Top 10 NikonRumors posts for November 2017

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for November 2017:

  1. Nikon 2017 Black Friday deals leaked
  2. Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR vs. Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 vs. Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art lens comparison
  3. First indication that the Nikon D850 sensor could be made by TowerJazz
  4. Nikon P900 camera captures the ISS
  5. Nikon D850 review
  6. A Nikon D850 review for wildlife and nature photographers by Steve Perry
  7. The 2017 Black Friday Nikon deals are now live
  8. Still receiving conflicting information on a potential Nikon D5s announcement in January
  9. Nikon announces the closing of sales operations in Brazil
  10. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR 100th anniversary edition lens unboxing
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  • Mehdi R

    Waiting for D750 successor rumors 🙂

    • Me too 🙂

      • Eric Calabros

        D3X announced exactly 10 years ago.

        • Yes, Nikon used to like to make December announcements. I think this time is gone now.

          • Allen_Wentz

            A December surprise D5x would rock. But I will not risk holding my breath for it.

    • Sports

      Waiting for the D400.

  • longzoom

    What I can see there is 9 most visited NikonRumors posts! So where is the 10-th ONE? Peter, why you hide it? List is not good, I wanna see pic!

    • Allan

      Peter likes symmetry. 🙂

      • longzoom

        No, he is hiding it for the reason!

        • Allan

          Maybe Peter is part of a conspiracy. 🙂

          What country are you from?

          • longzoom

            The best country ever – Brooklyn NY!

            • Allan

              I should have recognized the accent. 🙂

            • longzoom

              Yes, you do!

            • Allan

              I’m guessing you were not born in Brooklyn.

            • longzoom

              Correct, and I am even speaking with an accent, but no way I am thinking with an accent, ah-ha!

      • exactly…

    • the 10th post will mess up my 3×3 matrix which is there just for illustration purposes 🙂

      • RC Jenkins

        Just a thought: you could put #1 horizonally across the top (maybe centered with side borders), then have a 3×3 matrix below for #2-9. That way, it still look symmetrical, and people can have a quick view of the most discussed topic that month.

      • longzoom

        Ha! It is just a Saturday’s kidding, my post I mean! Thank you! Actually everything what you are posting is extremely informative!

  • Дмитрий

    sony a7r ii new now 1899$

    • Mehdi R

      Nikon D750 new now $1499

      • Дмитрий

        and what nikon d750 can do? no good for photo no good for video
        sony a7r2 good photo, litle better d810
        5dsr vey good photo/ nikon d850 like 5sr> a7r2> pentax k1, d810>> … d750=610
        what can do d750 in video? have af? or log?
        mb 60 fps 4k?
        have nikon d750 4k? no. its pice of shit.

        • Дмитрий

          no magnesium alloy body, no profeshional body
          no new af, no lightwaight, no any video
          old pice of shit
          d750 no cost 800$ new in fakt

          • Marco

            Just don’t buy it then and leave us alone

            • He already “left us”. Just another Sony troll.

          • Allan


            I was wrong. You are not interested in an intelligent discussion. D750 is a very popular, highly rated, camera. Why is D750, “no good for photo”?

            • He is interesting in trolling only obviously. I will take care of it. I let that go for too long.

            • Allan

              Your job of blocking trolls is very difficult. I appreciate your initially giving possible trolls the benefit of the doubt.

              Thanks, Peter.

            • I gave him too many chances, I usually don’t do that. We have a nice thing going on here and if you don’t like – that’s fine, just don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

    • Fly Moon

      Wrong site, eh?

    • fanboy fagz

      still overpriced

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