Nikon FSB-8 digital camera bracket for Coolpix P300 announced in Europe

The Nikon FSB-8 bracket was announced in Japan on February 9, 2011 and today it's official in Europe. The FSB-8 is still not listed on Nikon USA website.

The bracket will allow you to attach the Coolpix P300 camera (the model with the f/1.8 aperture and no RAW capabilities) to Nikon fieldscopes, spotting scopes and EZ Micro products (see the related Nikon Fabre Photo EX review).

  • Availability: April 2011
  • Price: £119.99 | 990 SEK
  • Dimensions (w | d | h): 80mm | 73mm | 83mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Release cable included
  • Nikon FSB-8 PDF brochure (in Japanese) is available here.
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  • Franco DMD

    First!! I have always wanted to be first… 🙂

    • Franco DMD

      Ok now that I said that, this is one more great reason for this camera… I think I am going for it!

  • inginerul

    I have tried this with a telephoto lens and a cardboard home-made support., plus a webcam. Due to the very big crop factor of the coolpix or the webcam sensor, you get a super-magnification, you can build a telescope out of a 70-300 lens.

    This is great news !

    • iamlucky13

      How’s the resolution though?

      Even on a DX sensor, the 70-300 starts to show softness at 300mm. I’m not sure what you’re gaining with an even higher pixel density.

  • I’d still rather have the P7000!

    • Oh, yeah Good Luck Nikon, I’m awaiting the release of the D800 too.

  • Louis

    is there an option for Nikon SLR?

  • pooparty

    this is so stupid…

    • PAG

      That’s mainly because you don’t understand the application. Digiscoping was created by birders who wanted to get documentation shots of birds they saw. They already owned the expensive spotting scopes. All they needed was the ability to take photos through them.

      At first, they simply held their P&S cameras up to the eyepiece. That actually works OK. Then several spotting scope manufacturers made brackets and even specialized eyepieces for mounting the brackets so that birders could do this.

      This is NOT a way for serious photographers to get massive focal lengths at professional quality, and was never meant to be. Still, people do OK. Look at this blog post to see some shots taken via digiscoping. He doesn’t list the particulars, but I expect these photos were shot at somewhere between 30x-60x, or roughly 1500mm-2250mm focal length on an FX camera. Here is another link with info and samples.

      • PAG

        Sorry, that should have been 1500mm-3000mm. I had cut it off at 45x, but it’s not unusual to push up to 60x when digiscoping using a 30x eyepiece and the P&S camera’s zoom.

        • in that first link he used a d200 on the scope.

          • PAG

            Yes, the use of a DSLR for digiscoping is starting to take hold a little bit now, but the P&S cameras have been used for years. I even saw a video camera used once to document an ultra-rarity through a scope.

  • Nat

    maybe they going to use this on their ML camera…

  • f-stop

    I hope this isn’t what we were waiting for?…release something that we want right now…not something thats cool…even with the cool things give us our camera bodies!

  • D300sowner!

    I dont think thats funny at all.

    • chuck

      nor do I.

  • The invisible man

    !!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!

    In one week the Nikon 14-24mm price raised from $1785 to $1829 and now $1999 at ADORAMA.

    By the way, I just tested the one I bought last week from them, and it’s BAD (really bad).

    I will have to return it tomorrow.

    • Wait, what? You had a bad experience with the 14-24? What was wrong?

      • I was just about to say, my 14-24 is VERY good. Of course the lens has some special handling requirements when shooting anywhere towards a bright point source light. But nothing I don’t expect from such a lens.

        I’m not surprised the price jumped that fast. It’s going to be some time before Nikon will be able to restock vendors anywhere with some of these higher-end products that are manufactured in Japan. (Even from non-affected areas.)

      • The invisible man

        I used a special Test Chart (don’t worry Peter I won’t say where I got it) and compared the 14-24mm with my 24-70mm, 105mm and 300mm .

        At all apertures the 14-24mm is much less charper than the other lenses.

        I will call Adorama this morning to get an exchange.

        The bad thing is that we are going on a trip next week… I will have to buy an other lens first, and pay $$$$ extra for fast shipping in order to get the lens friday.

        The $215 I saved buying the lens last week before the price went up is now going in shipping ! (it will cost me at least $50 to send back the lens with insurance)


        • The invisible man

          ADORAMA handeled the return very well, they paid for the UPS mailing and I’m suposed to get the new lens Friday, just in time for the trip.

          I don’t understand how a $1800 “pro” lens can end up to a customer with such a bad optical quality.

          Last night I could not believe my eyes, I did the test again, and again but no improvement, very poor sharpness compared to my other pro Nikon lenses.

          • preston

            I imagine you were expecting better results based on the positive reviews of it out there, so you think you just got a bad copy, right?

            • The invisible man

              I use Test Charts and also compare to my 24-70mm and 105mm micro.

  • M!

    what does the configuration in the lower left picture do?

  • Really great to know about the Nikon FSB-8 digital camera, it seems very interesting and power full too. Here you have mentioned only the specification and i wold like to know details about this camera like it’s complete configuration and the pricing details. Over all i can say only one thing that this site is one of the best resources to know about the world’s best cameras.

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