Black Friday deals: two old Nikon cameras on sale

Nikon P7000 for $279.00:

Refurbished Nikon D5000 with 4GB SD memory card, spare EN-EL9 battery plus a bag for $369.00:

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  • Troy

    Save your money for the D800!!! Oh yaaaahhhh
    And yes…First!

    • MG

      save your money for the d800 and a new computer and disk space.

      • bratvlad

        thats for sure, specially if shooting in RAW where you need decent system to edit your photos.

      • Calibrator

        Where is the problem?

        If you can pay up for a D800 a new computer is nothing more than peanuts.

        • Geoff

          Calibrator, agreed

    • NoFunBen

      well i do want a camera to convert to IR use.

      • Everlast

        You mean the D800?

  • The invisible man

    So, the next two weeks will be HOT !
    – D900
    – D800 (more likely called D700s)
    – SB-910 flash
    – AF-s 85mm f/1.8 !

    I hope the big boys lenses will be back in stock (Santa is supose to get me the AF-s 200mm f/2. VRII)

    • Thom wHO?

      This time is 100% or not yet? xD
      I hope you are right.
      I prefer Nikon than Canon but I will not pay for a D3x and there are no more option for studio. I can not wait any more.

      • T.I.M

        @Thom wHO
        Yes we should have it announced before 12/10 but it won’t be available anytime soon.

        Personally I don’t care about Canon/Nikon debate when I started photography I had Pentax cameras. (the LX was perfect)

        What’s important is to have the right tool for what you’re doing.
        I love the D700 but I need more pixels. No needs for video or flash.

        • FM2Fan

          fully agree – improvements in sensor technology please – video is not necessary for me – most importantly: real 16 bit incl full workflow in SW (i.e. sample at 20 bit and deliver 16 bit) – and no IR blocking filter – I love having IR again

    • bratvlad

      This is awesome!!! to bad I ran out of cash.

    • AnoNemo

      The invisible man

      What is that cat thing? I liked your old avatar. Plz find a better one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • T.I.M

        That was my cat before he died from a cancer.

  • Alfonso

    Coolpix p7000 was going for 249 on monday. I’m looking for a camera to replace canon G9, and had decided for coolpix p7100, but this offer was too good too good to let it go. Hope I receive a good camera.

  • mamu line clear


  • AnoNemo

    very sad

  • The P7000 is a kick ass Camera it will do every thing my d7000 will do and fit in to your pocket. The thing I loved the most is you can turn off the back screen and look through the view finder without the glow of the LCD screen.

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