Another picture of the Nikon D5100

A reader sent me another picture of the Nikon D5100 from the PR event held by Nikon Korea few weeks ago (thanks brieltothev):

You can clearly see that the LCD screen swivels to the side and not to the bottom like the current Nikon D5000:

G-Dragon holds the Nikon D5100

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  • Matt

    Great job!

  • i think i love d7000 with swivel screen also.,,,,

  • Main question is: would D5100 wear D7000 sensor or it will be upgrade of D3100? The answer is close. Next week we’ll know.

    • iamlucky13

      As long as it’s not whatever sensor was used to take that picture above. Holy oil-painting Batman! That looks like a cheap Photoshop trick, not a photograph.

      I’m guessing the D3100 sensor. I think they’ll keep the D5100 and D3100 as a related set, and look to get some more volume out of their own sensor design.

      Of course, that does contradict the precedent of the D3000, which had the older D40x/D60 sensor, while the D5000 got the same basic sensor as the D90, but I think that was a move to keep the cost of the D3000 rock bottom as much as it was to distinguish the D5000.

      Since both the D3100 sensor and the D7000 sensor apparently support 1080p24 video, and are only 2 MP difference, I don’t think most of the target market for the D5100 will realize they should be disappointed if it doesn’t have the D7000 sensor.

      • AnimeEd

        Sure it is only a 2mp difference between the d3100 sensor and the d7000 but it would be a 4mp difference between the 600d and the d5100 if it uses the d3100 sensor.

  • Trevor

    Admin, not nitpicking, but you mean “swivels to the side and NOT to the bottom like the current Nikon D5000” right? Or am I confused?

    Thanks for all the great work!

    PS – I’m firmly in the camp that the 5100 will have the 3100 sensor plus bracketing, external mic jack, and a few other features the 3100 is lacking.

    • yes, there is a missing “not”, sorry

    • James

      > I’m firmly in the camp that the 5100 will have the 3100 sensor plus bracketing,
      > external mic jack, and a few other features the 3100 is lacking.

      Add mirror pre-release and IR remote for sure.

      Would it be too much to hope for for a depth of field preview button, focus adjustment, and some kind of HDR mode? The Pentax K-r has these features, so why not the D5100?

      • Trevor

        Agreed! IR remote, DoF preview, and HDR would all be great (and give me a reason to look at a 5100 over my 3100).

        And, thanks Admin! 🙂

      • Anna Seed

        What do you mean IR remote.? It has that already for the shutter. Or do you mean IR for CLS? I do hope it will be able to trigger off camera flash

        • the d3100 is not comparable with the ml-l3. I want the d5100 to use my exsisting remote. I’m sure it will have this feature. by the way, looking at the shape of the prism that it has the d7000 sensor

  • paul

    You blew it!
    You could have set this up as the new d800 prank. I wonder if you have something good up your sleeve for tomorrow.

  • Jon


    • Jeremy

      +1. Is that some kind of Wonder Woman outfit below that undershirt?

      • Alberto Nikoni

        That’s a dude. Asian models and pop stars are androgynous

      • OMG.I want to be a G-spo..ehm G-dragon,he’s my idol now.

    • this is the name of the singer (actor?)

      • Deagleman

        Singer from the boy band, Big Bang. His real name is Gee Yong. Yong means dragon in korean, hence G-Dragon. How do I know this? My wife and her friends love k-pop :/

        • I met these guys very briefly when they wanted to buy custom earphones and got fitted by our office.

    • Banned

      Heh, I thought, is this the chinese justin beaver or something? Man or woman?

      • Silver

        Japanese…… Thank you

        • Deagleman

          Korean… Member of the korean boy band “Big Bang”

    • Rob

      G-Dragon is the family friendly version of PG-Dragon and also much, much less offensive than R-Dragon.

      • Iorick

        Didn’t knew dragons also had a G point?! Sure it’s a by’s band? 🙂

  • Heh, by the way. That shinig silver stripe on a 18-55 VR lens felt off at the very first day of purchasing of D5000 kit. 😀

    • broxibear

      No Slow Gin, it’s a free braclet Nikon give you as a present, it’s designed that way lol .

  • Phil

    If it follows in the footsteps of the original line-up, the ‘5100 will ‘7000’s sensor. Can’t wait to see. Unfortunately we’ll have to deal with vulture pricing, I’m sure.

  • broxibear

    Someone filmed that promo video at the Korean event at 1080p, look out for the D5100 at 0:26

  • Dan

    Do you think the major retailers will sell the D5100 as body only? Or just with the 18-55.

  • Jabs

    It would seem that Nikon might have a two-prong strategy?
    D3100 = low end
    D5100 = one notch above that but using the same sensor
    D7000 = mid end
    New D??? to incorporate the sensor of the D7000 and then add more ‘pro’ refinements and thus cost more. Perhaps this will be the new D400? that replaces the D300s.
    Things look bad in Japan at the moment, so much to appreciate in life.

    • spam

      D5000 had the D90/D300 sensor, while D60/D3000 had a lower res sensor, if Nikon use the same strategy with D5100 then it’ll get the D7000 sensor. Both are good sensors though.

      • WoutK89

        I am still not sure, but IF the D400 is the last of the Dx00 DX line, than the name might as well be D9000.

  • Walter

    Just waiting for the d700 replacement

  • Can’t wait to get a hold of this… just like with the D7000, hoping to have the D5100 (for the wife) before it’s officially out (thanks again, Best Buy! lol).

  • sirin

    these are not the droids we’re looking for.

  • The invisible man

    I just hope they will not put a fancy screen like that on the D800/900

    • D700guy

      I’ think it really depends on who their target buyers are.
      But, gadgets like that probably help sell lower end DSLR’s to general consumers.
      I could be wrong, but I would think that D700/D4 buyers would not appreciate paying more for their pro bodies because of a swivel LCD.

  • broxibear

    Nikon Malaysia general manager Hon Soon Teng, Tsunoda and Ng cutting the ribbon at the launch of Nikon Malaysia’s 10th anniversary celebrations…

    • broxibear

      P.S. Google released a new satellite image of Sendai
      I know Nikon released a statement yesterday saying they had re-opened some of their plants, but lets be honest…most of their workers would have been Sendai residents, if they managed to evacuate do you really think they’ll want to come back to this ?
      I know there are parts of Sendai that weren’t touched but that’s a lot to ask from employees who have gone through something I can’t even imagine.

  • I just hope it has a focus motor, I shoot D40X with 50mm f1.8D using manual focus for almost two years now

  • I doubt it will have a focus motor, that is D7000 territory. Most likely there will be a bigger screen, and hopefully bracketing, and a bigger viewfinder.

    • PAG

      +1 on no focus motor. Adding a motor and a top LCD are two of the big differentiators when going up to the D7000 and eventual D400.


    I have a D300. Thinking of getting the D700…should I wait for a D700s or D??? coming soon?

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