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Japan one year later

Today is the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan. Check also this update from the Red Cross.

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Satellite images of Nikon Sendai plant before and after the earthquake

Just a quick reminder of the events that took place in Japan few months ago. Please be patient, there could be many reasons why Nikon is taking their time with the next wave of full frame cameras (btw, I have the full detailed specs for the Nikon mirrorless camera that I will publish online in few […]

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The first Nikon camera to be “canceled” because of the disaster in Japan: Coolpix S4100

Update: this cancelation may not be valid for all countries. The Nikon Coolpix S6100 camera was also canceled in some countries. In the US, both models seems to be available. Nikon Japan just posted on their website that the Coolpix S4100 camera is “canceled” (not sure about the exact translation) as a result of the […]

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One month after the earthquake in Japan

A month after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, retailers worldwide are now starting to acknowledge a shortage of Nikon equipment. The rolling power blackouts have meant no production of various components from glass to chips, and they’re expected to last into September, possibly longer. Wynne Powell president and CEO of London Drugs, a chain […]

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Sendai earthquake update

Yesterday Nikon had to shut down their production at two plants again after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake (source): “Nikon suspended production at two plants in Miyagi, the prefecture closest to the earthquake’s epicenter off the coast of northeastern Japan. The company is assessing damage at the plants, said Sayaka Suzuki, a spokeswoman for the Tokyo-based […]

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Nikon issues third update after the earthquake in Japan

Nikon just published a third notice on the impact by the earthquake in Japan (see #1 and #2). Nikon basically warns again that they will not be able to meet customers’ demand in the near future: “The Nikon Group would express our deepest condolences to the victims of the earthquake and extend our profound sympathy and heartfelt […]

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Second notice from Nikon on the impact of the earthquake in Japan

Today Nikon published an update on the situation in Japan and the impact of the earthquake. One employee has been confirmed dead and three others are missing. Some of the Nikon factories are already operational, the plant in Sendai is expected to resume by the end of March. The remaining facilities will start working on March 23. Full text […]

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Nikon moves body mount production to Notion VTEC

After the initial news that Nikon is planning to move part of its production outside Japan, Notion VTEC announced yesterday that they will start manufacturing Nikon camera mounts immediately. The raw materials will be supplied by Nikon, the finished mounts will then be transported to Thailand for assembly. Notion’s understanding is that this is a long term solution. Here are the […]

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