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Nikon D3s camera falls from a motorcycle, continues to shoot

Shahrizan Jeffri Aziz dropped his Nikon D3s with a 300mm f/2.8 lens from a motorcycle while shooting the Le Tour Langkawi in Malaysia. Only the battery door and the burst mode were broken. With the help of some duct tape, the camera continued to work. Later in the race, the D3s was also exposed to rain […]

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Nikon instant rebates will be extended but without the pro bodies and lenses

The Nikon instant rebates in the US will be extended again, but as expected this time they will exclude all pro DSLR bodies and lenses produced in Japan (the D300s is produced in Thailand): Nikon DSLRs included in the new instant rebate program: D3000, D3100, D5000, D90, D7000 and D300s. Lenses included in the new […]

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Nikon D5100 currently being shipped to Canada

Multiple sources confirmed that the Nikon D5100 is currently being shipped in bulk to Canada. I still don’t have detailed specs, except the new swivel display leaked by Nikon Korea. The oficial announcement should be on April 4th or the second week of April.

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Nikon instant rebates coming to an end?

Amazon has ended the Nikon instant rebate in the US. The program was initially set to expire on March 26th, but I guess Amazon pulled the plug earlier (before and after screenshot): The Nikon rebates at B&H will end in less than 24 hours (B&H is closing online ordering every Friday evening): The Nikon instant rebate […]

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Nikon prices hit MSRP in the US

Nikon prices continue to rise in the US since my last post a week ago: Nikon D300s body only B&H: $1599 (was $1529.95 a week ago) Adorama: 1699.95 (was $1599.00) Amazon: $1529.95 (was $1449.00) Nikon D700 body only B&H $2699.95 (unchanged) Adorama: $2699.95 (was $2599.00) Amazon: $2649.95 (was $2399.95) Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens B&H: […]

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Nikon FSB-8 digital camera bracket for Coolpix P300 announced in Europe

The Nikon FSB-8 bracket was announced in Japan on February 9, 2011 and today it’s official in Europe. The FSB-8 is still not listed on Nikon USA website.

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Nikon View NX 2.1.2 released

Today Nikon released View NX 2.1.2 (Windows only). There is also a new firmware 1.2 for the Nikon Coolpix P100 camera. View NX 2.1.2 change log: If ViewNX 2 was upgraded to Ver. 2.1.0 or Ver. 2.1.1 without uninstalling Ver. 2.0.0-2.0.3, my Picturetown did not display properly in ViewNX 2. This issue has been resolved. When transferring files using […]

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Second notice from Nikon on the impact of the earthquake in Japan

Today Nikon published an update on the situation in Japan and the impact of the earthquake. One employee has been confirmed dead and three others are missing. Some of the Nikon factories are already operational, the plant in Sendai is expected to resume by the end of March. The remaining facilities will start working on March 23. Full text […]

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