Breaking: I have pictures of the Nikon D800

I am still working on the details, please stay tuned.

I also have some samples taken with the Nikon D800... and yes, it is 36MP - here is some of the EXIF data:

The specs are exactly the same as I reported them 2 months ago.

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  • Martin

    more interested in the release date… interested in the pictures too of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  • T.I.M

    So, with 36MP, do we have a 24MP crop mode ?
    No needs for a teleconverter anymore ?

    • soap

      Cropping != teleconverter.

      • Firmus

        Optical expansion of a cropped region is exactly what a teleconverter does.

        • Teus

          @firmus I think you are wrong because a teleconverter will add to the focallength and thus changes the depth of field.

        • soap

          A TC changes the pixels-per-degree of a lens/sensor combo.

          Cropping does not.

    • Roger

      16mp crop mode. Yes, like a teleconverter, or D7000, built-in ๐Ÿ™‚

    • madblock

      16Mp crop mode, not 24

  • Funduro

    Congrats to all who will buy this new puppy. Buy huge and very fast memory cards and blazing computer, thats a lot of mega bytes to write and store. Have fun on unwrapping day.

    • Rob

      When the D3 came out, hard drives ran for about $0.30 per GB. When the D800 comes out, hard drives will be available for less than $0.03 per GB. While not as dramatic, processors and RAM have improved over this time. EVERY HARDWARE ASPECT of storing and processing the images will be CHEAPER for the D800 than it was for the D3. For the same amount of money, the average computer stores more than 3 times the data and processes more than 3 times as fast as it did in 2007. I wish people would stop making that argument against the 36MP…

      • Funduro

        I did not say anything about price. Just saying the image file size will require speed and maxi card sizes. So happy D800 is coming soon news day.

      • IanZ28

        Unfortunately, the prices on hard drives has dramatically increased.

        Flooding in Thailand has increased the prices on many electronics companies.

        • Rob

          Yup, and even with the increase they are MUCH CHEAPER than 1/3 the price they were when the D3 came out. So what was your point again?

          • The point is, hard drives aren’t sushi.

            • Bozo

              I hate sushi

            • Sushi is the beeeeeeeeeest.

            • ich bins

              … fortunately a hdd or now ssd is much more reasonable than this uneatable garbage called sushi. Never heard of good European cuisine, eh folks?

            • Yes, pig gut. Yummy.

              But seriously, a good roll of Tekka Maki will cure your hatred of what you clearly do not understand. It worked for meโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

          • IanZ28

            My point is that storage is a legitimate concern when we start talking higher resolution bodies and larger file sizes.

            About 2 years ago I bought 2x 1TB Western Digital hard drives for just over $100 each. Those same drives today cost $129.99 on Newegg. So, I’m not fully agreeing with your assessment

            Building a system with adequate storage for the D800 I’d want 2x 2TB enterprise drives (as a start to raid on a file server) and at $250 each they aren’t exactly cheap.

            Without the flooding of course we can note that prices for storage has decreased significantly over time. That doesn’t make the argument of data storage cost any less relevant.

      • Drew Hoover

        that’s a great point! i have been griping but i did not do the math like you just did. i will still probably gripe, but not as much now.

      • Banksie

        Don’t forget those of us who prepare files for exhibitions prints that are sent to Oce Lightjet, Chromira, or Lambda printers. We work with multi-layered .psd files that grow extremely quickly in size, nearing several GBs and beyond. Even with current hardware, it can take up lots of production time just opening a 4 GB file.

    • I’m all set! : D

    • Ron

      You are happy shooting a Canon Powershot A510 isn’t it? I was too. But I thought it was time to move on.

  • erth

    Come to Mama!

  • For those of you lamenting the increased mega-pixels, and increased noise, remember that the only way to do a fair comparison of noise is to resize the higher resolution image down to the lower resolution image. So to compare the D800 with the D700 you resize the 36mp image down to 12mp. I suspect that when this is done the noise performance for the D800 will actually look good.

    I’d really like to see the result of the D800 with no anti-alias filter resized to 12MP.

    • You have a fair point.

      However, one can apply the same reasoning to the converse of your argument. To compare the D700 sharpness with the D800 sharpness you resize the 12mp image up to the 36mp image.

      When that is done with the D700/D3 -> D3x, the 12mp sensor holds up amazingly well to the 24mp sensor by comparison. So if you absolutely need the extra edge in sharpness (less than many think) then the 24mp sensor is your guy. But if you need better S/N performance, and are benefited by lower file sizes, faster frame rates, better battery life, and a more affordable camera, then you’d be hard-pressed to justify the nominal increase in resolution.

      When the 18mp equivalent of the D3s/D700 is released, the story will the be same.

  • Simon Gosselin

    Oh yeah tel us more! It’s gonna make huge files, this 36MP camera

  • Josh S

    I am intensely curious on how “deep” the memory buffer is at 36/meg and 4 fps. How much raw memory did they put in the body so that I can shoot more then 7 or 8 pictures before it stalls..

    I am crossing my fingers that the D4 (or whatever it is called) better matches what I need..

  • Zet

    FAKE! Don’t believe in that bullshit.

  • Bondi Beach

    Maximum titillation, minimum information!

  • I’m still not buying this rumor. This sounds like a D4X. Even if it is the 3 sensor RGB thing, why would Nikon release an upgrade of the D700 that has the same ISO range? And let’s just say that it is true, does that mean the eventual D4X is going to be 48MP??? In my opinion, if you need more than 24 or 30MP, then buck up and buy a medium format camera.

    • 2nd that!

      And as other said, we’ll need…..

      – Big & Fast memory card to write that 40MB RAW file!
      – We’ll be lucky to get 5fps, more like 3fps imho
      – And very fast computer to process those file too (forget about that cute iMac you’ve got)
      – At 24mp, I’m sure they could improve the noise over the D700, just look at D7k’s DX 18mp sensor and density. But at 36mp? I would think it’ll just match the D700, at best!

      We’ll see. But I’m still hoping the D800 with D3s (or better) noise, better dynamic range, at around 24mp, 7fps, and cost me US$3~3.2k….. May be I’m still dreaming….

      • D7k is 16mp, not 18.

        The D7k is not improved over the D700, despite it being the best DX camera to date.

        The equivalent pixel density on FX would yield somewhere between 38-40mp. 36mp FX is conservative by D7k standards.

        Down sampled, the 36mp sensor probably will perform on par with the D700 in noise performance (possibly better). In other areas of image quality it will likely fall short if it is the D7k tech in an FX sensor. Then again, there has been a good year since the D7k release, giving Nikon time to improve the other aspects of image quality. D7k’s “acceptable” image quality might become D800’s superior image quality.

    • Teila K. Day

      Obviously tens of thousands of people would get a MF camera if they could afford the body, lenses, accessories, etc.. The truth of the matter is that a high res D(“whatever”) bridges the gap between nosebleed pricing and reasonable performance in a total package. A 36mp small sensor’d camera (that has competent AF, enables the photographer to use existing lenses and accessories, etc..) will appeal to a lot of professional photographers over starting from scratch with a MF body.

      The price of a 36mp body (say $4k) with a $500mm f/4 II lens isn’t that much more expensive over a Pentax 645 + lenses. I’d rather have the 36mp body w/500mm f/4 lens (and my present lenses) given the choice. Many birders, sport shooters (action portraiture), etc., could benefit shooting such a camera over the typical MF variety. Each system (large sensors vs. small ones) have distinct advantages and disadvantages; to reason that folks wanting more res. should simply migrate to MF isn’t always the best real-world answer, business advice, nor logic.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what Nikon has coming down the pipe.

    • Roger

      it sounds like a D4x cause it kind of is

  • Dan

    Hehehehe, will be fun looking at the people with a body like this screwing up on their budget for a Tb CF superultradma or maybe plus ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Merv

    Nice work admin

    I guess with 36 MP, things like facial/skin flaws will become brutally obvious.

    • Steve

      Sloppy technique on the photographer’s part, too!

  • I shoot medium format extensively in addition to using my d300s and x100 — and I will say that scanning the film at (lower-than-grain) resolution of 80mp (8850x8650ish) doesn’t make facial flaws brutally obvious, or sloppy technique obvious, or whatever…

    …super-high resolution is beautiful and noiseless at resolutions you view it at. That’s the point. In print, you can crop enormously, or make images gigantic.

    • Roger

      thats cause medium format film doesnt have 80mp in it. you’re not getting 80mp worth of resolution out of those scans. i used to shoot it too.

  • CRB

    Smaller than my D300? could it be? really?

  • Nrtarded

    Again, I thought the next Nikon sale was supposed to be revolutionary?

    • Roger

      not the next

  • Bozo

    Beside the sushi comment I made earlier in this post. I think this is a fake photoshoped picture of different cameras. some parts of this camera appears to be taken from different perspective and pasted together. parts of the camera are blurry, other parts are sharp!!

    All in all, this picture doesn’t look consistent, not when compared to the real life.

  • silmasan

    Admin, are you going to post the image samples supposedly taken with the D800?

  • simpleguy

    great news ๐Ÿ™‚ , made my day ,
    just have to wait to hear the price

  • Dear Admin,

    Could you please at least make a comment and share your impressions concerning those sample images you have ?

  • D800


    If you have sample images taken from d800, why can’t you just show us.
    I really would like to see real 36mp photos.

    Thank you in advance

    • Sampler

      Yes Admin may you post some sample pics

  • don Goldney

    Interesting, at 36mp will the High iso still be as good as the D700.
    Id be interested to know some pricing too as the d3x was a joke at $10k yeah yeah i know you can get one for $8k now.
    MY hope would be the D800 will come in around $4k at that price it may be the best and most affordable nikon yet, , if it still retains its High iso brilliance and auto focus systems.
    Not bothered that much by video .
    But if its got one so be it 32gb cards will be the go.
    Looking forward to the release

  • Joe Mamas

    If this camera has a 36mp sensor, then I would expect the D4 to have the same sensor too.

  • I don’t want more Megapixels I want more ISO!!!!!

  • Mickster

    EXIF data can be easily modified to be bullshit you know … i take the EXIF data info here with a grain of salt, that ‘ll be the easy bit if inventing a BS story.

  • jacques legault

    With all the problems they have in Thailand, how can we think of a new camera soon. Let’s be realistic: there is a shortage of some lenses on the market so let’s give them a choice.

    • billy

      I’ve got a quad 64-bit machine, quite optimized, which is constantly eating my nerves with crashes and unresponsiveness when processing my 16mp, 14 bit nef-s or 16 bit tiffs (no, i won’t use jpegs unless you point a gun on me:). And my 16gb card holds about 500 shots comparing to 1k shots i can do with d700. I shouldn’t think about what could happen when i’m trying to load a 36mp monster. I see this stuff selling in a package with 128gb cards and 8-core 32-bit computers. I’d buy this only if my shots were so cool I needed no post-processing and if I were satisfied just with what I saw on the camera display… I still hope this is a hoax;)

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