Nikon SB-910 and a new lens to be announced on November 30th, 2011

Nikon will have a new product announcement next week, on Wednesday, November 30, 2011. The announcement will be for one or more of the products listed here - the SB-910 flash and one lens is probably the most likely scenario.

I am still trying to confirm whether the Nikon D800 will be one of the products announced next week.

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  • JasonTW


  • cla78

    second…..we all hope for D800… 😉

    • Pseudonikonian

      Both ‘tards. Honestly more excited for the glass than the D800 right now.

      • Art

        That’s fine. More D800 for me!!!

    • PeterO

      Hey admin, what’s with the “first”, “second” posts all the time? It reminds me of kindergarten. Do you win a prize or something?

      • Rob

        Shhhh! Being the first poster in an insignificant thread on a small, niche-interest internet forum was the most exciting thing to ever happen to him! Don’t ruin it for him!

        And yes, you win a free post deletion.

      • It’s called trolling

        They do it to make people like you mad bro.

        • PeterO

          Oh, ok mum’s the word, but what’s with the trolling in these threads? Where do I sign up? How much does it pay and can I be a double agent working for both sides? 🙂

          • Calibrator

            Even better: You can also create three accounts:
            – with one you troll aggressively pro-Nikon
            – with the other aggressively anti-troll #1
            – and with the third you are the voice of reason and sanity

            It will take some days, sometimes weeks but you will make the forum hate both #1 and #2.
            It’s absolutely necessary, though, that you stay to facts as much as possible. Aggressive yes,

            Then you use #3 to *try* to silence #1 and #2 with reason (which won’t work of course) but establish trust in the forum. The more honest the reader, the more easily he will believe you because he wants to surround himself with honest people.
            Therefore you can’t ever get angry with this one.

            When the forum is discussing the trolls more than the topics themselves you know that you have reached a milestone.

            Then can undermine them with #3 — and this is the one that gets paid by your client(s).

            You can sell practically anything by using innocent phrases like “I had good experiences with this stuff.” “This is real professional equipment.” etc.


            • Physics are fun!

              Sounds like you just invented a perpetual energy machine!

            • peterw

              it sounds like they invented nikonrumors, or perhaps even the internet 😉

            • PeterO

              Wow, great advice. How much do I owe you? Wait a minute, you sound like the voice of experience here 🙂 OK, next step is to think of some names for each persona like: Jibs or The Barely Visible Man or Minimus Dickus. Must develop strategies….nyahahaha.

  • Great news. I am def. getting 2 SB 910s and the D800 (if it does exist with the rumored specs).

    • Hom Thogan

      🙂 please do so you can bitch about the bugs the first firmware has and start posting everywhere how your camera back focuses (because you don’t have any idea how to use it)

      Also please feel free to think you are Joe Mcnally when buying those flashes 🙂

      • Calibrator

        I wonder how many “I definitely will buy one!”-guys won’t buy a D800 because of a) the (launch) price, b) initial software incompatibility (Lightroom etc.), c) initial firmware bugs (some of them could be nasty like with the D7000)…

  • 300mm f4 AF-S VR?

    • Trent

      I second that! I would probably buy that first thing if it were to be announced now. Have been tossing around the idea of picking up the current 300 F4, but couldn’t stomach it if a new version were to suddenly appear.

      • PeterO

        I just picked up a used one in mint condition. Wow, that thing is sharp wide open. I’m not worried about VR. I keep it at 1/1000+ and all is well.

    • Hom Thogan

      The next lens is a a 1200mm f/0.95 VR II AF-S, ED, IF, USA, IF, MILF, EU l

      • +1, it will only be as big as some of the retired NASA rockets!

  • fingers crossed for the SB-910 with built-in radio triggers 🙂

    I am not excited about the 85mm F1.8 tho, because the 85mm F1.4 has an amazing performance corner to corner, creamy bokeh and color rendering… And for weddings is amazing!!

    • I doubt the 85 1.8 is aimed at those having the 85 1.4 … 🙂

      • An 85mm is the last glass that I want for my collection. I tried the 85mm 1.8D a few times and it is incredible for what it does and what it costs. If the G version is anything like the D I’m happy to compromise the f0.4 by saving 1000 Euro (assuming it is in the same price range as the D)
        As the D800 will be pricier than the D700 the money is better invested in the new body 😉

        • zoetmb

          Same price range as the “D”? Don’t be naive. First of all, even if they made another “D”, it would be priced far higher if only to compensate for the weak US$, which is now at 78 Yen per dollar. In 2007, it was over 120, so there’s going to be a 35% price increase just because of that. Now throw in the AF and you’ve got to figure 50% higher.

          Street price on the 50mm 1.4D is $350. Street price on the 1.4 AF-S is $440.
          Street price on the 50mm 1.8D is $125. Street price on the 1.8 AF-S is $217.

          The discontinued 85 1.4 AF-S is still around for $1230. The new one is $1700, but even though the lens was announced early in 2011, U.S. retailers still don’t have any. I predict that 85 1.8 AF-S comes in at around $900.

          • Markus

            Maybe not naive .. but wishful thinking. 🙂

            I also referred to all prices in Euro. The standard price for the 85mm f1.8 D for the past years was around 429Euro, for the 85 f1.4D around 1200 Euro, the 85mm f1.4G is about 1500Euro – that makes me hope that the new 85mm f1.8G comes in around 500-600 Euro

            85mm 1.4 D @ 1200Euro = 85mm 1.4 G @ 1600Euro
            85mm 1.8 D @ 430 Euro = 85mm 1.8 G 573 Euro

            Your assumption of 900$ works out at 665 Euro which comes pretty close to my calculation and is still around 1000Euro cheaper than the 85mm 1.4 G …

            By the way – during my price study I had a look at SimplyElectronics .. oh wow! They are currently selling the 85mm 1.4 G for 1369 Euro .. that’s 1851$ .. I have not seen it that cheap yet.

            Lets hope Nikon is gonna make us a good price for the 85mm 1.8G 😉

          • Hhom Togan

            naaaah it doesn’t makes sense for it to be so expensive, it will be around 450 or 500 USD/€

  • I am just wondering why they are updating the SB900. It isn’t as if it is old or out of date. Maybe this means that the next generation of DSLRs, will have something new that will only work with the SB910.

    • It’s going to have among other things, video light for the forthcoming DSLR cameras with the video feature.

    • ZoetMB

      It has a bad reputation because of the overheating issues AND as per the other poster, will probably have some video features. I never bought the SB900 because of the fear of overheating issues, plus I didn’t like the fact that it was physically larger (although the SB910 will probably have the same body dimensions) and continued to use my SB800’s instead.

      Therefore, because of its rep, Nikon is smart to update it to the SB910.

      • Hhom Togan

        the SB900 overheats as much as the SB800 the only difference is with the SB800 you didn’t had a hardware feature to stop you from frying while you play being a “strobist”. 🙂

        So be thankful you have the thermal cut out feature on the SB900 it is saving you tons of money 😉

        • @Hhom Togan,
          I own both the SB900 and SB800, never had overheating issues with either, despite numerous full power pops, back to back.
          As for thermal cut out being a plus, and save you tons of money, there are other photographers who would disagree. They would argue that missing the shot could be more costly than the equipment, and thus frying the flash is a risk they are willing to take. I remember seeing here on NR a post about a flash that had active cooling fans for the flash tube, maybe the SB-910 is nothing more than a minor upgrade which adds a fan.

  • I’m happy they release 910, it means will see plenty of used sb-900 on sale 🙂

  • The SB-910 must have a radio trigger. I don’t see any reason to release a new flash without one.

    • amen to that mate

    • ausserirdischegesund

      Continous video light?
      More compact?
      Option of LiIon batteries?

      • Yeh

        Yeh true. A video light would be great for us who use the d7000 for video and stills. Sticking an LED light on the top just gets in the way.

        That and radio triggers, though radio laws might mess that idea up.

        If it did come with radio transmitters, I hope nikon release their own TTL radio triggers.

        • Yeh

          To use on other current flashes I mean.

  • Axel

    Don’t you think they would make like a fracking huge global event for the annoucement of the D800 ? (I mean. larger than what they have planned up to now. ???

    • Art

      Maybe I missed it not being a Cannon shooter but the Cannon pre-announcement announcement didn’t seem that large.

  • No! Peter is wrong! they actually announce 5 lenses! The af-s 20mm 2.8, af-s 35mm 2.8, af-s 85 1.8, af-s 200 2.8 VR and last but not least the af-s 70-200 f4 VR!

    Nikon is back with a complete fx amateur line-up and everybody is happy again!

    • Thomas

      Dream on!

  • Mike

    Could be a CX lens too. Don’t get too excited.

    I bought a D7000 in part for the video. But I’ve done more video with my iPhone 4s, so clearly I don’t need it. Can’t wait for the purge of D700’s to hit the market. I’ve come to learn I appreciate 12 stellar megapixels over 16 pretty good “but not in the same league” megapixels.

    • Ken

      I don’t know, Mike – I’d actually like to see a CX announcement like that 50mm-e f/1.4 that’s been rumored. Or the 85mm-e f/1.8. CX needs primes to thrive.

  • Honestly, I just hope for the 85mm f/1.8. Add a 24mm f/1.8 as well and my dream has come true. My 85mm f/1.8 and my Sigma 24mm f/1.8 are the biggest hindrances to my performance – those old autofocus motors are useless.

    • Eric

      I’d say the biggest hindrance to your performance is that you think the 85mm f/1.8 is the biggest hindrance to your performance. 😀

      • AMEN! My 85/1.8 leaves nothing to be desired on my D700 or D7000.

        • Richard

          Yes! I second that. The 85mm 1.8 is a first rate lens, even before you factor in the price, at which point it becomes a world beater!

    • PeterO

      Hmmmm, how did we ever get sharp pictures before AF?

  • Jodjac

    Thanks Peter. I am sick in bed, bored out of my mind and so glad to hear this great news. You doing a great job.

  • ennan

    Looking forward to the sb910 more than the D800 (really happy with my camera so probably won’t buy one. Still excited about it though)

    Love the CLS – hoping for radio triggers to be included too though. Exciting times.

    • Richard

      Radio Triggers sound a great idea, but how? Will the D800 have the built in transmitter, or do we all need to buy multiple 910’s? I can’t see Nikon producing a flash that is compatible with Pocket Wizard, can you?

  • TheMAN

    Let’s hope the D800 is announce next week, cus I’m goin to NY on the 1st, and I’m about to be dropping some cash buying stupid stuff!! Lol

    D800 or 105 micro with bh55 ball head!
    Come one NIKON!!!! 😛

  • Karl

    Woho, will sell my 105/2.8 VR if the rumoured 85/1.8G is true, that lens would fit my needs perfectly.

    Now if Nikon would announce a fisheye too, that’d be sweet!

  • Thom wHO?

    Last chance to Nikon. I trust you. If there are no announcement I’m not wait any longer.

  • Steve Starr

    SB-910 will probably address the overheating issues that drive the wedding guys nuts. I use two SB-900’s and keep the second on standby for when the first needs to cool down. Adding in a +1.7 EV for a diffuser really gets the things hot and they stall quick.

    Wireless would be a nice addition as the Flash Commander iTTL or BL isn’t that great in daylight fill situations with multiple units. Sometimes even one meter outside will fail.

    LED video light . . . maybe.

  • Chris

    Well, Hope for the 800, too. A 910 with Build in pw (as far as d800 will come with pw-Commander/teigiger too) would be nice.
    But the mentioned lenses – not really for me. Comeon Nikon – you can’t come with a long awaited D800 and ‘just’ give us a single prime lens at ‘just’ 1.8…
    With D700 there came (I hpe I’m right) the 24-70/2.8 – and now ‘just’ 85/1.8?
    Please give us something special (in addition)! Like 50/1.2, 14/2, 150/2micro, 200-400/4vr, 100-500vr, 40/2micro-fx, …
    So many options and wishes….
    Or some nice tools likes small Bluetooth adapter that fit on USB under cap for connection to external gps-unit (like Aokatek for 300s, but smaller)? …

    • neversink

      Nikon has plenty of great lenses out already. What I would like is that D800 body. I love the D700 and the D7000… The 910 flash would be the bonus and I’d pick one up….

      But if we don’t get the body, so what!!!! I’m happy with the ones I have. Improvements & upgrades would be wonderful. By the way, I have no problem with my 900 overheating, but I am not a wedding guy and always use flash sparingly….

  • FX DX

    I knew as soon as I would buy a D700 Nikon would announce D800. I am glad that it’s coming out but feeling bad that I just ordered D700.

    • samot

      same here! bought a d700 last saturday. not interested in video – the d700 still is a fantastic camera – loves everything with it. the d800 will be at least €1.000 more for me – not worth it – spend the money on lenses.

      • FX DX

        DSLR video is great. My D90 makes great movies except that your subject/frame has to be still (isn’t that the whole point of the video). I find it much easier to make movies of my little daughter with my iPhone, but the DOF that is available in my D90 movies are not available in my iPhone and that sucks. I think D800 video will be great, but I think AF will still suck so much that only super dedicated videographers will be able to use it for anything meaningful. IMO, most of us are better of with a flick or an iPhone.

    • John

      I purchased a D700 a couple of weeks ago. Don’t care about video in an SLR. I have a lot of MF Nikkor from years ago and really wanted an FX format. I gave my N90s to my daughter some years ago and wanted to really get back to stills. I love the D700. Proposed D800 seems to be much more than what I want so decided to pull the trigger now. I can save up for a D4 in a year and get some AF-S lenses in the meantime. MF lenses work just fantastic on the D700.

  • Been there guy

    Now that the D800 rumor is no longer the rumor. The real question everyone wants to know is when will IT be shipped to us? Nov 24, 2012? That would be too long to wait for it.

    • If you bought a D700 I would enjoy it.
      All we’ve heard are rumors and seen some pics.
      No body knows when they will be released let alone available to normal folks.

  • Jim

    Do you think Nikon adding radio triggers to speedlites would greatly affect business for a company like PocketWizards? I wonder if Nikon would ever even try to buy PocketWizards, would make for some insane market dominance and awesome flashes!

  • crossing my fingers for a new 24mm prime on par with the 50/1.8G

  • I have a question: why Nikon don’t give us a new RAW file format with less megapixels (like Canon’s sRAW)? It may be very actual if D800 will have 36Mp indeed.

  • EvanK

    70-200 f/4 AF-S VR PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  • 85 f/1.8 might be a good choice to target people who want to shoot portraits but are reluctant to get the 85 f/1.4 😀

  • The 24 f1.8 would be sweet! Thought about changing to primes all the way, having the 50mm f1.4G, getting the 24mm f1.8G and 85mm f1.8G would be great. I know some don’t consider f1.8’s to be pro lenses but having used the 85mm f1.8D I’m confident I would achieve excellent results.

  • Ryan

    Great to here news about a new 85mm, I have always wanted an AF-S version, but I don’t know if I will bother to replace it or go for the 105mm F2 DC?

    As for the SB-910, I think people need to look at what Nikon would offer without putting companies out of business. I doubt very much that it will have built in radio triggers, as that would put Pocket Wizards new TT5 and TT1 out of business. If you watch any Kelby training videos, you may have seen the latest “A Day with Joe Mcnally” where him and Scott kelby are bashing Nikon for not having two IR sensors on the flash. Just look at their body language and tone of voice, it is very playful and obviously planned. I would suggest they know a thing or two of what is coming down the pipe. I can see the SB-910 as a small update that fixes the overheating issue and provides two IR sensors on the flash. Given the fact that the SB-900 is already a wicked unit and design, fixing these two things would make it unbeatable in terms of reliability. I am a little hesitant about the LED light… but we will see.

    • JonMcG

      I second this comment..

      Nikon is NO WAY going to include radio control in their flagship flash built in and thus cancel out all the work they’ve done with IR. FAR more likely to advance their existing technology and keep this compatable with all their other body/flashes that use CLS.

      Not to mention the fact, they would have to license PW technology to make it worthwhile, and if they did that, PocketWizzard might as well stop selling transmiterrs as at least 50% of their business would be wiped out in the next few years as everybody purchases these flashes.

      If you look at the SB-700, you can probably get a pretty good idea on where Nikon is going to go with the 910. The dual IR receivers on each side of the flash makes a LOT of sense. Probably standardize the gel holding covers to be very similiar to the SB-700 as well. They will likely address the over heating issues, maybe make the entire unit a little smaller than the 900 and “bingo” you have a modest update to a fantastic flash that won’t disrupt the applecart too much while at the same time it can likely be brought to market at a very similiar, if not a modest price increase, to the SB-900. The “910” name all on it’s own suggests a modest increase…


  • I’d love to see the 135mm updated. I’m shooting DX right now but when the day comes when I upgrade to full frame, I’ll need to add the 135 to the bag for concerts in dark halls. Still, I’ve gotten so use to shooting at F 1.4 that using a ‘slow’ F2 lens may take some getting used to.

  • Steve Starr

    Nikon’s IR/light system, in my experience, just doesn’t work worth a hoot in locations like the desert sunlight. I have to rely on RF to get them to work at all. I can point the SB-900 detector right at the camera’s unit that is in Commander mode and it will misfire or not fire at all in bright sunlight. Studio is okay, but sun is a big misfire episode in the making.

    The PW should be worried as Nikon can use their own Commander mode scheme to communicate with their own flash units in TTL mode. If anything, PW will suffer as they hacked into the Nikon system’s TTL unless Nikon supplied them with the specs and license to do so. They don’t need PW’s permission on their own units to talk to their own units in RF.

    Getting rid of the overheating is a definite plus too.

    • My experience is different from your, not to say I am right and you are not, I shoot in the baking hot sun with 3 of my SB900 in the apollos softbox and the fourth sb900 mounted on my D700 as a trigger, it fire 100 percent so far upto 10 metres, Been like that for the last 12 months at least. Its so reliable that i rather use the sb900 to trigger and rather than spending on PW radio. Thats just my experience.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Nah, you should just keep flogging your .w e b s i t e . c o m

  • CamaMan

    All those lenses are Great news.
    My Tamron PZD goes on sale if nikon brings out the superzoom
    And my trusty old 85 goes out if the new one isnt to to expensive!:-)

  • D-RiSe

    Indeed the 85/1.8 is awesome om my d700 but from 1.8 to 2.2 it could be sharper, and the hood is a pain

  • WB

    FX 35 1.8G Please!

    • CajunCC

      Yes. Want.

    • Arnstein

      Yes, but why G? Has it any advantage? The best is still AF-S with aperture ring for us F3 users 🙂

  • Zr

    Should Canon 7D’s price drop ($1449 at B&H, Amazon) serve as an indication of the imminent Nikon D800?

  • Todd

    80-400mm Replacement…Pleeeeeeeease !!!

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