Nikon to introduce new NIKKORNER product line

Together with the D5100, Nikon will also introduce a revolutionary new brand called NIKKORNER which will include products from the Imaging and Sports Optics divisions. In the Imaging division, Nikon will be announcing a new lens that can take pictures around corners and protect photojournalists when working in dangerous areas. The lens will be available also in camouflage pattern/colors.

In the Sport Optics division, Nikon will introduce a new riflescope, specially designed for the CornerShot weapon system, that will eliminate the need of the LCD screen (currently embedded in all CornerShot products). The main complains of the CS-APR 5.56 rifle has been short battery life, low resolution and ISO performance and with the new NIKKORNER optics those problems will be solved.

Here is a brief demo of CornerShot weapons in action:

Update: few months ago MIT created a camera that can produce an image of an object that is not directly visible.

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  • Dweeb

    Nikon will also shock the world by breaking the 12 MP barrier late this year.

    • I thought they did that quite a while ago. 12.1 does indeed break 12.

      And I hear they’ve had this 24MP camera for some time now…

    • Well, I though it was funny, Dweeb.

    • with a d3x @ 24 mp? ohh… wait… why are you complaining again?

    • That wrap around lens looks a little . . . . bizarre. April fools?

  • danny

    april fools day

  • you didnt forget happy april fools day

    • Global

      I think Nikon should produce this. They can make a weapon that shoots a person in his own foot if he gives weapons to foreigners for their foreign wars…

  • Franco DMD

    Good April fools! Had mi going for a little less than a second there 🙂

  • Luis Brito

    “I LIKE” 🙂 .. . . ups April 1 st

  • AWG

    Some of us wildlife photographers hope it can work in periscope mode. I imagine there is nothing like hiding beneath a hummock in the swamp (wet suit optional) while shooting critters.

  • getanalogue

    this is a new market serving people who wanted to switch to Canon – Canon will never be able to launch something like that ….whoaahahaaa

  • Huggs

    It’s an April fools phallusy. 😀

  • Artur Kozłowski

    Hmm, is that the best You can do? April Fools is supposed to FOOL people, not make them wince…

  • FX DX

    I think the bad Photoshop job gave it away. Didn’t even need to see the text.

    • Man that has been a hell of an editing 🙂

      • Global

        I love that the Focus Ring is wider on one side but really skinny on the front side — meaning that you could NEVER turn it (because the wide side would never fit into the skinny side).

        Someone was trying to create the “idea” of bending — but actually thats the biggest give away. A circular ring should be able to turn, even in a fake product!! 😀

  • ZoetMB

    How about the fact that it was “filed under Nikon Humor Rumor”? If you want to play April Fools, you have to have a little guts and make it seem real.

  • D700guy

    One can only imagin the viral breakout of new ‘upskirt’ pics that will emerge after the release of these lenses.

  • JR

    Hmmm…….very funny, but you forgot the optional Nikon cigarette lighter which attaches to your battery grip and of course the Nikon cup holder.

    • lurdwig

      I have lost count of how many times I have heard these types of comments….. 😉

  • Paul

    The first photo gave it the away as a fake.

  • 14a

    I have one on order. 135 f2 VR NIKKORNER. I have several PJ friends testing a similar prototype designed by the gun maker in the video. Actually we were aware of this release by Nikon for quite some time now but signed a NDA.

    Can’t wait

  • FM-2 fan

    The next NIKKORNER is already in R&D – the NIKKORNER 80-200 having Variable curvature Control including a learning module. The LM captures all movements and can automatically re-run them to allow higher precision in automated ACPs …

    … around the corner panoramas and time-lapse

  • broxibear

    Just to add to the Sony news, Panasonic released a statement today about the condition of their plants…
    “A few days after the quake, the company had reported some “minor injuries” among employees. Today, the company noted that all of its employees have been accounted for and that all are safe.
    On the production side, Panasonic said that as of late March, it had fully restarted operations in its electronic materials and commercial air conditioner plants. Around the same time, it started “partial production operations” in its LCD TV plant. Its digital camera lens and SD card manufacturing facility is also functioning at partial capacity.
    Panasonic didn’t switch on its digital camera and optical pickups factories until today. The company said that those plants will be operating at “partial” capacity for the time being.”
    I’m starting to think that trying to manufacture lenses with power blackouts, even if they are scheduled, simply doesn’t work.

  • NikorRyan

    This made my day.

  • Nikon ig going to release D800 even this year! 🙂 … No, I´m just kidding, it will be next year.

  • Rel 205

    1 April kikker in je bil aprils foolsday but funny

  • April Fools?

    • This could actually be really cool, if it were true.

  • LOL

  • Funduro

    There is also a Canon mount version rumored.

  • RVB

    I already have this lens… it also doubles as a boomerang.. I love it!!!

  • Dave

    That is some baaaaad Photoshop.

  • rmichaud

    I thought admin said there would be no new pro lenses in 2011 🙂

  • broxibear

    I’m not sure if this is an April fool or not, not my kind of tattoo but each to their own and all that ?…
    “A British news photographer became so passionate about his work he decided to get a tattoo… dedicated to his Nikon DSLR gear.
    Nick Stern, who is based in Los Angeles, told us: ‘I wanted a tattoo that was unique and showed my passion for photography.
    ‘I have never been a fan of tattoos but, clearly, living in LA has turned my brain to mush.’ ”

  • Jay A

    Is there a rectal inspection lens attachment?

  • Greg P

    Memories… I bent an 18-200 like that sending it down a flight of stairs attached to my D300 on a tripod. It didn’t work all that well afterwards… thankfully the camera and tripod were unharmed.

  • nimitz

    1st of April….. ha ha ha.

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