New firmware updates for Nikon D5100 (v1.01) and D7000 (v1.03)

Today Nikon released new firmware updates for the Nikon D5100 and D7000 cameras. I actually never expected them to released another firmware update for the D7000 more than a year after it was announced.

Fixes in the Nikon D5100 v1.01 firmware update (download link):

  • An error recognizing some memory cards has been addressed.
  • When Selective color from the retouch menu is performed on a picture taken with the image quality set to NEF (RAW)+JPEG and an image size of M or S, the edges of the image may not have changed color. This issue has been resolved.
  • When Metering was set to Matrix metering, the exposure mode set to M (Manual), and the HDR exposure differential set to Auto, the exposure differential was fixed at a value equivalent to 2 EV. This has been changed to enable automatic adjustment of exposure differential so that it is appropriate for the scene.

Fixes in the Nikon D7000 v1.03 firmware updated (download link):

  • An error recognizing some memory cards has been addressed.
  • The following issues occurred when the mode dial was rotated from U1 or U2 to another shooting mode or from another shooting mode to U1 or U2 when the power was off or when the exposure meters are off (Auto meter-off). These issues were resolved.
    • - A new folder is sometimes created despite the fact that the current folder does not yet contain 999 files and none of the files are numbered “9999”.
    • - The number of remaining exposures may not be displayed as specified in the settings.
    • - The setting for Role played by card in Slot 2 may change between Overflow, Backup, and RAW Slot 1- JPEG Slot 2.
  • An issue where Battery info in the setup menu sometimes showed sufficient remaining charge even when the remaining charge for the AA batteries inserted in the MB-D11 battery pack was low has been resolved.
  • An issue where a saved photo may not have been displayed properly when a movie was displayed in playback mode while saving the photo has been resolved.
  • An issue where zoom in or zoom out may not have performed properly when the playback zoom in or playback zoom out button was pressed while in Live view has been resolved.
  • The message displayed when the internal memory of the Wireless Transmitter WT-4 is formatted from the Format transmitter's memory under Device settings in Wireless transmitter of the camera’s setup menu was changed from Done to Built-in memory formatted.
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  • Anon

    Wouldn’t it be great if the firmware updates actually had *new features* instead of just bugfixes?

    • If something does not work properly from the start and it is solved by a bugfix, then you can consider it a *new feature*.

      • zack

        Not really. When you buy a car and find out that its stirring wheel doesn’t work the way is supposes to, after you repair it, you don’t brag about how you now have a new feature in your car, that is called, the stirring wheel.

        • Is a stirring wheel related to the cup holder? 😉

          • Calibrator

            Only when the late Stirring Moss was driving!

          • didaskalos

            Only in Picksburgh 🙂

    • Allan M

      This is Nikon, the don’t care about giving you new features, on a camera that you have already payed for. It’s a really bad policy but the way Nikon works.

      • Mark

        Read my other comment below

      • Not true. The D300 received a firmware update that greatly enhanced its AF system, putting it on par with the then just-released D300s. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

      • Shame you poor thing…no more features! Hasn’t the camera got more than enough features for even the most gadget oriented photographer? I’d rather have simplicity that works well and concentrate on what’s in the viewfinder.

    • Mark

      Firmware updates are never upgrades, which is logical.
      You buy a product with the expectations it performs well on all aspects which it was designed for, no more no less.
      If the company would give you more (eg. upgrades) you would get more than you paid for.
      If they give you less, which happens when there is a (small) malfunction in the camera, the company gives firmware updates.
      So you get what you pay for.

      • LGO

        On the D7000, I would have wanted a working shutter button when release mode is on remote. I cannot understand why Nikon would disable the shutter when the release mode is set to remote. Exiting from remote release mode is necessary to enable shutter release. Completely senseless.

    • 3 firmware updates since release of d7000, 3 times disappointed…

      I wish they just shared firmware with users, I’m convinced this camera could be sooo much better regarding video mode…
      I should have get gh2…

  • gonzalo

    Still no 1080p/30 on D7K? Sigh…

    • MJr

      Wait for D7100

    • LOL

      …and no 1080 25p for the rest of the world. 😉

  • The invisible man

    What about manual controls for video ?
    We don’t ($900) deserve it ?

    • stev

      I totally agree with you… this is why Im questioning my choice of Nikon… neither one of these firmware updates even touches on movie modes that are broken or semi broken… Im glad I didn’t buy one. I see so much promise being wasted. Im really tempted by sony A65 but I love nikon so who knows.

  • CamaMan

    Who ever discovers issues like these?
    I mean they sound like somebody is randomly pressing buttons or has a camera hooked up to some simulator…

    No chance of new features via firmware. If it is not written in the manual it musn’t be in the camera. I guess that is their policy.
    And who wiould buy newer models if currentone are upgraded…?:-/

    • I experience the one with the creation of a new Folder … and that’s about it.

    • Zeke

      A camera in the hands of hundreds of thousands of customers for a year can tease out many bugs not caught during testing.

      Nikon added several minor features in D3 firmware updates.

    • jg

      I have experienced the memory card issue. I have two 8gb Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC cards. Twice, while shooting continuous high bursts, the camera froze and displayed card error. It would not turn off when I turned the switch to off (the display stayed the same). To resolve the issue, I removed and reinserted the battery and both cards. The camera then when back to normal operation.

      I have read on other forums that some users are having the same problem with these cards. Sandisk is on the list of Nikon-approved memory cards. Hopefully, this update will take care of the problem

      • This happened to me twice while burst shooting at a wedding with 2 different 16gb class 10 Transcend cards. Ruined them both, cannot even format them now. I bought some Lexar pro cards and haven’t had an issue yet, but man I hope they have fixed the memory card issues with this new firmware update.

      • I had an issue with the same cards but the 16gb versions. I had the camera replaced because i had read these cards work well with my d7k. So i spoke with a san disk rep just last week and he informed me that it is a known issue with our cards and that san disk was working on a replacement. She even offered to send me a card upgrade for my 2 sd cards in the mail. So i should be recieving the next step up in the mail shortly. I agree though its terrible to deal with the card err and have to continuously reseat them. Im hoping this fix works well enough for my trip since the cards will probably arrive while i am away.

  • Hey, great news!

    What about d5100 MANUAL CONTROLS IN VIDEO ?! ;(

    They said there won’t be any firmware upgrades, yet they just released it.

    …But still it better than nothing! Thank you [NR], thank you NIKON!

    • TheFantasticG

      They aren’t upgrades, they’re bug fixes.

  • J

    what about Nikon announces the D800 already !!!!
    I might go and buy a Hasselblad to vent my anger !


      NICE ONE … maybe u better choose Leica S2 instead though … bye, I mean: bye anyway, any way of the 2 mentioned u choose

    • I shoot Nikon

      Does this mean you were going to buy the D800 because you’re angry with Polaroid?

    • Ken

      Didn’t take long for somebody to mention a D800, yawwwwwwwwwwwwn!!!
      Good they are fixing bugs, haven’t experienced any of them myself on the D7000, and from my pov it doesn’t need new features..adding more will just make more things breakable…

  • Mmmmm, doesn’t really fix anything I was worried about, will still update none the less…

    Where’s the damn 720/60p?! Aperture-change option during live-view? I realized I also can’t record video to slot 2, I’m not sure why.

    • LOL

      Just a question… what would you use 720 60p for? Do you know why it’s useful? Most people don’t I feel.

  • broxibear

    Found this cool site today where you can compare sizes of different cameras from different angles, like the D5100 v D7000,7

    • LGO

      Very helpful. Thanks! 🙂

    • I shoot Nikon

      This is awesome. Thanks BB!

    • T.I.M

      Do you have the same one about cute girls ?

      • broxibear

        cute girls no, cute milfs maybe…it’s what the internet was invented for lol.

        • T.I.M

          what’s a “milf “?
          BTW thank you for the link, very usefull, when I compare my D5100 and my (ex) D700 I understand better the $2700 asked for the D700 !

          • Rob Ueberfeldt

            Stands for Mothers I’d Like to Fotograph.

            • T.I.M

              are you serious ?
              you should know that for most of us english is not our first language.

            • MJr

              lol, are YOU serious ?

              tip: use next time.

              ps. urban means street language, or slang. 😉

            • Thom wHO?

              Mothers I’d Like to F**k, but his new version is good too xD

            • paf

              “Mothers I’d Like to Fotograph”

              BIG WIN! (applause)

          • Andrew

            Compare the size of the D7000 ($1,200) with the D3x, then you will get a good idea why the D3x cost $8,000.

    • I shoot Nikon

      Funny, D3100 looks like a point-and-shoot next to the D3 body. At the same time it’s not much bigger than the NEX-7. I guess Nikon didn’t need to invent the 1 series, should’ve just made some changes to the shape of the D3100 and marketed it as a different product. Oh well…

      • LGO

        The results is quite interesting when you compare the D7000 and the NEX-5N, two cameras which both uses seemingly the same sensor. but differ significantly in size, weight and even price.

        Yet when mounted on a tripod using live view and manually focusing Nikkor lenses, the NEX-5N with its articulating screen, peaking and image-magnify buttons is a more user-friendly camera than the D7000. I decided to acquire a NEX-5N precisely for this type of shooting. Limited Sony E-lenses is not an issue as I bought it for use with Nikkor lenses primarily.

        For video, NEX-5N supports 1080 24, 30 and 60 and has full manual control for ISO, shutter and aperture – something that the D7000 is lagging behind. Here again as with above, the articulating screen, peaking and image-magnify buttons, plus the lighter weight makes the NEX-5N easier to use than the D7000.

        Nikon needs to get its act together against the Sony NEX-5N and NEX-7.

        • Mark

          For video, maybe yes.
          But I would never take the NEX-5N over my D7000 for stills, which it was primarily designed for and is a magnificent tool.
          Why should Nikon try to compete with Sony? Nikon’s got way better SLRs and they are aiming their mirrorless at another target group.

          • LGO

            As a still camera, if one is a tripod shooter, uses live view, and manually focus to get the most accurate image possible, the NEX-5N is for me a better choice.

            Mounting the body and lens on an Arca rail (inherently more stable than mounting the D7000 body or the lens collar of a long lens) with no mirror up to worry and using a wireless infrared remote to release the shutter, the NEX-5N is every bit as good as the D7000 – only easier and more convenient to use – specially when an articulating screen is needed for the shot. Image processed straight from of RAW seems to be a tiny bit sharper too when using the same Nikkor lens than D7000.

            • KnightPhoto

              As a still shooter, rarely a tripod shooter, never uses live view, and manual focus is useless for the 97% of my photos since they involve action (or at minimum people or wildlife that are moving even slightly), the NEX-5N would be a better choice for about 3% (in reality 1%) of my photos. 😉

              Cool little unit the NEX-5N, but there you go.

            • OMR

              The 5N for my Mom, and the D7000 for me.

          • Honcho

            Hey LeGO,

            How does the NEX-5N compare with the GH2 that you also own?

            • LGO

              For video, GH2 is still better. Better detail and very smooth though the NEX-5N comes pretty close. The GH2’s ETC is a great feature and the GH2 screen is better articulating. The GH2 does not have not the peaking feature for manual focus but a quick tap on the GH2 touch screen quickly magnifies the image. GH2 also has more native m4/3 pancake primes which are very handy. Handheld video shooting is easier using the GH2 EVF though one can also get the NEX-5N to even this up (though it would be more fragile). What basically elevates the GH2 to a whole new level is the hack that Vitaliy Kiselev developed for the GH2.

              For video however, the NEX-5N easily trounces the GH2 so this is also something to consider specially since the NEX-5N is significantly priced lower than the GH2.

              Going back to Nikon D7000 which is the topic of the thread, it is no slouch but is not as optimized for video as the GH2 and NEX-5N. If I must absolutely bring only one body, it would be the D7000. If I can bring several bodies, the GH2 and the NEX-5N would be among these.

            • LGO

              Correction: “For NON-video however, the NEX-5N easily trounces the GH2 so this is also something to consider specially since the NEX-5N is significantly priced lower than the GH2.”

        • Calibrator

          > the NEX-5N with its articulating screen, peaking and image-magnify buttons is a more user-friendly camera than the D7000.

          I don’t know the NEX but the D7000 can magnify the liveview image with the (+) and (-) buttons left to the display – if that is what you are referring to.

          • LGO

            When mounting a Nikkor lens using an adapter, one of the programmable button defaults to “Magnify”.

          • LGO

            The NEX-5N can magnify faster with just one press and at higher magnification than the D7000. The touch screen also makes shifting the magnified point to another point easier and faster.

            • Calibrator

              Im curious now:
              Are you on an advertising crusade?

            • LGO

              Not at all. I am simply very frustrated why Nikon continues to cripple the D7000 on video and withholds what should be standard features on my D7000 (e.g., working shutter release button while release mode is on remote). I know my D7000 can be better yet despite the 3rd firmware upgrade, nothing has been done on this.

            • Percy

              Some people can’t stand their toys being criticized even when these could be made better still.

        • Tom

          I thought that the Nikon D7000 has manual controls for video, it just has to be switched on in one of the menu areas. I believe I have done that before and was able to change iso, aperture and shutter.

          • stev

            you need a lens with an aperture ring only other wise no control. Also there is a problem setting exposure with in live view you have to turn it off and on to get settings changed.

            • Mike


              You can use a “G” lens, but it not as easy as a GH2.

              For example,

              1. Make sure you have the camera in the correct settings in the menu for manual shooting.

              2. ‘Live View’, frame the shot.

              3. Use the M setting.

              4. Turn off Live view, and switch to “Info” get a correct shutter/Iris/ISO for the shot, you might even take a still to check highlights and curves.

              5. Switch back to ‘Live View’. You should be right on the money or very close.

              The thing is Live View ‘won’t’ let you get both Iris and Shutter speed in Manual, so you need to do those in the viewfinder using the light meter.

              My best,


    • Merv

      Nice link, would be interesting if someone were to do this with lenses too

    • Mark
    • Geoff

      yes thanks for the link.

  • telecomm

    Lots of people were having trouble with newer 16GB Sandisk cards (possibly others) in their D7000. Sounds like this issue may have been addressed.

  • Been there guy

    One more proof that you boys out there are going to play with the current models for a little longer, no new toys, I mean D800 & D400, this Christmas for you naughty boys.

  • Jorge


    How about more accurate autofocus and skin tones


    • Brainmuffin

      That one too.

    • +1, Had this camera for 4 months and still can t understand its focusing system, half the shots were still missing focus in good light, unusable in lowlight. This is not what i expected, work much better on my zoom lenses, but for primes very inconsistent and not reliable for commission shoot. Disapointed, was hoping to find its secret but finally admit that this body just not that good at autofocus.

      • Are you properly AF Fine-tuning your lenses? I currently own 2 D7000s and have owned a total of three. With zero AF performance issues after proper AF fine-tuning. You absolutly have to AF fine-tune all of your lenses. This holds true for any Phase Detection auto focus system. Even the D700, D3s and D3x – they all need to be properly set-up to work correctly and accurately because they all have PD AF.

      • Carl Feather

        I agree. My body is terrible at follow focus, worthless for candid weddings and not much better at formals. One shot in focus, next three out, on static subjects and same focusing points. I just sent it to Nikon with the hopes they can figure out what is going on, but when the D800 is finally released, I am selling the D7000 because of these focusing issues. Just not good for a wedding/action camera.

        • Damo

          Same problems with vudie and Carl Feather…my D7000 has autofocus issues, even with proper lens fine tuning. Shots come out of focus 9 times out of ten. This never happens with same lenses and settings on d300…It’s being “repaired” for the third time for this fault…if they can’t fix it after 3 times i’ll be asking for my money back and settling with the d300 until something better comes out.

          Before anyone tells us to shoot fast here are the specs for testing between Nikon d7000 and d300:

          speed 1/500
          Aperature f2.8
          Lenses 50mm f1.8, 35mm f1.8, Tamron 17-50mm f2.8
          Focus single centre, no recompose

          Every shot on d300 spot on…almost every shot d7000 out of focus.

  • Brainmuffin

    What about having to go to two different locations in the menus to reset the picture numbers and to choose a different folder? Resetting the picture number created a new folder on my D80, but not the D7000.

  • D

    Whoa. That’s a ‘feature’ on my D7000. Need a new folder? FLICK! Done.

    Neato! I ain’t upgradin’

  • Jeff

    Why is that not really a D7000 in the photo? ^^

    • fergz

      I noticed that too,

      I think admin forgot to mention that the new firmware also remodels your D7000 to make it look like a D90…

  • Robert

    WOW, great announcement for 2011 Nikon !!!
    Yeah compact cameras and more TV commercial with Kusher !!!
    Bug Fixes ………. sigh ………
    Really contemplating switching over to the dark force.
    The longer you take, the more $ I have saved up.
    The less announcements you make, the easier my decision to switch to the other side.

    • red

      @Robert, Enjoy your t2i or whatever consumer camera and lens you are getting once you switch to canon. bye troll

    • Mark

      Come to the dark side, we have cookies!

      You could also stop whining and start developing yourself as a photographer. It might just give you a better result than a better camera would.

      I’m interested to hear what you can’t do with today’s gear, which you really crave for

  • D7000 updated but qit a minute: she looks the same! OMFG!!!

    I was hoping for 60 fps video…shame!

  • zack

    After update I got


    Is that how it should be?

    • Calibrator

      Only the B-firmware is upgraded to 1.03.

      • zack


  • me

    does anyone notice that the D7000 in the picture is different than the actually D7000?

    • Calibrator

      Does anyone actually read the whole thread before adding a new post?

      • oops, I think I picked that one from my library without realizing that is a fake 🙂

  • I’m actually really excited about this update. I’ve only had my D7000 for a few weeks and I’ve been having a lot of issues with the memory card issue that hopefully they fixed. For some reason the more expensive San Disk cards (Extreme Pro and Extreme) are giving me issues, and the cheaper Transcend cards haven’t given me one problem. What happens for me is randomly through out the day of shooting I’ll get a camera error, but it’s “fixed” but just popping the card out.

    Anyone else had a memory card issue like this?

    • Calibrator

      I only use Sandisk 16GB cards (Extreme Pro and HD Video) and I had a different problem three or four times since I own the camera: It didn’t recognize the card when I put it in and I think the upper display showed “Error” or something.
      Taking the card out and sticking it in again always fixed this and I never had problems while shooting, though.

      • Your experience seems to be more common than mine. I asked another D7000 owner who has had his for months and he says he’s only had the issue 3 or 4 times. I’ve been having it 5 or 6 times a day. Hopefully this fix will address the issue.

        • PAG

          Weird. I’ve taken tens of thousands of shots on my D7000. The vast majority were on the SanDisk Extreme Pros and a few times (on vacations) on the SanDisk Extremes as well. I’ve never seen the problem.

          I do a card format every time I put it into my camera and never use the computer to delete the files or format the card. Do you do that as well?

          • Yep, I always do. I’m about to update the firmware now. Hopefully it will cure my issues.

    • George

      I have the same issue… a RED text screen comes out and says Something like card can not be read or something… I had taken 80 pictures on that card and it said that…

      It was a Brand new card.. formated on the camera.. took 82 pictures a a movie or 2 and the error came out.. so this problem is common..

      Sandisk Extreme 16gb Class 10 (the newer ones) bought at bestbuy (store)

  • broxibear
    • yes, this is the one that was playing at the Nikon booth during PDN expo

  • Josh

    Hm, still no fix for the video overflow into card 2, eh? For some reason, when card 1 is full, the d7000 refuses to shoot video on card 2. Stills work fine, but it just refuses to record video at that point. Missed a few shots because of this.

  • The invisible man

    Search “NIKON D800” on B&H website and you get :

    We’re sorry! Nikon has not announced a D800 model.

    Does that mean it’s ready in their inventory system ?

    • no

      • T.I.M

        You’re not fun, we’re all dying wille waiting for the D800, I find a little hope and you just killed it !
        What about an other 99% sure announcement for next month ?

        • PeterO

          Pretty soon, Nikon will have another one of those “There is no announcement” announcement. Meanwhile T.I.M, Thom put up a little teaser on his website. Don’t know if it’s something he’s cooking up or something from Nikon.

        • PeterT

          Where there´s no smoke, there is no fire… 🙁

          Nevertheless, great job Admin Peter. I really appreciate your work!

          • PeterO

            So many Peters on this forum. Go us!

  • Potver7

    D7000 fix: A new folder is sometimes created despite the fact that the current folder does not yet contain 999 files and none of the files are numbered “9999”.

    My D80 does that sometimes as well… why did it take them over 5 years to fix that problem?

  • How about an update for the D700 that adds video.

    • T.I.M

      the D800 will probably have full HD video at 60fps or even 120fps because it will have a FAST computer to run the 36MP sensor, so that’s more power for video.

    • GeofFx

      For the sake of unsuspecting women all over the world, I hope Ron’s D700 never gets video added to it 😉

      • Calibrator


  • Eduard

    I have encountered card errors with both D5000 and D90 when using Sandisk cards (8GB and 16GB). Re-inserting the cards is enough to clear the error. Once I lost the picture taken right before the error appeared, but all the other pictures were saved without issues.

  • BartyL

    Related to none of the above, I just tried to open Thom Hogan’s site ( using my usual Firefox bookmark, and got a registration message asking for a username and password. Is Thom now asking for this, or am I the victim of internet nasties?

    • broxibear

      Hi BartyL,
      Works fine for me and I’m using Firefox 8.0 ?
      If you think you might have some malaware try it’s one of the best around and it’s free.

      • BartyL

        Thanks broxibear.

        I tried again just now and the page opened up without a problem. It’s good stuff, bythom, and I wouldn’t mind registering to access it but it seemed a bit weird suddenly throwing up an authentication request like that.

        I’m on Firefox 8.0 too. I’ve had a similar issue with Thunderbird previously, also following updates. Perhaps it’s something to do with the way Mozilla updates and security systems interact. As on this occasion it seemed to work itself out after a couple of instances.

  • ennan

    My friend had the memory card problem in the D5100. Wasn’t sure if it was the camera or the card. Now we know. I’d give him a call to let him know but he went on holiday to Africa (hence why he got the camera) hope he doesn’t miss too many great shots…

  • broxibear

    Got some information today that again point to something happening in the first week of December. Nikon reps are meeting retailers and suppliers on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December…could be nothing, could be something ?

  • kyoshinikon

    Hmm that is why my new Sandisk 16gb cards aren’t working in my D7000

  • Eric Calabros

    I just upgraded my D5100 and its now faster in menu.. before this, it would take half second to go to Play and half second to back. its lag-less now. its been about Memory Card?
    for whatever it was, they removed the pain… Thanks Nikon

  • Chris Glanville

    how do i get my d7000 to recognise a toshiba flash air sd card

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