There may not be any new PRO Nikon lenses in 2011

Since the beginning of the year, reliable rumors about new Nikkor lenses have been lacking. The earthquake in Japan made the situation even worse and now I am hearing that there may not be any new Nikon lenses announced in 2011 at all. Nikon already reported that the factory in Tochigi, which produces lenses, has been "severely damaged".

The D3s and D700 replacements seem to be on schedule for this summer. Some of the Nikon mounts production was moved outside Japan. No word yet on the Nikon mirrorless camera or the D300s replacement.

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  • The invisible man

    First !
    Well I think we already have plenty good pro lenses.
    What we are looking for is a D800/900

    • And a D400. And it wouldn’t be too bad if they refreshed the 85mm f/1.8.

      • The invisible man

        I think the 85mm f/1.8 will not be upgrated.
        (They did not make any 50mm f/1.8 AF-S)

        • Global

          Youre presuming that they have gotten to it yet. I don’t think they would upgrade 50-1.4 and 50-1.8 any time near each other. Even the 35-1.8 DX and 35-1.4 FX were quite far apart and they were different formats.

          They will be upgrade though, because there are too many cameras that only accept AFS-G lenses and sales will be missing.

          • The invisible man

            Good point but Nikon cameras that can’t use “regular” AF lenses are mostly buy with crapy zooms.

            Owners of theses camereas are not likely to buy prime lenses, even a 50 or 85mm f/1.8.

            • I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I still use a D40 and I shoot only with primes. I mean, look how popular the 35mm 1.8G is.

    • D700guy

      2010 was the year we were deluged with new lenses,
      it’s fair to say that Nikon introduce a nice lot.
      They are just now becoming available, soeven though their announcements were a year ago their arrival is still something we can look forward to.

    • BenS

      I am not a pro but luckily i bought my 24-70 f2.8 last year ! It is now my everyday lens ! I love it !

      Now just waiting for the d700 replacement or whatever “entry level” FX body that may come.

      At the mean time, am happy to shoot with my D80 / 24-70 f2.8.

      Get well soon Japan ! Get well soon Nikon !

      • Stuff

        Another happy 24-70mm owner; just picked it up a week or two ago and it’s never been off my D7000.

        I think out of the big three, this one is the most useful for “general” photography. I can see myself getting the 14-24 but I’m not sure I’ll ever want to lug around the 70-200 while traveling.

    • I agree. While Nikon can always offer an unique specialty lens, the main bread and butter lenses seem to be well in place.

      I am looking to purchase a D800 and a D400

      As well as some already there lenses like the
      70-200 f/2.8 vrII,
      nikon 2.0 tc III
      105 micro.

      • Max Archer

        If you’re planning on putting the 2.0 on the 70-200, forget it. Image quality isn’t really useable, even with the new TCIII. If you really want a 400mm 5.6, get the 300 f/4 and the TC 1.4, and enjoy the great image quality.

  • design.matters

    This is really sad – nature impacted the people in their private and professional life. Knowing, that future is really very demanding and challenging, should require all of us to share our sympathies and ask: what can we do to help.

    • NikkorPM

      That pesky Nature is always meddling in life’s business. We’d be better off with it, huh?

      • Nikonosi Toblerone

        .. or without it, even?

        • Global

          And he would have gotten away with it, too, it weren’t for you Nikonians, and your pesky dog, too!

  • neeeee, impossible. Can’t be!

    • back in 2005, Nikon did not announce any pro lenses:

      • If you look closely, there is a pattern. Two years after the pro update (D1, D2, D3, D4) Nikon has tended to introduce consumer lenses. In the pro update years, there have tended to be more. That was true in a weaker way back in the film era.

        I would have expected two or three pro FX lenses this year, especially considering how many consumerish FX lenses that just got released we have (e.g. 24-120mm, 28-300mm). But lenses have always been difficult to predict out of Nikon because a lot of it depends upon the whim of the optical guys at the top.

        • LGO

          Given the state of affairs at Tochigi, I would not mind getting a 24mm f/1.8G DX AF-S and 16-60mm f/2.8G VR DX AF-S for use with the D3100 and D7000.

          • Global

            24/2 is more likely, since the original FX is f/2.8 and they’ll probably want to price in the same neighborhood.

      • ZoetMB

        Based on actual availability in the U.S., rather than announce date, the now-discontinued 300 2.8 AF-S (2154) became available in January 2005.

      • Cold Hands Luke

        That 200/2 they released in 2004 looks an awful lot like the 200-400 🙂

  • inginerul

    What new lenses do we want ? We have all the 1.4 lenses, we have the 2.8 zooms, the long tele lenses. Maybe a 80-400 update (not really pro anyway), and a 135 f/2 update.

    Let’s see what nikon comes up in terms of camera bodies.

    • Philip Service

      For starters, I’d like to see the following converted to AF-S (and maybe VR added):
      85 f/1.8
      105 f/2
      135 f/2
      180 f/2.8
      200 f/4

      • 180 f2.8…? Can’t imagine why you simply wouldn’t use a 200.

        • broxibear

          Hi elph,
          I’d expect any new 180mm to be f1.4 AFS, a lot smaller than the AF-S 200mm f/2G ED VR II and a lot cheaper…it’s £4400 here.

          • Paul

            Drugs much?

          • James

            Has there ever been a 180mm f/1.4?

            The front element would have to be HUGE. 122mm filters would be too small. Most people wouldn’t be able to afford a UV filter, much less the lens.

            • So the 600 f/4.0 has 150mm filters, huh?

            • broxibear

              You’re probably right James lol… I was getting a bit carried away, maybe just a f2 then ?

            • soap

              So now you’re asking for a 180mm f/2?

              And this would be different than the 200mm f/2 how?

              The point of the 180mm f/2.8 was that it offered the long end of the 80-200 f/2.8 in a smaller, lighter, cheaper package. A very nice compromise for many. Trading nothing but zoom for those three attributes is a lovely idea, especially for those of us with an 85.

              If you’re old-school and prime the octaves there is no overwhelming desire for coverage between 85 and 180 (160).

              Make the 180mm any faster than 2.8 and you’ve changed its mission drastically.

            • Global

              Seriously. 135/1.8 if possible would be sweet (no DC, unless it actually WORK, please — because it does not work in the old one, which is pretty sucky, unless you like green-purple fringing and haze).

              So 135/1.8 or 135/2 VRII
              A 180/2.8 VRII
              Macro 200/4. Or combine for 180/3.5 VRII Macro.
              A fast focusing 400-600/4 that accepts the TC2III.
              –> 1.5x is more reasonable than 200-400VRII 2x, but would be much better for astronomy and distance work and fast focusing. Worth it.
              200-600/variable VRII (complement your 28-300VRII). Let’s get to 600 one way or another. Right now Nikon doesn’t even bother with var~500, despite Sigma having two such lenses. Let’s get one!
              10-20/3.5-5.6 FX or whatever might be possible just to have it for craziness sake.

              I also want the 16-135/variable VR as an alternative to the 28-300VR.

              Not to mention a 20-85/4 VRII.

              These are just day dreams, but doable, I think.

      • Schnipp

        Maybe a 70-200 f/4 VR. It would be a nice roundup for the f/4 line (16-35 VR and 24-120 VR).
        Also a 300 f/4 VR would be nice.

        • the dog

          f/4 zooms are for chumps who don’t know equivalence.
          otoh if more fools buy nikon due to these useless zooms, better for all of us.

          • “f/4 zooms are for chumps who don’t know equivalence.”

            I think that statement is a bit harsh because there are a LOT of professional landscape photographers who bought the 16-35mm f/4 because it presents itself as an alternative for the super-heavy 14-24 but with the ability to take filters. It is after all only a 2x zoom and should have been pretty good. Landscapes are of course rarely shot at f/2.8 or f/4 and are more likely between f/8 -f/16 so the wide open performance makes little difference to people here. Unfortunately I agree that the 16-35 fails to come up to scratch however. I sold mine after only a few months, because it had varying sharpness and a decentering issue, I bought the 24mm f/3.5 PC-E instead and have never looked back.

            I agree that f/4 zooms are a massive compromise somewhere along the way, especially when you enter super-zoom 10x capabilities of a lens like the 28-300 as I think you’re pointing out but I don’t think Nikon intend them to be considered pro lenses, just cheap (and it’s all relative) lazy do it all lenses to widen the FX market for Nikon to the people who do not pixel peep and have the money to support the FX line of bodies.

          • Dave

            Do people even use the word “chump” anymore?

            • Stuff

              Say, what’s the big idea? The word’s still current, see? Now I’ve got to skedoo. Later, cats!

      • d70

        85mm f/1.8 isn’t a pro lens, which is what this article is talking about. What a pro 85? Get the 1.4.

        • Global

          Says the guy using a D70?

          An 85/1.8 VRII would be very pro. As would be an upgraded 85./1.8 if the bokeh was made slightly creamier. The difference between 1.8 and 1.4 is minimal and the 1.8 crowd is generally correct to buy the 1.8s at current prices.

    • John

      “What new lenses do we want ?”

      For starters:
      I want the 300mm f/4 updated with VR.
      I want the 24-70mm f/2.8 updated with VR.
      I want Thom’s 70-200mm f/4 VR for backpacking.

    • Cold Hands Luke

      Hmm, let’s see…

      (Assume any new lenses would be AF-S and G)

      Something like a 16/1.8 DX and 24/1.8 DX, so DX users can have cheap fast wide and ultrawide. Actually it would be really nice if they were FX, but let’s not get carried away.

      The 10.5 DX fisheye could use AF-S so the low-end cameras can drive it. No need to update the 16 until a motor-less FX body appears.

      Some here want to see an updated 28/1.4 (I don’t know, what’s wrong with the 24?)

      I’d like to see a cheaper fast FX 35. A new 35/2 perhaps?

      The 50/1.8 and 85/1.8 need AF-S.

      The DC lenses could use AF-S updates. Theoretically there’s enough room in a 77mm filter size to make a 105/1.4 and 135/1.8, though I doubt Nikon would go that far. VR might be worthwhile at these lengths. I’d like the DC feature retained, but that seems unlikely.

      The 180/2.8 needs an AF-S update. I’d like to see it bumped to 200/2.8 – see Canon for how it should be done. Perfect “small” lens to sneak into sports venues.

      The 200/4 macro is a fine lens, but really needs modernising.

      We all know the 300/4 needs VR. Birders/wildlife people wouldn’t mind if a 400/5.6 VR appeared, and I think they’d cheer if a 500/5.6 VR turned up.

      An 800/5.6 VR. Just because Canon has one.

      The 17-35/2.8 is apparently a bit low-res, and will need updating once a higher-res D700 replacement turns up. Perhaps a 16-40/2.8 Nikon? No need for VR though.

      Lots of people would like VR in the 17-55DX. Maybe a 16-55/2.8 VR.

      Thom’s predicted an update to the 24-70 that adds VR and maybe some more zoom range.

      There’s lots of support here for the idea of a 50-150/2.8 DX VR. Personally I’d make it a 45-135/2.0 DX VR (yes, two point zero) – same view and DOF on DX as the 70-200/2.8 on FX.

      Of course we’re all expecting a 70-200/4 VR or similar as the next f/4 lens. Perhaps there’ll be something like a 100-300/4 VR as well, to really complete the range and bridge the gap to the 200-400.

      Lots of people would be happy if a new 70-180 macro showed up.

      The 80-400 is a fine lens, but desperately needs fast AF-S and a modern VR implementation. Plus I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been waiting for the long-rumoured “Sigma-alike” – a 100-500/4-5.6 or the recently patented 200-500/4-5.6.

      I’d like to see a 300-800/5.6 VR, a better version of the Sigmonster. (Or maybe even variable aperture – 300/5.6 is slow!) But now I’m just dreaming.

      And that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there are others here who can poke holes in the tilt/shift range, or the lack of extension tubes, etc. Oh, and hopefully there will be TC-III versions of the 1.7x and 1.4x teleconverters. So when Nikon gets back on its feet, there’s lots of work the lens people can be getting on with.

      • Cold Hands Luke

        I’d just like to add that that wasn’t (for the most part) my personal wishlist or anything like that, just an answer to the question “what lenses are still missing?”

  • Banned

    Quite expected. Furthermore, should we expect a huge shortage of all lenses produced at this plant? It would seem so. IMO Nikon will be too happy to take advantage of the situation and raise their prices once again. This time we’re not allowed to complain because it’s all the fault of the quake.

    • Yarrus

      Nikon rise they prices because it’s better quality on market, not only “happy to take advantage of the situation “

    • ZoetMB

      The biggest factor in price rises (in the U.S.) is US Dollar to Yen conversion rates. Back in February, Nikon predicted that the full-year average for fiscal 2011 (ending tomorrow) would be 85 Yen to the Dollar. But today, and even though the dollar has been rising against the Yen, it’s only 82.91. In 2007, it was 120.16. As of today, there’s been a 31% decline since 2007. You can’t have inexpensive foreign products as long as the U.S. continues to print money. That’s the reality.

      It’s not like Nikon has ever been all that profitable a company. I think the only thing that’s held prices down at all has been that so many of the products or parts are now manufactured by cheap Chinese or Malaysian labor.

  • Roger

    I want a new 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom WITH VRII or something?

    • The invisible man

      VR for the 24-70mm ???
      I don’t even use the one I have on my 105mm f/2.8 micro VR.
      But I’ll like to have VR on my 300mm f/4

      • D700guy

        I do, especially if I’m shooting long with it

    • Roger

      Hey, other Roger, you’re giving me a bad name here. 😀

      VR in 24-70? Absolutely not.

  • winter007

    No new lenses in 2011, just a new Evil, high figure Mpix camera to be shown in about 2-3 weeks time.


  • Bluecow

    This is why I just ordered the 300mm f/2.8 this week and it looks like I got the last one at B&H because it said out of stock the next morning after mine shipped. I’ll be curious to know how long some of the big lenses are out of stock at places. Calumet is the only bigger online place that has the 300mm f/2.8 in stock right now. It’s been out for a long time already at Adorama and Amazon.

    • jjnik63

      Same here – ordered the USA 300 2.8 VR2 last week from B&H and within a few days they were out. Stunning lens – glad I acted quickly. BTW – Roberts still shows the 300 2.8 in stock as well as the D3S for those interested in grabbing one

  • Nithin

    Does the 70-200 f4 that predicted comes under PRO lens tag?

    • I guess I should answer that. Maybe ;~). The f/4 lenses (16-35mm, 24-120mm) seem to be truly trying to bridge the amateur/pro gap. Given the popularity of the D700, that seems right to me, because the camera they most often go on bridges that same gap.

      As I noted above, lenses tend to come in semi-predictable patterns. Since this is an FX-body refresh year, you’d expect some FX lenses, too.

      • inginerul

        the released a whole bunch of FX lenses last year, what FX lenses are missing exactly ?

        • broxibear

          AF-S 28mm f1.4 G ED, AF-S 135mm f1.4 G ED, AF-S 180mm f1.4 G ED ?…other updates to the AFD lenses.

          • 180mm f/1.4G ED ??? 🙂 130mm diamater of the front lens? About 5000 g ??? Much, much bigger, than 200/2 ??? About $ 7 000 ?

            • broxibear

              Lol…I know, I know…maybe f2 then ?
              Let me dream a little bit Tomas X lol.

          • soap

            A 24mm f/1.4 AND a 28mm f/1.4?

            • Alex Wong

              Cinematography. Zeiss have a full set of wide primes.

              I’ve always thought the 24/1.4G was a direct replacement of the 28/1.4D. I think an updated 28/1.4 will be a niche lens.

        • dontfeedthetrolls

          17-35mm 2.8 refresh with filter threads 🙂

        • Dweeb

          Oh c’mon are you serious?

        • AF-S 50 f1.2
          AF-S 135 f2 or f1.8
          AF-S 70-200 f4

          With that lenses a pro line-up would be fully rounded.

          • malez

            you should just start reading canonrumors instead

          • Roger

            Good post, Željko.

        • Geoff1

          I’d like to see a refresh of some 2.8 primes. Something small, sharp, well built and affordable. 18, 24, 35mm would be great.

          • soap

            All the recent 1.4 primes are great, but 2-2.8 versions of them all for the rest of us are needed.

            18, 24, 35, 50, 85, 180

        • RD

          24-70mm f1.8 VR
          70-200mm f1.8 VR

          using pixie glass to keep filters at 77mm

      • Roger

        “The f/4 lenses (16-35mm, 24-120mm) seem to be truly trying to bridge the amateur/pro gap”

        The f/4 lenses are just very expensive consumer lenses, in other words. 😉

        • I’m still trying to fully form my opinion on that, which is one reason why I haven’t reviewed those lenses yet. The build quality is more pro than consumer. The 16-35mm is a pretty good lens, and somewhere between the best consumer and pro lenses in terms of optical quality. It’s the 24-120mm I’m still grappling with. I had to first make sure I didn’t have sample issues.

          But I was pretty sincere in my statement, and I think Nikon may think the way I indicated, too.

  • MaRaVax

    I may appear as a shark but I am suspecting that the japan DISASTER may be taken as a “good” excuse to move production to more “money efficient” countries.

    The other consideration is that, even if they are moving production out of japan because actually forced to do so, when (if) life will get back to normal, they will for sure NOT move it back home, so there will be a lot on unemployment involved.

    I haven’t seen so far any discussion about this. What do you think?

    • Rob

      Often after massive destruction countries and business experience a growth phase. I think we can all look forward to Japan and Nikon recovering and continuing to build on their overseas investments.

  • Daniel Foran

    Tried to buy a 24-70mm in a store in the U.K and was told they are out of stock and Sadly due to the Tsunami in Japan many products now have uncertain delivery dates.

    • broxibear

      Hi Daniel,
      Try parkcameras or jacobsdigital I think they might have stock.

  • broxibear

    Forget new lenses…you’ll be lucky if you can get a hold of any of the current pro lenses this year.
    I heard some interesting information from an approved Nikon Premier Dealer in the UK, not only were they running out of pro stock (they were completely out of some lenses and bodies) but they’ve been told not to expect any new shipments for several months.
    And that a price increase is likely soon. In the past few weeks the price of a D3x has gone from £4600 to £4900, D3s £3200 to £3500 and that’s if you can find any in stock.
    admin posted before about prices increasing in Australia, I know Hong Kong prices have gone up…I’m sure there will be an official price increase statement from Nikon soon.
    Looks like Canon are about to do the same too…Don’t have any info about Sony.
    If you were thinking of buying equipment and it’s in stock I’d get it, you may have to wait until the end of the year (or longer) if you don’t.

    • TaoTeJared

      I really doubt the increase is coming from Nikon but is coming from demand and retailers being able to squeeze a few more bucks out of consumers.

      If Nikon raises the price it will be for currency valuation concerns which they already indicated a few months ago.

  • PAG

    I have no idea where they would have been made if designed and released this year, but I’m still waiting for updates to the 300m f/4 (VR) and 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 (AF-S). And it seems that multiple bird photographers feel that a 400mm f/5.6 is a hole in Nikon’s longer end.

    • maddog

      As a bird photographer I would love to see an 800mm with autofocus and VR (Since those folks who subscribe to the dark side of the force have one) but I guess there’s not enough market for that….

  • Daniyar

    I can’t afford PRO glass anyway. If they refresh a couple f1.8 lenses with AF-S and 300/F4 or 80-400 with VRII, I’d be a really happy Nikon customer.

  • Marcelo Luzio

    It would be nice having a 17-35mm update or maybe a 16-35 mm f/2.8 pro.

    • Davo

      The 14-24/2.8’s great but big/heavy and doesn’t take filters.
      The 16-35/4 has too much distortions for my liking.
      I’d take an updated 17-35/2.8 with little distortions and a 77mm filter.

      I’m sure a lot of ppl would welcome a 70-200/4 VRII

      I would personally like to see a smallish ultra wide prime, sharp edge to edge and takes a 77mm or less filter. 18mm/4 perhaps.
      And a updated set of f2-2.8 primes that are small and inexpensive compared to the f1.4 cousins.
      An updated 135mm f2 – maybe a 135mm/1.8 like the Zeiss with a 77mm filter.
      And a longish macro >150mm f2.8 VRII

  • paul

    I was hoping for the 10-600mm/2.8 VRIII this year!

    • Iorick

      I see the prices rising like a tsunami since last week! It’s a shame that those sharks (the reselers) are taking advantage of the situation, since the money is not going to Japan (who produce it), to help those that are needed.

      • Lihkin

        Umm, ever heard of ‘Supply and Demand’? Supply goes down, prices go up. Simple as that – basic economics. Maybe you should have completed high school.

        As far as ‘sharks taking advantage of the situation’ – no dufus, they are not. They have simply raised the prices to MSRP, which they are entitled to do. The lenses were discounted earlier. So you want the discounts, but when it goes the other way, you cry like a little girl?

        No go and complete your GED!

        • Iorick

          I see you must be one of those sharks! Hope you can sleep well at night taking advantage of others needs! By the way, I have a PhD, so you’re the one should go back to school, they have there something that might be important for you to learn, called Ethics!

          • Lihkin

            Ethics? LOL! You don’t have a CLUE. And you have a PhD? Dang, that education went waste man. Go educate yourself about MSRP. There is NOTHING wrong with the retailers charging full MSRP. They would be sharks if they charged OVER MSRP. Since they are not, they are doing nothing wrong. Cry babies like yourself, that feel this sense of entitlement are the ones that are affected.

            PhD – thanks for the good laugh!!!

            • Iorick

              Why dont you just go Lick yourself? There’s something linking in yourself! lol Keep dreaming and try to deceive your consciense (if you have one), but not the other honest people. If you think that people are selling the same D700 for 2400 euros, that last friday was costing 1700 euros is a right thing to do, that says all about yourself.
              By the way, i have more reasons to laugh then to cry, because I bought what i needed last week, so i’ not buying anything. But I think of others needs, and not how to take advantage of that.

            • Jeremy

              I hope there’s nothing linking in myself.

        • Molesworth

          For the most part you are right, but B&H just went to $249.95 on the 35 f1.8G that they don’t have. Nikon still lists MSRP at $199.95 and they don’t have it either.

          • Lihkin

            Yes, If they go above MSRP, they are wrong to do so. But that poster is referencing prices that are MSRP. And there is nothing unethical about that. 😉

        • Joshua

          Lihkin, you are my hero!

          GED – LMAO!

      • Ken Elliott

        A PhD calls the resellers “sharks”? Hmmm…. I have an economics question for you:

        Let’s say you sell a product with a MSRP of $2000. You buy it for $1800. The manufacturer tells you the next shipment will cost you $2100. Do you:

        A – sell the current stock for $2000. This means when you replace it, you’ll have NEGATIVE cash flow of $100 per unit.

        B – Increase the price to $2100, so you will have neutral cash flow.

        C – Increase the price above $2100 so you have positive cash flow.

        Considering the number of camera store closings, I doubt it makes since to drain your cash reserves by option A. Option C is profiteering. That leaves option B.

        A small business dies quickly if you have negative cash flow. It depends on the ability to generate profit per unit, and on the ability to replace inventory at a cost lower than the selling price. A sudden spike in replacement cost that exceeds the selling price is a serious problem. You can expect resellers to consider option B.

        Blanket statements slamming an entire group casts doubt on the quality of your claimed PhD. I’ll assume this is outside your field, and you simply didn’t realize the complexity of the situation. There is no need to slam all resellers. A lot of them are struggling to meet payroll, and suddenly have an empty supply pipeline. The tragic events in Japan have ramifications across the world. Many are hurting. My heart goes out to our friends in Japan.

        • Steve Hagensieker

          This generated an interesting discussion between myself and my store owner. We came to the conclusion that any of the 3 options is applicable depending on product specifics and you must look at it on an item by item basis. Current inventory level and product turnover rate will decide how soon you move from option B to C.

          You’ll stay at option A only if you have a slow moving product that you don’t plan to replace until everyone in the market goes to at least option B. At that point you’re just giving away profit dollars.

          I for one hate the idea that we may be basing prices on a lack of supply. For one thing it’s going to cause a ton of extra work because we’ll be monitoring what other stores are doing on a continuous basis. Prior to this you generally only spot check products as they move through their life cycle or as you get word someone has changed a price enough to make a significant impact.

          I don’t believe this problem will resolve itself in the short term. My advice based on what I’m seeing so far is this: if you know you’re going to need something you’d most likely be better off to get it now while availability and prices are more stable, even if that means paying CC interest or getting a loan. However, notice I said “Need” not want.

    • CRojas


  • Dweeb

    I don’t believe a word coming from Nikon. It was 2 weeks before they even admitted the employee issue. Until I see pictures of the insides of the facilities I don’t believe a single thing they’re saying. Maybe they’ll say something again in 6 months when the dealer’s shelves are empty of JP sourced product and customers are screaming murder.

  • broxibear

    The Tochigi plant where they make all the pro lenses released a opening timetable today detailing hours because of the rolling power blackouts.
    There’s no way they can make lenses with power blackouts, until the power situation is stable Tochigi will be offline.

  • My prognosis:

    Nikon D5100
    Nikkor AF-S DX 70/1.6G

    Coolpix Pro mirrorless OneInch 2.5x crop
    Nikkor OneInch 10-30mm f/3.8-4.8 (25-75mm)
    Nikkor OneInch 30-80mm f/4.8-5.8 (75-200mm)
    Nikkor OneInch 18mm f/1.8 (45mm)

    Nikon D4
    Nikon D400
    Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm f/4G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 16-55mm f/2.8G VR (17-55/2.8 replacement)

    Nikon D800

    Nikkor AF-S 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 300/4G VR

    Nikon D4x
    Nikkor AF-S 200mm f/4G Micro VR
    Nikkor AF-S 105mm f/2G DC

    Nikkor AF-S DX 22/1.6G
    Nikkor AF-S DX 40-140mm f/2.8G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 24-85/4G VR

    Nikkor AF-S 28/2G
    Nikkor AF-S 35/2G
    Nikkor AF-S 85/1.8G
    Nikkor OneInch 11-80mm f/3.8-5.8 (28-200mm)
    Nikkor OneInch 9mm f/2.8 (22.5mm)

    • JED

      I sincerely hope you are wrong about a few things.

      Firstly there is nothing ‘Cool’ or ‘Pro’ about that Coolpix pro mirrorless lens selection.

      Secondly I want a 16mm F4 DX – not a 22 1.6…

      • LGO

        Interesting. This coming April will show whether there is anything to back-up the listing you made.

    • d70

      Nikon D800

      That’s just cruel…

    • PAG

      Nikkor AF-S 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6G VR
      Nikkor AF-S 300/4G VR

      That would suck like a bucket of ticks. I was really hoping for at least the 80-400mm update (low end of 80mm or 100mm doesn’t matter to me) this year.

      • busynbored

        Yep, friend that’s as cruel as a delayed full frame!

  • Kingyo

    where are the Nikon USA rebates for the D3x? I didn’t see them 🙁

  • When you say “D3s and D700 replacements seem to be on schedule for this summer”, I really wish you mean “ready to be usable for this summer” = > in june.


    • I think one of the cameras will be announced in June/Jule and the other at the end of August. Shipping usually starts 30 days after the announcement, but those cameras will be backordered for months.

      • broxibear

        Hi Peter,
        Is this based on information recieved before the earthquake or after ?

        • The lens info in the post is from after the earthquake, the summer release months are just my guess. There should be a major Nikon announcement at the end of August, this is from before the earthquake.

        • pabs

          with the recent events there no one has a realistic expectation of any imminent release. but for what it’s worth, how does one pre-order a D800 given the likely backorders?

      • D700guy

        ..and I’m scared of what the prices will be given that even the declining priced items have reversed their direction.

  • Gary Quinn

    Who Cares, it’s Nikon junk anyways!

    • PAG

      “Heh, heh! He said ‘junk'”.

  • Chris

    My wishlist is quite short, but I think the DX line up is still desperately lacking the following:

    Nikkor 16 AF-S f/1.8 DX
    Nikon 16-55 AF-S f/2.8 DX
    Nikkor 50-150 AF-S f/2.8 DX

    and obviously the new 16MP Nikon D400 (basically a D7000 in a Pro body).
    I’d also like to see a refresh of the current f/1.8 prime lens line up.

    • Jivee

      I like this. Ive got 17-55 f2.8dx. Wish it was smaller and lighter though! Dont see much point to a 16-55 f2.8dx update? Unless VR? id much rather see an 8-16mm f2.8 dx ultrawide zoom! And a 150-300 f2.8 dx to complement that 50-150 of yours? A 16mm and 20mm primes would be nice.

      • Chris

        Yes, sorry, meant to addVR on the 16-55 and 50-150 lenses. A 20mm prime for DX and the 8-16mm you suggest would be nice too. I think DX has a lot to offer for portability and depth of field and these missing lenses would complete the already great system on offer.

        I too have a 17-55 and I really like the lens. 16-55 (or 50?) would have to be amazing for me to justify the upgrade.

  • This is bad news for me. I barely wait two very important lenses for me:
    Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.2 G N
    Nikon AF-S 135mm f/2 G N

    • Roger

      I’ve been waiting for those 2 lenses as well.

  • Artur


    What’s up with 50mm f/1.2G ?

  • Joe

    This is not good, as I was just about to ask about any info regarding a new 600mm f4. Canons new 600mm is VERY light, and I was hoping with all of these pro Nikon lenses being updated, a new, lighter, VR2 600mm would be on the way. I’m not sure what to do now, I’ve already invested in nikon gear, but a 600mm is extremely vital for my work, however, having light gear is also very important to me, and I’m not sure a nikon 600 would work with all of the travel and handholding I do…

    • Joe

      Of course, I cannot switch to Canon. The Nikon D3S’s extreme low light capabilities and wicked fast AF and speed are what makes Nikon worth it no matter what.

      • quix

        you could buy the canon 600mm and a body that does just what you need. that way you’d have a second (3rd whatever) camera, always good, and can sell it when nikon comes out with its 600.

    • danpe

      I have yet to see a price or release date on the new 500 and 600 from Canon. The new 300&400 that was expected this month has been delayed, no new date set. I think if we’re going to see new things from Nikon available in the next few months it’s going to be non-pro stuff not made in Japan.

  • Todd

    Waiting and waiting and waiting for a 80-400mm replacement.

    • I went ahead and bought a used one from KEH at a good deal. I’m shooting now! How about you?

      • Todd

        Bad humor or you didn’t read my message? A replacement, hence new model. Not the current slooooooow focusing and hunt prone 80-400mm.

  • mshi

    I am switching to Leica. Who wants radiated stuff anyway?

    • Anonymus Maximus

      And they have more than 3 lenses ?

      (assuming that you speak s2)

  • nau

    was really looking forward to 24-70 refresh errrrr
    not that Im not happy with what it does now but getting lens and finding out that its gone be refreshed in 2-3 month is a bit crap…

  • Martin

    No new lenses…
    So maybe i’ll take some pictures, instead of waiting for a new products 😉
    Frankly, I’ve recently picked my 35/1.4 expecting some availability troubles.

    Good luck to Japan people. Good luck to Fukushima rescues. Good luck to Nikon!

  • They could be trying to keep up with the demand of the other pro lenses instead of coming up with new ones and not being able to deliver…..again :p

    • nau

      rubbish… no one will buy pro lenses… but everyone want to have an options : )

  • disiderio

    A nano coated 1.2g 50mm lens would be ace.

    Otherwise, a mirrorless ff camera would be amazing. A leica competitor at the price of a d700 or even d3 would sell like hot cakes.

  • I agree. While Nikon can always offer an unique specialty lens, the main bread and butter lenses seem to be well in place.

    I am looking to purchase a D800 and a D400

    As well as some already there lenses like the
    70-200 f/2.8 vrII,
    nikon 2.0 tc III
    105 micro.

  • kaze kaze

    Here is my wish list:
    +1 135mm f2 or 1.8 DC AF-S N
    +1 200mm f4 micro AF-S
    +1 300mm f4 VRII N
    +1 50mm f1.2
    although I’m more than happy with my 17-35 f2.8D (which residents on my camera most the time) I would only consider an update to a wider zoom and f2.8, say a FX 16-40 f2.8 VR N (I know, the “darker side” got one similar, so come on nikon, “why not?”)

    • Davo

      Completely agree although my list above is slightly different.
      How bout a remake of the 58mm 1.2 Noct with AFS and N coating.

      • Global

        +1 300mm f4 VRII N

      • Roger

        58mm lenses belong back in the 1960s. It’s 50mm F/1.2 or nothing.

        • Artur


  • Just A Thought

    I wonder if they will order specialty glass blanks from Shott in Germany to replace glass they can’t cook at home?? Could make for some unique lenses for the next year or so. Collectors would go nuts.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I hope to upgrade my d700 d4. I also need to upgrade my 70-200 to vr ii. Should I get the 85 1.4g or get the Sigma 85 1.4. I’m constantly hearing good things about the sigma’s version. I have never been able to test out any of the two. Please give me suggestions.

    • Global

      Sigma if you have the chance to take multiple-shots without losing money. Nikon if you need it locked on the first time.

    • danpe

      I’d suggest that you test them both and soon, before they’re out of stock. Got the Sigma 85/1.4 because I like fast focusing and don’t need weather sealing which seems to be the biggest differences between the two.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Thanks, but I have no way to test it out because my local dealers don’t have them in stock. I usually buy mine online…

  • If there are no new pro lenses this year, I will not lament. It would be great if Nikon can just make some more of the ones that are already in the lineup. Remember, things are very bad in Japan. The catastrophe may no longer be headline news in the US, but that is how the media operates. There is still a full nuclear emergency and supply chains in the automobile industry are fouled up worldwide. Pro lenses are not going to be the only things in short supply.


  • Global

    I wish the US would give Japanese companies a special 10-year tax break to come set up factories in the US during the crisis. It could be worked out that taxes go to a Re-build Japan Fund (re: collected by Japan). Meanwhile, the US could get some jobs and Nikon could set up a factory over here.

    Bring any willing workers, lets just set something up over here in the US. We buy so much, why not save on shipping costs? There are so many Japanese Americans and native-level translators and people who strongly care about it Japan and are also serious about working for prestigious companies. It would be harmonious.

  • Bigus Dickus

    given there recent quality issues nikon is having, i sure would not run to buy first batch of cameras or lenses from factories who never made nikon stuff before…

  • Dave

    There is a lot of greed on this forum. In the last two post all you hear is “I want” “I need”. One person even suggested that the disaster was a good excuse to move production to a cheaper country. Sit back and give these guys a break for a minute. I am sure most of you have gear that will get you by for a few more minutes. It is like vultures pecking at a dying animal for chrissakes.

  • bobos

    I think Nikon should first release the 80-400 then improve the 10-24 which is blown away by sigma 8-16. I would like also to see VR on the 18-135 and finally release a 15-150 VR DX.

    • PAG

      +1 on the 80-400mm.

      I’m fairly new at photography, but I’ve hit the limits of the AF on my 80-400 for birds in flight. It’s simply too slow to track quickly moving targets. My 300mm f/4 + TC14 have been great, but there’s a specific type of BIF photography I do from a boat where 300mm can often be too much. For those days, a zoom that focused quickly would be really sweet. I shaved a lot of bird wings off this winter.

  • Brian Davis

    They definitely need to update the 135 f/2. I’m needing one and afraid to buy the old one.

    • MRPhotoau

      I love the old one. It’s a great lens. I would definately like an update though with 1.8 and VR + keep the DC.
      17-35/2.8 is great but could do with an upgrade
      50/1.2 Is a seriously needed lens, a pro 50 with AF yay.
      20/2 an update of the 20/2.8
      D4 and 800
      Non of this however will make me happy however, as I am already happy
      I’d just like to update a few of my lenses.
      I am very glad to see the commitment of the Japanese to their society. Keep producing and we will buy, keeping people in jobs and helping your economy go round.

  • pavel

    I’m surprised no one mentioned equivalent of Canon’s MP-E 65mm 1-5x Macro lens. I definitely want one.

    • busynbored

      If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty: reverse a wide-normal zoom. extend it if you need to.

    • MRPhotoau

      Now that would be nice!!!!

  • Claudio Borja

    18 mm 1.8 DX
    16-55 2.8 DX VR
    50-150 2.8 DX VR
    400 5.6 VR

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