Nikon vs. Canon infographic

Infographics are cool and here is one for Nikon vs. Canon created by

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  • S

    Missing The cherry: “where´s my D800”, hic, zzzzzzzzz.

  • SDiggity

    They should have more rounds…like, “Who’s Got The Best Glass?”

    • anonymule

      No need to state the obvious. Canon.

      • anonymuleowned

        No need to state the obvious. Canon. Sucks.

  • photoSmart42

    So… Nikon makes better cameras, but Canon has better marketing and thus makes more money. Not surprising given that Canon has a range of products that Nikon doesn’t have, which gives them deeper coffers.

    • chad

      True dat! At the end of the day it’s who makes the money and how. We don’t actually count.

  • Quit Whining

    For Christ’s Sake! Hasn’t everyone learned yet that you can take amazing photos with any stupid black box? It’s all about the person operating the camera that makes great photos happen. Just because you have the best most expensive camera around, doesnt mean it’s going to make your photos look any better. The camera isnt going to tell you which angle you should shoot from or how to light a subject. The only thing that is going to make you take better photos is practice, experience, passion, creativity, and experimenting. Any fool can pick up a black box and press a button, it’s the person that knows how to see the light and think differently that is going to make amazing photos.

    • JackTenSpades

      Preach it.

    • dyna

      Thank you for being the rational voice. The theory that “if you’re serious about photography, you’re either Canon or Nikon” is 100% total cr@p. Offensive, actually, to those who use multiple systems and often realize that there are times when NEITHER Canon nor Nikon will do the trick.

  • Vlad

    Retarded survey! Those people have nothing to do.

  • I hope Canon stays in it’s position as the “popular” brand. I’ve always hated being in that crowd. I like to root for the underdog. Not just that, I also like to know that “discerning” photographers never buy something just because it’s popular. They decide carefully based on functionality and performance needs, not bells, whistles, or bandwagon-esque advertising.


  • I feel this survey was taken on a bias. The categories are not about quality but about popularity. That is, what do people say, what do experts say, who makes most, etc.

    Had the survey been about quality, performance, and the like, I feel Nikon would have a large edge.

    That and take this: there is a mount converter so you can use Nikon glass on Canon bodies. Why? They need the Nikon quality. No such mount exists for putting Canon glass on Nikon bodies. Why? No need; Nikon is self-sufficient in the equipment.

    • spam

      On converters: You can make a Nikon lens to Canon body adapter, but not the other way.

    • Paul

      I hope you were making a joke but it’s related to the flange focal distance. The Nikon F-mount has a register of 46.50 mm and the Canon EF mount has a register of 44.00 mm so that means there is room for a 2.50mm adapter from Nikon to Canon mounts.

  • ruhtard

    Canon sucks A$$

  • JorPet

    By the same token Ford makes the best cars over Ferrari, Mazarati and Bugatti because they sell way more and make way more money. And “experts” I would question. It would be nearly impossible to figure, but who makes more money off of the equipement? Canon pros or Nikon pros? Might be a pretty close call and probably wouldn’t make a lot of difference which equipment they used, but would be interesting to know.

  • Bart

    Well this was a worthless comparison…

  • OJR

    Am I the only person to use both Nikon AND Canon SLRs? I hate this rivalry crap, and that survey was utter balls.

  • anon

    I WAS a canon user. I admit that canon has a more user friendly interface and easier to figure out for a total begginer. So canon appeals to most begginers in that respect. the pricing also affects this. Canon has cheaper cameras (mostly). However, Nikon is more likely to please a serious photographer just becaus it is a photography focused company. Also they give lens hoods with their lenses UNLIKE their penny pinching counterpart.

  • Mauricio Jimenez

    Nikon dominated the market for most of the 20th century, so Canon is up now? good cause they sucked for a long time.

  • In a way fun but absolutely worthless comparison.

  • I

    What is there to say?

    If you can afford it, go to Nikon, if you can’t, buy Canon. In a few years, Canon should be able to upgrade its technology to compete with Nikon, and then you should buy Canon if you can, if you can’t, buy Nikon.

    At the end of the day, though, it’s usually the photographer which limits the quality of your photography. What a better camera does is that it increases the range of photographs you can take, but it doesn’t improve the quality of the photographs you do take. For a starting photographer, it makes more sense to focus on one type of photography at a time, so for the starting photographer it doesn’t even make any sense to get a DSLR; a point and shoot and diligent practice is what you really need.

  • Nuu

    As I thought so. Canon won. Wow hurray (joke).
    I stay still with my opinion. Canon wants to get to amateur users. The last annoucements? 1100D – jesus christ, it’s a plastic toy for kids, whichc comes in red with a red coloured lens. They are taking adventage of what?, Pentax? Making colour bodies and lenses. The worst thing is about canon 60d vs canon 600d. By less ergonomics you get the same camera. Even the picture quality is the same (from 20d – 60d still the same). What makes better quality, buying the Full frame dslr. Yep, that’s all. You get movies but the Af is a bit better than that one from 5d.

    I’m a canon user by choice of my own, but watching what cr@p is canon doing now, I’m thinking about buying a D300s and something to close the line between 17 to 200.

    I supose that Nikon would have win this if they didn’t spoke about money.

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