensive.
        f2.8 as a “fast” lens is a FAILURE for a camera hobbled by a small sensor. Olympus is just now learning this and seeing renewed interest in their micro four thirds system as a result of their development of fast prime lenses.

  • Marko

    Glad I haven’t sell my X100. God thank you for your message 🙂

    • Mock Kenwell


  • MJr

    That EXPEED3 better do some kickass 1080p 60, or 120 ! 🙂

    • MB

      Even if this one do have an Expeed3 processor it will be a C version (like the ExpeedC2 found in Coolpix cameras) so we should lower our expectation a bit.
      At best it will be half the speed of a bigger brother and more likely much slower.

  • KnightPhoto

    Please please PLEASE let it be a video adept camera! If so, I’m in. Like to see what I could do with wildlife video on my 500VR (or even just my 70-200 for that matter at 2.7 crop!). I’d really like PDAF in video, jeez I hope that part is correct, although I can’t see how unless this sensor has the technology where they embed AF pixels right into the sensor.

    The other big video use for me would be theatre, might even cause me to purchase some f1.4G primes. 24mm f1.4G anyone? 😉

    It’s video that will drive my purchasing decision.
    Plus I’ll toss it in my briefcase with a compact lens or two so it’s always with me for everyday stills.

    I hope have of what Ernest says below is true – but I did read Thom’s caveats. Hmmm thunderbolt might help? OK, I’m probably wish-listing now…

    Author: Ernest Koe
    I am kinda excited that this is pissing off as many ‘serious’ folks as it is. Seems to me that it is a pretty good indication Nikon led with Design and and not with Technical Specs. I don’t know how good this little thing is going to be, we will all have to wait and see. But what it does tell me is that Nikon is designing for a potentially new market and anticipating one that doesn’t fully exist as the moment. This is a good thing. All photographers will benefit. If the lenses retract and are fully portable.

    And if this is what I think it is, a pocket-sized Red SCARLET…this is going to be a potentially revolutionary for the video, digital “film” market, which is a segment that is underserved and badly understood. Think about the iPod entering the crowded USB music player market…could be a similar thing happening here.

    The form factor is important. The clean lines is important. If this is all retro, it’d be more difficult for 3rd party players to build add-ons, viewers, finders, mounts, grips and other accessories to complement this camera.

    The sensor size means this can probably take a C-mount or cine-type lenses with really nice follow-focus pulls.

    The key will be storage and how fast this thing can write to card. But with XC’S coming, this may make total sense, (

    Wedding photographers ditching Nikon to get 5DMkIIs may finally have something to grin about. Wedding photographers buying 5DMkIIs and IIIs for its video may have a newer/better option now. Imagine a really portable, creative instrument optimized for movies that can complement their cameras and lenses optimized for stills.

    As I said, let’s see how this thing does first…but I don’t look at this and say Nikon flopped. I look at this and say they are really thinking about what people want/need.

    • AtlDave

      The PDAF might be in the form of a special adapter for F mount lens that has a translucent mirrors. Sony has one like that. It probably has a bunch of patents but if Nikon can get sensors from Sony them might be able to license any applicable patents too.

  • backcountry

    I had hoped that this would provide some competition to the NEX/M-Mount combination that I am learning to love so much.

    I don’t think it gets there with these specs. I can’t make street photographs with lenses that slow, and I can’t abandon my way-too-heavy landscape kit at 10MP and expect prints that will come out 20×30 or better.

    It misses both things I’d love to see Nikon do with a small camera. Good thing the D3x and D700 still work, or Nikon would be hosed.

  • Nineface

    Have you guys see Pentax Q Hands-On? you will understand why some people might want this camera.

  • Jabs


    Perhaps off topic, but for you mainly!

    Nikon makes many Red cameras or actually black and maroon color bodies, which seem to be popular in America and also I am going to suggest J&R Music World in downtown Manhattan as one Company to look in to as maybe an affiliate or such. They were near the World Trade Center and I often bought Nikon stuff there, so look at these links too. I have not seen the Best Buy Red D3100 nor do they list it here at J&R. I am sort of thinking about Sept. 11th and that disaster, hence my thoughts of there.

    They also have what seems like NEW Nikon D200 cameras kits for sale, plus with a $300.00 Rebate too.

    Red CoolPix P500

    Red CoolPix L120

    • 1600???

      1600 you must be high

      • Jabs

        Yeah – don’t forget the $300.00 rebate that makes it $1300.00 plus the included lens – LOL.

        Your money too.

  • I think the image quality in high ISO will be equal to those of DSLR camera due to the EXPEED 3 sensor. It will be exciting to see.

    • Anonymous

      EXPEED 3 sensor ?

      or processor.

      No way the high iso from this mirrorless will be equivalent to any current dslr. Yes, maybe that of D2x at best…

      • NineFace

        +1 I think usable ISO is 800 at best

    • Some advice… the thick claims you’re making will reflect badly upon you one day. Look at all the crap Ken Rockwell said that he can’t take back now. Permanent damage to one’s credibility. Think with your brain… not from the a** you’re gifting to Nikon.

  • RandomDesign

    Ick, no hot shoe?

  • sandy

    I think it should not be compared with nikon cropped sensors, its going to be a pocketable camera. Fast glass is big. hence the slower glass for now. I think its an exciting design.

    • Those images are fake, this website is known for distributing fake pictures of upcoming cameras.

    • Ke

      “Fast glass is big.”

      Except for the Panasonic 20mm 1.7, Olympus 2.8, Samsung 20mm 2.8, Samsung 30mm 2.0, all those compact Leica & Pentax lenses…

  • Anonymous

    The optimum usage of V1 or J1 is as a teleconverter !

  • Ren Kochwell

    What are Nikon playing at!
    I have millions of fans and they want a D700 upgrade.
    Nikon get your s*&t together or I will send my followers to Canon.

    • I KNOW!!! I’ve been holding out with my D60 forever as I’ve been waiting for the next round to move to a full frame sensor. I have an 80-200 lens that I’ve never been able to properly use because the D60 won’t support the old AF system.

      If they would just update the D700 they would the cash I’ve been squirreling away. Then again if they wait long enough I might have saved up enough for a D4 by the time they get around to actually releasing a new camera.

  • sflxn

    I’ve written Nikon mirrorless off quite awhile back ago. For that category, the X100 and Nex system are the champs. Just like their coolpix line, Nikon has shown that outside of DSLRs, they make pretty mediocre products. Now all we have to wait for is the Fuji and Canon mirrorless. I’m hoping Canon gets it right.

    I’m sure these Nikons will sell well, but it won’t generate much excitement… just like their coolpix line.

    • backcountry

      What are you looking for that APS or micro4/3 mirrorless don’t already do? Where would Canon improve it? Full-frame – Sony will be there long before Canon, Leica is already there. Completely pocketable? Pentax has it. Interchangeable sensor? Ricoh. Rich native lens lineup? 4/3rds or Leica. Video? Sony, 4/3rds.

      While none of the existing platforms are dominant across all the possible considerations, like Nikon or Canon would be for sports photography, there is a platform that meets just about every requirement I can think of.

      I’m curious as to what Canon or Fuji could do that would be a game-changer here.

      • Richard

        Just keep watching.

        As it stands, The Samsung R1 seems to be an interesting prospect based on its leaked information. The Fuji X100’s rumored followup camera doesn’t sound bad either, not to mention the Samsung NX200 and Sony NEX 7.

        Even the 12 MP µ4/3rds bodies are capable of decent images in a smaller package.

        Nikon is not finished yet.

        Although this release is about as uninteresting as they come from what is shown here, it is apparent that this is their “pocketable” camera. We will have to wait and see when the lenses become available as to whether it actually accomplishes this objective. I still don’t expect this camera to do much in the market place unless Nikon gets really aggressive on pricing and even then it is likely to get a ho hum reception in the market place.

        I have used a µ4/3rds camera as my ‘take everywhere’ camera for a while now and I am pleased with the balance of size & performance as compared to the point & shoot camera I used to carry that way. Even the P & S gave tolerable results.

        So we shall see what we shall see, but this release certainly does not look like it is going to set the world on fire.

        • NineFace

          For the size(lenses) and performance M43 is the best today, but if Nikon CX can delivery the same or very similar result to M43 it will gain a lot of mirrorless and P&S users interest.

  • rhlpetrus

    To those that say the NEX7 is much better, this is not to compete with that camera. That will come later when Nikon goes ML with their APS-C line. My view is that they want to keep the F mount and not reduce flange distance for FF. This mount in the CX ML seems large enough for an APS-C sensor with reduced flange distance, so they may actually split the mounts with the F for the FF line (ML or MB), and go for this smaller mount for the APS-C and CX lines.

    • I disagree, if Nikon changes the mount for the APS-C DX line of their cameras, they will be pissing off a lot of users. Because even with an adapter, using currently existing DX and FX lenses (which share the same mount) on a CX will not provide the same image circle to cover the APS-C or larger sensor.

      And I hope Nikon NEVER goes mirrorless wit their DX/FX cameras. It will be years before any digital viewfinder can match that of an optical viewfinder, and even if it could be done right now, I still prefer my optical viewfinder with pentaprism and reflex mirror.

    • BornOptimist

      I tried to do some calculations about that when the photo of the mount first came up, and it might in a pinch be possible to use a 2x sensor, but not 1.5x. The contact points are placed too close to the center of the mount.

  • Ken

    Seriously i am not after mirror less or characterless camera ,, all i am looking forwards some new or upgrade version of Nikon D700 with Video 1080p min 30fps.

  • Mindlessbuttonmasher

    Come on Nikon, how can we possibly get excited about a mirrorless camera that: 1) appears to have no physical style–YUK!; 2) has a smaller sensor than micro four thirds; 3) has slow zoom lenses probably plastic and made in China? What happened to your legacy? I think Nikon should stick to PRO cameras and lenses made if metal and glass. Forget point-and-shoots, forget video, forget mirrorless. Their lenses ate brilliant and so are all o their upper level DSLRs. We need two things. A replacement for the D300 for us working pros that can’t fork out $$$ for. D3s, and an update to the D700 or at least lower the price or the current one. And IF you are going to venture into the mirrorless market, make some kind if rangefinder with pro quality and pro lenses (metal an glass) for the large market out there who love Leica but hate the STUPID high prices.

  • I’ve been searching for a good compact camera that I can stick in my pocket or glove compartment and not need to keep my D7000, D300 or D200 cameras with me. This llooks like it may be an excellent candidate. As for me, I’m witholding judgment until I see some reviews and examples. It may be that Nikon has really broken ground and created something new and unusual – and high-quality.

    Nikon is about quality. I’ve been really happy with Nikons since my film-shooting days, seriously considered switching to Canon and with the D7000 I’m so very glad I stayed with Nikon. NikonRumors postings from many of the very knowledgeable people here on these Comments pages were key to my decision to stay with the best (IMHO).

    I have confidence Nikon will produce a really good product in their “mirrorless” or maybe more accurately their “mirror flapless” 🙂

  • D3S Guy

    I don’t understand why every single camera has to be made for the pros? Before, it seemed like a lot of people here in NR don’t care about about the up coming mirrorless camera at all (rather they were waiting for D4 or D700 replacement) and now it turns out that they are indeed concerned about all those speculated specifications! I don’t get it 🙂

    • backcountry

      Maybe everyone figured out that the D3s/x and D700 still take beautiful pictures, but don’t discount people who want to shed weight or operate with a lower profile. At 14,000 feet the weight of a Nikon DSLR and lenses is not trivial, and pointing something that looks like a giant black bazooka at someone on the street will ruin a lot of good candid street photos real quick.

      • Ian

        heh, good point. Sort of the reason I would like to see a flip out screen on the next generation (d800-d4 and so on), not a make or break mind you, but it would help some of those “candid” shots.

        In regards to all of the complaints… This is the first generation, I’m sure the next incarnation will take all of the market desires into account, but often the first generation product is a test to see what people want, and what the market will bear. They may make a killing with a $1000 camera that offers half the things they could actually fit in the body, possibly using that momentum as a springboard for more robust future models.

        Basically, vote with your dollars.

      • One More Thought

        backcountry: how true. Indeed, for most the future of cameras lies with the smaller options. Most people, including some pro’s, want something that’s easier to carry around.

        Already we see more photos taken with cell phones than with anything else, by a wide margin. Increasingly, the point and shoot cameras will be replaced by cell phone cameras as those get better and better.

        If camera vendors want to stay in business, they’ll need this reinvention of their products so that people will still have a reason to buy.

  • Grrr

    *yawn*… a new point and shoot that still won’t replace most people’s smartphone?

    PLEASE bring on the 500,000 ISO ultramega next-next-gen DSLR… I don’t care if it weighs 20 lbs, costs $10k, and gives the user scoliosis over time. Push the frontiers of the best possible image quality achievable by a human with a camera, not the best image quality achievable by a tourist visiting a shopping mall.

  • InfraRed

    Make it full frame and I’ll buy one! A mirrorless FX with a range a lenses prodiving Leica M-like quality (even Summarit…) for half 0f 2/3 the price would get a lot of attention. With 2.7x crop factor, you get my individed attention for 5 minutes when you launch, another 5 minutes when I can put my hands on one unit but certainly zero US$ from me!
    Bad move Nikon…

  • MarkR

    Re: Mirrorless

    Y———————A———————-W——————–N ! ! !

    I mostly agree with Thom Hogan’s latest blog on the subject and wish he was running Nikon instead of Nikon.

    Anyway, I’m buying a new smartphone soon with lots of great photo & video features and GPS standard and that combined with my Sony HX9V compact plus my 2 DSLRs means I have 0 interest or need for another compact camera and new set of lenses to buy.

    Now offer me a D700 successor, and that’ll be an entirely different matter. A whole different ballgame altogether.

  • na

    lately i feel that Nikon keep try to tell me my first dslr should be a Sony

  • 7773

    if i want small I use a iphone

    If you want a mirrorless that work and gain attention, make it full frame

    • Photonut

      nah… I want that small size and low weight of mirrorless. Hopefully the next Panasonic G generation will be there. Size and weight are ok, but they failed in the sensor department so far. They didn’t make much improvement from generation to generation. Still too much noise.

  • Je.

    Very, very disappointing.

    10 mp ? 2.7x crop ? the fuck ?! and those lenses … O M F G, what the hell are they thinking ?

    I think they ought to look at the Sony NEX family to see how one of those should look tbh. And no adapter for their other lenses ? Fuck that.

    I really really hope this is just a rumor, cause if this is true, my next camera will be the NEX-7 + adapter + some Alpha lens, even if that means I’ll have to sell my sweet sweet 24-70, 105mm and so on ( then again, not much of a loss as seeing they have no intention of putting out a replacement for the d700).

    Keeping my fingers crossed 😀

  • Davix

    Well all those comments are true, the real test will be the results in few months, most probably after Xmas sales. I am not very sure that the customers we are actually are expecting this from Nikon but wko know? If this helps Nikon to put money in their DSLR R&D… For me, and as expressed here many times, if no pro DSLR is coming out by the end of Spring 2012 i will sell the stuff and buy Sony. The only thing with this position is that next year…i will be reading [NR] at the said period saying “new DSLR announced for Photokina and elsewhere 2012. 😀
    Conclusion: if you need an FX now and you are Nikon: D700 makes the job.. if you are looking for Video HD in it… well sorry for you.

  • Photonut

    yep, the NEX-7 looks sweet. So far, there’s only one thing I don’t like about it: the eye contact activated EVF is a tad too slow.

    A big question mark is the AF tracking speed. It appeared reasonably fast when I was playing around with the cam, but there was no chance to record the pics on my card to check the actual focus on a monitor.

    • Jabs


      Where did you try the Nex-7?

      Please give me more details and your own analysis – as in more info.


  • Martin L

    I’m beginning to wonder just what role the mirrorless camera will have in the entire scheme of things in the photography field. While I certainly think that DSRLs have grown somewhat bloated in size over the years–they are still somewhat the same size as predominent SLRs of the past era—at least from Nikon and Canon. While nothing is for sure until we see the official release of the Nikon mirrorless models—-the early speculation does not paint a very impressive picture.

    Maybe Nikon is deliberately presenting a set of mirrorless cameras stripped of features (as compared to the Olympus, Ricoh, Panasonic) so they will not canibalize the market for their entry level DSLRs? It’s all about the sensor size and quality. Afterall, if these mirrorless camers don’t take decent pictures–especially in low light circumtances—and since they are not truly pocketable—-what’s the point?

    Maybe we can hope that Nikon will use their mirrorless cameras as a testing ground for features that could be used in their flagship cameras–and possible shrink their size somewhat.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t they simply center the lens mount on the body for the classic T-profile camera?

  • John

    Disappointed that there is not a basic model (no EVF, no hot shoe) and an advanced model (EVF, hot shoe, built-in flash). I’m interested in the 2.7x crop camera system for the smallness, increased IQ over my very very portable LX-3, and interchangeable lenses.

    But for me these two bodies are neither nor. Neither one nor the other have the right combination of features to attract me. If the higher end model had features similar to the NEX-7 (EVF, hot shoe, built-in flash, lots of controls, etc.) then I’d be very happy indeed.

    Those lenses are seriously anemic. Nothing very wide. Nothing very fast. Just like m43 started out and it took them some years to get wide and fast lenses.

    Nikon should not fear losing sales of their DSLRs to their new CX line as many people like myself will buy both. Nikon should fear losing sales to their competitors who have better mirrorless systems (m43, NEX, etc.).

    To compete with m43, etc. Nikon needed to come out with a very compelling system and it looks like they are 5 years behind.

  • AlexV

    Very sad to read that they’ll do as Oly and flash or EVF … Nikon dept. never learn if this rumors is confirm!

  • Sad. I was really looking forward to this… but with slow lenses, and a super-small sensor (smaller than m43) I hesitate. Though I do like the 1080p @ 60fps … it’s unfortunate they did it with the smaller sensor. (Given they didn’t save much in body size)

  • Peter

    Sorry, the narcotics are not working on my back this morning. I can’t sit down long enough to read all the posts.

    Will this camera be able to use ‘F’ mount manual lenses?

    The plastic body sort of worries me although I know there are plastics and then there are PLASTICS.

  • JesperMP

    I find it VERY good that Nikon has limited themselves to 10MP.

    I find it disappointing that there is only 1 prime, and it is an f2.8. I want primes, and I want them to be as bright as practically possible. One of the most interesting information that I will want to see at the announcement is the lens road-map. After all, for an exchangable lens system, it is the lenses that matters.

    EVF is totally fine by me. A Fuji X100 style OVF would have been nice too, but the principle does not lend itself well to exchangable lenses. And a mini-DSLR OVF would have resulted in a very dark and small viewfinder to look through.

    What is the story behind the phase detection AF ? How are they achieving that ? With some in-sensor gimickery ? Or… ?

  • Chris Weller

    Is anyone else excited about the prospect of mounting a 300 f/4 lens on the sidekick gimbal head or any other gimbal and popping this 2.7 crop factor lens on the back?

    The weight won’t be an issue with the gimbal head and were taking 810 equivalent. how about mounting the 1.4 and getting 1134mm! Not sure that the 1.4 will look so hot with that kind of pixel density and the 2.7 crop, but maybe it will look good. If the quality is almost as good as existing dx, this could be awesome. The 60 fps video would be sweet in this application as well.

    • Richard


      This sort of thing is quite common in the µ4/3rds community. “Legacy” lenses of a wide variety can be adapted with fairly inexpensive adapters. They are manual focus and typically work either in manual or aperture priority modes. It can be a fun way to use lenses you already own.

      There was a comment somewhere or other that Nikon might make an F mount adapter to do just that, but it was not at all clear whether it would include the electric contacts to keep autofocus & etc.

      I don’t know whether there will be either a remote shutter release for this camera or a (delay) timer, but disturbance from manually releasing the shutter would be an issue at the focal length you are contemplating even with your gimbal head.

      As this appears to be Nikon’s effort at a “pocket” camera, I don’t know about the availability of accessories any time soon, but time will tell.

      Yes, it can be fun. I have played with a 50mm f1.4 (100mm f1.4 effective) on a µ4/3rds as well as a 135mm f2.8 and when i have time I will see what happens with a 180mm f2.8 and a 300mm f4.5.


  • Sarge

    No APS-C sensor, Sony wins. You just can’t get the equivalent depth of field from a small sensor, so it matters little how well the pixels work. I shoot a D3 professionally, but my ‘pocket/travel’ camera will continue to be the Sony NEX line for the foreseeable future, particularly now that they’re starting to make Zeiss E mount lenses. The NEX-5n is a pretty ideal camera, save for an extra dial or two (I don’t like the larger size and higher density sensor of the NEX-7, which is inferior in low light to the 5n.

  • A

    I love my Nikon DSLR, but their consumer cameras have always felt like an afterthought. The new specs mentioned in this rumor seem more of the same uninspired product. Oh well. I’m not really the target market for the new product, that’s all.

  • toni

    what an ugly design…i mean okay we cant say anything trusty about the design yet but i really hope that nikon remember on the good old days and build a mirrorless fx camera with the look of an fm2 or so…that would be awesome…. and im in! but neverever that kind of japanese plastic garbage look…sorry

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