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Nikon lens spotted in the historic SpaceX DM-2 launch and docking

There is a new NASA video that shows the “behind the scenes” footage from space during the historic SpaceX DM-2 launch and docking from the perspective of the ISS where you can see some Nikon gear after the 7-minute mark:

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Nikon dropped the “master” and “slave” flash terms 20 years ago

Nikon dropped the “master” and “slave” terms 20 years ago:

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Full-frame DSLR cameras dominate 2020 World Press Photo Awards winners

World Press Photo announced their 2020 winners. Here is the breakdown of cameras, brands, and systems used to take the winning photos:

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The iconic “Tank Man” photos were all shot with a Nikon camera

The short film “Leica – The Hunt” caused a lot of trouble for the German camera maker to the point that the Chinese government banned the word “Leica” from social media. As several LeicaRumors readers already noted (see this and this discussions) the iconic photo titled “Tank Man” was shot with a Nikon camera. The […]

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Nikon F5 camera commercial

A reader recently reminded me about this genius old Nikon F5 camera commercial:

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Take a look at the SLR cameras announced in 1959 (including the first Nikon F SLR camera)

A reader sent me this New York Times article about the cameras announced in 1959 at the Master Photo Dealers & Finishers Association trade show (click for larger view): Here is the Nikon related portion of the article – (more info on the first Nikon SLR can be found here and here):

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“Stop crying about card slots” (NSFW)

Another video from Adorama TV for your enjoyment (warning: foul language): Like: Nikon Z Facebook page | Join: Nikon Z Facebook group | Pre-order links: Adorama (direct link) B&H (direct link) Amazon (direct link) WEX Park Camera

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How Nikon tests their cameras (D850)

Nikon Asia published a new YouTube video on how Nikon tests their cameras (D850): Otherwise, today it’s August 11th and the Nikon D850 is still out of stock in the major three online camera stores in the US (B&H, Adorama, Amazon). There is no estimated availability date listed anywhere. A few other recently uploaded D850 videos (I could have […]

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