Nikon D5100 currently being shipped to Canada

Multiple sources confirmed that the Nikon D5100 is currently being shipped in bulk to Canada. I still don't have detailed specs, except the new swivel display leaked by Nikon Korea. The oficial announcement should be on April 4th or the second week of April.

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  • Event Horizon

    Happy to note that Nikon is shipping something new. Hope there is good demand and the proceeds help the people of Japan.

  • Glad to see that new stuff is being shipped out. And… First!

    • or not first πŸ™

      • Panfruit

        Ha! πŸ˜›

  • Karen

    Wow AWESOME! I live in canada so that’s great. I’ll be buying it the day it comes out

    • venancio

      the price difference offered by U.S. and Canadian dealers would be something to note: US D700 = $2699.95 (B&H) while CAND700=$2249 (Henry’s).
      USD7000=$1199.95 while CAND7000=1179.99… maybe it’ll be about even for D5100… there’s still that big difference in pro glasses…

      • Global

        Nobody can note the difference unless you include EXCHANGE RATES. Which currently is 1 US to 0.98 Canadian.

        (Just to info share the CAD is sometimes higher or lower than the USD — but we fluxuate around each other by about 10%. Which can be a lot depending on how Japan is pricing based on currency trends. I’d also wager that the CAD5100 and the USD5100 will be about the same. I’m not disagreeing — just saying people don’t know, unless you share exchange rates. ;-)).

  • Well, the 5100s are probably made in Thailand, so there shouldn’t be too much of an impact on them from the situation in Japan or than administerial.

    So, I guess this is the 4/4 announcement eh’? (No Canadian pun intended.)

    • broxibear

      As far as I’m aware all the DX bodies are made in Thailand, I remember they had quality issues with the D5000 in 2009
      Not that I’m suggesting any issues with the D5100.
      The only impact from the earthquake/tsunami is if they run out of parts that come from Japan.

      • WoutK89

        but if the picture is indeed official they had the packed D5100’s standing a long time already

        • broxibear

          Hi WoutK89,
          I’m sure that these D5100s were packed and ready to go weeks ago, that was when the pic first appeared…what I meant was any D5100s that are in production at the factory right now might run into parts problems.

          • WoutK89

            It is already happening to car manufacturers, so I would be surprised if it would happen in other industries as well. However the mount production continues, where do they take the resources from if they are from Nikon?

  • Nikon is really making life hard for me to choose!!! πŸ™‚

  • Good, but I shoot FX. Besides, I wonder how much stuff got ruined in port.

    • Marc W.

      Yeah, maybe they are just getting it out before it gets radiated.

      • mala


        • New anti-bacterial feature no extra charge!

          • James

            Yes, but being a Nikon it’s probably in the lens. Sony users will have “AB Inside.”

            • Global

              That would be a very extreme way to get rid of Lens mold…

  • David

    Does anyone have any idea (even just a rough one) what the price point on the 5100 is going to be (either in US or Canada)?

    • Mike

      Well, the D5100 is likely to be slotted between the D7000 and the D3100 in spec and price point. So with the D3100 at $569 CAD, and the D7000 at $1149 CAD, I’m guestimating the D5100 will be be the neighborhood of $749.

    • Oleg

      $899 +/- $50

      • James

        Yes, about $899.

        Nikon’s rebates expire tonight, and most Nikons have reverted to retail price in the last week, so the D3100 will probably be $699 tomorrow morning.

  • mwl

    Not really a fan of the side swivel screens. Great if you’re taking pictures of yourself so maybe it’s for the narcissistic facebook/flickr crowd. I still think the flip/swivel down are best.

    • The swivel is nice for video, especially when you are holding the camera very low or high.

  • They use nikonrumors as a source, I said that there will probably be an announcement on April 4th and the D5100 and/or mirrorless cameras are expected, but I never said that Nikon will announce a mirrorless camera on April 4th:

    • broxibear

      As someone once said “Why ruin a good story with the facts?” lol.

      • Global

        There aren’t too many mirrorless rumors — you need to let them have their fun!! πŸ˜›

  • Tom

    The person taking this picture obviously has access to the packing process…. I just wonder why someone will take this picture and leak it, without taking a picture of the boxes side label, where a lot more of the contents spec is listed……that would be far more interesting to leak πŸ˜‰

    • Three thumbs up.Oh wait,we’re humans,so two thumbs up
      By the way Dxomark should have one in testing now

    • sensor

      it would give away who possibly took the picture (specific store)

      • sensor

        nevermind, I was thinking about where the stock info is

    • Global

      You might want to stop and consider that this could be a SHIPPING company employee. I’m not saying it is or that its likely, just a possibility. Photography fans are everywhere!

      Warehouse guys and shippers get excited too.

      • Global

        Even worse if its a government official on inspection. πŸ˜›

  • So is the idea to have them ready to sell asap after the announcement? Usually it seems Nikon takes it;s sweet time.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    When do people think D5100 pricing will be more reliably leaked?

    My mother needs a camera and I am looking at D5000 but if the D5100 isn’t worlds different, would prefer to get that. I would have thought they keep prices not too different if you go D5000 –> D5100 if it lacks an AF Motor. If it has an AF Motor and the D7000’s sensor, I think it will compete better vs. Canon but people will think twice on D7000…. If it has D3100 sensor not sure it will live up to the D5100 moniker….

  • 2cents

    Is that a D5100 or a D5’100? We’re getting a 100mp D5!!

    • Soren


  • Art

    Just so you know…

    Just so you know, the D5100 boxes are camouflage for the D800 boxes inside.

    Incidentally, I’m from Los Alamos, New Mexico originally and I claim first dibs on any glowing D800’s. In Los Alamos you don’t fit in if you don’t glow. I want to fit in.

    Also my wife is Japanese and her parents house is a block from the beach (on Kyusu). They only got a 2m tsunami which is plenty high but it luckily didn’t make it’s way past the beach other than up the drainage cannals. We were plenty worried though.

  • broxibear

    Nikon provides additional aid to the victims of earthquake in the Major Earthquake in Northeastern Japan
    March 25, 2011

    Nikon Corporation (President: Makoto Kimura, Tokyo) has decided to donate 1,000 units of its compact digital camera and SD memory card to extend support to the affected area of the Major Earthquake in Northeastern Japan on March 11.

    We already have executed support of 100 million yen donation as per our announcement of March 14. To extend further support, the imaging equipment will be offered to record the disastrous situations and help restoration from the disaster. The donees will be the public organizations such as the municipal offices in the area, and we are already in talk with the municipal offices such as Natori City, Miyagi prefecture.

    Nikon Vision Co., Ltd. (President: Masaaki Okajima, Tokyo), subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, will also donate 200 units of its binoculars to support various restoring activities in the damaged area. The donees will also be the public organizations.

    The Nikon Group would express our profound sympathy and heartfelt concern to those individuals and families suffering from the disaster and sincerely hope for safety and swift recovery of the people and areas.

    • @broxibear – I think I have to hire you to work for NR, on few occasions you got the news before me πŸ™‚

      • broxibear

        Sorry, I’m not a photojournalist but a few of my friends are and they got me addicted to news years ago.
        Now when I’m on my pc working with images etc I’ve got a few news pages running in the background…damn news photographers lol ?

  • It’s finally coming!! πŸ˜€

  • Slick

    Could someone explain to me the point of this camera??? With the 7000 series that does everything and more that the 5100 does and then you have the 300/400 700/800 and the d4…. Why is nikon even releasing , building , wasting resources on a d5100?? What market is this camera for that the other existing cameras don’t serve?

    • Joseph

      Probably the market where people have about $800 to spend and not $1200.

    • James

      +1. A stripped down D7000 to cater for the cheapskates. Where is the D800? It is the oldest and most desperate in need of replacement DSLR in the Nikon lineup.

    • Merv

      I am guessing they are trying to position the D5100 more as a “lifestyle” camera rather than an “amateur” type camera where the natural upgrade progression would be D3100 —> D7000 or D300s/D400. Would be a pretty good 2nd camera body too.

    • Trevor

      I think it’s a good segment to fill. The D3100 is as low price as Nikon will go, and it’s clearly missing some specs (bracketing, swivel screen, stereo or external mic, etc). The D5100 fills those in to give people who aren’t looking for the most affordable camera, but aren’t ready to pay $1k for a kit. Plus, I doubt it takes a lot of additional resources to basically develop a D3150.

      I think harder to justify is the D90 replacement, which I would bet they’d rename the D6000. That becomes so close to a D7000 it seems silly. I think 4 DX bodies (3100, 5100, 7000, and 300/400) suffice.

      And, as there is a clearly a commitment to DX, can we get a 24mm (35 equiv) f/2 like the 35mm (52 equiv) f/1.8?

  • Kingyo

    Last new camera for awhile? πŸ™

  • swivelhead

    If the 5100 performs as well as D90/D5000 in terms of image quality I’d be happy. I have used a P&S Canon A80 for nearly 8 years now. I’m old and creaky and so the swivel screen is dandy. I can’t low-crawl in crankcase grease in some street or in dirt while on a hike to get a proper angle (lots of nature/scenic shots) so swivel-time for me. I’ve been looking hard at the Canon 60D because of it’s whiz-bang 900+ pixel swivel screen but after viewing 1000’s of pictures from a bunch of cameras the Nikon seems to produce pictures more to my liking.

  • Thom Rockwell

    How many percent is this? Nikonrumors used to have percent rating for probability. thanks

    • Ken Hogan

      I think it’s for certain.

    • broxibear
      • good find, thanks

      • enesunkie

        Just a typo. D5000 is listed in Product Description and Technical Details, not D5100. But in a couple weeks we’ll probably have a D5100.

    • This news (D5100 shipping to Canada) is not so significant and I did not add any % rating. I can say with 90% certainty that a new entry level DLSR (probably named D5100) will be announced on April 4th (or second week of April).

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