New product releases in the next 6 months according to Nikon Australia national sales manager

Nikon Australia has a new national sales manager and he is looking forward to new product announcements in the next 6 months - this is what David Allen told

"Allen outlined a number of key goals Nikon wants to achieve in the next six months. These include market share improvements, new product releases, greater engagement with retailers, more merchandising, greater involvement in retail training and better supply chain management."

There are some recent concerns that Nikon may delay their new product announcements as a result of the earthquake in Japan. Hopefully, we will get some more details when Nikon announces its 2011 financial results on May 12th, 3:00pm Japanese time. Nikon's financial year ended on March 31, 2011.

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  • The invisible man

    Toooooo late, I’ll receive my N80 tomorow (with the Mb-16)

    • Haha, I picked up an N80 last summer for under $50. You can have both! Or rather, you can do both: wait and get whatever new comes and shoot some film in the meantime.

    • Jim

      I still have my F100s. You’ll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands.

      • The invisible man

        I also had a F100 but unfortunatly my SB-900 is not compatible with it so I sold it (it was in absolutly like new condition).

  • Mark J

    let the speculation begin. Personally not going to hold my breath though for full frame announcements, or new glass. For all we know he is talking about new point and shoots being released in the next 6 months.

    • Here’s hoping for the F7 a year early!

    • Bob

      More point and sh!ts from No-kan-do!

  • paf

    And there was an announcement to say just that? It’s like saying – I am pleased to announce that we decided to stay in business by updating our products and sales strategies.. … at 11.

    • Artur Kozłowski

      Exactly. What kinda news is that? People are TIRED of waiting… these last 2 years have been really slow. This site and many others have nothing to report, not just Nikon, every camera maker is taking their sweet time. I know, I know, current cameras are great, ain’t broke – don’t fix it, right? But why are other electronic and digital products evolving so quickly, while the photo industry is resting on its laurels?

      • Roger


        • Artur Kozłowski

          you laughing with me, or at me?

      • another anonymous

        “People are TIRED of waiting…”

        Go and shoot, there is equipment worth to do with. Better yourself as much as you can and you won’t even notice where is that time until new toys come. You’ll call it the past.

        • d90000

          But yet we complain that computers are upgraded by the tine you leave the store. damned if you do and damned if you dont.

          How did we ever survive with film?

          • Artur Kozłowski

            we survived, film did not

  • Alex

    I think it will be a d700 replacemend, i don`t think the D4 will pe release this year [because of the earthquake in japan] …

    • ren kockwell

      More like d4 released first and d700 replacement later on..

      • Or may be concurrently. I think that covers all bases…

        • Jeremy

          Or both are canceled. There, now we’re done. 🙂

      • ja

        my things that both cameras D4 & D800 will be totally different spec cameras , unlike the D3 & D700 cameras were more or less the same apart from a few small differences. its just what i think !
        one thing that makes me think this is that the D3 like the D300 got an (s) but the D700 hasn’t & looks like it isn’t going to become a D700s , unless nikon convert the D3s into a D800 and therefore the D4 spec will be differenet in all aspects after all it will be the flagship model until the D4x is released.
        also im rather surprised that nikon haven’t released the D3xs thats a camera screaming for an update.
        but most of all nikon needs to reduce the prices not rise them there just resriting them selves.
        take the canon 5dMK2 fantastic spec less than 2K in the uk
        anyway as long as nikon is still around then its the only way to go

  • bjrichus

    Just remember… “Release” does not equal

    “available” or

    “shipping” or

    “In Stock” or

    “At a price less than a Leica M9 with a handful of lenses” ……….

    • The invisible man

      bjrichus, can you save my hundreds in car insurance ?

      • Ronan

        No he can’t, but i know a little green man that can!

        • The invisible man

          you have to live in US to get my joke.

          • bjrichus

            Well, Gor Blimey me old mucka!

            I am the child of two cockneys (both were born in the sound of bow bells in London) AND I am an East Ender myself. I now live in the USA and frankly I cringe at the kind of Dick Van Dyke accents that us ‘Brits’ are supposed to have.

            At least the Geico Gecko is less artificial than most.

            What the heck has this got to do with Nikon product delays?


          • Ronan

            Hence the Geico/Gecko joke…

      • hahahaha

  • iamnomad

    Announcements in 6 months.
    Shipping in 16 months.

    • The invisible man

      in your dreams…..
      – Announcement in 6 months
      – Pre-order in 9 months
      – Orders in 12 months
      – delivery in 14 months.
      – out of stock in 14 months and 2 days.

      • D700guy

        That’s pretty much spot on.
        I’ve been thinking of taking up wood carving.

      • Common Sense

        + 1,000,000,000!!!

  • Jeremy8778

    What are the odds for a D400? I have been offered a good deal on a D300 but it’s hard to do that knowing the D400 may be released soon.

    • I feel your pain, Jeremy8778. I have been waiting to update my D100, but it’s hard buying a D300s when you know the D400 *might* be around the corner.

      • @Rachel H: I was just looking at some raw d70 shots I took six years ago. That 6mp sensor was quite good. If you’re not chasing action, you ain’t missin much with a d100, huh?

        But apart from frame rate and build, I don’t think you’ll see much advantage in a potential “D400”. If you need it today, I don’t think you could go wrong with a D7000. It’s good gear. I’m thinking of replacing my backup d90 with one.

        • I agree..

          I was torn waiting, and went for a D7000 for my backup. Really though, it’s an awesome camera. And the D7000 is a HUGE jump from the D100. D7000 is a better choice over the D300(s) anyway.

          When in doubt, upgrade your glass and shoot until the new stuff comes out. I had a D70 for the longest time. Decent lenses and a good eye are really what you need.

          • +1. I love my D40. I can wait for the D400.

            That said, I’ll still be first in line when it does come out.

            • Tom

              I loved my D40 cause it was my first DSLR purchase, now that I got my D7000 two weeks ago, I think the D40 sucked. What I did like was how light it is compared to the D7000, its like holding a brick right now, till I get used to it.

            • jim

              I replaced my D40 with a D7k two days before they were released (thanks to NikonRumors and sloppy Best Buy staff). My old D40 served me well, and helped me take some fantastic pics, but the D7000 blows it away (especially when the ISO starts to rise)!

          • Point is, I CAN’T upgrade glass now! Using 70-300 VR on D5000 ….. I don’t think 300/4+1.4x will work, as I mostly shoot handheld, and often run out of light …. don’t have money for 300/2.8 or up….

            No nikon options to upgrade glass 🙁

          • VJ

            Hey, and I thought I was the only one still waiting to upgrade his D100!

            Still works perfectly, albeit slow… The main thing that bothers me is the out-of-camera raw images: they need quite a bit of tinkering too look great, and I don’t want to spend time at the computer doing that.

      • paf

        I still shoot my D100 and D200… Wife still uses D70s at work and while I wish for better performance at higher ISOs, all the cams are still quite usable! I say shoot it till it dies, save for good glass instead – that’s what’s “at the heart of image”.

        • I have been investing in glass while waiting for the D400. Photography is not my career , so I’m (semi) content to wait and still use my D100. Though I will look into the D7000, just as a stopgap.

    • broxibear

      Hi Jeremy8778,
      Have you considered a used D300 ?
      When the D400 does come out you could sell the D300 and not loose too much money ?…or a D7000 and sell it when the D400 is availble ?
      Some people were waiting three or four months for their D7000 after the official release…and that was all before the earthquake.

      • jim

        A great idea. If you time it right, you might get close to what you paid for it. Practically free use of a new generation camera for three months (maybe 12).

  • Please let it be a pro top spec apc-sensored camera to replace the D300.

  • kede

    I just want a D700 replacement that would kill 5D MKIII. Please…snif…snif….

    • jim

      If you do, it will be overpriced.

    • Dominik

      The D700 already kills the 5Dmk2 in every way bar megapixels and video.

      Superior AF. Better ISO performance. Less shadow noise. 8fps vs 3.9.

      It’s already a better camera than most people here are photographers.

      • Carsten

        True, unless you mistake a DSLR for a video camera

  • Mat

    d400 – Full HD 60 FPS That’s what I need.

    • Roger

      video camera, that’s what you need

  • colomba

    me too!! I need absolutely d400 to replace my d80! Something like 7D (or better!!!)

    • Jeremy8778

      Same here, I’m outgrowing my D90 but not ready to go FX. D400 please!

  • broxibear

    “Allen outlined a number of key goals Nikon wants to achieve in the next six months.”
    What David Allen and Nikon “wants” and what they are able to do are two different things.
    Monday’s decision to shutdown the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station is going to impact power supplies across Japan, less than half of Japan’s nuclear power stations are in operation and rolling power blackouts look inevitable.
    Announcement of new dslrs yes…actual releases?…I’d say unlikely, but what do i know lol. It’ll be interesting to see if Nikon decide to have any limited releases because of production problems, or if they decide to delay them all together. Any limited releases will cause massive price hikes, just look at the Fujifilm X100.
    They’re not exactly known for giving much detail so lets see what they actually do say on Thursday.

  • anticipation is making me wait

    • jim

      anticipa-ya-tion, you mean?

  • Pete

    Been using the D3 all these while and I don’t buy all the new things that comes out. But I’m about ready for a D4 that has good video recording so I can shoot stills and videos for weddings, extreme ISO performance so I can use the 28-300 in low light without a flash and too much noise it takes the details away, more pixels for some large printing and cropping so I don’t need a 600mm and teleconverter, better AF system that all my older D lenses focuses more intelligently that I don’t need to buy the newer G lenses. Hey, a guy can dream right? But imagine if it were real…

  • paul

    can’t wait for the next announcement regarding up and coming announcements. Way to stay relevant and continue a presence!

  • It has begun

  • The invisible man

    I told my wife: “you wont get any new purse until I get my D800/900”

    She like Louis Vuitton (fake ones) and Coach, the problem with purses is that when you leave the store, your purchase already lost most of it’s value.

    When you buy a pro Nikon lens/camera it will keep or incrase it’s value for many years.

    • Common Sense

      Funny how you’re still alive to talk about it. I heard wives don’t take it well when they’re told not to get new purses!

    • f-stop Fitzgerald

      Lenses, yes. DSLRs increasing in value. . .on what planet?

      D700 the nearly perfect DSLR.

  • D700guy

    Maybe we’ll see some killer upgrades in those Nikon Coffee Mugs this year!

    • Maybe ones that don’t smell like rubber.

  • NikoDoby

    Yay! More COOLPIXES coming soon 🙂

    • The invisible man

      Before we had the film disposable cameras, now we have the coolpix cameras…

  • dan

    Does in the next six months mean IN six months? IE in November, or do you reckon they’ll be releasing them sometime before then? I’m guessing a D400 would be pretty easy to churn out considering they’d likely just be recycling the D7k/5100 sensor, it’s the D800 I’m waiting for, and assuming will take the longest.

    • D700guy

      No, it means that in six months, they will have an announcement. Kind of like the Ents in Lord of the Rings. After a long peroid of deliberation, Nikon will decide to make a decision.

      • sirin

        because Nikon never releases anything “unless it takes a very long time to release”. ))

  • miguelyn

    Hum…. maybe a consumer/prosumer prime with a new optical design like a “new” Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G AF-S with VR


      MY WORDS … I would even do ONLY with this single product … others want something else though, so we will have to wait for St. Kogaku´s preferences 🙂

  • I would rather Nikon announce that they actually have stock coming for items in their CURRENT catalog. A quick browse of the local store shelves and online with the larger retailers shows empty shelves.

    Of course this is nothing new. Getting items from Nikon has always been hard for any higth demand item.

    I have always thought Nikon could sell much more and be able to get more market share if they woudl actually supply their dealers.

    • TheMAN

      Couldn’t agree more!!!

      I went to a photo fair and saw an old guy having a D3x in his collar, and I was tempted to take it off of him!!!!

      If they only even have current stuff in stock I would be less cranky and dangerous! 🙂

  • Merv

    Could a case be made for Nikon software updates as a product release (e.g. Capture NX3)? I also wouldn’t mind being able to view NEFs via Windows Photo Viewer.

  • Jun

    I work closely with Nikon here in Japan and I am excited with a particular upcoming model. Expect a nice surprise to the Nikon range of DSLRs in a few months.

    • Dan

      D400? Anymore hints

    • Anonymus Maximus

      I worked in India for some time and learned that ” ek minute” can mean anything between actually one minute and actually weeks.

      I have the feeling that in Japan “few month” can mean anything between three and 24 ?

    • this is hilarious!!! I am going through the comments and I can’t stop laughing. Not even a good comedy film can do that to me. Thank you!

  • James E. Donahue

    I hope supply chain management is at the Very Top of there List.

  • Dr. John Smith

    Just bought a d700 and d5100. Rather watch grass grow than wait another six months.

  • August Canon will launch 5D mk III, another move antecipating the D800 release.
    More 3 years of Nikon people asking why Nikon didn´t put 60 fps Video…

    Same history…

  • Camaman

    “more merchandising” 🙂

    Hey I have an idea! They should release some D800 branded products couple of months prior to its release. MY bet is that they would recuperate more than a few R&D bucks from sales of some cheap but marked up branded goods!
    D800, pendants, key chains, mugs, caps, lens cups, thermos bottles, bags, straps.
    And finally, after the announcement, but prior to general availability: fake plastic mockups priced at lest $200!!! 🙂

  • Geoff

    Delay is OK as long as they TELL US what is coming out. It is easier to wait knowing SOMETHING I WANT is coming out soon.

  • B & H store is actually weird. I have a wish list with a few products in there and I never got all of them in stock. Forget about new releases! At least they should supply enough of the old ones.


    COME ON ALL YOU GUYS ABOVE – we all know very well what happened recently, so no place for abuses imho.

    No matter in what part of this year (hopefully, or even next will be ok), my vote goes for NEW 85mm f/1,8 af-s G at a price símilar to current manual 85mm f/1,8 …

    d800 would be nice, too – though I do not hurry for it as photographing does NOt feed me :-))

    first of all though – good luck to all Japanese in their attempts to rebuild their country & restart their lifes at least in similar quality as before.

    • Jun

      Thank you very much, we are all here living in hard times. Some supplies are hard to come by and there is much work to be done in rebuilding those areas devastated by the tsunami.

      Spare a thought for those who have lost their relatives and friends. We lost a family member on that dreadful day.

      Nikon has had set backs due to the loss of several parts suppliers. There is a lack of parts for many manufacturers and they are all working hard to get back on track.

  • seb

    I just received message from my Japanese friend who work for Nikon corp. in Tokyo that they’ve just combined D3s and D3s to get the monster who’ll beat Canon for good.He says it is going to be….
    D7 sx coming in August
    25.72 Mp, CMOS II xd
    102.400 ISO,
    high HD video 1080p up to 60 frame rate p/s ,
    100% frame cov.
    HDD in build ( 120 GB ) + memory card slot
    3.5 ” LED screen
    up to 9 fps

    D7sx is coming first and around November D3x and D3s replacement with..!!!!!!!!
    33.67 MP CMOS II xd (48.9 x 35.9 mm) MFX 4G so they are getting closer on competition with Hasselblad and others Large fotmat manuf.
    thwat all I know so it is eally good is’n it

    • Jun

      A point which I should make clear, we are NOT permitted to reveal the specs of upcoming models. I work closely with Nikon here in Japan and can tell everyone here that what seb has posted is false.

      • Just A Thought

        A non spec question in that case. Will the D3S replacement have the number 4 in it’s name, or not???

        BTW, an easy way to protect y0ur identity is setup your browser to go thru at least one proxy server before coming here. There are open proxy servers all over the net. You are in Japan, so you would look for a free proxy in say Europe or South America. That way if Nikon gets a court order for any logs that the Nikon Rumors provider keeps, your IP will show up as being in Europe or South America. Yes, it will show up in logs of the proxy server, but since the server is open it is also unlikely to keeping any logs. Beside you can bounce thru multiple proxy servers and even the NSA would have a very tough time finding out who you really are. Bounce thru a dozen proxys and you are essentially anonymous. Google is your friend to get started.

        Looking forward to some juicy totally anonymous posts in the future. Nikon Rumors is great site and worthy of helping out with some no nonsense rumors???

        As for SEB’s post, I believe that he may have mixed up Canon Rumors with Nikon Rumors.

        • Jun

          Hardly a matter of protecting my identity, anything I reveal on upcoming models would be traced back to myself because I am one of only three people who speak English and would know this information!

          • Jeremy8778

            It’s great to have you here and contributing as much as your are able. Thanks!

          • Just A Thought

            I personally very highly “suspect” that you are being truthful in your posts. Others have made claims in their posts here of working for Nikon or having close ties to Nikon and their posts clearly (at least to me) show that they were not posting the truth.

            Thanks for answering my question ( a non answer is what I would expect from someone close to Nikon – no I am not being a smart ass – it is really what I would expect) about the naming of the D3S replacement – further possible proof that you could very well be Japanese and infact have close ties to Nikon.

            Sorry for putting you on the spot with that question.

            • Jun

              The admin can indeed verify that I am in Japan – I’m sure it is easy to check my IP address. If it were allowed I would post here my flickr address to also verify my location, or my twitter handle.

              I am contracted to Nikon as a beta tester. What does that mean? Well, I get handed new stuff to test out on the field. Mostly these are new bodies and usually with all sorts of testing dongles and what not attached to them.

              I believe that gives me as good a position as any to comment on upcoming models and possible features. I have a close relationship with HQ.

              While I can’t confirm or reveal new models, I CAN deny any false claims that people may make.

              Oh, and I’m an Aussie.

            • yes, I can confirm that Jun is writing from Japan

    • D700guy

      Will we have pictures of the Loch Ness monster taken with this camera to compare it with?

  • seb

    …and new lens is coming Nikkor 200-500 mm f 4-5.6 VR

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