The winner of the ThinkTank Photo Modular Component Set is…

The winner of the Modular Component Set V2.0Pro Speed Belt V2.0 and Keep It Up Shoulder Strap giveaway from last week is Christopher Ciccone. Congratulation!

If you did not win, here is another promotions from ThinkTank Photo:

Buy any Think Tank Photo Retrospective shoulder bag and get money back plus a free gift

Between now and the end of December, whenever you order any of Think Tank Photo’s Retrospective shoulder bags, you will receive up to $20 back. Click on the “Support” tab on each Retrospective product page to download your rebate form. And don’t forget, in addition to receiving the rebate check from ThinkTank, you also get to select another free gift with your purchase only when you order from this [NR] unique link.

FYI: ThinkTank Photo also offers gift certificates:

There were 2479 entries for this giveaway. I selected the winner by running a SQL script that randomly picked one of the 2479 comments:

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  • jk


  • blowback

    A Canon man !

    • IanZ28

      well if a canon man won then it proves that the site owner is not completely biased.

      • silmasan

        It’s an incentive to check out NikonRumors more often… and finally switch to Nikon. 😛

  • EL


  • it is me?

  • Congrats

  • Congrats, Christopher! 🙂

  • sibikos

    exposing your database tables publicly like this is not a good idea… just my 2 frames

    • VJ

      Normally, the database should not be accessible from the outside. And if it is, it is very easy to query the system tables to get this information. So my guess is it will not matter much, unless SQL injection is possible.

      From the script: does it remove double entries, or does somebody who posts twice has a bigger chance (just asking for future competitions ;-)).

      • no, after I get the result I query for duplicate entries

      • FDF

        That SQL query by itself does not remove duplicates. The correct query would be:
        select comment_author, comment_author_email, comment_author_url from comments where comment_author_email = (select distinct comment_author_email from comments)
        Of course, even that won’t prevent anyone from entering with a few different emails.

        • FDF

          Oops, forgot the random part:
          select comment_author, comment_author_email, comment_author_url from comments where comment_author_email = (select distinct comment_author_email from comments order by rand() limit 1)

        • I don’t just verify the email but also the IP address and few other things. The SQL query cannot include all the checks I do.

    • I blacked out the name of the table, the rest is standard for WordPress which is open source.

  • I really hope its a D800 in that bag..

  • AnoNemo

    Congrats! This is going to be nice for Xmas!

  • AM

    Madonna’s relative?
    Anyway, congrats!

  • Holy C… cow!?! I won? I know it sounds cliche, but I never win anything like this?? SWEET – Thanks!

  • T.I.M

    So, what’s up Peter ?
    Do you think there is no possibility for a new release this year ?
    I’m stock with my D5100 (a real piece of sh..t) but I don’t want to get a D700 (in stock at B&H).
    I had a D700, great camera but 12mp is not enought for my macro work.
    By the way, I closed my Ebay store, I have few Test charts and belts left if you ever need one.

    • No, I think this is it for 2011. Next stop will be PMA. Announcements will probably happen in early January 2012.

  • JorPet

    Congrats. The ThinkTank bags are awesome, I have the retrospective 30 and love it.

  • I will have another giveaway on Monday. It will be a slow month anyway. Stay tuned.

    • broxibear

      I’m sure we could speed it up with something?, maybe a design competition like the previous D4 one (withouit the voting madness)…you could call it ” What the Nikon 1 should have been” ?
      I’m sure it would rustle a few feathers lol.

      • T.I.M

        ” What the Nikon 1 should have been” ?
        A Leica M9 copy for $2500

    • VJ

      Sounds like Santa is getting some competition… 🙂

  • Ta Da….

  • Aw….didn’t get it again this time 😀
    Anyway, thanks Admin for another great giveaway!

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