The first Nikon camera to be “canceled” because of the disaster in Japan: Coolpix S4100

Nikon Coolpix S4100 camera

Update: this cancelation may not be valid for all countries. The Nikon Coolpix S6100 camera was also canceled in some countries. In the US, both models seems to be available.

Nikon Japan just posted on their website that the Coolpix S4100 camera is "canceled" (not sure about the exact translation) as a result of the earthquake in Japan. In this bulletin Nikon acknowledges that they are experiencing parts and supply difficulties. No other products were mentioned in the statement.

I am not sure what to really think of this announcement - does it mean that this is the only product affected by the earthquake? Are there more similar announcement to follow? Hopefully we will learn more when Nikon announces their yearly financial results tomorrow.

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  • Oh well, just another coolpix I won’t have to ignore. 🙂

    • ConcreteSnowman


    • That f/3.2-6.5 max aperture could’ve been the envy of FourThirds users every where… They don’t make enough lenses this slow anymore… R.I.P.

      • Ryan

        That is true, as much as fast apertures are nice, there is always room for the slower ones for those great long exposure photographs.

        • My friend, you need to check the batteries in your sarcasm meter 😉

          • Franco DMD


          • PricePointer

            I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic as well… so how about your batteries?

            • Then he needs to check the batteries in his sarcasm generator (not meter) 🙂

    • The market is full of this stuff. There was nothing to lose!

      • Just A Thought

        Sanyo apparently assembles a lot of this kind of stuff. Sounds like the Mar disaster has affected them aswell.

    • Kingyo

      +++! Who needs another coolpix, really?

  • tere

    Good for them. Should cancel all Coolpix models. Really not cool at all. Maybe that “I am” campaign too.

    • The invisible man

      well in French it sound even more ridiculous “Je suis Nikon !”

  • Celsee

    Maybe this will hasten the end of POS point & shoots. Hopefully they will focus on the real cameras. 🙂

  • nb

    I think referring to this as a “casualty” is a bit insensitive. Poor choice of words.

    • true, I changed the title

      • Global

        Completely disagree. Casualty makes sense. It connotes tragedy, whereas cancellation sounds like an inconvenience or choice. This wasn’t a choice cancellation — it was a casualty of the flood and is entirely accurate and clear. No need to lose common sense phrases to illiberal political correctness.

        I’m liberal and a Japan lover with real friends that ive spent significant time with in Japan. Totally unphased by the word “casualty”. This is a real loss and English allows for casualty to be used this way appropriately. Changing it is fine, but let’s remember that this wasn’t a bad joke. It was an accurate description.

        Let’s be clear about this — in insurance for business, causualty insurance can be used to insure property against business losses…. in such cases as earthquake, flood, and loss at sea!!! So there is nothing insensitive about that word at all. Clear speech well-supersedes feelings of political incorrectness.

        • Nice post – I concur.

          Gave me a chuckle too, in the last sentence…”Clear speech well-supersedes…” 😉

    • Mock Kenwell

      Lighten up, Francis. Give me a break. Casualty is the exact proper use in this instance. We don’t alter the English language because a tragedy has occurred. Not a Japanese soul would be offended by that. Now, had Admin said, “The S4100: First Coolpix to Drown in a Tsunami of Short Supply,” that would have been insensitive.

      • nb

        Lulz. No one is asking anyone to “alter the English language.” You’ll notice I didn’t even ask Admin to change the title. I wasn’t offended, I was simply pointing out that there might be a better choice of words.

        Whether “casualty” was intended as a pun or not is irrelevant. The simple fact is there are plenty of other English words that suffice.

        While you great defenders of the precious English language might disagree, I would argue that a little extra sensitivity at a time like this couldn’t possibly hurt.

  • Scurvy hesh

    Its not going to be the only one. The whole supply chain is in turmoil. I think this lack of availability is going to spur a resurgence of film photography. There is plenty of pro caliber film cameras available on the used market for less than a d3100 I picked up a cherry f4 for a few hundo and am really pumped. Target does dev only for .99 cents a roll and can fit 3 rolls on a disk for $2.50! Its 1500 pix scans, perfect for flicker. If i need anything bigger i still have the negative! I think i might Ride out this hiatus hastening the return of film. The time you dont spend editing raw files alone makes it worth it.

    • nikkornut

      +1 !

      I don’t know when the D800 is coming out. I’ve been saving up for my FX upgrade from DX for the longest time. In the meantime, I’ve re-discovered using my old film cams (F100/F5) again. I have to admit, its been fun and I missed the old feel of film photography. It does come out cheaper than spending on a new FX DSLR- price unknown!

      • c.d.embrey

        +1. My F100 is my most used camera. 😀

        I just bought a Full Frame P&S – a Yashica T3 with a 35mm f2.8 Zeiss lens. Much better image quality than a Coolpix. 😀 Unfortunatly there will be no more FFFilm P&S cameras from Yashica, because the company has been canceled. 🙁

        • Mark H

          I was going to make a snide comment about cropped film cameras vs. full frame, but then realized that’s what the APS standard was all about anyway. Okay, not ALL about, but the whole APS-C and APS-P formats were the cropped versions of APS-H.

          • Yeah the Yashicas are fun. I have an old T-AF with the Tessar lens. I picked it up along with a Stylus Epic a few months ago at a Goodwill. Such a score.

      • I bet you are enjoying that F5! And the money you are saving not buying a D3. Film for the win!

  • mike

    They must have cancelled it because of all the great reviews it got on amazon.

    • Dan

      Yeah, it didn’t exactly seem to be a winner based on those (few) reviews.

      • David W.

        Did you read the reviews? One of them was complaining about how the camera was slow in low light…they obviously don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s a brand new camera and you can’t condemn it based on three reviews. I’ve noticed Nikon really has stepped up their game on the Point and Shoots….still not my fav though, haha

  • seb

    yeaaaa…this is piece of sh… they should focus on DSLR’s first,it is better to use mobile phone then you get similar picture quality…and you save space in your pocket.

    • Global

      Nikon needs these lines for a huge share of revenue. Nikon makes many good and good enough point and shoot at good prices. There is a lot of indication that they will work to improve these lines (remember, its OK to be in the middle — you dont need to be the luxury item in all catagories), and much luck to Nikon whether they choose to stay in the middle of that market or if they wish to start competing closer to the top.

      • preston

        They are not going to make profits on point and shoots for much longer. More and more people every day are upgrading to smart phones (iphone, droid, etc.) and leaving the p&s at home. Their money that used to go to a annual or bi-annual p&s upgrade is now going to a phone upgrade. Cameras now need to be MUCH better than phones at making pictures in order to sell, and the vast majority of current p&s cameras don’t make the cut.

  • Absolutic

    With specs like these, it should have been cancelled. F/6.5? Hello?

  • Nikon should produce cellphones with great cameras instead of point & shot. add a micro 4/3 system to the line, produce more models of DSLR FF sensor with a vintage look from the classic cameras with more simple shutters, less function and not a extremely fast processor, lots of manufactures is doing this and having success, or at least a digital sensor to fit film cameras (which would be a potential product).

    Digital Cameras are like computers now days, each 2 years people feel they need a refresh, most manufactures have technology to produce computers that last at least 8 years and why is not in the market? simple question don’t need to answer. Cameras should not have the same concept, if I spend 5k on a camera I don’t want to change in 2 or 3 years later, because most professionals will have a “better” camera than mine, I would buy a body and only replace a sensor if I need to. A D3 has a body technology that can be used for many years and the only special need would be a better sensor, because I don’t think any photographer would need more than all the functions and benefits a D3 body offers, instead of a different sensor.

  • Ronan

    I AM… Canceled.

    • Mark


  • Zim

    There are still 30 other Coolpix models to choose from.

    • paf

      let me paraphrase. There are 29 more coolpix models to cancel.

  • Stuart

    The production delays should mean designers just push a more upto date coolpix on instead, for cool pix users this will mean 2 product cycle improvement steps in one.
    It would be daft to carry on pushing old tech when me new tech will help increase market share and profitability.
    Good call Nikon.

  • MWL

    Oh no! What will Ashton Kutcher do now?!
    Seriously, is Nikon trying to go for a crappy consumer P&S record?

    • Kanichiro

      Ashton Kutcher is slated to be the spokesperson for the upcoming D4 and D800.

      • D700guy

        That would be disasterous. Those bodies are for photographers who can think.

  • Joel

    You think you’re all underestimating just how many $99 POS P&S the likes of Nikon and Canon actually ship. It’s devices such as these that fund the engineering for the high end DSLRs upstream.

    • Except for…

      I’m betting when they get hits like the 5D Mark2 has been for Canon, they are laughing all the way to the bank. I could easily see that as being one of the all time best profit-making DSLRs.

    • broxibear

      Hi Joel,
      You’re spot on, it’s the coolpixes and consumer dslrs that pay for the R&D work for the higher end models.
      Nikon have just made a big push into places like India using bollywood actors like Priyanka Chopra and sales will be hit badly.
      Nikon don’t make a lot of profit on the D3 range…it’s all about the coolpixes and D3100s.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Okay, I’m a bit fatigued of the “Coolpix helps Nikon make a profit” remark. Is it true? Yes. But nowhere does it say that Nikon has to make an entire line of steaming mongoose crap with little notable variation from model to model. The bottom line is Nikon’s Coolpix line is too large and too mediocre with too little differentiation from model to model. They could do with some paring down and a bit more focus on quality and smart decisions. A compact point and shoot, even an affordable one, doesn’t have to suck by definition. Canon, Panasonic and Olympus have more variegated lines than Nikon, with clear differences from camera to camera, and something for most everyone. Nikon is buried with slow lenses, middle of the road performance and middle of the road pricing. Rethink the line boys. Affordable compacts don’t have to suck.

        • MWL

          Yes! +100

        • Tony

          That’s how Japanese cars were made too.

          I guess Nikon is trying to change their market stratgies little by little, hope it’s not too late though.

  • inginerul

    I strongly disagree with all of those saying that coolpixes are crap. Most of you saying that never even owned a P&S, most of you probably own entry level DSLR’s. As a matter of fact, I bought my sister a Nikon P60 P&S as a present, 2 years ago. She had a small child at the time, who abused the coolpix, lots of saliva and probably bumps. It uses AA rechargeables, SD cards and it produced alot of very decent pictures for her, alot of decent video and has a great build quality and feel to it, going on strong even after two years. I do not know how much more could you ask from a 150 euro camera.

    • Stefan

      I agree. My girlfriend has one too and she’s shot some pretty good pictures with it and I’ve tried it too and I think its pretty good. The only annoying part is perhaps that they don’t really set new standards in the coolpix area… so improvements are never really that big… I suppose that’s why a lot of people loathe them… and I mean.. people who buy point and shoots basically just want the same old in a newer nifty package. Regardless, they’re absolutely fine.

    • twoomy

      Well, they’re not crap, but I think many people feel frustrated at Nikon’s need to release 16 new Coolpix iterations every single year while many of us camera nerds have been crying for a D700 replacement/high-res D700 for about 2-3 years now.

      I’ve had the Coolpix 7900, P5100, and the S5100 and a few others whose model number I can’t even remember. They take fine photos, but they’re all the same. Years have gone by since there has been any real improvement in image quality or usability. Why waste so much R&D on these things? How about 2-3 Coolpix models each year; that seems more reasonable.

  • broxibear

    “Nikon acknowledges that they are experiencing parts and supply difficulties”
    If only someone had been posting these revelations for the past month lol.
    What will tomorrow bring… no new lens production until October due to rolling power cuts and supply issues, no new FX bodies until 2012 and a severe shortage of all equipment for the rest of the year ?…and a price increase ?
    But what do I know ?

  • Let’s start hoping they won’t cancel a dSLR!

  • danbar

    I don’t know WTF Nikon’s obsession with these POS toy’s!!!!!!!! They must release about 100 of these each year…and they are junk. I own all Nikon equipment with the exception of their Point and Shoot crap. Focus your limited resources on what we want (selfish of me, I know!!!!)…D4…D800…updated SB900…..

  • how many of these models can there be no loss dont let this be the tip of the iceberg

  • Semper Fi

    Japan is again dry there where allready to much P&S
    Let´s all focus on the upcoming new D series DX DXXX

  • Brian Davis

    Oh no….a Coolpix was cancelled??!?!?! What ever will I do!?!?!?

  • No tears.

  • zoetmb

    I’m very surprised by this considering that I thought all the Coolpix models were manufactured in China or Singapore and there were always rumors that some were not even really designed by Nikon, but by the Chinese supplier.

    So the question is what about this camera was impacted by the tragedies in Japan? Is there some part that’s manufactured in Japan and then sent to the Coolpix manufacturer?

    As for all the Coolpix naysayers, Nikon sold 11.5 million of them last fiscal year, 11.6 million in the first 9 months of this fiscal and were expected to come in for this full fiscal year at about 14 million units (we’ll find out if they made it tomorrow). For the first 9 months of this fiscal year, that gave them a 13.5% unit market share, not bad considering the number of players in the market and that 11.6 million units compares to 3.15 million DSLR units. What’s most amazing (to me) is that Coolpix sales have continued to increase in spite of the prevelance of semi-decent camera phones.

    So all of us marketing geniuses can cry all we want about how boring these cameras are or how Nikon doesn’t understand the market or how they shouldn’t bother with Coolpixes, but Nikon has been very successful with them and they are obviously paying the freight. Besides, I doubt very much that the same engineers who design DSLRs and lenses have anything to do with the Coolpix models, so it’s not like Nikon releasing yet another Coolpix is stopping them from releasing another prime or the D400, D800 or D4.

    • broxibear

      Hi zoetmb,
      Yes, there are Japanese parts inside Coolpixes (and dslrs) made in other countries like China and Thailand.
      There’s a lot of third party parts too from companies like Sony, Toshiba and Samsung…the cameras might be assembled/made in one country but the parts come from all over.
      It only takes one part that’s impossible to source for the whole production line to stop, or in this case cancelled altogether.

  • D700guy

    Now, ‘It has begun’.
    In my opinion, this is just a scapegoat. To throw a coolpix under the bus at first simply softens the blow and paves the way for the FF series to be either delayed indefinitely or cancelled until further notice.

  • Bob

    I’m saddened by all the selfish comments on this thread. Regardless of wether you think it was a useless product being cancelled, you spoilled brats need to be reminded of why this is happening. It like saying you don’t care about a swimmer loosing a limb because you don’t watch swimming. The point is, a company is unable to deliver because of a devistating event where people lost lives, homes, and infrastructure. Stop this childish bickering.

    • Boohoo

      I don’t think they’re selfish at all. I think the morons saying “but what about my D800” every day are selfish but pruning a useless twig from a branch will only help get things rolling. Do you think people in Japan cared if automobile plants in North America were shutting down left an right? Perhaps. Maybe not. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that companies need to get their heads out of their greedy asses and think about moving a company and consumers forward with innovative products. GM and Ford have done this by reducing the amount of cars and even sub-companies and focusing on makin their smaller lineup better and taking that marketshare with innovation instead of flooding the market with crap to make a quick buck.

      So is this sad news. Yes. But is crying over it going to help? Not anymore. The damage has been done and people have donated money, etc. Let’s move on. All people are doing here are giving their voice a chance to spark some much needed change within Nikon so they can get ahead with better products – thus leading to more jobs for the people of Japan.

  • broxibear

    Nikon Malaysia are reporting something slightly different…
    “Nikon has decided not to embark on sales of the COOLPIX S6100 and COOLPIX S4100, which were announced on February 9, 2011.
    Though these two models were announced in February, it has been determined that steady production and supply of these models will be difficult. For this reason, sales of the two cameras have been discontinued in Asia*.
    We sincerely apologize to all those affected by this decision, and especially to those who had intended to purchase the camera, as well as our retailers and others whose business will be affected by the inconvenience this decision may cause.
    * This notice does not apply to all countries. Please check with your local Nikon office if this applies to your region.”

  • Roc

    “discontinued from sale” is a better translation… if not totally cancelled. Leaves the door open for future sale.

    • Roc

      Ah… should have read broxibear’s post first 🙂

  • Trevor

    Unrelated, but humor me if you like.

    So, I’m not a conspiracy theorist generally, but I was checking out the Nikon and Canon DSLR timelines on Wikipedia. Probably news to no one but me, but they are shockingly similar. The marketer in me wonders if it is better to be either first to market with a new flagship or second to market so that you have more knowledge of the other product.

    The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if Nikon and Canon don’t want to work more in unison to slow down release timelines so we don’t have cameras releasing as quickly as technology updates but rather more like film cameras with 6 or more years between flagships.

    Anyway, here are the crazy similarities:

    D3 & 1DsIII – Q3 2007
    D700 & 5DmkII – Q3 2008
    D300s & 7D – Q3 2009
    D3s & 1DmkIV – Q4 2009
    D7000 & 60D – Q3 2010

    I know, I know, Q3 and Q4 are always release times for sales reasons and with life cycles and technology the way they are releasing competing models at the same time is likely. And, the D3x released while the 1DsIII remains the same. Still, oddly well aligned, no?

    Also, how pissed must the Canon people be that the 1DsIII is unchanged since 2007? 🙂

  • SEB

    yeeep…Canon is going to make 5D mark III and put it on sale around October.If you check you will see what monster it’s going to be with res. about 26MP and 102.400 ISO and many others spec.

    • Resolution doesn’t equal quality.

      • D700guy

        +1. The current MkII has 21 mgp and it’s a piece of shit!

    • broxibear

      Hi SEB,
      Canonrumors reported a few days ago about delays too, they’re talking about 2012 for the 5D mark III…not really a surprise as they’ll have the same supply and power issues as Nikon do.

    • inginerul

      As far as I know, from looking at alot of samples, the 5Dmk2 has visible noise in the shadows even at ISO200. I happen to shoot fashion and glamour and the one thing you do not want in your 100ISO studio shots is noise or banding in the shadows. Not cool. Such a high resolution camera with poor AF and build quality should be built specifically for perfect, sharp pictures taken in a controlled environment. Also, the dynamic range is poorer than the D3x, as I expect to be the color reproduction. These are the main reasons I chose nikon over the 5Dmk2.

  • The S4100 has a touch screen interface which is probably the part manufactured in Japan. It, and previous models in its line, were designed for teenage girls and had the correspondingly poor quality. Nikon S6000 and up series are actually pretty good and compete with the Canon and Panasonic models.

  • Mobile phones are what is killing Coolpix, not the earthquake.

  • aslightdelay

    Popular Photography had this to say:

    The article says that it’s canceled in Japan, but not in the States.

  • PricePointer

    What cracks me up on this site are the idiots who accuse people of being insensitive just because they want a new camera that is made in Japan. What in the world does wanting a camera have to do with people’s suffering? It isn’t about people being insensitive. It’s about morons being oversensitive and making something out of nothing.

  • Julian Phillips

    This could just be the starting signs that there are major problems in the supply chain – and might just be the tip of the iceberg – hope I’m proved wrong.

  • 1c1

    Nikon Says Japan Quake Has Not Altered Availability of Cameras in U.S.

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