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Nikon F5 camera commercial

A reader recently reminded me about this genius old Nikon F5 camera commercial:

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Take a look at the SLR cameras announced in 1959 (including the first Nikon F SLR camera)

A reader sent me this New York Times article about the cameras announced in 1959 at the Master Photo Dealers & Finishers Association trade show (click for larger view): Here is the Nikon related portion of the article – (more info on the first Nikon SLR can be found here and here):

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“Stop crying about card slots” (NSFW)

Another video from Adorama TV for your enjoyment (warning: foul language): Like: Nikon Z Facebook page | Join: Nikon Z Facebook group | Pre-order links: Adorama (direct link) B&H (direct link) Amazon (direct link) WEX Park Camera CameraPro

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How Nikon tests their cameras (D850)

Nikon Asia published a new YouTube video on how Nikon tests their cameras (D850): Otherwise, today it’s August 11th and the Nikon D850 is still out of stock in the major three online camera stores in the US (B&H, Adorama, Amazon). There is no estimated availability date listed anywhere. A few other recently uploaded D850 videos (I could have […]

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Seven “Nikon Firsts”

1. The first NIKKOR lens: Aero NIKKOR 18cm f/4.5 (first appearance of NIKKOR trademark, an abbreviation of NIPPON Kogaku, as it appeared in 1932). 2. The Original Nikon – the first “Nikon” camera released in Japan, in March 1948.

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Nikon D800E camera and photographer survive a bad car accident

Check out Scott Murray’s story on nikonites.com – the photographer and the camera are doing fine: Hey everyone I am alive. Here’s what happened, I was driving back after getting my car serviced, I stopped as some friends places and decided to hang back for some Milky Way shots as there is no moon. At around 0130 […]

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