Nikon View NX 2.1.2 released

Today Nikon released View NX 2.1.2 (Windows only). There is also a new firmware 1.2 for the Nikon Coolpix P100 camera.

View NX 2.1.2 change log:

  • If ViewNX 2 was upgraded to Ver. 2.1.0 or Ver. 2.1.1 without uninstalling Ver. 2.0.0-2.0.3, my Picturetown did not display properly in ViewNX 2. This issue has been resolved.
  • When transferring files using Nikon Transfer 2:
  • - Image transfer using Nikon Transfer 2 is not possible with the following cameras: COOLPIX 910/900/600/300/100
    - Image transfer using Nikon Transfer 2 with the camera connected to the computer is not possible with the cameras indicated below. Use a card reader to transfer images.
    - D1, D1X, D1H
    - COOLPIX 950/800/700
    - COOLPIX 990/880 (under Windows 7)

  • Restrictions on Nikon Movie Editor:

1. Movies up to 30 minutes in length can be edited.

2. Depending upon the computer system (CPU), Nikon Movie Editor may quit unexpectedly when multiple movies and/or still images in the storyboard are previewed or a project is exported as a movie file.

  • H.264 movie playback under Windows: tones will be softer and colours will appear lighter in movies played back on a computer running Windows.
  • NRW (RAW) images: when images captured at a white balance setting of Auto and an image quality setting of NRW (RAW) are enhanced using ViewNX 2, the results achieved may differ from those achieved with in-camera NRW (RAW) processing.
  • Ratings applied with the camera: ratings applied with the camera in playback mode are not reflected in View NX2 or other applications that support ratings.
  • COOLPIX L19, L20, S550, and S560 Smile mode: scene mode information is not correctly displayed in the Metadata palette for images captured in Smile mode. However, all other operations function properly.
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  • Mandrake

    Is this the release that was rumored yesterday?

    • AlphaPuma

      If so, with how crappy Nikon’s software is, there appears to be have been a translation error.

  • I don’t think so, yesterday’s event was probably a display and hands-on of already announced products.

  • Yawn.

  • Seriously?? Thats it? Why do they keep on doing this to us??/

    • Dweeb

      You mean you haven’t figured it out by now?

      • Panfruit

        I smell a conspiracy. Tell me more.

  • said this once, and say it again!

    What they need to do is get back into the coding and develop Capture NX3 that handles RAW files with ease, the way CNX2 does is a joke! Sometimes takes 5 to 8 seconds to open a NEF .

    They should look at the GUI in lightroom and Aperture to make us feel happy to purchase nikon software.

  • I own this POS and never use it any more. It is like using something from the 80’s that no one bothered to update. Simply awful.

  • What we really need is a damn update for Capture NX… Damn thing keeps crashing all the time…

  • Marko

    I think CNX is a dead branch at this point. I Nikon (Nik software) would be committed to this piece of SW it would already release a new version. I think Thom summarized the state of the software in one of his posts very well. I would be very (in a positive way:)) surprised if they release a new version of CNX with improved performance, stability, improved algorithms for sharpening, noise reduction, and maybe also new tools. CNX has a market share of few % and in terms of bussines it simply doesn’t make sense to invest into it as the return investment would be very small. For CNX3 is a dream unfortunately. Not because of technical aspects but because of business aspect. Nikon should really commit to adobe and fully open/support their NEF rendering algorithms.

  • mshi

    Shit. It does look like a giant tsunami in their advertising. Coincidence?

  • disiderio

    Capture nx2 is a sinking ship. Anyone that uses it, must not use it in a pro capacity.

    Try making quick adjustments on the fly, whilst a client sits next to you on a photoshoot.

    Waiting for a worthy full frame competitor with DNG interface to embrace.

  • Scott Cramer

    Crapture NX is the worst software I have ever used and it is so disappointing that I shelled out good money for it and never use it. In fact, I’m so confident that I’ll never use it again that I have converted all of my 100,000 .NEF files to DNG and in the process saved 25 GB of drive space as the .dng’s compress the files losslessly.

    If Nikon decides to release ver. 3.0, it needs to work with DNG files as well as NEF and Tiff and Jpeg. It also needs a complete GUI re-design.

    Better yet Nikon, stick to making great cameras and lenses and stay out of the software biz and adopt DNG as the standard RAW format for saving files or at least release info about NEF and make it OpenSource.

  • nrb

    We get it already. You hate NX2. Enough with the bitching.

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