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Another picture of the Nikon D5100

A reader sent me another picture of the Nikon D5100 from the PR event held by Nikon Korea few weeks ago (thanks brieltothev): You can clearly see that the LCD screen swivels to the side and not to the bottom like the current Nikon D5000:

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Nikon Day on April 7th in Bratislava promises to be full of surprises

Update #2: the surprise of the event was the Nikon D5100. Update: the post is now updated and the surprise is the Nikon D5100. There will be a Nikon Day on April 7th, 2011 in Bratislava, Slovakia and one of the organizers promises an event “full of surprises“: The Nikon D5100 is expected to be released on […]

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Nikon issues third update after the earthquake in Japan

Nikon just published a third notice on the impact by the earthquake in Japan (see #1 and #2). Nikon basically warns again that they will not be able to meet customers’ demand in the near future: “The Nikon Group would express our deepest condolences to the victims of the earthquake and extend our profound sympathy and heartfelt […]

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There may not be any new PRO Nikon lenses in 2011

Since the beginning of the year, reliable rumors about new Nikkor lenses have been lacking. The earthquake in Japan made the situation even worse and now I am hearing that there may not be any new Nikon lenses announced in 2011 at all. Nikon already reported that the factory in Tochigi, which produces lenses, has been “severely damaged”.

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The new Nikon instant rebates program (US)

The pro DSLRs (except the D300s) and lenses were removed from the latest US Nikon instant rebate program. Here are all available combinations:

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Auto-focus accuracy: a scientific cross brand analysis (guest post)

The next guest post is by Lionel Humbert who took a scientific approach when examining the AF accuracy acros camera brands: Many discussions emerge on the Internet about image quality, noise, focus accuracy… when a new camera hits the market. Some people move from one brand to another based solely on some brief, vague and not justified reports viewed on […]

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Weekly Nikon news flash #103

Zeiss is now shipping Compact Prime CP.2 F lenses. Some Nikon mirrorless camera design concepts on flickr. There is a new and redesigned version of the Holga lens for Nikon SLR cameras with an increased level of ‘Holga-ness’: Rare Nikon lens – Nikkor-O 4/2,1 cm for Nikon F, c. 1960 (read more about this lens at Don McCullin’s […]

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More on the Nikon D5100 announcement

I feel pretty confident about the April 4th release date for the Nikon 5100, even though some countries have a Nikon press event scheduled for April 5th, 2011 (probably because of the different timezones). The interesting part is that there’s also suppose to be some kind of a Coolpix presentation. This could just be rerun of the latest Coolpix cameras announced in […]

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