New Samyang 8mm f/3.5 fisheye lens for Nikon mount

Samyang announced a new AE 8mm 1:3.5 Aspherical IF MC fisheye CS lens with an integrated microprocessor compatible with Nikon DSLR cameras (the Walimex version of this lens is already available in Germany):

Kraków, November 25th 2011 - Delta Company, the sole distributor of Samyang products for Europe is about to release new lens - Samyang AE 8mm 1:3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fish-eye CS with the Nikon mount. This new, improved version is to replace the previous model without a microprocessor.

Samyang AE 8mm 1:3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fish-eye CS has been fitted with an electronic circuit, and just like other AE models allows for full control of exposure parameters from the camera level, and makes it easy to use i-TTL flash automatics. Owing to the integrated microprocessor, the light measurement system is effective in all photography modes and for all types of Nikon DSLR cameras. AE line additionally records exposure parameters and focus value in the Exif format.

Samyang 8mm 1:3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fish-eye CS is the high-class wide-angle lens designed for DSLR cameras with APS-C/DX sensor. This really is a sophisticated optical construction based on ten lenses arranged in seven groups, including one hybrid-aspherical lens which reduces chromatic aberration level. All lenses are covered with multi-layered, anti-reflexive coating of new generation. Optical parameters are thus of the highest-possible quality.

Samyang AE 8mm 1:3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fish-eye CS lens is covered by 36-months warranty.

Samyang AE 8mm 1:3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fish-eye CS – EUR 325 gross

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  • NorGate

    Nice !

    • LGO

      What would really be nice is when Samyang announces a more affordable tilt and shift lenses, specially in 16-18mm focal length. 😀 I already use the Nikkor 24mm PC-E but would not mind getting Samyang T&S lenses in other focal length.

      • ennan

        Yeah – I’m looking forward to this too. They have confirmed they are working on a tilt shift.

      • Calibrator

        Brilliant idea!
        Practically no electronics (if at all), only solid lens design and good mechanics.
        Samyang should be able to pull it off — and sell it for all formats to make it profitable.
        They could instantly destroy the market for Canon and Nikon T&S lenses.

  • Got older version, and it is superb lens!

  • I’ve never heard of Samyang. I’ll have to research their company more. Do they make quality optics?

    • Michael

      As far as I heard: Yes. All comments of people I know who bought these lenses (some of them are quite picky) were positive.

    • Justin

      They’re sold under a bunch of other names in the US. Rokinon, Bower, etc. has this lens on the front page. $319 US listed.

      I was about to buy one of the former lenses since it is rated as a very good fish-eye when I noticed I wouldn’t have a meter on my D5100. I’m glad I hesitated. The new one will be mine!

    • ennan

      I recently got the 85mm and the 35mm for review purposes. I use the D3 and I have to say I’m blown away by their performance. I was very skeptical but they really do perform well. The 35mm is now my favourite lens.

    • Teun

      I’ve owned both a nikkor 10.5 and the non-cpu samyang. I liked the samyang better. No AF, but optically stellar.

      • Dave

        Are you saying the Samyang is better optically than the Nikkor?

        • ennan

          In some ways yes – namely resolution and the bokeh of the 85mm is more pleasing (subjective of course) CA is nicely controlled too. The Nikkor wins in terms of build quality though and the autofocus is obviously a big plus point.

          But the samyangs have something… If they put autofocus in their lenses they could easily become a major player.

  • pavel muller

    A superb lens (the older version). I find it remarkably versatile. Personally, I really do not need the electronics. I use it usually between f/8-f/11 where optical quality is the best and usually at close to minimum focusing distance (get kneepads if you are planning to use this lens). Check my recent photos on flickr – all were taken with this lens

  • Zen-Tao

    I have one. It has a pretty quality. It stands his bigbross performances. Not the best sharpness or fastest but it hasn´t flares and the vignetting is not very noticeable. I like it, I’ve done a lot of nive landscapes with it. I’m looking for a tutorial to put a microprecessor to it. May be a good thing that Syamyang offers a option to refurbish the lens.

  • Tony

    Korean products are getting very popular in the states.

  • Zsmedia

    Will it meter with a d3100?

    • Timo

      Yes, this new version will meter on any Nikon body, including your D3100.

  • Sebastian

    Also have the older version. bad at full aperture (which sucks if you want to use it for the night sky), but very good from f/5.6 onward. Some places report the focus scale is way off, but that is not true for the F-mount version, only for EOS (because the didn’t bother to adjust for the small difference in flange distance).
    Another drawback is the large min. focal distance, about 30 cm. An object 30 cm from a fisheye is very very small.

    • nobody

      The focus scale problems are true for the Nikon version also. I have to set mine to 70cm to have sharpness at far away objects.

      Otherwise I’m with you, this lens is very good between f5.6 and f11 on my D300.

  • Samyang makes some pretty impressive optics. A new review I’ve got coming up will show just how good the Samyang optics are and how they compare to lenses that cost 3-6 times as much.

    Btw, Samyang is re-branded as Rokinon, Vivitar, Bower, Falcon and a few others.

  • Bundgee

    Is this an FX lens?

  • Nobody
    • thanks

    • scurvyhesh

      Wow at the equivalent of $430 usd? Say it aint so Samyang. If that’s the case in the states then I’m just going to buy the $249 Rokinon version. I’m only using it for skateboarding With B800s and have no need for Ittl flash. A mode and S mode would be convenient but could live without it.

  • Stu

    I have the old one, it’s a really great lens, i had no problem using it without metering but i upgraded to the d300s, so i have no need for the metering version. If only they made an autofocus version….

    ken rockwekk does a great review on the 8mm fisheye and compared it to the nikon and the zentar, i don’t really remember what brand name he used but they are all the same. I never regretted spending 300 bux on that lens.

  • Hernan

    What would be the same lens for a FX body? same quality and price more less? anyone can recommend? thanks

    • tengris

      There is none. The Samyang has a special projection, which is slightly different from traditional fisheyes. The edges are less compressed. And there is no counterpart in quality. For FX you have the top level Nikon and Sigma fisheyes and some russian and ukrainian Lenses like the Peleng 17mm f/2.8 or the Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 on the other end, slighty in front of some cheap fisheye converters. Google for pics, you will not like them.

  • tengris

    The funny thing is that the 85mm f/1.4 and the 14mm f/2.8 came out without a CPU and were followed by an electronic AE version a few months later. The 35mm f/1.4 and the announced 24mm f/1.4 didn’t/won’t come out naked, they are AE only in Nikon mount from the market release. The only DX lens in the Samyang/Rokinon/Bower/Walimex/Vivitar/Falcon/whatever lineup, the 8mm f/3.5 had to wait for years to get the chip finally, although the majority of sold low to mid range DX cams do not support metering with AI-s Lenses.

    The second funny thing is that the AE version still has an aperture ring and the full featured AI-s mount. There is no DX camera, neither for APS-C film (Pronea) nor digital, that needs a manual aperture ring. Only on the D2 series, the D200 and the D300 series it’s an option to choose either wheel or ring. And there is no DX camera that supports S or P mode with chipless AI-s lenses. I think the F4 was the last model that could do that.

    And the annoying side of the Samyang aperture ring is that it can’t be locked in AE mode.

    • EnPassant

      It beats me too why they didn’t upgrade the DX-lens most in need for a chip first. Maybe they just had a lot of non-chipped lenses they wanted sell first?
      I waited, thinking this lens should sooner or later be announced, but gave up and a cople of months ago bought the no- chipped version for around € 190 used, but in condition as new with box, thinking that for the few photos i actually would use it I could do without metering.

      That the lens still have an aperture ring is of course inherited from the old manual version where it in manual settings is quite useful. And just adding a chip without making a major redesign taking away the aperture ring is much easier. And for that we should be thankful as it with a standard adapter for Ai-S lenses can be used on Sony’s Nex-cameras!

      • tengris

        > … just adding a chip without making a major redesign taking away the aperture ring …
        It would be enough to replace it by a blank ring with a fixed f/22 position. The Samyang AE lenses support AF-D, so they need internal sliders to grap the position of the focus ring. That’s the major redesign.

        > And for that we should be thankful as it with a standard adapter for Ai-S lenses can be used on Sony’s Nex-cameras!
        Well, that’s an argument. There arent’s so much up to date lenses with an aperture ring anymore and the aperture rings on some expensive adapters for type G Lenses are more open/close controls than defined F-stops.

  • The invisible man

    Gravata Test

    • The invisible man

      Thanks broxibear !

  • What i really want from Samyang is this (in addition to what they allready offer):

    – Make a fisheye for FX, a 14, 15 or 16 mm.
    – Put a frigin AF screw in those lenses, what is the point of a great optical formula if you miss half the shots due to shoddy manual focus.

    • tengris

      I think the AF screw should be considered as “outdated and deprecated” and a silentwave drive would be far beyond what most poeple would be willing to pay for a Korean lens. But a standard AF motor like in cheap Tamron and Tokina lenses should not completely blast the price tag. Maybe there’s no desperate need for an AF fisheye, but especially an AF 85mm f/1.4 would be a welcome option for people who want to shoot indoor sports or the like.

    • EnPassant

      It’s not as easy to add a screw connection in a mechanical lens. AF-lenses are built different. Besides AF via a screw is old technology. Although Nikon still make small numbers of old lenses with screw it was eight years ago they presented a new lens having AF via screw. Samyangs strengths are like Cosina and Zeiss in optical and mechanical construction, not in electronics. So I doubt we will see any AF-lenses from them in the near future. If AF is a must then forget about Samyang.

      That said, a FX fishey with the same projection as the DX fishey would be great. AF is after all not such necessary with a fishey. Just set the aperture at f 8 and tape the focus to the hyperfocal distance.

      Also PC lenses would be great as they don’t have AF anyway. If Samyang could build lenses having tilt in all directions and shift function that could be fully extended even on bodies with built in flash, they could be a hit if optics are great and price is right. Samyang could of course make their PC-lenses in about the same focal lengths as Nikon or Canon. But what I really would love to have is a compact 16 mm PC-lens for DX! That would be a unique lens with no competition!

      Macro-lenses also are not in desperate need for AF. But Nikons Micro-Nikkors for DX are quite affordable, have AF and even VR for the longer 85 mm lens. And for FX there are a lot of used options that can be had for not much money. So I don’t see a market for Samyang there.

    • John Richardson

      Manual focus? I remember when that was all we had, AF was some sort of science fiction dream….

  • My friend has the Canon 300 F4. While it does focus faster out of the box than my 89 era Nikkor 300 F4 ED (but more accurate?), he has had to replace the Ultrasonic motor twice. My lens on the other hand works like new. Also its built like a brick shit house the way a pro lens is supposed to be. Ring Motors are like Solid State Drives. Amazing when functional, but a pain in the ass when they fail. I for one would vote for lenses to still have screw drive. At least the pro Nikkor lenses should have both. So you can turn off the SWM.

    • Tony

      +1 for the true

  • Is this going to be available to the US market?

  • Calibrator

    Not, if you mostly shoot obese models.

    • Paul

      Obese models? Have you looked at the model I recently shot? Her name might be familiar. Supermodel Heidi Klum!

      • Calibrator

        It was a joke, Paul.

  • I don’t see any need for AF in a fisheye. On the f/1.4 lenses, that is a different story. However, people pay big bucks for MF Zeiss glass and the focusing action of the Samyangs is nice, just like the pre AF days.

  • Pete

    Will it be good enough for 36MP?

    • Zen-Tao

      Nop. 10 mpx is large enought.

  • D.K.
  • CommonSense

    It looks to me that Samyang lenses are very very very well made. Also testing web sites gave them very good reviews.
    Should we expect that Korean will break japanese near-monopoly for lens manufacturing? This would bring a price down which is good for all of consumers.

    • Geoff

      I say so, 2 of my favorite lenses are my Tokina 50-135 and my Rokinon 85mm. Though nothing has yet touched my Nikon 105mm f/2.5’s final image.

  • tilt lens now were talking or a zoom tilt lens

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